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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain socialists when the country's general election but faced some tough choices prime minister pedro sanches his party falling short of a majority and complex coalition talks are now expected meanwhile the far right will enter parliament for the first time in decades we'll get the very latest from madrid. plus france will rains and flooding strike mozambique just days after cycling and as as a flood waters claimed more lives many areas are cut off from rescue workers.
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and a new voice for turkey international broadcast broadcasters including v.w. respond to the government's crackdown on independent media with the launch of a new channel on you tube. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us we begin this program in spain where the governing socialists are claiming victory in sunday's general elections now they won ninety twenty nine percent rather of the vote but fell far short of a parliamentary majority and that means they'll have to enter potentially difficult coalition talks to remain in power the vote also saw far right party entering parliament for the first time in four decades with just over ten percent of votes cast. socialist politics triumphs in spain incumbent prime minister
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pedro sanchez says progressive politics one. spaniards have sent a very clear and categorical message to europe and to the world that it is possible to win against reactionary authoritarian and repressive politics with progressive proposals. but forming a ruling coalition won't be easy on likely allies the anti austerity far left party put de must lead by pavlo iglesias. the election mobilized a huge number of people over seventy five percent of the electorate including those who support the far right. and her vox and anti immigration anti-feminist party that's the first time a far right party has gained seats in spain's parliament since the days of general franco. thank you mr so no three see below this is only the beginning
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we told you about our goal to initiate the reconquista and that's exactly what we have done. this is a reconquest with the voice of parliament as of today we can now say loud and clear to the entire country that vox has come to study. the country's mainstream conservative party the people's party suffered big losses it was their worst election to date. spanish politics like elsewhere is becoming more polarized. the election was pitched by prime minister sanchez a socialist as a bid to stop the far right now i've been very happy because i thought that the extreme right would win a lot more but spain reacted to stop that so i'm very very happy. to socialists one but for the first time since the end of the military dictatorship the far right are now part of spain's international politics. let's go straight to
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madrid for the latest now due to abuse lisa lois good morning lisa this is a qualified victory worrying for the socialists isn't it which parties will a prime minister sanchez now be reaching out to to form some type of stable coalition while it's going to be really tricky that he actually has about two possibilities so on the one hand he could team up with the far left you need us put him on that won't be enough for majority though so we need to bring in many other smaller parties like for example the catalan or the basque independent party and it . separatist party the other possibility would be to team up with the market liberal see that than us and that would give him the majority in parliament coalition wise that would be easier when it comes to the ideology though it's going to be tricky this election campaign is very much along logical lines and it's kind of difficult to see how these two parties that were very much fighting with each
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other about economic programs but also many balls at the catalonian questions question will then come together and form a coalition pact ok no he's on the other side of this illogical divide that you mentioned is the far right box party how will they be influencing national politics now that they take up the seats in parliament. well vox has gotten into parliament will get into parliament for the first time since the end of the franco dictatorship forty years ago. they will have a voice there they will not be able to block any laws but they will be able to very much influence the national debate as they have during this election campaign and that will probably leave the country more divided than before hunt ok another element leading to indicative of rather the erosion of the political center is the poor showing by the country's conservatives what happened to the conservative party
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. well it was quite a disaster really they plummeted they only left with very few seats to compared to what they have before hand at least now during the election campaign they already moved very much to the riaa trying to grab some of the votes that might go to vox looks like that that knows the market liberal party might be become the right's number one party in the near future at least if this trend continues so there's a lot of soul searching to be done by the people's party their cattle on independence movement has been dominating spanish baltics for a while now where does this election leave them where are the colonial separatists at this point. well it really depends on what the outcome of the coalition talks will be obviously they have gained some seats in parliament but that will not be enough to make sure that their that the government takes
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a softer stance if they don't get into parliament if he teams up with here see that knows it might be really complicated for them if he is a goes down the need has put him us and other party you know smaller party rage that might actually be good for them because then they would be more of an open door to some kind of conciliatory talks. lisa thanks very much for that from madrid lisa louis fores this morning. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour sri lanka has banned all face coverings that could conceal people's identities the long list special effects muslim women it's a one of a raft of security measures that have been put in place after a series of bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people on easter sunday. polling stations have opened in parts of india for the fourth phase of parliamentary elections about one hundred thirty million people are eligible to
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vote in nine states today alone elections organized into seven days of voting stretched across five weeks the election ends on may the nineteenth with results expected one week later. indonesia's alexion commission says more than two hundred seventy staff members died from overwork during the recent voting there the poll on april seventeenth was a massive logistical challenge dollars for one hundred ninety three million voters had to be distributed collected and counted by hand. in canada flooding has forced thousands of people to evacuate homes along the author where river soldiers have been helping homeowners shore up flood barriers in the capital rising water levels of also closed at least one key bridge in the city ottawa and montreal declared a state of emergency last week. all the united nations is giving some thirteen
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million dollars in emergency funding to mozambique that is people there are struggling in the aftermath of a second psych loan as many months cyclon kind of slammed into northern mozambique sunday causing massive flooding more trench away rainfalls expected in the days ahead kind of comes just six weeks after psych lone die devastated the region around barrow farther south. after the storm the rain. torrential downpours are swelling rivers and washing away houses here in the north of muslim became nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six weeks ago cycling it i devastated the south of the country killing some six hundred people from kenneth is predicted to cause twice as much rainfall as its predecessor already communities have been up ended by the storms destructive force . the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything
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we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed. i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even do that. it is the first time in recorded history that muslim baek has seen two cyclons in one season aid agencies that have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from it i now have even more work on their hands let's go now to turkey where there are ever fewer independent voices in the media the european union and others have been criticizing president erica won recent years over restrictions on press freedom and the jailing of government critics but from today onwards they'll be
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a new source of information the pictures you're seeing are from a you tube channel called plus nine hundred being launched in turkey is driven by major international broadcasters the channels and joint venture between d.w. the b.b.c. france twenty four and the voice of america. the rector general peter limburg is in istanbul where the law has been taking place he told us more about what the new channel has to offer. quite happy that we could launch it today and i'm quite optimistic that we will have an interesting offer for the turkish viewers and users and plus ninety is the name which we communicated today implies ninety is also the international code when you try to dial into turkey and when you have a coal into turkey so this is a bit of a signal that we from this international broadcast a scene want to get a bit more into contact with turkey and as you stress this situation of freedom of press of this country is very very difficult and so i think having offer surplus
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into this media landscape is something very positive and also this collaboration of public service media around the globe is something which is unique and i'm quite happy that we are starting this off and now today you have used director general peter lindbergh speaking to us earlier from istanbul we have some sports now there are some tragic news emerging from the world of football the czech republic international yugoslav sorel has died after a bus crash he and six other players from the turkish top tier side along his four were returning home from an away match the twenty eight year old forward died in hospital turkey's state run news agency says the players ran to the many boss while the rest of the squad returned with the team bus agency ads of the drivers under investigation for allegedly falling asleep at the wheel. well the german bunds league of byron munich followed up dortmund's shock last shall go with
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a style of their own on sunday the league leaders were held to a one all draw at nuremberg that result leaves a glimmer of hope for dortmund in the title race and for nurnberg stoplights survival. fighting for their lives and pride in the bavarian derby nurnberg had no intentions of handing by in three points in the title race but the best chance of the first half belonged to the visitors but all the buzz twenty second minute free kick playing got the crossbar. overs on the celebration in the away end delayed the start to the second half. and three minutes after the restart members truly extinguished byron's fire potatoes per day the finished up a scramble chance to put nuremberg ahead. one nail. just as it was looking like nuremberg might really pull off the impossible by ended the inevitable session oddly with a bit of luck to leap it deflected ball into the net levelling things with fifteen
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minutes to play. i had another chance to earn the upset thanks to an eighty ninth minute penalty tim libeled approaches spot ready to make himself a hero and hit the post. and five minutes into stoppage time conflict come on how does own opportunity for her oh it's on a breakaway but it was number keeper question meting if you prove themselves the man of the hour. both teams will likely be ruing their mischances later after this earlier but by and are still in the driver's seat in their respective dortmund. in formula one mercedes driver terry both has capitalized on his pole position to clinch first place in the azerbaijan grand prix in baku his teammate lewis hamilton coming in second continuing the team's early season dominance for our drivers fussing federal finishing third to round out the podium the wind pushes both us. to first in the overall stuff it's. up next we have
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a documentary film a story of south africa focusing on one woman who's making her own way despite facing considerable difficulties i'm dr thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us. first day in school. or first coming lesson from the doors grand the moment arrives. jointly arranging on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orangutan returns home. don't come to tanks.


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