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should. be using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience and series of global three thousand. and online. this is live from. twenty fifteen nuclear deal president hassan rouhani says will stop acting on some of its commitments and sets a sixty day deadline for the new terms to be agreed. with the united states also on the program south africans cast their ballots in national elections the first to
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say they're disappointed with the buildings and cities fighting to tackle corruption and quality so. welcome to the program. iran says it's planning to stop complying with very or part with parts of a landmark a nuclear deal struck with world powers in twenty fifteen percent has some rouhani said not spent decades actually a year after the united states unilaterally from the green the deal was designed libertarians ability to continue their fuel in exchange for relief from sanctions as rouhani now says his country will resume enriching and stop the write in in sixty days if world powers fail to negotiate terms. for them of the doing and must our nation should know that we have not withdrawn from the nuclear deal they should
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not think that the nuclear deal does not exist anymore. the nuclear deal is still in place but today we will flip and show the other side of the coin the nuclear deal has told us in its articles twenty six and thirty six that if the other party violates it we can also reduce our commitments at any level today we announced a reduction not a withdrawal. now i will discuss this with a political analyst and to batter by others so what's behind this move the situation that we have right now is that iran is emphasizing the fact that it has no dividend from this agreement while itself is committed to it and abiding by its regulations and by its obligations but the economic dividend is missing and this is an unstable situation that iran can no longer bear like that so what does it want
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world powers to do. in fact to come up with they're part of the of the nuclear bargain of the nuclear agreement which means that international trade with iran despite u.s. sanctions that have been unilaterally reimposed are in fact compensated for by a trade mechanism that the europeans have set up but this has to become functional and operational so that iran has received its end of the bargain so there's now requires a germany in the u.k. and france and russia and china it requires all of those powers to do something about us sanctions against iran will hey. this is the important question here i mean in fact we can see that political statements and grievances towards washington's decision to unilaterally leave withdraw from the agreement these statements have been voiced but the the action has so far been limited so the
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expectation from tehran will be that within the next sixty days some form of concrete action in terms of oil sales of iran and the transfer of of oil income to iran will be made possible so that iran sees some benefit in complying to the nuclear agreement ok so this is what iran wants but like i said this is going to require. a century europe and russia to say to america back off or to make this this pilot mechanism more effective america doesn't seem to want to back off and if if europe could have made that payment mechanism more effective now it would already be so what's going to happen. that's a good point i mean many are saying what should happen within the next sixty days that couldn't have been happening before i guess the difference that we have right now is that while before today's announcement by president rouhani the east three plus russia and china seems to think that iran has no choice but to abide by the
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nuclear agreement iran has now outlined a clear roadmap as to how a gradual withdrawal could look like so that it ups the pressure and that the europeans view more necessity to save this agreement because it is in their security interest and therefore maybe do more to do that but as you say we have to remain skeptical about it thank you so. i was to better by now answer some of the other stories making news around the world that will trump is used presidential privilege to block favorite piece of information demanded by congress the white house wants of suppressing material including big parts of the force on russian interference in the u.s. . house of representatives committee has launched contempt proceedings against attorney general build a failing to turn the documents. pakistani christian woman who spent eight years on death row falsely charged with blasphemy has left the country officials say has arrived in canada to be united with her daughters. from the charges last year
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sparked widespread protests. and death threats from religious extremists. at least nine people have been killed and dozens more wounded in the bombing of his suit the shrine in the pakistani city of lahore police say the explosion struck a security checkpoint outside the. same building was targeted in twenty ten when a suicide attack killed more than forty people. afghan forces afford to gun battles with taliban militants who killed at least four civilians in an attack on an international aid organization in the capital kabul dozens more wounded more than one hundred fifty staff were led to safety began with a massive car bomb explosion. and i south africa presidential and parliamentary elections are underway president several mark. and his ruling a.n.c. party of been watching their approval ratings plummet as he struggles to make good
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on promises to fight corruption and revive the economy. every election since the country emerged from white minority rule twenty five years ago this year is expected to be no different than analysts believe the margin of victory will be small. christine has been talking to voters finding out about the issues that concern them most. i'm outside a polling station in so where to about four thousand people are expected to vote here today and these are some of the early risers that you're seeing behind me a few people of course the folks who have told us all process takes about ten minutes once you're actually inside the classrooms where the voting is taking place a lot at stake in this election and of course these are the people who are going to be deciding south africa's future want to have a chat to tending to hear she's in the queue waiting their turn she's actually very close to the cue so says time data what are you hoping your vote will do if it wins this election what would you like to see them do for you did a very key let's go to all this especially local clinics local
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public schools. around the areas mostly in seoul with the latest lead as fights crime so with so as the whole south africa as a whole has a problem with criminals hi jake king and all the things you once it gets a country as the whole please whoever that is going to really make a change make south africa south africa political there are forty eight parties on the ballot paper that's almost double the amount that was in the last election so a lot for south africans to choose from but it really comes down to the three main parties in this election that will be the african national congress this is the a.n.c. the party that has led south africa in the twenty five years post democracy you have the economic freedom fighters arena to the new play on the scene but has gained a lot of traction in the few years that they've been on the seabed you have the democratic alliance a lot is at stake in this election the two big parties being the a.n.c.
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and the da are expected to have snoozed votes and not even grow the only party that people are really confident about the fact that they will grow in support is the economic freedom fighters a lot is at stake particularly for the african national congress the a.n.c. the message it's been wanting to send to voters is that it's still relevant to south africa and to take south africa to the future twenty five years into democracy. christine won't work before saying the european elections are just over two weeks ago away several countries are likely to see mainstream parties lose ground to populists under his feet this party led by rightwing prime minister viktor orban is expected to capitalize on anti immigrant sensible and antipathy to brussels but as the w's magazine under found out many young hunk areas are looking for i different vision. they want their future to be in the e.u. . on a donut and company and she are the lead candidates for momentum
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a young hungary movement they are set to challenge prime minister viktor or bands far right feet as party in the upcoming elections. hungary and his allies and house obviously are sufficiency all those online they are destroying the unity if you're up there fighting against our shared accomplishments they want to create a year of that is less stable less organized less powerful and i think that's your of these to be reformed in order to fight again these populists the majority of young people have joined the march for europe today to mark the fiftieth anniversary of hungary joining the bloc after all it's them who in practice benefit the most and are who are less likely to buy into the anti european rhetoric of the governments. despite prominent support from e.u. commissioner ma get the best aga only a few hundred momentum supporters joining today's march there's a mood of political apathy in the country but for those who came out today the view
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is a fundamental issue. we are against corruption what's hungry right now and there are hundred presence of european union what's going on around here is just unacceptable the european union is like the symbol of freedom and free speech and it's like. the last hope. these young carians are tired of the government's anti e.u. policies and many have moved to other e.u. countries for a better future since the two thousand and eight financial crisis close to five hundred thousand mostly young carians have gone abroad that's almost five percent of the population. but for the governing fetus. already stopping this mass exodus doesn't seem to be a priority their campaign focuses exclusively on the alleged threat that
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immigration poses to the country. these campaign activists tell us that young people leaving the country are not the issue sudden number of my dear my opinion it's not only hungry and so moved to work abroad that's part of your freedoms the youth from poland and greece travel abroad germans also come to hungary told us that we don't need your neck nematodes i wish wasn't. momentums vice presidents and donuts blames the government for failing to provide for her generation she says she is committed to creating a future for young gary ince here at home regardless of the odds. after three elections. supermajority. you can say that ok. that's hopeless we can do anything any more so even if this election want to. hope for it doesn't mean that next time we can be more successful stronger more motivated i mean if you if you fail then you stand up and do twice as hard in last year's
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parliamentary elections momentum failed to pass the five percent threshold but with a few more weeks to go and a third of hungary's young people still undecided there's a chance they could make their dream of shaking up hunger in politics in europe a reality. with campaigning for our european parliament elections gathering conflict zone how the special debate in brussels this week tim sebastian spoke with four politicians who are going to be the members of the next parliament too from liberal and sansa laugh parties and two from the nationalist right on display were radically different versions of europe it's clear that people are facing a choice of the kind of world they want to live in some people would like to go back in time take rights away from people you know and equality and pluralism and free democracy and that is really what's at stake here from texas increase the
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number of migrants over the mediterranean sea and then our friend mathilde so when he came and closed the borders are closed he stopped migration the balkan routes all stopped i think. otherwise merkel wouldn't be chancellor anymore if he didn't stop the migration and two thousand and fifteen economically we are really a giant bigger market than the verge but i have like i do think that we fall off and indeed we have to really improve in our political. outlook towards life to see christian europe christian europe as a faith as a little as a culture i'd like to see the europe which was built on the christian values this is who you are this is what i said previously that christianity is our d.n.a. . and you can see that special edition. there's an extended version on. the duchess of sussex have
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named the new born son. the couple's first child was born on monday morning it's still not known exactly where. the british throne is queen elizabeth great. for the first time. i mean for the countries. in africa just. action packed life.


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