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he's out in the swiss mountains with his new they're looking for some tasty wood this spruce tree seems promising. the grow in switzerland. today. pine. the first. stone. will be captured in addition he's planning. home to. these pieces of pumpkin have been. added flavor.
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for the last twenty five years and his team. have been serving up swiss nature on a plate sometimes some heavy weight appliances are needed. turned into shavings and cooking pot. that has a delicate. uses the flavoring. goes well with venison. garnish.
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one hundred percent natural ingredients the second course is the form acid flavored pumpkin which is supposedly also very healthy he's now once his dishes to. the senses his signature style has earned him all sorts of nickname. is the kitchen alchemist or the sorcerer. is just a few of the ways people have described me. he works his magic in an old barn and this is where business stores his ingredients keith the. pine bark dates back to the stone age it's fourteen thousand years old there was found in a prehistoric forest buried in loam. we use it to smoke. he also finds a use for rusty nails and for shoes and even stones the inventor of shaft turns them into flour made of swiss light iron ore and granite.
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stein. will that mean that all the into a flower made of rock or minerals is very healthy so long as you don't eat too much of it already granted every day and it does me a lot of good will towards that. today he's using it to make a dessert ice cream made of stone flour and served on stone. that. the fifth season might be a sorcerer but he's quite a showman too. and his shows can be quite spectacular he prepares bone marrow and full view of the guests they do love it and so do the critics on the snares anxious cuisine has earned him a michelin star and seventeen go meoh tokes. just stand not to
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forget the experience they say later they can remember every single thing there because that's what's so special there's nothing else like us. growing number of chefs try to copy stuff on trees near style but they can't keep up he's always refining his technique and recipes and he's not likely to run out of ingredients any time soon. and with that we come to the end of the show now don't forget to check us out on facebook or you tube for more fun videos related to the program as always thanks for tuning in seek answers.
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in the.
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name believe in a peaceful coexistence with egypt's come to christian. i think there is enough resources in the horn we're. christians living in a predominantly muslim country in every service and you will hear the words. despite attacks by his. when is fanatics there holding fast to their religious convictions. a journey to the car. and system. and fear of civil chain reaction of arrests.
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began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in fawcett enabled this mission see that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mentioned zips. architects . scientists. and artists. going to invented completely new things and top of the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher misleading the. term culture out of the darkest majors into a mud. history on d w. d some are good five keys to c. for food.
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break draw and cook foods to avoid cross contamination. third to kill microorganisms. keep food safe temperatures. to prevent bacteria from. you safe water and safe raw materials to avoid content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and all by applying the five key is to say for food use them you also have a role to play. at
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least one person has been killed and three injured after a man opened fire in a synagogue in southern california. san diego police say they have to taint a nineteen year old suspect in connection with the shooting. at least fifteen people including six children are dead after street one can forces raided a suspected islam is tied out police say three of the victims blew themselves up during clashes that lasted hours security forces have been carrying out raids across the country since the bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people nearly a week ago. mozambique's government is urging people in coastal regions to seek higher ground in the wake of cyclon kenneth the tropical storm made landfall on thursday evening authorities say it could bring
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twice as much rain as psycho need i did last month which wreaked havoc on one of the poorest countries in the world. thousands of people have rallied in the venezuelan capital caracas in support of opposition leader one white doll he's currently pushing for a massive march on may first against president nicolas maduro government medusa porters also took to the streets. this week on world stories. a former nigerian boko haram victim at ten's university. hungary and journalist in german exile. but first we take a look at northern ireland where an ex ira fighter is on duty as
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a social worker promoting peaceful coexistence in his neighborhood. john donnelly is a former a fighter from terry and his home is a small collection of treasures from the case of wolf known as the troubled. young lad funniness the british soldier spelt back contains photos from a secret list of wanted a members. does a photo of myself and those are technically army. this guy usually do. i hear him for what. it is an informer. i think it was martin mcguinness was to form a provisional ira leader but later sinn fein's chief negotiator for the good friday agreement twenty one years. ago over three decades he and the ira for british rule in northern ireland john donnelly was the leading political force in terry northern ireland second largest city he was instrumental in because aiding ira operatives to
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lay down their. twenty one years on the conflict seems to have been settled. but for many this is merely a superficial arrangement. donnelly says poorer areas of derry are still waiting for the peace dividend to kick in. says the peace agreement up till now only. tangible. shuffler people can put their finger on their luck. that that was. that's what happened early good for you remember that a.b. and c. . in the rossa moment community center the former i.e. fighter is a social worker helping those who are off. to punish so-called anti-social behavior radical elements imposed witchell and stressed as in the poorer areas of
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town this is a holdover from earlier times when the ira police neighborhoods a tradition that radical irish republicans are carrying on to during. a mother and her son visit the community center they want to remain anonymous the boys accused of stealing a car has threatened punishment is to be shot in the leg you know we're trying to honestly is trying to mediate. i talk to people here should the threat. under cause. because we need it. we're a girlie you know you write a letter a letter of apology will hopefully avert the looming threat. it's a typical day at the rosemont community center an indication that for some people in northern ireland's peace has returned. even twenty one years after the good friday agreement.
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reporters without borders mourns press freedom is under threat in hungary. that means many hundred garion journalists are forced to go into exile. barely nine hundred kilometers separated berlin in budapest but for a journalist or a dish areas work the two cities are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungary's media landscape has changed radically. i had have heard that when i was a child i always heard that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that it's depressing that specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press freedom is being restricted. during the experience first hand how new regulations turn the broadcaster where she worked into state controlled media
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critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty twelve. bagnall is from back home two hundred journalists including doris former colleague were recently laid off and here t.v. station once critical of the hungary and government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a manager loyal to the government. as it can a lengthy perspective as there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. dora works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own news portal and last is an agency that produces content focused on eastern europe she says you can find critical reports written in hungary and about corruption for example but they are mainly online yes get out and i know there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the same militaristic choice of words the same
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formulations the same phrases that government speakers use. to lash the journalists who do not cooperate are denounced as traitors according to reporters without borders animosity towards the media leads to violence dora fears that this could also happen in hungary. five years ago the boko haram terror group abducted more than two hundred girls in northeastern nigeria today half of them are free and in rolled at university but not all parents approve. i do.


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