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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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d.w. . this is d w news live from for a lead palestinian officials say that they have breached a cease fire agreement with israel to end a surge of violence in the gaza strip and southern israel can it last also coming up at least forty one people died as a russian airliner burst into flames during an emergency landing in moscow.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program palestinian leaders in gaza have agreed to a cease fire with israel ending two days of violence that threatened to turn into all out war israel has not officially commented on that cease fire but its military has allowed schools and roads in southern israel to reopen so that residents can return to their daily lives in the hours since the agreement was reached it appears to be holding with no rockets fires or israeli strikes reported the escalation in violence began on saturday with rocket fire from militants in gaza prompting return strikes by israel at least twenty three palestinians and four israel were killed. let's bring in correspondent tonya kramer who has the latest from jerusalem so tanya we've heard that this cease fire has been in effect for a few hours now how is it holding up so far. well it appears to be holding since the early morning hours there have been no a rockets being
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fired into southern israel from gaza and also there have been no more israeli airstrikes on gaza a palestinian media have reported that as of four thirty am this cease fire has gone into effect a cease fire that has been brokered this time again in mediated by egypt with the help of qatar and the united nations. and tania we know that one of the main sticking points one of the things that really sparked this most recent conflict was on the palestinian officials in gaza were saying that israel was not taking steps to ease its blockade under promise ceasefire deals of the past how likely is it that now we will see some steps to resolve this. well it's all about the implementation as you said hamas and islamic jihad another militant group in gaza they have accused israel of failing to implement understandings that
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have been reached during the last time there was an escalation and was in late march and also at earlier times we've seen many of those escalations flaring up over the past year and we understand that this time also. the ceasefire or calm is based on those understandings that have included previously the lifting of some of the restrictions on gaza like expanding the fishing zone. getting in aid money from qatar the flow of more electricity into gaza now it's really all about this implementation but it also shows that without a longer term plan no solution political solution for the gaza strip which has been under blockade and has been under closure for over ten years now it's going to be highly likely that we see possibly other times of escalation trying to give in the tenuous situation there right now what is the mood.
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well i think people on both sides are waiting to see actually two to know bit more about the understandings being reached i think in gaza there's a sense of relief it's also the first day of ramadan today has been very exhausting . weekend there and people really would like to see that some of those restrictions being lifted now in the south of israel as well and so many barrages of rockets have been. launched against communities their people have been confined mainly to their house or to the safe rooms but they also would probably like to see what is the result of all of this is just a period of calm and waiting for another escalation or will there be some solution at the end tanya kramer in jerusalem thank you tanya. now at least forty one people have been killed after
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a russian plane burst into flames during an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport the aeroflot airliner was flying to the northern city of more months when the pilot reported technical problems and turned back. panic breaks out onboard aeroflot flight s u one four nine two this video shot by one of the passengers captures the fateful moments after the plane's emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport. most of the seventy eight passengers did manage to escape the flames as the lucky survivors staggered to safety rescue vehicles rushed towards the burning hole. several passengers were taken to hospital. this is the one that was come up with. verity of the injuries come from smoke inhalation and. many other people have
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injuries to the bodies. and legs. it's unclear why the russian build sukhoi superjet one hundred turned back about thirty minutes into its flight the fire didn't break out until the plane touched the ground the aircraft bounced off the tarmac as the pilot attempted to land causing the fuel tanks to burst and ignite the disaster also raises questions over the super jet one hundred since one crashed in indonesia in two thousand and twelve there have been several complaints about technical flaws in the aircraft scrambling for answers aeroflot has activated its crisis response team and russian president vladimir putin has ordered a full investigation into the disaster. for more let's bring in our correspondent emily share when who is on the story for us in moscow so emily what more are we hearing from investigators about the cause of this accident. well the investigative committee here in russia has now and named the main possible reasons
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that could have caused this accident they say that it could have been caused by an inexperienced pilot by an inexperienced person in the control room or by an experienced technician who checked the plane before they also mentioned as a possible reason a defect on the plane or an unfavorable weather conditions potentially we've been hearing as well that the plane may have been hit by lightning and that could have caused a technical default the investigative committee said that they have looked into several sources of information including several black boxes and audio recordings from on board as well as c.c.t.v. footage so we're sure to be hearing more as the day goes on and there seems to be some debate about the emergency response. well there has been some debate about the emergency response on social media in particular.
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and some eyewitnesses were saying that fire brigades didn't arrive on the scene quickly enough that they didn't put out the fire quickly enough the minister of transport has just spoken to me to airport and he said that actually the first fire brigade was on the scene putting out the fire within one minute of the emergency landing and then just a few minutes later several more fire brigades arrived and also there has been some debate when it comes to the evacuation of the passengers an aeroflot representative said that the passengers were evacuated within fifty five seconds well under the norm for such evacuations but there have been some media reports as well that actually some passengers were trying to get their hand luggage out of the plane they were panicking and that that meant that evacuations of the other passengers at the back of the plane was slower now emily you mentioned you know the the host of reasons that investigators and authorities have so far outlined as the possible
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causes but it's not the first time but this particular super. model of it has had technical problems is it. no absolutely the sukhoi superjet one hundred according to russian media reports there are actually been eight incidents or accidents within the last year that's according to reports and this is a very common plane of particularly for regional flights here in russia and it was actually the pride of russian aviation when it was first launched in two thousand and eleven it was the first civil airplane that was launched after the soviet union a russian airplane the hope was that russia could compete on the international aviation market we'll have to wait and see of course whether this plane is really the cause for the accident but it's clear that this will be certainly bad for the refuse it reputation of the superjet the savoy superjet one hundred i'm really sure when in moscow thank you. let's get
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a quick check now some other stories making news around the world white house national security advisor john bolton says that the u.s. will deploy a carrier strike group and to bombers to the middle east to send a clear and unmistakable message to iran it is the latest in a series of moves aimed at ratcheting up pressure on tehran a year after washington withdrew from the nuclear accord. from iostat to suspend capital punishment for gay sex and adultery the sultan of brunei made the announcement in a television address the country has been under international pressure after celebrities including george clooney and elton john called for a global boycott of the royal family's businesses and muslims around the world have begun celebrating the start of ramadan they will be upstanding from food and drink from dawn until dusk for an entire month fasting is intended to draw worshippers closer to god through self-control reflection and humility.
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shares in china stock markets have plummeted after u.s. president donald trump threw a wrench in the ongoing trade talks he's threatening additional tariffs on chinese imports only days before a chinese delegation is expected in washington for a possible final round of negotiations now the chinese vice premier lou he said that he would still travel to the united states but shorten his trip to one day. many had believed the trade dispute could soon be ended when negotiating is met in beijing last week there had been hope for a quick settlement it was believed things were going well and then u.s. president donald trump made an announcement on twitter. for ten months china has been paying tariffs to the usa of twenty five percent on fifty billion dollars of high tech and ten percent on two hundred billion dollars of other goods these payments are partially responsible for our great economic results the ten percent will go up to twenty five percent on friday. the tariffs are indeed
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a lucrative or. a new source for the u.s. in october twenty eighth income from tariffs rose by about forty percent to five point five billion dollars year on year according to the new york times this week a high ranking chinese trade delegation is scheduled to visit the us following trump street announcement a media report has said that the chinese side is considering canceling the talks. in thailand people are celebrating the final day of the country's three day coronation ceremony as the new king and his queen are due to make an appearance on the ground palace balcony to greet the public on sunday hundreds of thousands turned out to welcome the monarch through a spectacular procession through bangkok old town. new thai king have a juror a long horn made his first public appearance since saturday's coronation in grand style the the spectacular royal procession took
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a seven kilometer route through bangkok's old town. the king was accompanied by over one thousand soldiers and a one hundred nine member marching band playing tunes written by tollens beloved former king bhumibol. some two hundred thousand onlookers clad in yellow a color associated with the thai royal family lined the streets many turned out hours before the event started braving the summer heat to show their support for the new monarch say they would love it if my two kids tivo dislike that his father used to do silvio very happy. the nearly seven hour long procession continued into the night with stops at three different temples along the way and at each stop more adoring supporters waiting to catch a glimpse or at least a photo of their new king. and
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the king turned to my side and i was shouting long live the king while waving flags and very grateful believe me when i had to buy it i can't explain what i'm feeling but i'm very excited and grateful to be here. today why didn't. the elaborate three day coronation ceremony is expected to cost over thirty million dollars but most in attendance don't seem bothered it is after all the country's first coronation in sixty nine years and the new king is one of the world's richest monarchs with assets estimated in the billions of dollars. now we had to some tennis news and stefano fits if us boosted his french open preparations by winning the warm up tournament in portugal. that's if us is at the bottom of the sprayberry the pablo way about seven straight sets but as you can see their best claim the shot of the day with this incredible between the legs and drop
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shot sits across enjoyed a surprising run at this year's first grand slam the australian open back in january this was the first play for title of his career. you're watching it is next up is a documentary film about the changing of medical research thanks so much. for. shifting powers the old order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is to skew the topic and focus on the global media forum twenty nine today one out of two people is online who are we following do we trust to beijing and shape the future at the georgia dome or global media for twenty three.


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