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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2019 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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for the first time in the new elections in may be voicing their biggest concerns faced as i said i mean peace answer to you. and. the. markets are keeping a wary eye on all supplies as iran response to america's complaint economic embargo by saying it will now resume plutonium enrichment. news for the chinese economy as beijing sees a drop in exports so what does that mean for trade negotiations and critical friends. germany wants to clean up its. testing a new pilot in for electric hybrid trucks. this is business. and welcome. iran's withdrawal from its commitments in the twenty fifty nuclear
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deal is putting the price of crude oil on the up with pressure while iran's allies try to keep the nuclear deal afloat tighter u.s. sanctions on iranian oil exports have many countries worried about supplies iran's major or customers like india and china are already saying we will even all the sanctions. president hassan rouhani has responded to u.s. sanctions by threatening to resume its nuclear enrichment program if a new deal isn't reached terrine also threaten to close the strait of hormuz a clear threat to global oil supplies twenty percent of the world's oil passes through the narrow channel the u.s. has deployed an aircraft carrier strike group to the middle east that's a strong message tensions are rising and jangling nerves on the oil market normally fears about the global economy during the rab between the u.s. and china would signal weak demand and drag prices down but u.s. sanctions on iran are tightening oil supplies and in coming weeks this is expected to drive prices higher analysts say you iran's threat to close off the hormuz
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straight as a kneejerk reaction i believe it's unlikely to happen but the tensions come in a difficult time for the global economy. and america's punitive measures are taking their toll on iran's economy the currency is at record lows inflation has quadrupled and investors are running scared other trade related pitfalls could also lie ahead china around because the world customer has threatened to ignore u.s. sanctions because terrine is a key ally in its belt and road infrastructure project. joined by investment research analyst at the share center in london hell of a welcome to the show china actually says iran is a part of our belts road initiative we don't change anything india and turkey have made similar noises how effective are the u.s. sanctions if big asian economies ignore them completely. well i think you know it's all well and good what china said that they will try and ignore these sanctions but what we have to look at is what actually happened with the iranian
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oil exports to china and since the beginning of last year exports have fallen so to a certain extent the chinese the the turkish the japanese all of those have reduced their rein in exports. all of this seems as if the u.s. sanctions are are having an effect. but i think going forward you've got to really look at what the asian economies and along with russia what they can do in terms of maybe implementing a similar mechanism mechanism as london berlin and. paris have in regards to the instep in texas. policy or operation their own your problem there is the irradiance are very frustrated that. although it's been set up it isn't actually running it's not operational you know frustrations with iran is mounting and you just wonder whether the chinese and the russians another asian countries
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can implement something similar from their side. just only briefly interrupt you there. on a general level how important is iranian oil for asia. over very important as you mentioned in your report earlier. iran you know trying to import a huge amount of oil from iran as does india as far as does the pan and with with the you know it's of a particular quality heavy crude which you know isn't really produced in many other countries around the world venezuela does produce heavy crude but we know the issues in venezuela and where production is going down significantly. you know alleviating factors may come from a fact about us the russians do produce a lot of heavy crude and that could replace some of the ring in production but also you know it the view is that the u.s. and saudi arabia could easily pop up production and mitigate any lost all
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production that india china and the others may or may forego. from the share center in london thank you very much for joining us united states and china have been trying to negotiate a fresh trade deal for months spots from very different positions the american economy continues to defy expectations with strong employment and consumer demand in china economic signals can often be taken with a pinch of salt but fresh figures suggest exports have unexpectedly fallen. particularly hard hit to exports to the u.s. in april these fell by fifteen point seven percent for months china and the u.s. have been slapping each other with tariffs so far talks have failed to resolve the conflict on twitter president donald trump expressed his frustration threatening to hike tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods from ten percent
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to twenty five percent this friday beijing says it wants to continue negotiations in washington this week that should also be in washington's interest the u.s. exports to china have also fallen by more than thirty percent compared to the same month last year. let's bring in our financial correspondent in front of how have the markets been taking those new figures. well you heard of course the state of confirms how much of a dent the trade war between the americans and china already has made into chinese exports and economists here predict that if donald trump really proceeds with his plan to increase those imports tariffs on chinese goods this would you know. cost another two to three percent of the chinese export growth so of course this has fueled the speculation and the nervousness here on the trading floors about
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what to expect from those trade negotiations which are planned to continue tomorrow and friday in washington adding to all this are reports that really the drafting of the daily agreement between the u.s. and china has faced obstacles recently the news agency reuters reports that last friday the chinese sent a diplomatic cable to washington where large parts of the concessions that the chinese had made before to the americans were missing or simply raised if this really is true it's really not an encouraging sign for what to expect from those negotiations and from the outcome there that's going to come out in frankfurt thank you. while overall exports in china may be lower china's government says it's private companies i exporting more goods than ever it says like these from chinese state television show an upbeat private sector
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statistics released by china's customs of ministration said private companies exports were up eleven percent year on year for the first four months of twenty nine t. it said this high profile means private companies were a major driver of the foreign country's foreign trade. and now to some of the other business stories making headlines around the world shares in the german engineering siemens have jumped after the group of order to study profits in the second quarter the results follow its announcement that it will spin off its power and gas units for mccall division the division has come on the increasing pressure in recent years as many companies move to renewable energy like wind and solar dawson unit is the company's lease lucrative siemens plans to focus on digital industries and smart infrastructure as well as its health and mobility its . germany's geographical location smack bang in the middle of europe means that
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intra european commercial traffic is crisscrossing the country day and not so noisy diesel guzzling trucks tend to dominate the country's outer bands and that numbers are increasing now germany has opened its first electric highway for hybrid trucks testing the technology on both sides of a five kilometer stretch south of france. for andreas pettersen electric trucks are nothing new he works for the swedish manufacturer scania which has been developing in building electric trucks for a number of years this new model gets its power from overhead contact lines using a pantograph. the silence inside the freds. when you turn off the internal combustion engine and go electric. you still have a little noise on the tires of course but you have no why brazen and no sign sound from the diesel and there are five kilometers of overhead contact lines in each
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direction on this stretch of the outer band with tests on the way in northern and southern germany. this is standardized the highway evocate as the same all over the height is the same so this truck can also go on the street if road and they can also go on the road saying. about it it oh well connected to the overhead lines of trucks battery charges so it needs much less battery volume than a purely battery trip in each truck. the battery is physical sizes from here to here and about sixty centimeters deep the rest of the box is cooling and power electronics to keep the battery cool or warm depending on the weather outside in a few weeks five logistics companies will start delivering goods via the highway the overhead line will save companies time you have to move the n.t.s.b. here i have the possibility to load the view and during operation i can make my
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delivery pick up drive back to the loading the occasion and can load again at the same time basically if you do it right the battery is never empty and you never need to plug in the vehicles battery or refuel diesel between trips like i need to show that's a huge advantage and it's then just point. so to does this mean for time electro trucks running off the overhead contract lines are quiet and environmentally friendly but they're only one element in finding alternatives to fossil fuel. foma employees of grounded ally and jet airways are calling for a state backed solution for the embattled company the indian budget allan's twenty two thousand workers were laid off in april after it said its that's less so it says if it could no longer pay its fuel bills that outweighs now owes more than a billion dollars stop on the state bank of india step in with a two hundred million dollars bridging loan to get the allies back up into the.
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night. and that's it from me and the business as a team here in berlin for both business news and features you can always visit the dot com slash business and follow us on facebook twitter linked in now with a quick check of local markets stay with. news is up next to the fore.
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the from. the moment of. megalomania or a cleverly planned offensive. china is building a new silk road and infrastructure project the likes of which the world has never
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this is do you know we newsline from the barbarian iran announces its partial withdrawal from the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal president haasan rouhani says tat run will stop acting on some of its commitments and sets a sixty day deadline for new terms to be a great move comes amid mounting tensions with the united states also on the program the christian woman at the center of i passed from iraq in pakistan begins a new life in safety last year p.b.s. reporter think arrived in canada russia will be united with us to.