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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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from around the world unite. let's do business u.s. president. to stop it handing over financial records about the banks dealings with the new york real estate mogul congressional oversight committee subpoenaed the documents. for years the job has been from main and sometimes only creditor financing many of his construction projects democrats in congress say they want to investigate possible financial ties between trump and russia. was reportedly concerned about its exposure with trump as he was campaigning for the presidency and now says it is fully cooperating with congressional committees in washington. over to frankfurt where doj is based and our financial correspondent. the president suing this this is very interesting and also would have to be george's
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biggest nightmare come true. well but it's certainly a big nightmare if not the biggest nightmare coming true well you can release sea was the biggest nightmare when it comes to do it your bank but it's has been a loyal lender to of president trump when he was a businessman and that's when so they are going to be question asked about how a german lender kept bankrolling a businessman out of bankruptcies at a time when even the u.s. lenders wouldn't touch him and they're also going to be questioned whether there was money laundering involved the fact that there are suggestions that the president wouldn't have been the president today had it not been for the loans extended to him by deutsche bank because he used most of that money to erect towers that. plaster his name on them and then ultimately tell the people of the usa how successful a businessman he is interesting stuff as
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a george tell me more about can things get any worse for germany's mainland i mean its share price has just been pulling and pulling and pulling its reputation to. well ben i don't think so unless something really damning comes out of these documents that deutsche is going to eventually summit or not summit but having said that the share prices of deutsche bank have already factored in most of the shady deals that the bank that the bank has done over the past i mean a decade or more so the shares as you mentioned have taken a beating they're down ninety three percent from the highs seen in two thousand to their companies valued at just a quarter of the book value i mean that that compares really unfavorably vid most of his competition which are much higher value than banks so clearly i don't see it going any further below but then you never know what comes out next for the bank exactly all we know is that it's fighting an up hill battle and it's got
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a long way to go after tossing on a forest in frankfurt thank you very much now what you're wearing right now may end up one day in india for decades a town ninety kilometers away from delhi has made its living from the clothes the rest of the world throws away at the community has also attracted the attention of campaign is trying to rid the country of child labor. for more than half a century it's been known as the castoff capital of the world funny part in the indian state of haryana is the final resting place the many people's unwanted clothes hundreds of tons arrive every day to be destroyed and repurposed. clothes employed we import from different countries especially from dubai and from european countries these came from friends and we separate the different colors is the blues. and here the browns. the clothes are turned into
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a rough heavy yarn known as shaadi which is woven into blankets but demand for them is falling thanks to synthetic chinese fleece which is softer lighter and cheaper where penny park had around four hundred factories in the early two thousand and now has around one hundred production has fallen by a quarter for a decade increasingly bleak outlook for the industry here come inside with a concerted effort to get the children of laborers out of the factories charity workers estimate a tenth of penny perhaps children are as they put it in gauged in a working environment. class ever that and then they get it's not about the money it's just that by getting together we're able to work faster we collect one hundred to one hundred twenty repeats a day working from eight o'clock in the morning to six at night around that they're going to get that. one charity is trying to turn pony part into a child labor free zone by getting the kids back into school either at one of the
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government schools or one of its own training centers like this one didn't want. five hundred children back to school in the beginning when we first visited the factories to convince them not to let the miners work i wouldn't let us in but we came back again and again and again as penny plant continues to try to live off the leftovers of others education may give its very youngest work is a shot at their own rags to riches story to talk about this topic we've got as one people with us joining us from our frankfurt studio for the german institute zoot wind it's active in in the year on improving a whole range of labor conditions in the should live there and government sector first of all what are you guys doing to save kids from child labor that report we were trying to show our viewers was all about that and the successes that some people are having in getting children out of those positions and into school. good
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afternoon. really actually trying to raise awareness on several issues around labor rights violations in india. child labor and forced child they've been one of them but by far not the only one we have witnessed in the factories and in the ten reis that we have been. meeting burkas in that for example discrimination in of burkas is very common but also. well. prohibition actually to form unions and to to collectively bargain is very widespread and those violations. of core conventions of the eye over the international labor organisation and on these issues we are trying to raise awareness tell me what sort of a future these kids face if deprived
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a bit childhoods and forced what some of them in dangerous jobs exactly you have to know that some environments are extremely toxic like for example in the tanneries that different visiting. should renault working in very hazardous circumstances which is due to the chemicals that are being used in the chanting process like for example chromium but not only and children that are working in those environments well they don't expect them to look very long actually. people that are working in the ten real industry in india they have and i have expectancy for fifty years at the most these are horrible conditions but what is really interesting a lot of us may not know india legislation is actually quite specific about child labor isnt it. yes exactly not only about child labor it's very progressive it's
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a very progressive. national interest lation comparative to european legislation actually the problem is in from taishan and. what you're trying to do is to get indian authorities to comply with the laws but. that's only one side of the coin if i may say so because this is a shoot responsibility of the companies that order in india that have they have production sites in india and you're trying to hold those companies accountable for the whole supply chain actually as a people from the german institute been talking to us about fighting child labor in india thank you very much for being on our show. now to some of the business stories from around the world iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will continue to its oil despite u.s. sanctions speech focused on state t.v.
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he said america was wrong to think he could produce iran's output zero pressure from the u.s. he's expected to drive iran in three recession and same place and woods forty his state. official figures show the eurozone economy expanded by zero point four percent in the first quarter of the year that's twice as much as the previous four and unemployment fell to its lowest level since two thousand and eight it's now hovering around seven point seven percent some countries like greece a much higher. profits the european plane maker us fell eighty six percent during the first quarter of the year as you do a number of factors including the ending of the a three eighty super jumbo program after years of losses the german government's suspension of defense exports to saudi arabia resulted in a one hundred ninety million euro loss. disappointing figures from google's parent
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company alphabet it fell short of revenue forecasts for the first quarter sending its shares down nearly seven percent in premarket trading the tech globe and has been hit by record fines from the e.u. for blocking rival web search advertising as. another tech giant amazon labor representatives from fifteen countries have met in berlin from the company they are coordinating a strategy against what is one of the world's most powerful companies they say their working conditions are on reasonable. more than fifty trade union representatives from all over the world have gathered in the german capital for a two day meeting. there comparing notes on working conditions in amazon's logistics centers around the globe. south america is a new market for amazon and workers there want to learn from others with more experience and gaining better conditions. it's very important for my get you know everybody here in europe so luckily but it's also more and for them for their
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workers in south america because this is like an unknown territory for us and amazon is just getting into latin america. employs complain of low salaries and they are demanding collective bargaining agreements or at least a more formal dialogue with management they hope their cross border solidarity will make amazon more open to negotiations. well for one thing we've learned that we're not alone we've learned that we're facing some of the same challenges everywhere in the world we have fifteen countries in the room today and we all have the same experience as amazon expands its operations to more and more countries union leaders are now taking steps to help workers everywhere speak with one voice. in business with it.
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plane. take off clem dortmund's durbin debacle and they got red cards and conceded four o'clock to the monster shall come storming the shop in the mean time i. know because i in munich stumbled in a dramatic match they managed to claw against leaving the most legal title race why don't lead kick off and thirty minutes to. go from us ninety the new channel for an independent view on current affairs in turkey. the latest developments accurate analysis.
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