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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain socialists when that country's general election but faced some tough choices prime minister pedro sanchez his party fall short of an outright majority and complex coalition talks are now expected meanwhile the far right will be entering parliament for the first time in decades will go to madrid for the lawyers. and french will rains and flooding strikes
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mozambique just days after cycling canada as the floodwaters find more lives many areas are completely cut off from rescue workers. plus a new voice for turkey international broadcasters including the dub you respond to the turkish government's crackdown on independent media with the launch of a new you tube. and has forced it was another dramatic weekend in the bonus league title race first dortmund slipped up and then biron did to the defending champions were held to a draw at second of the bottom nurnberg while the island's. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us. we begin this program in spain where
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the governing socialists are claiming victory in sunday's general election they won the most votes but fell far short of a parliamentary majority and that means they'll have to enter the tension a difficult coalition talks to remain in power the vote also saw a far right party entering parliament for the first time in four decades. the socialist politics triumphs in spain incumbent prime minister pedro sanchez says progressive politics won. the spaniards have sent a very clear and categorical message to europe and to the world that it is possible to win against reactionary authoritarian and repressive politics with progressive proposals. but forming a ruling coalition won't be easy on likely allies the anti austerity far left party put de most led by pablo iglesias. the election mobilized a huge number of people over seventy five percent of the electorate including those
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who support the far right. and her vox and anti immigration anti-feminist party that's the first time a far right party has gained seats in spain's parliament since the days of general franco. first or so no three c.p.o. this is only the beginning we told you about our goal to initiate the reconquista and that's exactly what we have done is that this is a reconquista with the voice of parliament as of today we can now say loud and clear to the entire country that vox has come to study. the country's mainstream conservative party the people's party suffered big losses it was their worst election to date. spanish politics like elsewhere is becoming more polarized. the election was pitched by prime minister sanchez a socialist as a bid to stop the far right now i've been very happy because i thought that the
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extreme right would win a lot more but spain reacted to stop that so i'm very very happy and. the socialists won but for the first time since the end of the military dictatorship the far right are now part of spain's international politics. let's go straight to madrid for the latest now did abuse lisa lois good morning lisa this is a qualified victory working for the socialists isn't it which parties will the prime minister sanchez now be reaching out to to form some type of stable coalition while it's going to be really tricky that he actually has about two possibilities so on the one hand he could team up with the far left and he does put the most that won't be enough for majority though so we'll need to bring in many other smaller parties like for example the catalan or the basque independent party and it is a separatist party the other possibility would be to team up with the market
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liberal see that than us and that would give him the majority in parliament coalition wise that would be easier when it comes to the ideology though it's going to be tricky this election campaign is very much along ideological lines and it's kind of difficult to see how these two parties that were very much fighting with each other about economic programs but also many votes at the catalonian questions question will then come together and form a coalition pact ok and always on the other side of this illogical divide that you mentioned is the far right box party how will they be influencing national politics now that they take up the seats in parliament. well vox has gotten into parliament will get into parliament for the first time since the end of the franco dictatorship forty years ago and they will have a voice that they will not be able to block any laws but they will be able to very
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much influence the national debate as they have during this election campaign and that will probably leave the country more divided than before hand ok another element leading to indicative of rather the erosion of the political center is the poor showing by the country's conservatives what happened to the conservative party . well it was quite the disaster really they plummeted they only left with very few seeds to compare to what they have before hand at least now during the election campaign they already moved very much to the right trying to grab some of the votes that might go to vox looks like that that was the mark of liberal party might be become the right's number one party in the near future at least if this trend continues so there's a lot of soul searching to be done by the people's party their cattle on
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independence movement has been dominating spanish politics for a while now where does this election leave them where are the colonial separatists at this point. well it really depends on what the outcome of the coalition talks will be obviously they have gained some seats in parliament but that will not be enough to make sure that their that the government takes a softer stance if they don't get into parliament if p.s. so he teams up with here see that and knows it might be really complicated for them if so you guys down the you need us put in most and other paci you know smaller party rage that might actually be good for them because then they would be more of an open door to some kind of conciliatory talks lisa thanks very much for that from madrid lisa lewis for us this morning. well the united nations is giving thirteen million dollars in emergency funding to mozambique that has people there struggle
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in the aftermath of a second psych loan and as many months cycle in canada slamming into northern mozambique that on sunday causing some massive flooding more parental rainfalls expected in the days ahead. after the storm the rain. swelling reversed and washing away houses here in the north of mozambique nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six hundred people died from the flooding caused by syco need ice six weeks ago so i can kind of predict it cost twice as much rainfall as it's deadly predecessor already communities have been devastated by the storms destructive force the sound of the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed.
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i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even do that. it is the first time in recorded history that mozambique has been hit by two cycles in one season. aid agencies have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from aid i now have even more work on their hands. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour polling stations have opened in parts of india for the fourth phase of parliamentary elections there are about one hundred thirty million people are eligible to vote in nine states today elections organized into seven days of voting stretched across five weeks election ends may the nineteenth with results expected a few weeks later. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon says she will do whatever it takes to keep scotland in the european union she told
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a scottish national party spring conference of britain's parliamentary system is broken and that scotland needs to make its own choice over its future. ukraine's president elect a lot of mayors selenski has promised to grant ukrainian citizenship to russians who quote suffer under the kremlin's rule the pledge was a response to decree by russian president vladimir putin making it easier for ukrainians in breakaway regions to obtain russian passports you have as been fighting moscow backed rebels in eastern ukraine since two thousand and fourteen. let's go now to turkey where there are ever fewer independent voices in the media european union and others have criticized president area one in recent years over restrictions on press freedom and on the jelling of government critics but from today on words there will be a new source of information for that country the pictures you're seeing here are
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from a you tube channel being launched in turkey it's driven by major international broadcasters and channels a joint venture between t.w. the b.b.c. france twenty four and voice of america. interviews jared reed standing by in istanbul where this launch is taking place good morning jack what's this tell going to look like. well this channel is going to be telling the stories about various aspects of turkish society that people leaving here turkey speakers might not necessarily get from them media these are stories like this situation for muslims who fled persecution in china what's life like for them here what's life like for people living across turkey also economic questions to the state of the building industry it's in crisis at the moment and what can be done about that they're just some of the videos that are going to be covered in this channel it's also hope that
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the channel will become a place where people can debate the issues that are important to them on a channel that's independent and i guess this is where the expertise of these broadcasters who you mentioned comes into play these internationally renowned broadcasters who have journalistic know how and pulling their resources together in a really extraordinary way a really cool way that hasn't really been done before and yeah i think it's going to set an example for increased media freedoms hopefully and and be another player on the media scene here in turkey ok can you broaden this a little bit for us can you give us an idea about some of the market segments specifically this you tube channels aiming to attract. wants to attract people who meet twenty's thirty's because people are aged under thirty five are about half of turkey's population and like
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a lot of under thirty five year olds they're increasingly getting their news on their mobile phones online and this is critical because you chub. what this channel is based on is the world's biggest video sharing size and of course the biggest one here in turkey and i think they also want to attract people who. our informant who might not necessarily know why things are happening as they are here in turkey and people who might as i said earlier feel underrepresented in the coverage thanks so much for that on this new addition to the turkish media landscape. this is deja vu news still to come on the program weapons are in increasing demand a new report shows global notari spending is out its highest levels in decades alaskan after expert what's behind the spike in sales. and the end of an era
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japan's emperor akihito prepares to abdicate to take a look at his likes. but first sudanese protesters are hailing a breakthrough in talks with no terry leaders they have agreed to form a joint council to pave the way for civilian rule so dan's long time leader omar al bashir was ousted by the military earlier this month that after massive protests one photographer has been capturing some of the striking images of that uprising as i ever him and monique heard a ball caught up with him on the sidelines of an ongoing sit in being staged by demonstrators in the capital khartoum. the for thirty three year old muhammad this is history in the making has been documented the sudanese uprising since it started in the summer today he's taking pictures of the incoming caravans joining the demonstrators in front of the army headquarters in the capital shift.
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to the my pictures of the coming generations the suffering experienced by people in my photos should not be forgotten. when we took to the streets we would just coolly for a runs we should not have been met but some of the violence we see in the pitches before. the heart of the protest area mohammad displays his photos for his fellow students and. in many ways the ongoing fit in has become a microcosm of what the people here want their student to be walking around you can feel the pride they have not only in reclaiming public space but also their freedom gatherings like this would not have been possible under the old regime. a larger art movement has emerged from the uprising even this billboard has taken on new meaning protesters have hung clothing in honor of military personnel who disobeyed orders and refused to open fire at them under armor and the shia.
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summit says his photography not only documents the revolution it is also a way to help the people who needed. to get out of this picture shows a man waving a flag as he is being loaded on to the back of a truck but i think i will be using him and punching him so that he put the flag down. and says saddam holding up the flag card so. you know that's a picture help to get this man released because it spread so much so they were able to locate him and have him freed. right behind it for passers by mohammed's work reflect a turning point for sudan and its people. i feel love when i see the details of these pictures the sadness where. these pictures are an expression of the bravery the strength and the patriotism of people who have overcome thirty years of oppression under a corrupt regime. can you get a display shows that sudan has a lot of artists and people with many talents. and good mohammad realizes to
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deceive you found freedom is very fragile and that a lot of work needs to be done for the spirit of the citizen to be made a political reality. we learned as a people that we can be united and we can be one hand in this transitional period we the sudanese people have to accept each other. and talk about. mohammed does not know what exactly the future holds for sudan but he is determined to bear witness to it with his capture. a new report by separating the stockholm international peace research institute shows an increase in global military spending much of that driven by the united states which in two thousand and eighteen spent about as large on its own military as the next eight countries combined but china and eastern european countries are also spending more on their national defense as well. as military preparedness calls for tanks bombs and
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grenades in the face of growing global tensions many countries are arming themselves more than ever. between nine hundred ninety eight and twenty eighteen worldwide defense spending rose almost continuously with one plateau to nearly two trillion dollars a year in twenty eighteen a sharp increase over twenty seventeen the u.s. is by far the biggest spender on weapons and it shows no sign of changing course in twenty eighteen washington increased its military spending for the first time in seven years. china has the second largest defense budget which it also boosted in twenty eighteen saudi arabia a traditionally well armed country with the third largest budget reduced its spending india and france increase their defense budgets last year as did russia.
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major world powers china and india have outpaced russia in their defense spending which is why the asia pacific region is said to be arming itself by contrast african countries spending on weapons has declined. eastern europe and parts of the middle east have also reduced their defense budgets according to available data. but that has no bearing on the overall trend for many countries the requirements for security have never been higher. ok let's get more on the report now with paid a businessman he's a senior researcher with separate in stockholm peter thanks so much for coming in this morning the u.s. has seen a spike in its defense spending can you give us an idea what's behind that and well the u.s. has high levels of spending continue in europe and. what's behind that is of
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course the truth about ministre strange. putting a stress on the need for what they would call a strong military defense they have promoted that for service or several years now and they've now succeeded in actually increasing military spending in the us. in which to travel ministries treasury has been stressing for quite some time ok do you see that trend continuing in washington. considering that the administration is going to be there for another one or two years and it is likely that we may see further increase also we know coming year ok what about with russia it's no longer in the top five in defense spending what do you tribute that to. i think the two things which are important to mention there on the one hand rasha has gone through a period of a very steep increase in military spending since about two thousand and eight and
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that came to a halt in about two thousand and sixteen seventeen after which there was some smaller creek recreate creases but of course it wasn't to mention here about military spending and wish it maintains much higher than it was ten years ago and part of that is in actually at the explanation for the the end of that increase in spending is that russia has achieved some of the objectives it had in two thousand and ten when it started a major military modernization program and of course it has to keep economic realities for example the price of oil has fall for fall and that is an important part of the russian economy so also there are more careful approaches berisha when needed ok what about china's military objectives that spending is at about two hundred fifty billion it's approaching that halfway mark with the united states what are its objectives militarily. it's difficult to know what that exact
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objectives are but i think it's important to stress that china wants to be a major power a regional power but also a global power it wants to have the military means to be able to get the kind of security that straight routes it's lunch of come come come the cash and and so she follows very much what the u.s. already has done for many more decades and that is of course the other part of things too there is a sort of rivalry between the two and it's not surprising in that sense that china will kind of follow the lead of the u.s. when it comes to mid mid military spending paid a visit and with cyprian stock up thank you so very much for your insights this morning. kiran. it's to japan now where emperor akihito will soon make history as the first japanese emperor in the modern era to abdicate akihito thirty years on the south among throne were spent in the pursuit
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of peace and in improving relations with japan's neighbors. emperor akihito grieving his people for the first time after ascending to chrysanthemum through. his reign would see him modernize japan's tradition bound monarchy and extend a hand of peace to those harmed by his country's imperial ambitions it was in his father's name that japan committed many of the atrocities that shook the pacific during world war two. and akihito spent most of his early life and diplomatic trips where he expressed his deep remorse over his country's wartime transgressions in modern times his frequent calls for peace have been seen by many as a quite message to forces within his own government ones who would like to see japan take on a more assertive role on the world stage. driven by concerns over his own failing health he too his education will make him the first japanese emperor to leave the
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throne without leaving his country into war. a legacy he reflected on during his last official appearance as japanese emperor as his country marked the anniversary of its wartime capitulation. then thinking of the peaceful times that have extended for many years after the war reflecting on our past and with a deep feeling of remorse i earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated i also pray for world peace and our nation's further development you must on the. odd. to the. we have some sports now in the bundesliga by munich followed up dortmund shock lost with a stumble of its own on sunday the league leaders were held to a one all draw at nuremberg result leaves a glimmer of hope for dory dortmund in the title race and for nuremberg survival.
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fighting for their lives and pride in the bavarian derby nurnberg had no intentions of handing by in three points in the title race but the best chance of the first half belonged to the visitors at all of those twenty second minute free kick playing got the crossbar i overzealous celebration in the away end delayed the start to the second half. and three minutes after the restart membered truly extinguished fire inspire the tales per day of the finished up a scramble chance to put nuremberg ahead i one nil i just as it was looking like nuremberg might really pull off the impossible by ended the inevitable session oddly with a bit of luck to leap a deflected ball into the net levelling things with fifteen minutes to play. i had another chance to earn the outset thanks to an eighty nine minute penalty. tim libeled approaches spot ready to make himself a hero and hit the pope. and five minutes into stoppage time kinky come on how does
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own opportunity for her oh it's on a breakaway but it was number keep it christian mckinney and creep himself the man of the hour. both teams will likely be ruing their missed chances later after this earlier but by and are still in the driver's seat in their race with dortmund. and it was a good weekend for volz fergus they hammered hoffenheim for want to way to keep their chances of qualifying alive for the europa league most birds took advantage of some poor goalkeeping by oftentimes all of a bow mon striker vague worst here scoring the first of his two goals on the day. eighth in the table just one point behind often. although superhero film avengers endgame has shattered the record for a biggie for biggest opening weekend with one point two billion dollars in global ticket sales of the movie surpassed expectations setting records in the u.s.
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china brazil and france's wells and dozens of others it's the three hour action spectacle features comic book heroes like iron man the whole the war in a battle against the super villain follows. up next our science magazine to mars today i'm brian thomas with the entire team thanks for being with us back again to talk.
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how can we free the pacific ocean from plastic waste. a young dutchman is pointing the way music course for a world full of plastic trash floating off the coast of california is ocean cleanup system is like a garbage truck for the high seas. the maneuver is not without its risks. will his
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mission succeed. tomorrow to the next. here's what's coming up columbo going to sleep so much movement to. get this. mental such. as touch take a look at what all that means for the type of course. going to sleep every weekend here on t w. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions. iran
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a journey to land full of contradictions. joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life. and help people cope with their. iran bittersweet. starts may second d.w. . hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w. coming up. breastfeeding nursing doesn't just protect babies but mothers is well. know to dating a teacher from germany on
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a nasa expression get his class on board. and it's inspiring at sixteen balance less than ideal for cleaning up yes.


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