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thank you for the next.
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place in the east. of. the country. to join what is called the final phase of his. drive to oust president
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nicolas maduro your position leader has taken to this streets flanked by troops united states has voiced its support but president but doro is promising to put down the uprising declaring that pledge their total loyalty to. the material administration considers it a coup attempt the opposition is calling it operation freedom after his release from prison opposition politician leopoldo lopez stands in solidarity with the self-proclaimed president one quite go and calls on his countrymen to join them. all venezuelans who want freedom show yourselves disrupt the system support our soldiers join us good morning venezuela let's stick together and finish what we've started. then as well as defense minister tweeted that the military remains in my daughter's hands opposition leader why dog claims however that the prison freed lopez unquote owes orders. the moment is now it is not
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just a moment for peace and decency it is also a moment for bravery so that peace can be restored to venezuela god bless you we will achieve freedom and democracy. due to the ongoing economic and political crisis two million people have already fled venezuela. well they w. has spoken exclusively he had to. we asked him how much military support his bed. there are some key elements in this process and they are that the armed forces are not with nicolas maduro they are for change and as such they are with the people and the constitution when israel is in a state of occupation of course there has been a lot of persecution within the armed forces even some carried out by the cuban intelligence and counter intelligence services but it's clear that not only the people the majority of the people and not only the international community do not support nicolas maduro but also the armed forces of our country. let's go straight
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to day doesn't correspond oscar lanka who joins us on the line from the venezuelan a capital caracas asking let's start with what we just heard from one he didn't quite answer the question as you as you see what's going on on the streets how much support from the military does he have. well i accept now what he has been reporting is that at least forty military officials are supporting hand right now or. defending him at the moment now the. military has not disclosed what rank they have or called they are but they are active members of the military we've also seen in the past month. several military and police officials. trickling into colombia leaving venezuela not to support one white goes for president cheney and that is an estimated three thousand official that have left venezuela and deserted. because of my little armed forces to join one way don't in
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colombia now that support. estimated and. influential are important but of course it is a very dangerous to disclose the names and have done numbers of these officials because there is a persecution against military officials an uprising in the military here in the next where there have been reports. on justified detentions and even torture within the military that have uprising against mother ok so the president of course the president the majority of us that the military is firmly behind him whom we have been a. well of course there is a lot of support of my daughter from the armed forces and not only the armed forces but also there's support from russia and china and cuba and these three countries
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have actually. donated and have done their military exercises and conjunction with various when they've been preparing for any kind of an international intervention so there is still a lot of support for mother to spit and there's a lot of fear as well within the military ranks so there's just a little bit of everything in these armed forces and it's very tricky to try and spark call have the upper hand on the military oh i was yours because you were looking at live pictures from caracas i'm given today's events led to today's today's street uprising because this is just one in a number of these sorts of events so is today's any different to what has gone before. well it's very significant for example that we see active military members out in the open supporting one way they all die in the past we've seen
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uprisings and they've been really quickly squashed by an equipment was government it's also very significant to seal up or the locus out and about because he's been in prison for the past five years and you're the most prominent political prisoner in venezuela and he has been freed and moreover he has said that he was freed by the intelligence unit of the venezuelan government so that it's very significant that shows that the support for one way though is real it is significant and it is actively trying to bring change to venezuela and that is an entirely different component in the. situation because before we just saw for instance uprising in the streets now we're seeing them with the military other side ok so as this develops doing what's what some position we have to stand is one side winning
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when they respect. send more troops and. well i'm sure there's a lot of expectations of what might happen this is a developing story we do not know what's going to happen throughout the day we could expect more violence and turmoil and repression from armed groups that support nicolas maduro don't and the military as well however. it is completely really difficult to predict what will happen this is the topics this tends to change quickly and today's news was an element of surprise we weren't expecting this today we were expecting large groups together peacefully tomorrow on the first of may and the development of sort. well kicking by surprise of the government and they are reacting slowly but surely and they have been successful in
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the past of reacting. successfully in the short term and in emergency situations to remain in power so we'll see how it develops today and anything can happen you mention that there was a big protest planned for tomorrow if that's still likely to go ahead. well yes one way the owner. of the protest on the first of may starts today so he didn't say it would finish tomorrow and the first of may is the traditional day of going out and protesting depends on what happens today of course if. constitutional warranties are lifted from the government by the government and they say there is. a time limit in going out to the streets and maybe it could be squashed by tomorrow everybody goes
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to protest the stars and offer to sing because the belabored a proto so it would be very hard to prevent people from protesting tomorrow. in caracas for now thank you. the united states has been reacting to events in venezuela on a something that joins us from washington d.c. welcome hello who's been saying was. filled with scenes with support coming from the champion ministration via twitter today much of it from vice print a vice president mike pence tweeting directly to the people of venezuela saying that we are with you a sentiment which was echoed by secretary of state mike pompei who said that a quest for democracy is never defeated we've also heard from national security adviser john bolton he urged the military. in the military leaders to get on the side of one they go i don't and that's certainly a policy that the united states has been pushing for quite some time alleged by the
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u.s. senate and marco rubio who's worked with the trumpet administration on its venezuela policy and he also took to twitter today speaking as well to the people of venezuela saying take to the streets come out this moment may not come again so what we're seeing from washington today is on one hand it's gone from backing the opposition leader who they were quick to say was the ensuring president of venezuela to now appearing to throw their full weight behind what appears to be armed attempt and the potential violence and certainly the chaos which we're seeing on the streets of caracas as well of course is putting the united states once again in direct opposition with russia and with china and does this us why you support does it go beyond words to. well many people in the past have looked to trump statements saying that nothing is off the table
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and reading in that implicit suggestion perhaps of u.s. military intervention that said there has been no meaningful u.s. military mobilization at this stage what we've seen from the united states is economic pressure we saw that with economic sanctions related to the madeira regime and those in his entourage we saw that with sanctions on the oil industry of course fail remember that the oil industry accounts around ninety six percent of venezuela's foreign income in a country which is already in economic die a strait so that is what we have seen so far from the u.s. administration. and washington thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump is suing don't your bag stop it giving congressional investigators and actual records about his company his back is one of the president's main business creditors to congressional committees have subpoenaed the
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bank as they investigate allegations possible foreign influence on u.s. politics. or sudan's ruling military council says it is willing to negotiate with opposition groups but the generals of called for protesters to stop disrupting trains on the roads the council also said the general would head new joint civil it's civilian military council when it's full of protesters have been demanding civilian leadership to pave the way to democratic elections. because president has lifted a nationwide social maybe of bad imposed after the east suicide bomb attacks that killed more than two hundred fifty people restrictions have blocked facebook and whatsapp you tube and other popular sites government said to block those social media to curb the spread of misinformation. japan's emperor akihito has formally stepped down from the throne in a ceremony at tokyo's imperial palace making him the first japanese emperor to
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abdicate in more than two hundred years is eldest son and her heater will assume the throne in a short ceremony the opera holds no political power but is revered as a symbol of the nation's tradition and history. a simple ten minute ceremony and being a thirty year reign and breaking with japanese imperial tradition for the first time in more than two centuries against an unpretentious backdrop and perhaps akihito perform the main ritual at the imperial palace count over what's known as the chrysanthemum throne to his son. the ceremony saw the emperor relinquish an ancient sword and jewel sacred regalia that tradition dictates should be seen by no one but the emperor. addressing those assembled in the palaces room of pine acca hito paid tribute to his subjects. so. i am very thankful and happy and i have been able to fulfill my
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duties as emperor with trust and respect for the japanese people for the last thirty years. prime minister shinzo abi had warm words for the outgoing emperor reflecting on some of japan's recent challenges including the two thousand and eleven toonami and earthquake. and the emperors were always there for the victims of disasters and gave them hope and courage for the future. by a fire. that he was granted permission to abdicate on grounds of agent declining health but his reign has left an indelible mark on japan's tradition bound monarchy after succeeding his father hirohito in one thousand nine hundred nine acca hito worked to extend a hand of peace to those harmed by his country's imperial ambitions.
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it was in his father's name that japan committed many of the atrocities that shook the pacific during world war two after he toast spent much of his early reign on diplomatic trips where he expressed his deep remorse over his country's wartime transgressions after he tows application will make him the first japanese emperor to leave the throne without leading his country into war. but after he hasn't bid farewell quite yet the eighty five year old technically remains emperor until the stroke of midnight. and that's when the throne officially passes to his eldest son crown prince naruhito. and the country is in a new imperial era over a. beautiful hominy now despite being reported dead and severely injured more than once it looks as though they've
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the islamic state militant group could be alive and i asked propaganda video appears to show by praising the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka declaring them part of the group's revenge for losses in syria. if this is who islamic state claims it is then it would be. his first appearance in five years in the video shot in an unknown location he acknowledges the group's recent defeat in its last syrian stronghold of the goose he also refers to other as losses in libya and in iraq but he tries to justify the defeats by saying yes doesn't have to win it just has to continue carrying all jihad and he urges his followers to continue carrying out revenge attacks around the world he goes on to praise the deadly bombings in tree lanka on easter sunday which killed two hundred fifty people
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saying they were ordered in revenge for their brothers in bugaboos. despite his threats analysts say the purpose of this video is to show he is still in charge and at large and has managed to evade chemistry who in the video was also a topic during iraqi prime minister's visit with chancellor merkel one would assume he knows more but here in berlin he kept a low profile. well there was some intelligence about the whereabouts of bin daddy from the video it is clear that the location is very simple they were isolated and kept simple even his clothing provides information about his location. in the mind of god we will have to concern ourselves for some time with the question of how i ask can be defeated and in my view this video supports that this is the correct
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assessment talked. about daddy remains the world's most wanted men the u.s. has a twenty five million dollars bounty on his head and says it will continue to hunt him down until he is found. let's get more on this from him back from the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the. if this video offended this i think so it looks like a dirty it sounds like but. the video is clearly an i.a.s. video it has an i.a.s. logo it has the logo of the media production company of us. perhaps most importantly the old one the one that was used until the islamic state was founded in two thousand and fourteen so i clearly believe that this is by daddy and that this is an official video so if the last time we saw him on video was our it was
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two thousand and fourteen so why is he popped up now well i think because i was under pressure yes has founded a state and as it has lost the state in iraq and syria it has there are even some politicians who believe that i.a.s. has been defeated and now the organization has to show its supporters that it remains relevant by perpetrating attacks like in sri lanka saudi arabia on easter sunday but also by showing that it's caylee it's presumed caleb is still alive and able to lead the organization so this is a bit of a morale booster for the troops yes and you should never forget that there is a different organization that is competing with i-s. namely al qaida which is still strong and in many jihad theaters like yemen or in libya it's stronger than we had the german chancellor and the reporter talking about the defeat of preferred donald trump talking about the defeat of virus but
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one of the the problems that countries have had in tackling islamic state is that. it's amorphous almost it's as much an idea as as it is a group of people how do you defeat that what would a defeat for i have to look like i think it's not an idea it's annoying you know is ation it's an organization that has that originates in iraq but from two thousand and fourteen has built. an affiliate network in libya is on the sinai in nigeria in the philippines right now we see that even in sri lanka it has supporters and it has fed this support network by sending money it has been an extremely rich organization and this video shows us that know that the organization has been militarily defeated in iraq and syria it tries to build a new a new network on the foundation of the affiliates but it has been planning this step for five years now ok so to defeat i asked in so many different areas of the
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world i guess what would that look like what what sort of damage would it would do various countries around the world have to inflict on i asked for it to be called if it were just after one or just cut off the money perhaps. i don't think that we will be able to define the moment that i is defeated simply because the organization know it exists and more than twenty countries around the world what we have seen in recent years is that by defeating it militarily. its impact has been reduced especially here in europe but also in many countries around the world simply because the organization has been weakened we can find we we can fight the finances which is extremely hard we can try to fight the ideological appeal but it's this is mainly now about police and intelligence work you have to find the cells before they perpetrate attacks like in sri lanka we're talking to thank you
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for giving us much to think about a greater steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs. that's look at football and as lots of anticipation ahead of the champions league semifinals this week tottenham take on the tonight english team will be with after some key players for a home first leg. strike up harry cain has been sidelined with injury forwarders song film men who missed out due to suspension i.x. hope to continue their streak after knocking out realm a trade and us. their home wednesday liverpool coach here can club the takes his team to mighty possible and he still waiting for his first champions league title after losing in the final with dortmund and liverpool in the past but in an exclusive interview with the dublin you're going club prove to be as relaxed and unflappable as ever barcelona it won't. liverpool
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coach you're going clawfoot on the cusp of possibly the most important few weeks of his career barcelona are awaiting the champions league semifinals and a premier league title is on the line but the german still has time to fool around showing d.w. his normal worn mogue a reference to former rival josie marino once labeling himself the special one book club is special his team are enjoying a dream season and now look holmes with favorites barcelona something new for the fifty one year old i saw so many games for a lot of teams got puzzled because i never played them in a competitive game and i says many times i was a failing by doing it that's how it is because they're just so good and i always thought it would be interesting to try it yourself once liverpool overcame porto in the champions league quarter finals and are looking to reach a third european final in four years on the club they lost the previous two but he
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would still be proud of the feat. impressive. i don't know we will see it's a pretty good team to face so it's possible and. that's a really good for both teams but that's how it is in sport so if you're in it then so should try to win and of course that's what we will do and we are not a dream draw i would say it's not that you think yes since we were poor little messi and his barcelona team mates including clubs fellow german mark andre tesh dagon are not the only ones occupying the form adult and boss at present manchester city topped the premier league by a point from liverpool and the priority for fans is clear. i think. so. but if you are so
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people that. people would be winning the league little one the english title says nine hundred ninety. the glory days back there's nothing noble about your good. so you can. interview with. the extended interview and i. remind you of our top story. the final phase to remove the president. and the imperial palace in tokyo.
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the body. because. the body got. interested in going. to the mosque to come
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storming shot at me. because my immune system in a dramatic match make me managed to against even the most my good title race why don't you. take off. on. some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. let me the world be like in your life time and around half a century. ago when i was born there were three people you will share the planet with nine billion. your world be around two degrees more. evidently sea level rise by at
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least one meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts mature greater than what we see already. it's really frightening box. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow. starts right through the first t.w. . rotfl .


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