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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin a divisive and uncertain general election in spain many of those who are the still undecided even if they go to the polls no policy is expected to win a majority on the far right that was set to enter the parliament for the first time in decades also coming up the deadly force of the sri lanka east of bombings new footage emerges showing the moment one of the blast hit the country remains on edge one weight on fearing more attacks.
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time and if your perspective and thank you so much for joining us. first thing is under way in spain's third general election in just four years prime minister petro sanchez was forced to call the election when his minority government failed to pass and national spending bill in february now ahead of today's vote the socialists led by sanchez were leading in opinion polls not far behind them while pablo consolidated and his conservative people's party but neither of these two major parties are expected to secure an outright majority that means they'll need support from smaller parties now these are enjoying a surge in support and included the center right see o'donnell's the far left you need us put em us and the far right folks pasi. one in four voters was said to
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be undecided ahead of this poll explains third election in four years and the most open ended in decades. what i want to think is the most were actually a crucial moment in spain. i think everyone has an obligation to get it this time and make their folks can't. feed it with. our spoiled my ballot paper because i didn't like any of the candidates any of the parties and none of their proposals. for decades paris which between the socialists led by prime minister petro sanchez and the conservative party two popular or popular party spain have long been seen as a country resistant to nationalism with no real swing to extremes since the fall of francisco franco as military dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. . neither the far right vox party like sent to enter parliament for the first time they have been basted by some voters discontent with the traditional parties but
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not all. that he did i don't want a far right i think i voted for the lesser of two evils i'm not really convinced they will then. or there are those that could be the first time that the far right enters the government it seems they'll get in so it will depend on which alliances are struck get also you know what i'm going to give them so this could be quite a serious change for spain. and if by there the traditional parties will most likely rely on the smaller parties to form a government with at least five in the running talks on any potential coalition could last for weeks if not months with fresh elections one of many possible outcomes. all right for more on this is probably a phony i.d.'s joins us now from madrid good to see you pablo it's the third election in just four years how motivated all the people to take and what they've
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been telling you. well first and foremost this has been dominating conversation here in spain for weeks if not months in fact in the run up to today's election pretty much everybody here in spain myself included family friends everybody is talking about this and it looks like voter turnout is also up significantly on the last general election in two thousand and sixteen and some regions of the country including comp lonia it is open over at eleven percent that is incredibly high when you consider what has been happening there with regards to the push for independence and even here in madrid it's almost five percentage points so it seems that this general election has really really motivated people to come out and vote as is the case in many european countries spain is also seeing a resurgence of the far right tell us what's driving that. well as i just mentioned there the question of cuttlebone independence has been central to the
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pre-election campaign from old different parties every party has essentially been focusing on how the best route forward is on how to solve and i vox's really see a top tune to a certain percentage of people here in spain who feel that the traditional parties haven't handled the situation there well at all and they feel that spain needs to be more centralized and less power needs to be given to the regions including catalonia and and also it seems to have tapped into this idea of traditional values and people feel less down by like i just said more traditional parties and the bigger parties within parliament at the moment. the spain thing some real tub in the sand recently is there any chance that all these elections could finally bring some some political stability to spain. well i mean that's the million dollar question because going into this poll the last opinion polls put almost over six million people undecided going into sunday's poll that's around one sixth of the
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electorate so basically anything could happen and it's seems to be pretty divided between the two blocs the right wing bloc made up of that the people's party fewer than those also known the citizens and of course vox or those who would rather a left wing coalition made up of the socialists led by prime minister pedro sanchez or pull them over. and also perhaps made up and supported by some regional and smaller parties so everybody here is waiting with bated breath to see what is going to happen this evening but this is certainly one of the closest and most tense polling times i've certainly witnessed in many spaniards have witnessed in that in many years all right public spending the last in madrid thank you so much. sri lankan forces have raided the headquarters of an islamist current suspected of being behind the east to suicide bombings more than two hundred fifty people died in the attacks on multiple hotels and churches and the country remains on edge now
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new footage there reveals the deadly force of the blasts this is the moment the bomb went off it's chilling footage of one of the explosions that took place on easter sunday at the king's. capital colombo the video also shows one suspected bomber checking into the hotel a day before the attacks. in response to those attacks police stormed his jihadist hideout near the eastern town of culminate on friday the father and two brothers of the suspected mastermind behind the easter bombings i said to be among the fifteen people killed in the shootout. after the islamic state claimed responsibility for the bombings police and troops stepped up searches more than ten thousand soldiers have been deployed across the
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island to hunt down people suspected of having links to islamist militants and that security fears churches across the island had to stay closed instead a private memorial service by the archbishop of colombo was broadcast life on t.v. . on. to use someone in the name of god god who is the all merciful guard who is the your love god who has reared my brother and mine. as the jewel was also held outside sinned and ginny's shrine in colombo at eight forty five am the time at which the bomber struck the church one week ago . which believe me thought this is the one because. the motivation. for you in the people. confident and make sure that everybody is still not emotion. for
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scores of people the need to come together was larger than the fear of another attack. ok let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world serious flooding is being reported in parts of mozambique three days after cycle in kenya hit the government is urging people to seek higher ground with hundreds of thousands at risk the floods come just six weeks after another cycling e.t.i. killed more than six hundred people in the country. the people have been named have voted in parliamentary elections the west african states main opposition parties aust supporters to boycott the polls because tough new eligibility rules effectively bought them from fielding candidates voters were only given the choice between two parties allied to president patrice talent and then was once seen as a model for democracy. not german media reporting the country's domestic spy
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agency says it's becoming increasingly difficult to monitor right wing extremists in hate groups and that's according to a confidential report penned by german intelligence officials it says far right extremists like a group called revolution kemet its members were arrested last year are becoming increasingly decentralized the report says social media is playing an ever larger role in pushing people to the extreme right. to tell us more about this i'm joined by d.w. reporter erin chilton arran is this a problem the german government needs to be taking very seriously well it does seem to be a problem that they are taking very seriously according to this report penned by the domestic intelligence service they're seen in increase in radicalization occurring in social networks and also at the same time they're seen their work being hampered and made more difficult by the nature of social media in general basically they're seen
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a lot of younger men being pushed more to the extreme right in terms of their political views and also maybe. announcing the fact that they're basically ready to commit acts of violence and now part of the issue and part of the nature of social media is that they're allowed to communicate in protected areas that are much more harder and more difficult for police and intelligence services to gain access to which is leading to the to the more difficult landscape in terms of police and he groups in germany now the right wing extremism isn't isn't new how is this radicalization different to previous right wing extremism well according to the information we're seen so far in previous decades much of the radicalization happened in larger organizations i mean people often think of like skinheads nuances when it comes to the more of. the groups that are more ready to commit acts of violence according to the reporting information out there right now a lot of that is occurring online and is leading to a more lone wolf type. with quality when it comes to the actual people in gauging
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these violent acts now that also then is compounded by the fact that these groups are then using these protected messenger services to communicate with one another which means it's much more difficult for these intelligence services actually gain access to these circles to gain their information is there anything the government or tech companies can do well that really kind of remains to be seen now there have been some successes against some types of propaganda out there i mean you can think of some of the the. so-called islamic state propaganda that's been out there however when it comes to this specific issue there's really not a lot they can do just because a lot of these realms are so well protected from the general public ok they don't need our intel thank you so much thank you. time for some sports news now and saturday's bundesliga action included one of the biggest games of the season as document hosted bitter rivals shelf with dalton battling with by and for the title and shock a not yet safe from relegation that will ramifications for both sides and the
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result shook the bundesliga. a few games in football evoke such passion is dortmund shout to both teams plenty at stake in this one will be at its offices ends of the table shall cut down on their luck intrusive form the title contenders struck first . erica getting his head on the end of jaden sanchez dinkins in the box sanchez who has more assists than anyone this season to watch closely the englishman struck by a lighter thrown by shout to fans domains lead lasted just four minutes this controversially a judge to be handful daniel caligiuri leveling from the parents the sport eighteen minutes gone more shock of joy followed caligiuri scorn amends by silas sammy he somehow managed to be for jordan defenders to the ball despite dominating possession dome and went in at half time frustrated by shaka and those frustrations soon boiled over. mark or roy's shown
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a straight red for this foul on so it's an hour to go on the captain disappearing down the tunnel and with him perhaps his side streams of the title. caligiuri crashed in the resulting free kick he clearly relishes these games this was his third goal in his last four darby matches he's also got three assists in that time and if this was bad for dormant it got worse another reckless challenge. another red card five minutes after the last marius both the man dismissed starts up in a carbon copy of his captain the nine men refused to give in. so let the far post back. but darby de belongs to shout. pray lembo putting the gloss on the victory. with four minutes to go. and tell some cash and with enough. it watching the news coming up next the week in
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reports for training for my ira fighter working to heal scars from decades of violence in northern ireland obvious that with more news at the top of the hour and now thanks so much for watching. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions.


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