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and. this is news coming to you live from berlin titan ways to kill off from risking while mischa's lined the streets of bangkok as john the tenth prepares to make his first public appearance since his coronation ceremony also coming up the conflict in gaza flares up again at least one man is killed just palestinian militants fired scores of rockets into southern israel while israeli air strikes and tank fire killing several palestinians. and in the bundesliga bind luly hand over and i'm
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now just one win away from taking the seventh consecutive food to stick the title. on and welcome back on with our chief restart in thailand where huge crowds have gathered in the thai capital bangkok to reduce the newly crowned king a mob body that long can greet the public for the first time since after his elaborate coronation ceremonies on saturday budget are long gone ascended the throne two and a half years ago when his father king bumi bond died after a seventy year reign his coronation comes two months after a contentious election in which the opposition tried to oust the ruling military junta. now of course one shot is in bangkok following those celebrations shallot is the second day of the festivities what can we expect today
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. yesterday was all about the formalities when the king was crowned today is all about the celebration as you said there are tens of thousands of people i'm sure you can see behind me who are gathered here to witness the procession the king taking part in a procession through the streets of bangkok that is going to be an incredibly on native fares i'm sure you'd expect having seen the pictures from yesterday he's going to be carried through the streets in a golden carriage by sixteen men there he is so extreme they're going to have to change every five hundred meters just because it's just too hard to garrion through the streets for that long the people here excited to catch a glimpse of the new king and to pay the newly crowned king and to pay their respects to a mulligan who is essentially afforded divine status here in thailand so the people we've spoken to here very much looking forward to that procession kicking off in
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just a the an hour's time so shallots a very special day for many thais tell us more above give us a sense of the mood among the people as they wait to see their king. yeah that's right people here have really been anticipating this event it's not very often that they get a chance to see the king in public and this is the first time that i'll of seen him since he's been crowned just to give you a sense of the excitement in the build up to this event we actually met one man who was working fix hundred kilometers in order to be here with this procession we know that that he's made it and he is among the crowd here but there is a lot of excitement from the people who have gathered here we know as well that the government his boss a lot of people in from provinces around bangkok transporters free buses and trains are free and in an effort to encourage as many people as possible to come here and to witness this procession that thailand's really is using this as an opportunity to show off essentially to show centuries of tradition and culture the king but you
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know long gone charlotte has taken over from a father who was seventy years and it was incredibly popular what do we know and love the man who is now the king of thailand. well he's been the king of thailand reason for a couple of years since the passing of his father in october we know of course his father was extremely popular but this king we know that there is a good deal known about him but his biography we know that he was raised in bangkok he then had was educated in the u.k. and australia we know that he is a military man and it's been known for a while that he was going to be the next king of thailand as the only son of the late king and queen so and the queen so people here have been expecting this and now is a time for them to celebrate a new era a new king of to the grief that came with losing the late king back in twenty sixty right shot of simply keeping track of the celebrations in bangkok as the newly
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crowned king comes in public thank you so much for that update from there. israeli airstrikes on gaza have kid six palestinians and wounded dozens of others after a month. hundreds of rockets into southern israel killing one person and israeli forces responded returned shelling and strikes the e.u. is calling for an immediate end to the hostilities. israel's army says it's hit some two hundred palestinian targets. in response to palestinian rocket fire. one strike at a six story building the techie says housed state run and a little news agency anchor has condemned the israeli strikes and called on the international community to take action to ease tensions. gazan authorities say dozens of people were wounded and several killed in the bombings amongst them
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a mother and baby israel blames for mass for their deaths israel says over four hundred rockets have been fired from gaza into southern israel since saturday some rockets struck homes night here in kiryat gat israeli authorities say one woman was seriously wounded here dozens of palestinian rockets were intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system as the violence escalated israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu convened a security meeting. amidst the hostilities egypt continues to mediate talks between israel and the militant palestinian organizations her mass and islamic jihad. joining me now from jerusalem is our correspondent tanya crema talia what is the latest on the situation there. well there's certainly no indication yet that this round of fighting is coming to an end the according to the israeli army
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over four hundred thirty rockets have been fired since saturday morning and the israeli army has said that they have struck over two hundred targets throughout the gaza strip on both sides to have been casualties as we heard in the report now hamas and islamic jihad the joint command center they have threatened to expand to expand the range of rockets if israel continues its air strikes and is further has also warned that they are prepared for any scenario and have also reinforced an armored brigade that is stationed outside the gaza strip now they have been a lull in hostilities what sparked this latest outbreak of violence. well that's why there has been a period of calm of relative calm in the past couple of weeks after understandings that had been brokered by egypt and the u.n. had been reached between hamas and israel sort of agreement to ease some economic
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restrictions and to expand the fishing zone for example but in the past couple weeks tensions have been rising and this friday during the friday protests there had been an incident where palestinian gunmen had shot and wounded two israeli soldiers is what has responded retaliated with an airstrike on a hamas post killing those two militants now islamic jihad had said in the statement that basically this is in retaliation for that but there also has been growing frustration that's also some of the statement mentions from islamic jihad and hamas that is or have been very slow in implementing such agreements that have been breached about a month ago. that was correspondent tanya crema in jerusalem let me not bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world syrian government forces of bombarded rebel held areas in the country's northwest dozens have been killed and wounded in
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a province this escalation of violence is the most serious in the region since russia and turkey negotiated a cease fire in september. pope francis is a rajan bulgaria to begin his three day visit to the balkans he wants to improve ties with the orthodox church and will meet the country's fit in sofia but the battery arc is refused to take part in a joint mass the two churches split nearly a thousand years ago. in rwanda the remains of nearly eighty five thousand victims of the country's genocide have been laid to rest in a ceremony in the capital kigali the victims were among the more than eight hundred thousand people mean the tutsis who were massacred by hutu extremists and militia forces twenty five years ago. north korean state media say the country's leader kim jong un has overseen a strike drill of multiple rocket launches and tactical guided weapons the report
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came a day off to south korea said it had detected several short range project tiles launched from the north eastern coast. in the united kingdom fans of the royal family are preparing for a celebration as well prince harry and his wife meghan mock expecting their first born any day to now to the disappointment of royal watchers the couple has been tight lipped in public but prince harry has now canceled a planned trip the netherlands fueling speculation that the big moment is imminent . baby hats and rubber suits are at the ready. ukase next royal also won't be short on congratulations now the baby just has to arrive. way just way too patiently she was twelve days late so you never know and you never know when they're going to come do you. think when you say yeah that's what they got younger generation it's ready to go with the still good living
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on the tradition of. prince harry and meghan markle said their i do use here at windsor just a year ago and wins is where their baby is due to be born the castle walls are thick and well guarded against the curious and britain's notably invasive tabloid press the secrecy has given rise to speculation that the baby may already have been born a major betting company has even stopped taking wagers on the timing of the birth. prince harry and his wife perhaps inadvertently fed speculation when they said last month that they might not immediately announce the birth of their child they're also trying to avoid a spectacle in the press over the baby's first photograph they want to celebrate the arrival among the family. now facilis forty and by new take on the vibe of a seven straight been displaying
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a championship victory next weekend at classes and the trophies this that's because it's home on saturday they were able to overcome last please hand over we wasn't such an easy match as they might have thought but at this stage all that matters so by one of the points and the title. plenty of pressure on nico coaches by an off the last match days draw to lowly nuremberg against hanover they faced another relegation struggling sniffing around for points. but after just twenty seven minutes of probing us were kimmage perfectly picked out robert lewandowski to open the scoring. and by and kept on pushing five minutes before half time when gorecki lashed in from long distance with pinpoint accuracy getting in touch off the post and a league goal for the summer arrival. but after the break however got a lifeline from the video assistant referee who intervened after
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a seemingly innocuous passage of play spotting a handful from jerome bowen saying. the strike has shown not just julie dispatched the spot kick but then he went from zero to zero first picking up a yellow card for this shot on the keeper and then getting books again just three minutes later for what seemed an accidental swipe at us were commish a half decision that abruptly ended and of his comeback. frankly i believe then came on for by him to school his first of the year to seal a three one win a lucky deflection taking his bonus a goal tally to eighty five experience paying off in a tight title race. benefit a given if you want to win titles you need to show it and not just want to say easy but also when the going gets tough as a. science fate is now firmly in their own hands.
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a second phase dortmund a visiting mid table that have been and knew that they have to win to have any realistic chance of perhaps taking a leak to the family just by and it almost looked like their plans would come through with the scoring to go. in the first half thank you christiane police search to produce an amazing brand and an expert finish and then his team mate back in the south also sport for the two men both can leave but then ribbon tied the game with forty year old cloudy bizzaro getting a second goal and then the match or leaving dortmund in disaster mode. don't forget you can always get the w.'s on the go just done to the app from google play off from the app and still give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking the us you can also use the d.d. app to send us your photos and your videos. up next we have
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on the program or shift in which we're looking at a living in the digital age i'll be back with you with more news at the top of the al the forward to seeing you that i'm back. when i leave here to join you but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion. but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. or to give the right answers or to ask the right questions.


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