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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CEST

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do we trust debate and shape the future as the georgia global media for. the place made for me. this is the w.'s line from a victory for spanish socialists in the country's general election they face some difficult choices for a prime minister whose party fall short of majority meaning tough coalition talks will bring in the latest from madrid also on the program. bans face coverings in the aftermath of the. islamist militants new attacks.
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as india reaches the midpoint of its thirty nine day general election polling stations open across nine states look at the role of women in the country's politics. the new voice for turkey international broadcasters including. the government's crackdown on independent media with the launch of a new you tube channel. m welcome to the program. spain's governing socialists have won the country's national election before and well short of a parliamentary majority with just twenty nine percent of the vote prime minister petro sanches must now attempt to form a coalition government a process that could take weeks or even months sunday's vote also saw a far right party and for the first time since the end of military rule in one
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thousand nine hundred seventy five vox took ten percent of the vote. the reality sinks in an election that leaves no party in power many in spain were relieved however that the far right had not done even better than it did at the polls. but i mean as big as hopeful for me i think it's a good result insincerely i didn't expect it i thought the right wing was going to win so it's cool for me. but i mean why. me but then we think that the socialist victory is good and now there is hope that the bad guys don't win. the socialist party leader pederast sanchez had explicitly pitched his party to voters as the best way to stop the far right. of the spaniards have sent a very clear message to europe and to the world it is possible to win against reactionaries and authoritarianism with progressive proposals.
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but sanchez faces an uphill battle forming a ruling coalition the far right party vox may not have won but it still had a record night this election marks the first time a far right party has gained seats in the spanish parliament since the days of general franco. the store so no three c.p.o. this is only the beginning again if you know i'm also not a complete told you i aim was to retake power and that's exactly what we have done yet if you don't have a listen if we have a voice in parliament we can now say loud and clear to the entire country that folks has come to stay. the mainstream conservative people's party suffered big losses it was their worst election to date a sign that the polarization that has affected politics across europe has come to spain possibly for a long time to come. straight to the spanish capital where we joined daily correspondent a public welcome public so what. is his options for forming
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a coalition government well first and foremost it's going to be difficult for him that's for sure because of course he folds quite far short of a majority he has expressed a desire along with the number two in the socialist government to govern alone just with basically the support somehow of parties such as. of course that's the party and regional parties too but he also has a rule the idea of entering into government with what we need us but then once he said that in an interview in the days leading up to the election on sunday but we're going to have a few weeks now of a negotiations and everybody is waiting here in spain with bated breath to see who exactly pedro sanchez or how he decides to form his new government let's talk about the far right the vox very secure the. parliament how much influence of a lot. well the influence is i mean that they have ten percent of the
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vote so they've come here with you know a significant percentage considering that have the last time around and even have an m.p. in twenty sixteen they say that their plan is essentially to make a noise and this is just the beginning of vox their idea is basically to make people and realise what they're about him what their policies are about and that way they can grow as a party so that next time around they'll they'll grow and they seem to be pretty certain that. they've used the word which i suppose has has surprised and shocked some people in spain which is that i see spend which means brazil. now what that means exactly is a little bit unsure but basically their plan is to make changes in spain and they want spain to go in a slightly different direction to the one that we're seeing it go in and now with. a list of a good conservative people's party its worst ever national results what does this tell us about the state of spain's political sense. it's more really the political
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right where we've really seen the changes because we've seen how the sort of more conservative parties have fractured into three essentially knows who are sort of a liberal center party swung more to the right the p.p.p. at the people's party it was felt perhaps went too far to the right and sort of didn't manage to talk into their more moderate and center voters who left the party and perhaps voted for the nose that was a very good night was a very good night for them and even voters who went from the part of the people out to the socialists and they said today that they need to reflect and they need to see what direction they should take the party and from now but certainly it is be a terrible night for the people's party under particular for their leader public us out of. madrid thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least six
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people are dead after jihad just opened fire on a church in the north of but kenya fast so gunman on motorbikes targeted worshipers in the town of still good she as they were leaving sunday service now authorities say it's the first attack on the church since the hardest violence broke out in the country in twenty sixteen. the commander of the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay in cuba has been filed a statement from the u.s. southern command said rear admiral john ring had been removed because of a loss of confidence in his ability to lead a controversial prisoner guantanamo was set up to distain in a suspected terrorists captured overseas after the nine eleven terror attacks on the u.s. . and in asia as president of the joker widowed has decided to move these countries their capital away from the crowded mega city of jakarta a new location hasn't been finalized but thirty million people live in or need to cotton which is in the lower right lying a coastal region susceptible to flooding. of united nations is giving thirty
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million dollars in emergency funds to mozambique which is struggling in the aftermath of a second cycle within six weeks the death toll from cycle on can if it's reached thirty eight according to the government now the storm hit northern mozambique on sunday causing massive flooding rainfall is expected overcoming days cycling kind of struck less than two months after cycling in a day devastated the region around byron in the south of the country. after the storm the rain. torrential downpours are swelling rivers and washing away houses here in the north of muslim baek nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six weeks ago cyclon it i devastated the south of the country killing some six hundred people on can it is predicted to cause twice as much rainfall as its predecessor already communities have been up ended by the
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storm's destructive force the sound of the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed. i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even do that. it is the first time in recorded history that muslim beak has seemed to cyclons in one season aid agencies that have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from it i now have even more work on their hands this is day doubly newsnight from berlin still to come as women struggle to make their voices heard in indian politics the w. hits the campaign trail with one of the few female candidates running in the country's national elections. had a valve
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a catholic church in sri lanka is urging the government to crack down harder on the islamic extremists in the aftermath of last week's east to bombings the archbishop of columbus said the church might not be able to stop people from taking the law into their own hands if the government fails to prevent further attacks. the scenes of everyday life on the streets of colombo mosque an underlying tension. after sunday's deadly bombings security remains tight for good reason. officials say that terrorists are planning another wave of attacks using military uniforms and vehicles to disguise themselves. the police are racing to root out the two extremist groups behind the massacre. on friday fifteen people died when security forces stormed the safe house in the city of terrorist mastermind sarin how she and three of those killed were his relatives. prime minister around the. told the press
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at large amounts of chemicals have been found in the raid he said efforts must now focus on finding those that are ready to strike again. and. to help find an emergency law has banned the use of face veils the move has been criticized by some who feel that it will alienate the country's muslim minority but for many muslims security concerns that way religious sensitivities for now. this is a. moment. the moment is not good yeah. yeah. that's right. but even if police manage to stop further attacks and religious tensions don't get
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out of hand the country's tourism chief estimates tourist numbers will plunge by half in the coming months. and that's certain to have a lasting effect on sri lanka's economic well being. and more about what's happening on the ground. these national director. for the u.k.'s british pakistani christian association joins us on the line from colombo welcome to day w eight days from the attacks that happened across the country what do you see. given the security is tight in sri lanka especially in colombo and it's mostly tightened in the areas where right now i am station in but equal. i'm sorry you said that i didn't quite catch what you said you said you. just tell me what you said again recently when you said. you could tighten in for a long time specially in batticaloa where i am. located right now because i came
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for the work of christian aid to deliver aid find financially and to help all people especially as well. we know that something like two hundred fifty people were killed in these bombings one of the families been telling. the families affected and it has increased today to another tomorrow in the area batticaloa. and the idea was to that end the i know situation we have the county once see or feel anything for the future as we see there is in a place called cotton could be guys the most retirees start from all masterminded by the muslim extremist so as they are living in a place where the extremely the always fiery now with the police officers and that are given these are innocent questions so their lives are in a very hard ship now and are people worried about attacks.
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laurie even today there on the net the play is very new the church the next day i was in on the. friday in this church. and i think we. all paid for the i.s.i. . very. heated one. on the plate as well so it's the tensions are there still it's ongoing when we thank you for joining us here on the d.w. pasto on tons of hotshot in colombia thank you. you're welcome. violence as mob voting at the midpoint of india's general election in west bengal state clashes broke out between supporters of prime minister narendra modi's party and the regional bloc the biggest election in the world has the biggest election
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the world has ever seen has been largely peaceful the fourth of seven faces the same polling stations open across nine states where women make up half the country's nine hundred million voters they are massively underground presented in politics a making up fewer than eight percent of candidates correspondent sonia follicle one of them on the campaign trail in west bengal. says. it's early morning in whistling gaunts not the district funded to the festival. it's dominated by the ruling t.m.c. alternate congress party. and the start of the show here is the party's. she quit her prestigious job as president of j.p. morgan in london in two thousand and eight. return to india and plunged into politics fulfilling a long held dream. when i was a kid if you asked me what i wanted to become i never said that. i was i want to be on the i want to be in
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a position to make millions more throws been doing that as an elected local lawmaker for the last four years. she's now i'm a seat in the national parliament there's little doubt about who's in charge here she's angry about. the former investment banker is a rest site in indian politics still largely a boys' club she draws curious crowds mainly women in these parts but the forty two year old who's also a national spokesperson for her party dismisses any questions about her gender and politics. as a politician. i think very few women's issues if you're fighting such basic grassroots politics if you've got a bad door that's a bad road that a woman walks on that it's a bad look that up a man walks on so i don't think that i can make a road that only women will walk on so i think most issues here are issues that are generic for everybody you know poverty infrastructure drinking water. to attributes
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hopefully to can rise to hard work and passion it's a part she believes is open to any woman willing to take. her own party t.m.c. is heavily promoting women candidates the push has come from the very top which when all is currently the only state in india that's led by a woman chief minister months about it is often described as the firebrand leader and is the vocal opponent of prime minister rainfall and in this election it's fielding women in a wreck or forty one percent in the field of party it's the best thing and. it's the highest number in this election but that doesn't mask the fact that india has one of the world's lowest rates of female lawmakers in parliament at just eleven percent so i mean the experts the parties need to do much more to change that and also all political parties have set up separately and that's necessary but the
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question is how many of them there are decision making provision in. general. of the other big. issue is how to make the environment more suitable for women more comfortable for women to actually enjoy. this this area now on their own accord. back on the campaign trail. mix a quick stop to meet voters. she's treated like a rock star. but she has little time she plans to cover hundreds of police stations in the next days. that means many more options like this one every handshake and an appeal for votes. temperatures have already soared to more than thirty five degrees but there's no way. is calling it a day anytime soon was. the thought from passes for iranian oil exports will cease next month's increase sanctions are likely to hit hard the
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international monetary fund expects iran's recession to deepen predicting that the economy could contract by six percent. here in tehran people are exchanging realises fast as they can faith in the iranian currency has fallen dramatically it now takes a stack of them one hundred forty four thousand at the moment to purchase a single dollar and most people fear the u.s. sanctions will drive the rio down even further. of course the country's revenues are going to drop and maybe the real value will drop as well and the endo the pressure that they're putting on this is pressure on the people. yes you know you some people have fixed limited wages like us. when prices rose we had to change a lot of things our rent went out. then we were forced to spend our money on rent instead of food at the clock and. the i.m.f.
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has warned that inflation will drive prices even further in the country this year and that would drive many more were indians into poverty this would have. an impact on social specially that the sanctions have led to an increase in inflation with inflation. reaching the levels of fifty percent before of course in any economy will suffer recession the iranian government says it's considering counter measures to u.s. sanctions and it's even threatened to close the straits of hormuz a key passage for international trade. a new report by the stockholm international peace research institute shows another increase in global military spending with much of it attributed to the united states last year the u.s. spent almost as much on its military as the next eight countries combined but china
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and western european countries are also spending will. military preparedness calls for tanks bombs and grenades in the face of growing global tensions many countries are arming themselves more than ever. between nine hundred ninety eight and twenty eighteen worldwide defense spending rose almost continuously with one plateau to nearly two trillion dollars a year in twenty eighteen a sharp increase over twenty seventeen the u.s. is by far the biggest spender on weapons and it shows no sign of changing course in twenty eighteen washington increased its military spending for the first time in seven years. china has the second largest defense budget which it also boosted in twenty eight teen saudi arabia a traditionally well armed country with the third largest budget reduced it
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spending india and france increase their defense budgets last year as did russia. major world powers china and india have outpaced russia in their defense spending which is why the asia pacific region is sent to be arming itself by contrast african countries spending on weapons has declined. eastern europe and parts of the middle east have also reduced their defense budgets according to available data. but that has no bearing on the overall trend for many countries the requirements for security have never been higher. d.w. has teamed up with other major international broadcasters to launch a new source of independent information for turkey plus ninety starts today on the usual it is a joint venture between the b.b.c. fronts on the voice of america has been launched in response to the turkish
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government's restrictions on porting and the jailing of independent journalists. living in a diverse complicated country tested by terror and upheaval. there the future of turkey the under thirty five so make up half the population there the target audience of plus ninety and you voice in the media and it's now on you tube. manages from the four media groups involved launched plus nineteen a stumble on monday it a report in depth on issues including how refugees and people are fairing youth unemployment and the crisis in turkey's building industry. i hope that we will have a significant amount of regular users who see in the channel a window also to our countries and an open window between our countries and that we can contribute some information which might be not available for the moment here
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and so i think we want to become relevant offer and knowledge see how the viewers and users are using it here in turkey. in an era of so-called fake news plus ninety will also fact check claims made by public figures and institutions its name is the number of turkey's international telephone code the channel operates with an outsider's perspective the result of the unique. european and transatlantic cooperation between four international public broadcasters alongside dortch about a voice of america in france media molds the b.b.c. wants to see what could we build where we've been better and stronger together and you chief is the kind of platform that rewards a big oh why did people know what it says will come soon congregate around that so it really made sense to do this project together rather than separately. launching the channel said i don't just want to tell younger turks about the world around them by hope plus ninety will become a home for debate. i hope that older young people here in taking will watch us that
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it's very important to us that we're hitting a nerve to take to society and this of course we want to do with all what is needed for digital platforms for you to you tube and we want to do that with constructive journalism and every opinion minute matters to. few would disagree the world needs more safe places for different ideas and constructive journalism. sports and then germany has been disfigured by munich followed up dortmund shock lost a shocker with a stumble of their own on sunday the league leaders were held to a one all draw at celebrations in the away and delayed the start to the second half . and three minutes after the restart number of truly extinguished fire inspired potatoes players finished up a scramble chance to put nuremberg ahead i one nail i just as it was looking like nuremberg might really pull off the impossible by and did the
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inevitable i shall be with a bit of luck to leap a deflected ball into the net levelling things with good ten minutes to play. i remembered had another chance to earn the upset thanks to an eighty ninth minute penalty tim libeled approaches spot ready to make himself a hero and hit the post i am five minutes into stoppage time thank you come on how does. an opportunity for her oh it's on a break away but it was november keeper christian moceanu creed themself the man of the hour. both teams will likely be ruing their mischances later after this girl are but by and are still in the driver's seat in the race with dortmund illo as reminder for our top story this hour spain's socialists led by prime minister pedro sanchez won the most votes in sunday's general election but only to form a coalition to remain in power a far right folks will have a spanish call up for the first time. she knew the news up next
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global three thousand on the question what is the future of cities like london i'm to find out about the top of the hour i'm good at.
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the cold while becoming a city of an isolationist is a mega. numbers of people living in cities are soaring and the challenges are growing so how do you plan to make a long list. of future transportation concepts be like is affordable living space for everyone unattainable. for example.
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you know that seventy seven percent. are younger than six of. that's me and me. and you know what external voice is part. of the seventy seven percent the talk about the issues. this is where. the seventy seven percent this weekend on d w. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions. iran but journey through a land full of contradictions of joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life. and help people cope with the for. iran
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bittersweet. starts may second on g.w. . welcome to global three thousand today we're going to take a look at life in cities urban centers of booming particularly those in asia and africa.


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