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a spin in the beats of beats with a most powerful gasoline engine the one leader eco t.s.i. generates eighty five kilowatts of power according to see at the a.b.c. uses four point nine leaders of gas for one hundred kilometers the sprint from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour takes nine point five seconds and top speed is one hundred ninety three kilometers per hour in germany prices for the beats have been started around twenty eight thousand euros for sale it is the i hope says the beats is an especially important model for say that since its introduction in one thousand nine hundred four over five point five million have been sold worldwide more than six hundred thousand in germany alone and it's basically a small version of the leon says why not sporty sterling and not a bit boring and it has what it takes to face up to the bigger rivals like the ford fiesta or the open course or.
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for the past thirteen years the qashqai has played the role of the urban crossover and the masonic portfolio our entire test drive was plagued by bad weather but the qashqai took it all in stride as you would expect from an s.u.v. it feels very sure footed on the road but we want to find out how the car performs in various everyday driving situations. nissan offers five different trim levels for the kind of guy we're testing the second highest level the technique with it's and fourteen one system and black this one leather seats and even offers a certain sense of luxury. unites the car to stay in his creator he says the nineteen inch wheels and smart wheel
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rams come standard with the technique she thinks they've had perfectly with the four point four metre long run a looking car. typical boomeranging inspired daytime running lights graced the front along with his son's iconic wii motion front grille. black plastic camels underline that cars robust look around clarence was eighteen centimeters out. the window line tapers upward sharply towards the back of the car with a crawl i'm surrounded directing attention to the roof spoiler.
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you know listen i of it even says the most important change can be found under the hood listen now offers a one point three leader gasoline engine without quotes of either one hundred three or one hundred seventeen kilowatts they replace the old one point two and one point six meter inches today she's testing the smaller one hundred three kilowatt version as. it takes ten point nine seconds to go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour this smaller gasoline engine has a top speed of one hundred ninety three kilometers per hour the combination of engine version and trim line that we've tested is exactly in the middle of the overall price range. in a sense the one hundred three kilowatt gasoline engine always comes with a manual six speed transmission she notices that the throws are quite long and
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there's considerable resistance on the clutch pedal so it doesn't feel like such a dynamic right although the engine actually kicks in the full two hundred forty newton metres of torque at sixteen hundred revolutions per minute. she now wants to test it on the german not a bunch. of the outliers that of course the business of changing gears is not really an issue on the autobahn driving here is much better in is found that in the city a smart design feature with a wide seat pillar was actually a disadvantage she found it impacted her all round vision considerably enos also thought the car felt overall a bit too big and cumbersome for the city. to think that even. with that in mind it might be a good idea to order the onboard navigation system with all round view monitor where. three hundred sixty degree view many will find it helpful when reversing in
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the higher trim levels it's part of the standard phoenix along with other safety features. in a series that car that she tested with the high level tech that package on the smaller gasoline engine costs roughly thirty thousand euros in germany she would be interested to know what the car feels like with a more powerful gasoline engine and seven speed to a clutch transmission whether it would feel more dynamic and agile that would certainly be worth a try then off. after all the more powerful engine offers an additional fourteen kilowatts of power but if you're looking to go more off the road with a college guy and need all wheel drive you won't get it once again so in version you'll need instead to opt for the more powerful of into diesel engines on offer.
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the porsche nine twenty four is one of the biggest selling sports cars in history its origins go back to the early one nine hundred seventy s. when voce wagon as the company's engineers to develop a successor to the nine fourteen a current they jointly developed. was put in i saw that artistically stuff power says the nine twenty four was originally intended as woakes wagons flagship sports bouquet it was even some talk about it being sold as an audi so the porsche engineers borrowed from the most wagon groups entire range of models with many of the small parts like the interior knobs and switches that wheel suspension and brake components come from the beetle golf and others that to leader four cylinder engine powered the audi one. and the voce wagon l.t. van but in one thousand nine hundred seventy four the new v.w.
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boss tony smoker bailed out due to the oil crisis and potential competition with v.w. own sure rocco he decided to cancel the development project that will foot. the porsche didn't give up. instead they brought the nine twenty four to market themselves the new nine twenty four was a ready made people's porsche exactly what the marketing team was looking for to appeal to a broader market and the nine eleven but the nine twenty four was a world apart from the ad john nine eleven. back then the porsche disciples believe firmly in the trinity of the rear mounted engine and box are designed with air cooling the nine twenty four had none of that plus the ignition was to the right of the steering wheel which was definitely not on it but at least the seats in the instruments came from the good old nine eleven
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which cost thirty two thousand marks back then the one twenty four started in twenty three thousand marks which brought in many new customers of course and it became a huge seller but decades later traditional is still disparage the one twenty four as a housewife porsche flashed a fan thought kept saying to speed. i think i feel it's right there at the white house called pos as i. for a time and even seem like the nine eleven his days were numbered which would have spelled the end of the traditional porsche design the watercooled front engine nine twenty four looks sent to become the standard for future models. the first portiere with the front engine needed a bit of tweaking to meet the brand's reputation for sportiness christophe explains the engineers throughout the trans actual principal me. engine in front of transmission at the rear and nearly two metres of rigid metal in between but that
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help distribute weight even lay and ensure neutral handling qualities so it was a fast and confident right but not particularly spectacular as on the a spectacle. this i thought it would be portion one twenty four was designed by harm the guy who later became porsches head of design that he wasn't even thirty years old at the time his design featured a completely plain chassis with a many flat surfaces pop up headlights and a pointed snout the sleek design i needed a world leader in terms of aerodynamics its drag coefficient was a zero point three six which was among the lowest in the world for series production cars another memorable and very practical element was the glass hatch which offered what was at the time the largest drug ever on a porsche plenty of room for your golf clubs i've got it but porsche is chief
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designer on a toll in the pine wasn't a fan he said whoever came up with this was someone who always wanted a ferrari but never got one kind of a come out at that but at that. today the understated nine twenty four is seen as a timeless icon of design it echoed the wedge shape that was extremely popular at the time but with the rounded edges and corners from the late one nine hundred seventy s. to the early one nine hundred ninety s. nearly all porsche models mirrored this basic design. the rear seat of the two plus two didn't offer much room though and exchange the three hundred sixty leader trunk of pasty was a standout in the sports car category of the posh knife was the porsche nine. twenty four a true sports car well look under the hood tells
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a different story with this water cooled four cylinder here you'll also find it in the audi one hundred and a volkswagen. like an old man comes but here in porsche the cage had tronic fuel injection system and amps up the sportiness to give you one hundred twenty five horsepower it's. so poor ship your wrists may have turned up their noses but it was popular the original model with a two liter naturally aspirated engine had seals figures topping one hundred twenty thousand. that's chris doses that many years after the model was retired in one nine hundred eighty eight the disciples of the nine eleven finally began to praise this very successful compromise with its combination of usefulness good workmanship and acceptable sportiness plus the one twenty four's popularity with buyers helped pull porsche out of
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a slump during the crisis it was the world's best selling sports car for years after its and says through the three fifty six it was only the second porsche to enter serious production with a four cylinder engine so the one thousand and four was definitely a milestone an automotive history. but the nine twenty four and other front mounted engine models could knock the iconic porsche nine eleven from its throne even today the nine eleven is a porsche trademark meanwhile its transaxle models were taken out of the lineup in the mid one nine hundred ninety.
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probably. going to.
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kick off life. in latin america soccer event of the year kicks off in less than two months time coppola many catch twenty nine teams. probably quarter took a look around the tournaments host country presume. that people are probably gearing up for a party you don't want to miss. coming up on a. three day trip to three german cities. which also happen to be federal state. or luke hamburg. braman. our ultimate city trip.
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the fan thirty minutes to double. its time to take one step further. than face. time just such deals. and the fight for the tribes. to overcome boundaries and connection. it's time for. a new job it is coming up ahead. minus. ten during the supply chain reaction of arrests.
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began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in philosophy enabled this mission the people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence mentions it's the first. architects. scientists. and artists. are going to get invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had originally been its teachers who believe. the culture of out of the darkest millimeters into a new eco. system there's probably no place anywhere in the mall when things were invented in such quick succession from the. this week.
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at least one person has been killed and three injured after a man opened fire in a synagogue in southern california. san diego police say they have to taint a nineteen year old suspect in connection with the shooting. at least fifteen people including six children are dead after sri lankan forces raided a suspected islam is tight out police say three of the victims blew themselves up during clashes that lasted hours security forces have been carrying out raids across the country since the bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people nearly a week ago. mozambique's government is urging people in coastal regions to seek higher ground in the wake of cyclon kenneth the
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tropical storm made landfall on thursday evening authorities say it could bring twice as much rain as psycho need i did last month which wreaked havoc on one of the poorest countries in the world. thousands of people have rallied in the venezuelan capital caracas in support of opposition leader one why don't he's currently pushing for a massive march on may first against president nicolas maduro government medusa porters also took to the streets. you want to buy tickets for a cup medica for brazil peru sorry they have been sold out eighteen minutes after it went on sale thanks oh nice day.
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once there was a time when many countries had no clue about what football even was even back then south america was already a football crazy continent since then nothing's changed south america is the world's second center when it comes to passion for football. football and something very like the. kickoff for a pulitzer sébastien sam explains why you shouldn't miss the chance to watch the cup or america this summer. it's going to be a big part. of the best players of the world playing together south america produces top players not only stop but other continents produce top talent to join sanjay for example he started out in the streets of south london and perfecting his game as a youth player at manchester city. now he plays the do it once taking the bundesliga by storm we visited the nineteen year old super talent time sound met with his
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first coaches and visited his at least stomping grounds. this is where as we start this is it this is gross roots he said like to say in england. but let's start with sebastian and the cup for america cup america studio. turning meantime in twenty nine think. american city are the africa cup of nations the winning as well the gold cup. so you want to know which of the big tournaments is the best i will tell you which is the best one i mean. i know i'll give you three good reasons why this is the kicks well i could actually give you twenty but you know. time you doubt that i think your heart hello we're talking about the south american championship south america.
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not convinced yet poor. little soul i. think. you should have your eyes on copacabana in june and july. and no i don't have a concert with the brazilian tourism board i'm not married to a brazilian and i don't dance or do cup weta get. over to here in our. cup american city or yes cup merica no this is not the gold cup no no no no. sorry i don't know the number also google that somewhere in america i mean north america. big reason number one. cup on that this is today it started as
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early as one thousand nine hundred sixteen so when other countries were at war with each other or didn't care much about football south america was already infected with a football virus small wonder that even the first two world cup in history was played in europe by fourteen years later the stadiums were packed during this first world cup neighbors europe why and argentina clashed in the final launching a fierce rivalry that has marked major tournaments ever since more on that later and oh. but back to cup america since nine hundred sixteen when this team from europe away won it for the first time the tournament has existed in different forms and if you can call that meeting can one nine hundred seventy five and it include countries making the comment who called the one who came up with that that's the south american football concentration and spanish want to get us wrong when they come out of. just don't mess around with the oldest football constellation in the world may take some time to figure that one out but whatever. the ten called level
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teams are. brazil argentina europe. chile peru bolivia door colombia israel and terrible. now as if this. couple america studio what their african cup of nations all i know is it takes place in egypt and that's it we have to work sorry. now as if this lineup wasn't already quite impressive since one thousand nine hundred three there have also been two guest nations cup america the country did turn into the most special guest of all is. made to go. they participated ten times since one thousand nine hundred three. cup america has become so popular that its centennial edition in two thousand and
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sixteen was held in the united states one point five million people flocked to the stadiums for this birthday edition as many as never before this year tickets are also very sought after so football temples. it's going to be the women's world cup not. copa america studio. you want to buy tickets for a cup medica for brazil peru sorry they have been sold out eighteen minutes after they went on sale thanks and i state. so football temples like the epic might i cannot stadium in addition i don't it will be full during cup america which takes us to big reason number two. the passion for football and american. football in south america is likely to be. every goal to
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celebrate it like winning the lottery. the passion french show there is unmatched around the world and distances don't matter just take the world cup in russia south americans flood it must go and other cities so just think of what could happen at cup i mean speaking of the world cup after germany had tragically failed to defend their title i went around berlin to find a new team to support that's when i came across this true love couple she's from europe why he's from brazil both supporting her why the day now lovebirds what would happen if you meet a couple america time to get your so you. get a man. would it be possible for you maybe your girlfriend and other south americans to come to our studio. that's absolutely great thanks so much. to south americans are coming and all of a sudden here in the copa america studio there are real south americans and. i am
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from i.b.m. and from brazil and one from europe what i which is the team you really don't want to see win a single game that are. argentina. i think you know at the. at the find i guess versus you i guess it's a new way and you know that's one function to number two to lose also here to say. that i want to link chile argentina brazil want to like it anyone that i know resident it a little bit let her see their friends off everybody you know that yet yes the five of us and the but not the football team and here is big reason number three. the teams and our players come.


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