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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2019 2:15am-3:00am CEST

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chief financial officer of the chinese tech supplier while way and its founders daughter was arrested in canada last december at the behest of the us she's been under house arrest ever since but could move freely wearing an ankle monitor here she is seen earlier leaving her accommodations to go to court she's accused of fraud relating to rein in sanctions violations but her case has infuriated china which meant tames that it is politically motivated. now the u.s. and china are not only embroiled in a trade dispute there's also the u.s. led push to get its allies to exclude while way from the building of their super fast five g. mobile networks on a visit to the u.k. u.s. secretary of state mike peo warned against what he sees as a threat of chinese influence over digital infrastructure as a matter of chinese that all the chinese government can rightfully demand access to data flowing through a way and c.p.u.
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systems right would anyone grant such power to regime that has already crucially violated cyberspace its official security rupie the united states a brochure sort of information would trust the networks this is exactly where china worlds they want to deprive the restroom ryan says through bits and bytes not bullets and bombs joining us is yes carter our markets correspondent on wall street now case has been almost inevitably linked to the u.s. china trade conflict as well as the loud washington led campaign against china's weiwei how much will our case ultimately mean for u.s. china economic relations. well probably at this point not that much what we saw on a wednesday was just the prelude to this trial is going on four months from now of even four years and well over all china and washington are hoping to settle their case. much earlier talking about the trade deal so we do have the
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chinese trade delegation in washington on thursday and on friday and it seems to be wide open if a deal can be reached u.s. president donald trump tweeted that well the chinese delegation is here to go back home with a deal but if they will get there remains a wide open but donald trump has also once said that he would intervene and then one show this case if it would help get a trade deal between the u.s. and china is there any development on that well not at this point and as i pointed out it will take quite some time to really settle this case so i'm really do not think that ms wings future is connected to closely to the trade talks between china and the u.s. by the way the stock market overall is quite hesitant so we are really waiting for the outcome of the talks that will happen now on thursday and friday
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a game of wait and see on the markets thank you very much carter on wall street there for us. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order imposing fresh sanctions on iran steel iron aluminum and copper industries the country's metals sector provides much needed foreign currency earnings for its crippled economy the latest sanctions appear to be a response to iran's threat to enrich its uranium stockpile if world powers fail to negotiate new terms of the twenty fifty nuclear deal the us pulled out of the deal a year ago but european nations among others stayed in. a chinese energy company has just signed a deal worth more than a billion dollars to recover natural gas from iraq's giant oil field representatives from china's c.v. e.c.c. and petro china signed the agreement in baghdad with iraq's ministry of oil the
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chinese say the gas processing plant will be able to recover and refine three hundred million cubic feet of gas daily to be operational in two and a half years the deal comes a day after iraq and now and for a fifty three billion dollar energy project with exxon mobil and petro china. across the muslim world the faithful are fasting during daytime for the holy month of ramadan that means that no eating during the day but at sunset fast turns to feast in algeria though political and economic turmoil have triggered runaway inflation making for a leader ramadan. during the day algerian families go to the marketplace to shop for the ingredients to break the remedy down fast in the evening but this year soaring prices mean they'll struggle to buy traditional ingredients some of them that tomato and zucchini prices are incredibly high. inflation and financial
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difficulties are already making it hard for families but prices have increased exponentially in the month of ramadan some shoppers suspect vendors of price gouging that. seventy percent of vendors do not respect the reference price and only thirty percent of vendors do so we want the authorities to force the vendors to comply with the official price. vendors say they're being unfairly accused. it's not our fault the problem is with wholesalers in other cities. there is no evidence of price fixing the products are simply subject to the rules of supply and demand. however the unprecedented price rises have prompted authorities to launch surprise inspections aimed at getting the markets back into balance. staying on ramadan many in tunisia seek to improve their income with some of the seasonal jobs that flourished during the holy month for muslims
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all the markets are alleys and various tunisian cities are packed with seasonal vendors who appear with the president of ramadan it's a period of big business for many people food sales especially sweets all of it and pickles got a special boost at this time. now this he said avengers and game may be on its way to becoming the biggest grossing film in history but it wasn't quite within last quarter's reporting period so it hasn't helped the entertainment companies latest figures does these film profits were down on last year when it had two strong movies black panther and the last guy this year there was only one major blockbuster captain marvel still walt disney reported better than expected second quarter revenue of close to fifteen billion dollars disney is on a mission to turn into a streaming powerhouse with disney plus but the c.e.o. expects the service to run at a loss for the first five years. shares in german engineering conglomerate
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siemens have jumped after the group reported study profits in the second quarter the results follow its announcement that it will spin off its power and gas unit the former core division has come under increasing pressure in recent years as many countries move to renew a bull energy like wind and solar power the gas and power unit is the companies to be so lucrative siemens plans to focus on the digital industries and smart infrastructure as well as its health and mobility units. and that's it for me and the business team and berlin for more business news and features you can always visit d.w. dot com slash business thanks for watching. sometime
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in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. of the world life time in around half a century. your world will be around to degrees moment.
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inevitably sea levels rise by at least one central. we're going to have some climate impacts to turn greater than we see oh maybe. it's really frightening. mother. why are people more concerned. starts may thirty first. day i want to represent you so what do you want from the songs from twenty four. as we put your questions to politicians from around to your opinion and across the political spectrum in our special debate will be hearing from young europeans voting for the first time in the elections voicing their biggest concerns faced as i said. i mean the answer to you. and i'm from.
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the old order of history the world is reworking izing itself and the media's role these keep shifting power the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following whom do we trust to debate and shape the future as the don't you believe global media for twenty nineteen the place made for mines. hello and of all malcolm's news from the world of ops and culture here's what we have in store today the discovery of a hidden talent in a young man painting has sent shock waves through the world and changes what we know about. a controversial german satirist is now
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setting the all straightens up we'll find out why. and in our continuing series europe correspondent masses is baking bread once again this time it's instead. now yesterday we talked about a sensational discovery by restorers a. guy like me a picture by the great. had actually been possibly painted over off to his death so why was the painting changed in the background of the painting is now pairing the figure of cupid they're all a number of theories a budget just why this happened and it seems femina must be looked at in a new light. for the past three hundred years this is how we have known goal reading a letter an open window with a paywall a long ass question of what the young woman is raging now has an answer i love letter as suggested by the presence of the roman god of love cupid he was painted
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by for me a bit covered up by someone else following his death. dnd echoing best the discovery of the cupid which was painted by vermeer and then painted over by someone else tells us it was from years intention that cupid be part of the painting it this of course fundamentally changes what we know about for me or so we have to rewrite the way we understand his work. some it was more colorful and playful than previously thought the eyes of experts from all over the world are on the man responsible for the paintings restoration who is following a particular strategy. is trying to gear plans to restore the painting to its original state so the picture will be how it might have been when it left the artist's studio the inventor of. the whole process started two years ago with an analysis of the material results show
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definitively that the layer of paint covering the god of love was applied after for me is death but the real work is in the removal of that paint which is only a fraction of a millimeter thick crystal showed so expects the job to take me years to complete this is. it is worth going to a microscope that magnifies by around one hundred thirty to one hundred fifty times when these for if i make good progress without being disturbed too much then i can do have two two square centimeters. pots in the middle and that's per day a lot of effort for a painting that was worth so little after its creators death that it could only be solved with the help of deception it was offered as a rembrandt which may explain why it was painted over so i know madame clientele is strange allowed cupid wouldn't have fit with a rembrandt this could be the explanation that someone wanted to make the
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supposedly rembrandt painting more rembrandt like the arctic voyager today even only partially restored the familia is expected to draw many visitors to the old master's picture gallery but only for the next two weeks after that the painting disappears back into the workshop. my colleague michael kruger because a famous german comedian called satirist i should say called young. coles a bit of an international incident in australia who is this guy. well young man has his own show here in german t.v. and pushing the boundaries is part of the game he always playing so what he did is he gave an interview in the public t.v. in australia and in it well he tests of the limits of freedom of speech there you might say he was actually there to promote his exhibition in gods which has the very provocative title. this is an historical illusion that
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during the and the spelling mistakes of course tension. in the interview he criticizes the situation austria there is a far right party in the coalition government and for example he said the following about the chancellor the bus crew it's just quite funny thirty two year old chancellor that's just not nama an insurance agent with a lot of. you and of course this a critic of the politics of the government in general don't seems as if you wanted to give the viewer a lesson in democracy a bit of a warning he said what is identity politics some kind of excuse for being racist with an academic and economic foundation what is it then to the anyway doesn't even exist so what was really a joke in the end of the interview was what the t.v.
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presenter set after the interview that the tenor this census itself from the contents of the interview and to german is this sounds really very very strange. khalidi actually now this is not the first time burma man has created an international incident is it two years ago it was president of turkey who didn't. all right but to tell you the person sense of dignity against berman's right to free speech. as yes you know is just what comes next is something you're not allowed to do of if this is performed publicly it would be from britain in germany is called abuse of criticism. what followed was a minor international scandal that screams german. or. discoloration thought with a message typical of
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a man who has taken over is to. thank. some of his other work includes parties of german stereotypes. is making fun of the german hip hop scene. it's not the first time burma has cause contrive a scene with his show. he claimed to have faked a video of greek finance minister yanis varoufakis showing the middle finger only to admit later that he's fake was a fake the move was seen as an ingenious commentary on the often superficial nature of the modern media. is controversial now mike a part of the current problem in austria where does it go from here well he
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survived even worse than that and beside his plan seems to have paid off because he wasn't even sure that they are going to broadcast this interview they did and now everybody's talking about the situation in austria so here we go well it's exactly what he's going to exec an arctic group of science very much for bringing is that story. time for our europe correspondent dog masters to show his talent for baking once again and indeed his talent for making politics interesting and amusing your stressed is to make the local bread of all twenty eight e.u. countries combining it with a look at the country's relationship with the u. this week it's the buckwheat loaf of slovenia. if you think it's hard work leaving the european union wait till you see what it takes to get into the club so renia became a member fifteen years ago. and soon
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was a role model for others wanting to become part of the european union why well it's got europe written all over it slovenia's recipe for success is a lot like the recipe for this buckwheat loaf. the most important ingredient isn't flour or water it's time. now it all like all good even one of these needs time to mature for decades to renia was part of multiethnic communist yugoslavia. after the fall of communism its rise from independent state to do you remember took fourteen years and this salad bowl takes fourteen hours to rice. now for
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the other key elements if you want to join the e.u. some things are not need ocean able the free movement of goods were purchased services and capital represented here by four types of flour buckwheat raii plain flour and hold meal now at bordeaux for regulated fisheries sold for social and honey. for him vironment. the taste of sweet success. belongs to the area frontrunners sylvania is an excellent position for the accession but during the accession negotiations there were some nuts the e.u. didn't crack like the sticky links between slovenia bangs and politicians when the financial crisis hit the economy took
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a beating when it comes to taking as we are joining the e.u. you should measure your progress with precision. if the dollar a little poke if your first impression is short lived utah isn't ready like serbia . which has been trying to join the club for the past ten years if the whole you've made sticks you've left it too long like the excess in talks with truckee formally started in two thousand and four they've been stalling for years. but if the dense lowly bounces back your bread will rise beautiful the like hot air balloons on the days lavinia joined with nine other states the biggest expansion in e.u. history. time to enter the e.u. and the oven ten minutes at two hundred fifty degrees celsius then reduce the temperature to two hundred and bake for another twenty minutes. but slovenia
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really does have it all the mediterranean the alts great athletes and small going to farms whichever way you slice it it's a european all round. and baking bread we'll be back in september with the alcohol of the series finally billy joel turns seventy oh may the ninth and he's actually playing new york's madison square garden on his birthday where he has an all new going residency having played that every month since december twenty eighth seen once a month i'll leave you with one of his classics piano man.
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it's not a cloud in the sun and. regular show. is an old man sitting next to me. maybe two it's tiny.
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which way is europe heading france's president claims europe is in the grip of the civil war in italy hungary in power leading politicians say they're fighting to save christian souls which wave of accounts of those critics coming to grow christian shone a feast secure the base from here feel politics in the hearts of process conflict so. that you don't get. an african hero who fought for freedom and human rights nelson mandela on. his opposition to south africa's apartheid regime inspired that to visit all over the world. and continues to do so.
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nelson mandela by fundi bitchy. mood in seventy five minutes on. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. carrying. don't expect a happy ending. to the church of christ because. it's. europe a big idea to put what's become of it. what will it look like tomorrow. hoping for a better future isn't enough europe requires a power cut it's official. your questions twenty nineteen may twenty sixth
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on g w. some say that we're going into this world alone. though or not. i'm the second we come into this world we're in it together. as can the human mind. and then we can make a real difference that's why you're a solid. in that's why we vote.