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yet you did predict this drama day on t.v. you know it's all out there no i'm right join me music at the age of course. i am. i am. i am . this is the day of the news coming to you live from mozambique feels the rules of a giant high winds and heavy rains have destroyed homes and pushed thousands inland seeking shelter. can it comes just six weeks after cycling died brought death and destruction to the country also coming up sri lanka announces the suspected
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mastermind of thinking just selling bombings died in the attacks but the government warns of more possible strikes this as a party significantly reduce the death toll in last sunday's attacks on six hotels and churches. and china for most of its dealt a rude initiative at a global summit in beijing the multi-trillion dollar project is a source of march to the investment for some countries but it's also a warning for others who see it as china's really expanding its influence and the what. kind of welcome. good to have you with us we start with sri lanka where the president says the suspected leader of the easter sunday attacks died in the hotel bombings speaking to the press. the captain colombo president
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a mighty policy also made an appeal against the backlash that muslim communities have seen in the wake of those attacks today in many muslims attended friday prayers despite warnings from religious leaders that more attacks could be imminent police in the country are seeking one hundred and forty people believed to have links with the islamic states group and the president's appeal verse prompted by violent reprisals against certain populations refugees became targets in almost instantly no matter their faith. while reports that lobster focused their rules and people were simply not being sri lankan. natasha fled to sri lanka from pakistan four years ago she left her home country with three young children and her husband because they were persecuted for being christian. her husband bears burn marks to prove it. but i'm
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a gamble where she ended up she could practice her feet freely last sunday she applied hair on her hands and feet to get ready for easter then the blasts hit. mob descended on her neighborhood of pakistani refugees attacking homes and threatening reprisals even going on how many years the landlord told us not to return don't even return to go you're not safe here save yourselves and leave we can't offer you any protection we're also christian we're also grief stricken because our brothers and sisters were killed in the blast but we can't do anything . to her whole article where now natasha and over one hundred other refugees are hiding out in the parking garage of this police station rimmon men children christians and muslims of dance and box. the all male one similarity they are not trade long can. give a dollar much that no one will buy it you cannot imagine how they behaved after the
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blasts sixty. years of people came into my house and attacked us. our landlady said i cannot protect you it will be better if you leave. according to refugee rights activists over twelve hundred people have been displaced from their home since the attacks they have taken shelter in mosques and police stations refugees in the course to the city of nick gamble include my annoyed at the helm of the muslims and christians fleeing persecution in pakistan and afghans fleeing insecurity in their own country now however they are all being threatened and displeased because locals view all foreigners with suspicion activists have begged georgia's armed civilians for help but to norway that already life as a diffuse tree lunker is extremely challenging and they cannot work so they undergo a lot to be patient due to this because the children and children for. many years
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do not get to school. and people cannot get work done to build professional people lift jobs and come yes of the working you know going on that will go to precious by latasha mrs parker span she's also grateful for her life in true lanka but for now home is this parking garage. and she doesn't know what about her land. that report. that we now bring up to some of the stories making news around the world police in the u.s. state of colorado have confirmed multiple deaths in a crash involving more than a dozen vehicles it happened on interstate seventy in a suburb of denver police say a driver lost control of his truck and plowed into a standstill traffic beneath the bridge causing the two fires and explosions. north korea's leader kim jong un has accused the united states of acting in bad
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faith giving talks on its nuclear program in february. that peace and security on the korean peninsula will entirely depend on washington's attitude in future negotiations he made the comments during a trip to russia. a powerful cycling has hit the cycle can it made landfall first on the commerce islands before turning its wroth on northern be the southern african country still reeling from psycho died last month the u.n. says it's the first time in known history that two cycles have hit mozambique in one season we who live in just a bit but first the congress islands where at least three people have been killed. concrete snapped in half the remnants of a night off the roof just winds and pounding rain drivers and cyclists on the commodore's islands navigate the leftovers of cycle on camera several are dead here
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but authorities say the fill picture is yet to emerge. that it is difficult to get access because many trees fell many electrical and telephone poles fell so for the moment we are clearing the roads so we can make an initial assessment. as kenneth cut its path of destruction residents found refuge in a marriage and she shelters like this one. and a place to sleep but no rest bite from the reality of water which them at home. can cut us off it's a huge disaster that we not use to seeing thank god to escape the worst but we really need her one of those and it. said. their problem was that there was a strong wind that demolished the houses but the rescuers found us shelters while we slept low nobody was injured and we didn't suffer thank art.
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cannot help the common real swell barreling towards mainland mozambique a country still reeling from a massive daily storm one month ago. and in line for yet more devastation. and we're now joined by. what it was and we can see is a country director for the world food program welcome can tell us what it's like there right now what are you hearing from your relief teams are out in the field. yes the situation is quite worrying as we heard a few minutes ago with many people being affected and some districts of course more than others not the whole province of kabul to look out the districts such as mommy and ebo area and. and pemba city itself souls of invite badly damaged and so we are already mobilizing to respond to their requests for
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assistance as we heard a few minutes ago as well. there has already prepositioned food is there and some of the districts already as well as an account which is the bigger close by and we are ready for netting to start distributions and inspections and it's possible so how difficult is the situation with people because as we had the u.n. says this is the first time that the country has been hit by two cycles in one season. yes it is very very. it's a huge challenge and especially both cyclons you die was extremely strong as well and brought a lot of destruction and this one as we're seeing now is also very strong and what we are concerned about is not only this tax hike down the passage itself but the fact that it's bringing a lot or ainslie will be a lot or days of two three four days of heavy rains in those areas and so the
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likelihood of flats. and flash floods and as valuable storm surge as we've seen. and they were already getting reports about entering a couple of the rivers they're already flooding and the ground already being it's the end of the rainy season so the ground of the rivers were already quite full and saturated so this is also a big concern with safety of people with the floodwaters that are that are already hitting us that will hit us with a difficult situation kind of an end to from the wonderful program in mozambique thank you very much for being us up to date on the situation there. thank you very much pleasure to be with you. turned out to china or me just some it is underway in beijing as china showcases its expansion of a key infrastructure project known as the belt and road initiative leaders from
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some thirty seven countries are discussing the gigantic project but china's president xi jinping. the north five years ago it set to boost trade between china and the world there are concerns that the project could lead to a market monopoly by china. so what does the china belt and road initiative mean it's the new version of the silk road what does it involve one route runs through central asia and moscow all the way to korea in italy it consists of roads and really raise as well as our stations daily communication networks and pipelines now there is the maritime silk road which will connect china with europe africa and southeast asia china is already in mr invested billions in infrastructure projects long the rich but critics are warning that president xi is gigantic project sponging its partners into debt giving china increasing power here's what the chinese president had to
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say. the delta road is not an exclusive club and it aims to promote green development when we are convinced that a more open china will further integrate itself into the world and deliver greater progress and prosperity for china and the world at large forces you. to for more let me draw in our correspondent who's been in there he is in beijing now we heard a little bit of what the president xi had to say but he has a grand opening to this event what is china hoping to achieve with this summit. well i think first and foremost this is a display of power she's in ping's key ideology has been to every nations of china as a world power and having all these heads of state and government attending this conference
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in china for a china let's project is of course a show of china's new role a show that she simply wants to show his own citizens and the world besides that of course we will also see some business deals we are of course we see some site talks along this summit but this this big opening ceremony showed us that this is about china's position in the world. just. ok so now we're seeing a list it is an expression of china's going to position in the welcome but they're also controversy about this belt and rude initiatives some people feel that is china's way of expanding its influence and geopolitical. ambitions in the how does china respond to this criticism. this year has been extremely critical to this project in many countries governments who were china
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friendly who had accorded to big deals with in this ballot and wrote initiative have been ousted had been voted out by voters and opposition parties have one who are criticizing these projects so this comes at a critical point we have just seen in ping's answer to this he says it's not a one way road so to say he and china is open to the world this these are words up until now we are likely to see some recalibration off the project but we are seeing no signs that china is making this into a multilateral project with equal partners what is really putting it in there thank you very much for that. finally in the mexican minutes a policy of broader looping in monterey has unveiled three comes from a rare white being gored tyga on the two males and one female born on
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a month ago whites on a genetic variation of the better known orange. only five thousand. one hundred thousand the sound of the twentieth century poaching deforestation and hunting of the national have impacted their numbers. you're watching the debate is coming up next. elections and what they mean. if you can. swing your stand if you're. a citizen of this particular europe because we'll have a new one. and the result of that election is going to be closely monitored in africa the continent after all the years of
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a complex relationship with europe your election why they matter.


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