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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2019 4:45pm-5:00pm CEST

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in oil exports will cease next month ramped up sanctions will hit hard international monetary fund expects a ruds recession to deepen saying the economy could for tracked by sixpence say it . here in teheran people are just changing rio's as fast as they can faith in the uranium currency has fallen dramatically it now takes a stack of them one hundred forty four thousand at the moment to purchase a single dollar and most people fear the u.s. sanctions will drive the rio down even further. just of course the country's revenues are going to drop and maybe the real value will drop as well in the end the pressure that they're putting on is pressure on the people. you know you some people have fixed limited wages like us. when prices rose we had to change a lot of things our rent went up. then we were forced to spend our money on rent
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instead of food before us and. the i.m.f. has warned that inflation will drive prices even further in the country this year and that would drive many more were indians into poverty this would have. an impact on social specially the sentients have led to an increase in inflation. inflation. reaching fifty percent therefore of course in any economy will suffer recession the iranian government says it's considering counter measures to u.s. sanctions and it's even threaten to close the straits of hormuz keep passage for international trade. lots of warnings today from the i.m.f. that this dispute could destabilize the entire region tehran saying the latest sanctions will rock world oil markets let's bring in ashutosh sunday he's following the financial markets for us from frankfurt i should toss what are oil prices doing
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and where are they going. well oil prices are marginally up and but they're still well below the highs the six month highs that they saw last week following the announcement that the waivers will not be extended having said that experts tell me that they don't expect the oil prices to go through the roof as many of fearing because of two main factors and one is because the foresee china and india continue to buy oil from iran using some of the barrel payment mechanism and the other they feel that there is enough spare production capacity considering that major oil producers are producing oil below the output into a deal with opec countries and other major oil producers including russia i think what's really interesting here is to hear the u.s. president tell opec it should start raising output to soften the impact of his
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sanctions against iran. it's really strange first he creates a problem and then he expects to fight with it but saudi arabia is going to be cautious this time around they're not going to start pumping oil from day one because last time around they were became a victim to trump and this is when this actually started increasing their production and suddenly their way was the knowledge and the prices crashed and so it was left to actually covering it losses so it was it was definitely this this time around as it was thank you very much for your analysis from frankfurt there. tourists continue to cancel their travel plans to sri lanka last week's attacks in colombo claims the lives of over three hundred people the island had enjoyed relative peace and a booming tourism sector since the end of its civil war decade ago but now sri lanka is tourism bureau chairman says he expects visits to the capital to fall by
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half in the next three months he also predicts that tourism in other areas of the country will drop substantially india china and the u.k. provide the largest groups of foreign tourists to sri lanka. tomorrow will mark the end of an era in japan your story abdication of emperor akihito the first application in two hundred years and a big event for business environment of crown prince not who he told promises to give breweries hotels and shops a huge boost. these two want to tie the knot before the end of the going he say era which means achieving peace and they are far from the only ones the wedding industry in japan has taken off since the start of april when the enthronement celebration dates were confirmed. for us this year will be a year with a lot of memorable events in the last year of the he say era will be one we won't
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forget. anytime soon. to see. other businesses are also looking to cash in on like this stamp maker in the new era which means beautiful harmony people will purchase products like calendars and letter paper bearing the new stamps. experts expect private consumption to rise by over seven point five percent during the ten days of the celebrations. which is. the office because more things are going digital the hunt goes stamp business hasn't been doing so well in the last few years but we see this is a business opportunity and i think the change to the new era is a good thing. breaks known as the golden week holidays take place every year but this year due to the enthronement they've been extended to ten days and many people will have the entire time off work the country's biggest travel agency says
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a record twenty five million japanese are expected to travel during the period and that will benefit hotels restaurants trains and many other service industries. in march there was talk of an impending recession but experts are now saying the celebrations could well drive up economic growth by a quarter of a point in the second quarter and manufacturers don't seem worried either carmaker toyota said its plants would remain closed for nine days not everyone's excited about the party though even the stock exchanges are closing and some traders worry the shutdown will have an impact on the yen. let's talk about the economic impact with kyodo actions and a lot of reporting for us from japan grew up there and was there just recently as well how important are these celebrations to the japanese that we are we talking about the equivalent of the british royals here or the japanese royals even bigger . i would really in this series say the royals are bigger they're less of
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a deal there but the era change is a huge deal. i've only been i've only known to his share of the current era actually it doesn't happen that often and also the thing is usually if an area changes it's because an imprint this is very solemn and also very sudden affair but here people have been able. to prepare for the last more than two years and it's a big party for the nation basically so obviously you're younger than two hundred years old how does all of this and these celebrations translate into going how does it translate into business for japan it. well as we have seen in the piece beforehand a lot of it was because people still want to purchase things in the history era and also the whole golden weeks thing is a huge deal right now for the economy because japanese people never get time off for ten days on just you know one piece and that was
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a big deal but also the thing is that small businesses as well as big businesses are jumping on the idea of also the new areas bandwagon selling special edition there was even a story on one company who has a canned air of his says the current era and is going to sell it which is just completely crazy but they make a lot of money doing that japanese and they're hard workers tell me about their purchasing power because are they going to be able to keep this op is just going to be a temporary spike that we see for an economy that's otherwise in a bit of trouble well the problem here is really just because you have a ten day holiday just because. it doesn't mean that you all of sudden have more money in a pocket so for example these ten day holidays that's a lot of money that's been spent if you're family and you're going to hawaii for a week and you're spending a fortune on it which you definitely are you going to be careful about what you're going to buy afterwords for the rest of the year so
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a lot of the experts there are quite scared that after this hike that there's going to be a dip in the economy same thing happened after the tax hike actually two thousand and fourteen consumption tax hike everybody was really happy about people buying lots of stuff and then for the end of the year just the economy tanked so tell me on that note how is japan holding onto its position as the worlds. top economy considering all of these changes it's going through it's trying to hold on to so many traditions and yet it's going digital and it is a high tech nation is also an aging population the problem there really. people don't really realize how big japan is as an economy they've been actually i looked this up and even i was really surprised well they've been studying this that they were the second biggest economy from nine hundred seventy up to two thousand and ten well meaning that they are stagnating they are having their problems but on a very high level meaning that's why they've been able to keep this status for this
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long but they have a really big manufacturing sector all of that but the problem is for example germany is right behind japan so if they don't address those problems it's going to be very problematic for germany on the hot heels of japan thank you very much q jay over there for us. engineering firm in tokyo is testing with eight k. cameras to replace visual safety checks of key infrastructure ultra high definition technology has sixteen times the number of pixels as standard age the experts say it could be better than the human eye. the inspection vehicle makes its way through a tunnel in thomas city just outside tokyo it's traveling at the normal speed of the traffic around it a quick trip down one lane and back up the other and the roof mounted camera produces pictures clear enough for inspectors. i think the technology can minimize the burden of manual inspections and reduce the social costs of traffic
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jams it's not going to talk to. the should talk or engineering company is testing eight k. technology to inspect expressways in metropolitan tokyo ideally the technology can be paired with artificial intelligence to spot areas in need of repair. one japanese camera maker sharp wants to use the technology for surveillance. eight k. cameras can see what the human eye can't they can be used in many industries not just for entertainment but. for now tunnels are a good starting point. the
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this is a. news live from a victory for spanish socialists in the country's general election but now they face some difficult choices a prime minister has his party fall short of majority meaning tough coalition talks lie ahead we'll bring you the latest from madrid also on the program. sri lanka bans face coverings in the aftermath of the east.


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