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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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d.w. . luke . this is d. w. news live from berlin and palestinian militants fire scores of rockets into southern israel the israeli military response with airstrikes and tank fire the e.u. calls for an immediate halt to the hostilities we'll get the latest from our correspondent in jerusalem. also coming up thailand's king officially takes the throne ceremonies takes place in bangkok for the country's first coronation in seven attack eight. and officials say it's a miracle no one was killed after a jet slides off the runway at a u.s.
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naval station in florida. i'm irish waiter welcome to the program israeli airstrikes on gaza have killed a palestinian toddler and her mother an eighty year old israeli woman has been seriously injured in palestinian rocket strikes these are just some of the casualties as violence flares up between israel and the palestinians these explosions are in gaza city as israeli shells hit palestinian targets israel says it's responding to a flurry of rockets being fired from the palestinian enclave across the border into its territory and gaza says it's responding to israeli aggression. for more on this we're joined by our correspondent in jerusalem tanya why is this surge of violence happening now. well we're seeing here another serious
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flare up after a period of relative calm in gaza and the area surrounding the now that came after. after egypt and the u.n. had brokered some sort of understanding spitter in israel and hamas in the lead up to the israeli elections so that period has been relatively calm but lately tensions have been flaring up in especially this week on friday during friday protests two demonstrators have been killed by israeli sniper fire as well as by sniper fire from gaza two israeli soldiers were wounded and that has led to an airstrike on a military post in gaza by the israeli army or army where two. people where apparently killed so in addition to that and all the statements that the militant factions put out today that's reference to the lack of implementation
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understanding set certainly have also added to devising tensions and how israel responded to this so far. has said that there have been over two hundred and twenty rockets launched into southern israel into civilian areas and the numbers are rising and so the defense system they aren't them has. shut down dozens of it at the same time the israeli army responded to the with over one hundred twenty s. trikes mainly what they call an targets related to hamas or islamic jihad but also getting reports in from gaza of some residential buildings so tensions are really high because those attacks and counterattacks are continuing as we speak and it may be very difficult night for civilians in gaza as well as in the south of
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this or so where does this leave the recent talks to restore a cease fire. well this is a good question i think it's still too early to say. you know it depends on the coming hours he said there's also trikes are continuing as well as rockets are continuously you being fired into southern israel and in gaza a building also we're getting reports where the turkish news agency was having their offices in. targeted now there are conflicting reports about mediation efforts you know that some delegations where hamas and islamic jihad were anyway in cairo usually it's the egyptians that imaginatively in such situations as well as with the u.n. and. supposing that many asian efforts ongoing but there were some reports in the
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israeli media quoting an israeli official saying that the he does know of any such mediation talks so it depends now i mean both sides have said they're prepared. for a further escalation with the militant group saying they could increase the range of the rocket range but also the intensity of asteroids so we have to wait and see how the coming i was with what they really bring right tanya kramer for us in jerusalem thank you so much to thailand now where elaborate ceremonies have taken place in bangkok to crown the country's new king might have a hero a long card the sixty six year old ascended to the throne in two thousand and sixteen after the death of his father who was widely were feared and much beloved saturday's pageantry is the start of a three day ceremony that formally invests and with regal power symbolizing his consecration as the up holder of buddhism in thailand.
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the carnation begins with a ritual cleansing and anointment. the water is drawn from rivers and lakes across the kingdom it's the first carnation in thailand in eighty seventy years for many thais the king is the highest moral authority. we all regardless selves as children of the king nation religion and the monarchy are the pillars of our society that's why we have unconditional loyalty to the king. ram of the tenth comes to the throne it's a difficult time thailand is a constitutional monarchy but the army seized power in a coup five years ago elections earlier this year ended in deadlock one commentator says the carnation is likely to bring a fresh approach the new. very daring man. there were on the whole very quiet
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person in the next stage of the carnation celebrations the king will stage an elaborate parade in front of his people. correspondent charlotte also phil is in bangkok and she sent us this assessment of today's coronation. the people gathered behind me at the grand palace likely to be here well into the evening as a mark of respect for the new tea crowned king the most of them this is the first time they've seen the coronation all the time on it the last one almost seven decades ago to the day and in a country where the king is afforded divine status today it has been truly momentous the king was crowned in elaborate ceremonies a rich blend of culture and tradition dating back centuries people here were watching at the ceremonies unfolded on the big screens engrossed in what was happening tomorrow is another big day for the public and that is because the king
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takes pause in the procession through the streets of bangkok and the people here is a chance to catch a glimpse of the king to pay their respects and to watch history in the making. and that will bring you some of the other stories making news around the world syrian government forces are continuing to bombard rebel held areas in the country's northwest dozens have been killed and wounded in its live province this escalation of violence is the most serious in the region since russia and turkey negotiated a cease fire in september. activists from the environmental group extinction rebellion have staged a die in protest inside the european commission in brussels they saying the european anthem with different lyrics that called on governments to do more to address climate change. more than one thousand people have now died from an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo attacks on treatment centers are hampering efforts to control the nine month demick now the second worst on record
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in response the world health organization is expanding its vaccination program in the east of the country. to the u.s. now a boeing seven thirty seven has crashed on landing in florida no one died but twenty one people were injured as the airliner slid off the runway at jacksonville naval air station in the northeast of the state the commercial jet had been chartered by the u.s. military and was arriving from a u.s. base in cuba. passengers said it was terrifying they described how in the middle of a thunderstorm the seven thirty seven bounced twice on the runway and skidded into the st john's river but the plane did not submerge and all one hundred forty three people aboard were able to escape by climbing out onto the wing authorities said disaster had been averted. i just want to emphasize yet again we transported twenty one people all adults from this incident involving an aircraft
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a commercial boeing seven thirty seven aircraft and it is jacks the twenty one individuals that we transported were all listed good condition no critical injuries sustained by any of those twenty one the plane had traveled to jacksonville florida from the u.s. naval station at guantanamo bay in cuba it's likely it was carrying mostly military personnel and their families. there are no details yet as to why the airliner crashed the plane's manufacturer boeing is under scrutiny over two deadly crashes of a different model plane in recent months. undetectible equals untranslatable that's what hiv researchers want everyone around the world to know they released landmark evidence this week showing that taking drugs to treat hiv means people will with the virus will not pass it on to their hiv negative partners and they're hopeful this means and to hiv aids and that may finally be in sight our reporter jeremy has
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been reading the research so explain these findings to us these are drugs that have existed for a while right that's right these are now the standard treatment for people living with hiv aids or cold antiretroviral drugs and they basically suppress the levels of h.i.v. in the blood and basically what these findings show you is if that everyone in the world had access to days everyone in the world without chinese around just under forty million people if they had access to these drugs then there would be no. new cases of hiv in this study looked at a thousand gay couples one of whom in the partnership was hiv negative in the other one was hiv positive and was taking maize drugs and over and you period when these when these partners were having sex without a condom there was no not a single instance of hiv being passed from hiv positive to the hiv negative and now the study authors say this means people living with hiv aids who are on
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effective treatment cannot pos on the virus to this sexual partners and they can say this definitively now because these backs up existing research that was done on heterosexual couples does this mean there's a cure for aids hiv now or is that something that people can't say i know you cannot say there's a cure like i said these drugs these antiretroviral drugs they they suppress the virus to undetectible levels but it doesn't mean that there is a cure or these drugs are things you need to take on an ongoing basis so you mention this a little bit but what does this mean for people who are living with hiv going forward now this means basically around the world people with hiv suffer from stigma and discrimination and i guess the stigma hasn't caught up with the advances in modern medicine that have taken place over the last thirty years where now in twenty nineteen you can take these antiretrovirals and expect to live
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a perfectly normal healthy life and not worry about having to try to pass the virus on to your partner and if this this helps stigma if you know that people know that if you're on the drugs and i can't receive the virus then then that helps to reduce stigma and that's what these study authors are so this sounds so simple why can't we just give everyone at h.l.v. the proper treatment what's still standing in the way so are they there are these social issues like stigma and like just. but there are also very practical reasons too about access to testing and treatment it's estimated that of all the people with hiv the only fifty nine percent of them have access to treatment and so i guess what these findings show is that it's time to to put things into gear so that everyone with with the virus can can receive the treatment absolutely jared read a reporter for us on the story thank you so much. to the bundesliga now where
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munich has took take a huge step toward retaining the title with a three one win over hand over how to reduce to ten men and are now on the brink of relegation with two games left second place dortmund threw away a two goal lead to draw two two at bremen that leaves by and with just a win from glory could only draw two two with hoffenheim as their top four hopes took a hit third bottom so it got lost in berlin so that means burke are still not relegated despite defeat of wolfsburg mind strew three three with our bad lights on friday there are three matches coming up on sunday and a quick look at the bundesliga table now shows us that by and lead the way by four points from dortmund with two games left a win at leipzig next saturday will clinch by and their seventh straight title will be hoping leverkusen in frankfurt draw on sunday to reignite their champions league dreams at the bottom it is looking bleak for hanover a new emberg but they are not yet mathematically down. you're watching d.w.
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news coming up next a documentary on iran a land of contradictions on my ass waiter stay tuned for more at the top of the hour thanks so much for joining us. europe be going to split what's become of it. will it look like tomorrow. the thing for a better future isn't enough. requires our education. year's elections twenty nineteen may twenty sixth on g.w. .


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