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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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ignore. that being recipes for success the strategies that make a difference. baking bread on the d.w.i. . this is d w news live from berlin at least thirteen people are killed after a passenger plane makes an emergency landing in moscow to the tail of the aircraft belonging to the russian carrier our flight was in getting golf in flames when it touched down and i'll talk to our correspondent in moscow for the latest also coming up israel's prime minister orders massive strikes on gaza.
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this comes after scores of rocket attacks on southern israel by palestinian militants will go to israel and gaza our latest. also coming up thailand's newly crowned king makes his public debut huge crowds turn out for rama the tenth in bangkok as he takes part in a ceremonial per session to celebrate his ascension to the problem the. waiter welcome to the program. at least thirteen people have been killed after a passenger plane belonging to the russian national carrier aeroflot to made an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport according to russian news agencies the plane was on route to murmansk when a fire broke out shortly after takeoff during the landing. the rear section of
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these two high super jet was already and coughed in flames the aircraft reportedly had seventy eight people onboard. let's now bring in our moscow correspondent the other dogs for a time e.l.o. so give us the latest this is a very scary situation what do we know so far. according to the russian state news agency tass thirty people died when the plane crashed on the runway a chair as you look out for among them two children we have critical information about how many people were injured we know that many passengers were brought to nearby hospitals many injuries were caused you to talk six gases being released into the cabin of the sukhoi superjet one hundred russian media reports that the plane has been evacuated and should have been should it be to airport was not closed don't completely buy travelers to and from moscow well i think they should expect delays in the arse to come is there any word yet on exactly how the fire
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broke out. well we still don't know what exactly force the crash but according to russian news agency says the fire broke out on board so that the pilots decided to return to moscow apparently the pilot heard three landing attempts this took him out to half an hour after crashing the airport fire department was not allowed to be assisted by our local fire departments so it took them far too long to fight the fire. and these pictures that we're looking at are so incredibly scary what can you tell us about this plane is this a model that's known to have issues. yes the had they had issues in the past the actress model good jet one hundred and it troubled history in two thousand and twelve a model aircraft crash in jakarta indonesia forty five people were killed russia's
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trying to compete with boeing and with airbus moscow had several attempts to sell the su closer project one hundred to four economies for example to mexico but the planes technique had technical problems in mexico as well. so what's the current situation at san mateo airport now. right now you should expect delays we are not sure whether those delays are going to be only just for couple of hours maybe for days but great knowledge couple of place planes are coming in to ship him if your is a huge airport they had several terrible not so only one terminal you should only expect delays at one terminal already that is meant outside and moscow for us thank you so much. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he has ordered the army to keep up what he calls massive strikes on palestinian militants he said the air raids are in response to rocket fire coming from the gaza strip the leader of hamas
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said his group doesn't want a new war with israel the violence has already client claimed lives on both sides of the border so far at least twenty three palestinians and four israelis have been killed. over the last one hospital in gaza palestinians on that date. the. funerals were held for a pregnant woman and her footie month old niece both killed on saturday he goes father blames israel. the children were playing and they were struck by an israeli missile shot from a drone. but an israeli spokesman denied that the defense forces the i.d.f. were involved and said the palestinians themselves were responsible for the unfortunate deaths of that woman and baby were not the result of i.d.f. appear with the rather
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a result of the use of weapons by terrorist organizations in the area in the southern gaza strip israel says it's targeting what it calls terror elements in the gaza strip pinpointing fun buildings. and high rise buildings and down the city. the israeli government insists the strikes are in response to hamas and islamic jihad firing more than six hundred rockets across the border into southern israel many are intercepted while airborne some land in residential areas destroying homes injuring and killing civilians the violence is escalating raising fears of war. joining me now from jerusalem is our correspondent tiny tiny you were in southern israel today how are people saying they're feeling about this surge in violence. i think very much concern how the
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next hours full play out but also i mean people have basically confined this living around the gaza strip and most of the south of israel very close to gaza to have been confined to the safe rooms at home or very close to public shelters because they don't have much time if a rocket comes in to reach shelter and also of course the high number of casualties and also injured people in israel in a very short time has added to the tension so the people i talked to have said you know they're very worried how this will play out in the coming hours and they said there do you trust the army to do the right things some people have said you know they want the army to deal with hamas once and for all that there should be no more concessions other have cautioned you know already there have been three wars between israel and hamas and nothing really has changed so people will watch very
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closely what will happen there next this is definitely a concerning situation could it escalate into yet another state of war. well it's very difficult to say at this time i mean there's no indication yet that this is close to to an end at the moment and you mentioned it before him in the security cabinet had convened for very long i was this afternoon they came out with a statement. asking the army to continue strikes on gaza now of course all eyes are also in egypt what's happening there you have to has been together with the you and the mediator before in such situations and whether they will be able to come down the situation. for us in jerusalem thank you so much. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world germany's health minister yes sean wants to introduce legislation that would punish parents with fines if they
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fail to have their children vaccinated against measles parents could face up to two thousand five hundred euros in penalties and their children could be banned from day care facility is. u.s. president donald trump has announced he'll increase tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods it's you know as an escalation in the ongoing trade dispute between washington and beijing in a tweet trump said negotiations on the u.s. china trade deal were moving quote too slowly. the brother of algeria's former president has been detained for questioning along with two other former key regime officials say you'd put a fleet has been accused of usurping presidential powers after his brother's twenty thirteen stroke the arrest come amid ongoing protests for political change after abdelaziz bouteflika resigned in april. tens of thousands of security personnel have been sweeping public schools searching for explosives ahead
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of their reopening on monday officials say the search is part of increased security measures after the easter suicide bombings at churches and luxury hotels killed two hundred fifty seven people. the second day of thailand's three day coronation ceremony has come to an end after a spectacular procession through procession through bangkok's old town hundreds of thousands turned out to see the new king of a deer a long corn for of royalists the ceremony has been a long time coming thailand's last coronation was almost seventy years ago when the new king's beloved father put me paul ascended to the throne. mutai king now have a juror longhorn made his first public appearance in saturday's coronation and grand style this spectacular royal for session took a seven kilometer route through bangkok's old town. the king was accompanied by over one thousand soldiers and
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a one hundred nine member marching band playing tunes written by thailand's beloved former king bhumibol. some two hundred thousand onlookers clad in yellow a color associated with the thai royal family lined the streets many turned out hours before the event started braving the summer heat to show their support for the new monarch a they did love him if my two he's able to strike that his father you could build a sylvia very happy. in the nearly seven hour long procession continued into the night with stops at three different temples along the way and at each stop more adoring supporters waiting to catch a glimpse or at least a photo of their new king. the king turned to my side and i was shouting long live the king while waving flags and fairy grateful believe me when i'm eighty five i can't explain what i'm feeling
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but i'm very excited and grateful to be here. today my didn't. elaborate three day coronation ceremony is expected to cost over thirty million dollars but most in attendance don't seem bothered it is after all the country's first coronation in sixty nine years and the new king is one of the world's richest monarchs with assets estimated in the billions of dollars. and in the u.k. fans of the royal family are preparing for a celebration there as well. prince harry and his wife meghan markle are expecting their first born any day now to the disappointment of royal watchers the couple has been tight lipped in public but prince harry has now canceled a planned trip to the netherlands fueling speculation that the big moment is imminent. baby hats and rubber suits are at the ready.
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ukase next royal also won't be short on congratulations now the baby just has to arrive. we're just way too patient when she was twelve days late so you never know what happened you never know when they're going to come do you. think you'll say yes well a younger generation is ready to go we need some good marrying the traditional. prince harry and meghan markle said their i do's here at windsor just a year ago and windsor is where their baby is due to be born the castle walls are thick and well guarded against the curious and britain's notably invasive tabloid press the secrecy has given rise to speculation that the baby may already have been born a major betting company has even stopped taking wagers on the timing of the birth. prince harry and his wife perhaps inadvertently fed speculation when they said last month that they might not immediately announce the birth of their child they're
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also trying to avoid a spectacle in the press over the baby's first photograph they want to celebrate the arrival among the family. the bundesliga show follows after the break with former struck out and had to have been fayemi says dean's a as our guest well discussed byron being on the cusp of another of the title after dortmund's collapse and we'll bring you all of sunday's goals including an incredible match between live a close and frankfurt in the battle for the top four find out how that turned out in just a few minutes. and a reminder of the top story we're. all owing for you at least thirteen people have been killed after a passenger plane belonging to the russian national carrier aeroflot made an emergency landing in moscow to the plane was on her term a monster when it had to return to the capital shortly after takeoff during the landing the rear section of the soup or stew project was already engulfed in flames
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. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin i'm irish waiter from the entire team here thank you so much for joining us. some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. of the world be like in your lifetime in around half a century. your world will be a round trip to greece moment.


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