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good. place. to play the bad. job. this is g.w. news live from butler and the united states escalates its trade disputes with china washington imposes new tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese goods as the two countries fail to result that difference that beijing says it will retaliate so what will the impact be on the global economy also coming up the first results of south africa's election showed that the ruling a.n.c. is heading for its worst outcome in its twenty five years in government and dakar respondent looks allegations that the vote may not have been free and sad. and they
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are working to eradicate polio but it's been course often a campaign of misinformation and violence to report on the deadly attacks on back to the nation teams in pakistan. plus just the float your boat it's one of the more unusual exhibits at this year's venice biennale on shows a monument to europe's migration crisis will take a closer look at that and other works at the exhibition. mackinnon thank you so much for joining us. the standoff between china and the u.s. over trade has taken a turn for the worse at the stroke of midnight washington time the u.s. increased tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of imports from china that's an
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increase from ten to twenty five percent the move comes as the two sides fail to reach an agreement at talks in the u.s. because she says all set to continue today to try to break the impasse now u.s. president donald trump outlined some of the sticking points you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china we've been paid jonah five hundred billion dollars a year for many many years china rebuilt their country because of us i don't blame them i blame our past leadership for allowing this to half of what i'm doing now with china should have happened many years ago not just obama long before obama . that china for its part has vowed to strike back speaking ahead of the talks china's lead negotiator vice premier new her said increasing tariffs on chinese goods would not solve anything. short of that is twenty or five come here in good
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faith china believes given the current circumstances adding further tariffs is not a good way to solve any problems it's not favorable for china it's not five or both for the us nor is it favorable for the world if you were to. say no breakthrough so far my colleague stephen basely from business is here to break this down for us stephen the trade talks are set to continue later on friday and yet tariffs have gone into effect now what is it that washington is trying to make aging do with these measures basically submit to their will in a sense what they've wanted here has always sort of been a large package from beijing they want them to consume more american goods basically to even the trade deficit between the two countries or to bring it down i should say and they also want promises on things like intellectual property theft which they say chinese commits a regular process a lot of countries say this is way of increasing its own technological prowess and
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they also want an action against things like cyber theft and cyber war as well so as you can see in the crease in the trade deficit and taking care of intellectual property guarantees these are very difficult things and where these agreements seem to have broken down or what seems what sort of sparked this backlash from the us is that the china was that china was starting to suggest that some of these would be hard to enforce a deal for stability mechanisms they were sort of backing away from what it sounds like and from the beginning analysts had said enforcing things like intellectual property regulations in china cyber theft all this is going to be very difficult data collection from u.s. firms in china that's going to be difficult to enforce and that seems of sort of prompted this ok so what about the repercussions what do these types mean for us. as humans for the u.s. economy well consumers will likely see price increases in the coming months it won't be immediate they're not going to go into wal-mart tomorrow and see that their favorite items that increase these tariffs are hitting a range of products everything from bicycle parts to the rubber gasket so some of
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these are items that consumers will buy directly a lot of them will p. passed on to them by businesses who have already maybe eaten the ten percent tariff that this that was on these products before that twenty five percent more and more of them are going to have to pass along those costs to consumers if they want to stay afloat and so that's what is expected when you see this tariff increase is that they can't say anymore all right we'll take this one on but now it's going to be the consumers are going to have to take this so it will be interesting to see what their responses and what about retaliation from china what can we expect it'll be interesting to see i mean you can't underestimate them they're massive economy and amounts of power but at the same time the u.s. really seems to hold more cards here china's economic indicators are really down and frankly more on the u.s. when it comes to its export economy it needs that main buyer and if the u.s. is going to really start hitting it china is more sensitive frankly to it than the u.s. is to counter measures all right stephen hadley from the business thank you so much
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thank you ron. ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning has been released from jail manning spent sixty two days in detention on civil contempt charges after refusing to testify to the federal grand jury investigating wiki leaks she's now been served a fresh subpoena again demanding she testify next seven years i've heard people call the u.s. a seized a north korean cargo ship it said was transporting coal in violation of sanctions against pyongyang the action comes hours off to north korea fired two suspected short range missiles into the sea a second weapons launch in just a week old korean leader kim jong un said it was a regular military exercise. a new york court has sentenced a german woman to four years in prison for posing as an heiress in order to swindle huge sums of money twenty eight year old anna sorokin turns to fruitless to fund
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a not sure a lifestyle she pretended to be a socialite to convince banks hotels i'm friends to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars. and i was in tycoon jeff bezos has announced his rocket company blue origin is sending a spacecraft to the moon the world's richest man says the blue moon lunar land will be able to transport a quit in the u.s. government wants to establish an outpost on the moon by twenty twenty full set of burns that will take us down to the now pope francis has issued a groundbreaking new door requiring all catholic priests and nuns to report to clerical sexual abuse and cover ups the papal decree covers abuse of children and adults onset subsystems for reporting abuse and protecting whistle blows. every nun in each priest or no obligated to report sexual abuse and they're required to inform church authorities if they suspect abuse this is. but one of many steps pope
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francis is planning to implement in his attempt to combat this problem. it's very important to now have unified and universal standards for the church in the past countries have taken different approaches now it's set procedures have been set time limits have been set it's an important step not the first but also not the last the new church law requires that all dioceses around the world have a system in place for victims to report abuse by two thousand and twenty all types of abuse must be prosecuted victims protected and investigations completed within ninety days well victims' groups support the law many feel it doesn't go far enough for i am glad if one question remains namely how reports of abuse will be passed on to prosecutors the pope's law does not make it obligatory to report to all work with your thorough it is and at least here in germany is for police and for state prosecutors who are responsible for investigating and solving such crimes and he
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said. the following the vatican's abuse conference in february critics demanded a hard line against abuse in the catholic church the new church law comes into effect on june first but it only runs for three years. all right we're going to take you to south africa now whether a ruling african national congress congress holds a comfortable lead up to the general election that more than two thirds of the votes have now been counted but the tally so far does show that the a.n.c. is on course for its was before wins in a national poll in its twenty five years in government and the vote is the first test of public sentiment since president cyril ramaphosa replaced the scandal hit jacob zuma last year as. reports from south africa say some voters were able to cast their ballot twice apparently by removing what was supposed to be indelible ink from their hands a number of people have been arrested and the main opposition democratic alliance
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policy says it wants a review of the outcome on saturday christian one has more from johannesburg. we're outside the african national congress is headquarters and while the results of final results as much as ours that it's pretty clear that the a.n.c. will retain its majority by what margin will only be known on saturday will be expects the final result but that might not happen because there is a video that has gone viral in south africa and that is off a voter a gentleman who voted in the day wiping off the ink that voters will mocked with on his stem now the implication of that is if he was able to do that potentially others did too and were able to float twice now it's a big talking point chair the electoral commission has held several briefings addressing questions on the matter from journalists we are downtown in johannesburg do you still have your income your thumb can you show to us some people say that people were able to avoid twice because the in came off no no i'm to avoid two eyes would once and biggest the ok and i'm told is just one of many people who say they
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voted you say and ink is still on the if into and didn't think this much to these allegations up and coming off that some people think that this is a serious issue that needs to be investigated because it could potentially have all the final results of the election has to be visited in no before we finalize the counting of the food because of it's affecting the results of the voting procedures to be investigated so that through good the court results because no if the people who have voted we're going to have to put it to. the results you took the engulfed that was easy yes it was easy do you think that this needs to be investigated i think it must be investigated because of people in. this the biggest opposition party the democratic alliance has called for a full audit off the election results and we don't know that the independent electoral commission has confirmed that about nineteen people were arrested full
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voting twice. and watching news still to come on the program one of the most important. also at festivals of the world opens in venice this week we take a look at one of the most unusual exhibition visit exit exhibits at the n.r.a. and also gets curator about the toughest of all. now it's being called a milestone for the bride healing industry and the so called sharing economy is set to make its stock market to the today show as will be priced at forty five dollars for the initial public offering the company based in san francisco hopes the i.p.o. will rake in more than eight billion dollars but ahead of the i.p.o. the droid is in some u.s. cities have taken to the streets in protest complaining about what they say are what decisions and dwindling levels of pay. washington correspondent helen humphrey met one driver who like many of his colleagues is
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struggling to make ends meet and she reports now some analysts all saying that business model is not sustainable because it relies on cussing pay. such drivers. off your normal flight there's no shortage of weary travelers eager to jump in here at washington's ronald reagan airport right hailing services have never been more in demand but drivers say they're not seeing the benefits of choice been driver for three years in that time rival service lift his come on the scene meaning greater competition you a customer as it used to be relatively easy to just go online you know turn the up on and go online and know that you would make decent money and now it's having to be more strategic with it in terms of where and when i drive strategy is key for troy he doesn't benefit from employee protections like health
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insurance a pension plan paid leave or a guaranteed minimum wage or recently cut his pay these days. sixty cents a mile and about thirteen dollars an hour around hoff and what he used to make now what she's every cent to stay profitable off the car expenses it's definitely affected how much i drive because when they cut rate city and also if gas prices go up i'm very selective about when i drive because it's not really financially worthwhile for me to drive it's also i do other things like getting cheap gas looking for deals. these days troy has more down time than he used to and on wednesday he went on strike in solidarity with other drivers around the world who are also frustrated by wages and working conditions as the company capacity go public i know the labor is said in their initial public offering prospectus did they expect to reduce drivers compensation more if they do that i will stop driving
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because right now it appears that barely at the point where it's worthwhile to go out and drive you know some drive a civil ready been forced to give up katie wells is a researcher at georgetown university in washington d.c. for the post two years she's been following for dr is in the city and found hoffman below the poverty line that us for some it meant that they would take on longer and longer hours driving sixteen and eighteen hour days rather that meant that they began working sixty seven days a week others and it up and bankruptcy and ended up in homelessness the research suggests that the current right hand industry is not sustainable in its current shape despite being a pioneer in the right hating accounting me ruben loses a staggering amount of money even if its drive is not necessarily well paid instead investors will be banking on human drivers being replaced by driverless vehicles meaning run less expense and that's not yet on the horizon that in the mean time
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there's a lot of people wanting rides a lot of dissatisfied drive as a no clear road ahead. to pakistan now where the government has suspended an anti polio drive following renewed attacks on health workers that at least three people involved in vaccination programs have been killed by gunman in the last month the attacks have been blamed on fake videos and rumors about polio vaccination spread via social media almost one hundred people have been killed in assaults on vaccine teams since twenty twelve size it is reports now from islamabad . raja that he left his job as a believer but last month the father of two was gunned down in northwestern pakistan while trying to convince them to fix him that their children his family is still. he was my friend a brother
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a father and the guardian of our family we have lost everything people who like this are the biggest terrorists in the world they threaten and murder people like my brother who only want to protect children from this crippling disease. of workers are often targets in pakistan due to theories that vaccines are a ploy to sterilize muslim children and the program is a cover for western spice it was a particularly deadly blunt with one female vaccinators and two policemen moderate in just one. so you'd look if knows the dangers of being a. he nearly died after being shot in karachi while immunizing children in twenty two of despite the wrist slit they've still goes into communities and speaks to religious leaders so they can help counter misinformation about the virus.
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we need connected where they live and who understand local sensitivities this is essential for people to trust them and accept the fact. you know it's hard to have been made in reducing the number of oil cases here from over three hundred in two hundred fourteen to just close. down as one of the three countries in the world better for you remains in them and rumors spread via social media are inflaming already existing distrust of the nation. that this man was arrested after posting a video online telling boys to finda after apparently being immunized it's going to be added to mass estate ever been thousands of children would rushed to hospital by panicked parents who believed they were being poisoned the government spokesman says this type of scaremongering will not be tolerated and promised new ways to reassure parents will be introduced soon. as the months to.
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continuously negotiations with facebook and. conference with facebook management we are working on a bottom up approach which we have now we have you focusing on. because it is the face of the program. i'm going to sort of feline for all parents any questions that anyone may have regarding polio vaccine the government would want to question. it's unclear how effective these to start the jews will be but they are for vod students who grew up without a father the only comfort from this that the family can all hope for is that one day pakistan will be declared free. now he has more than thirty thousand twitter followers and the peroration authority is christian pi's used to live on the streets of the french capital but then he started using social media to draw attention to what it's like living rough that
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was the start of his passionate fight for best living conditions for the city's homeless population. christian posh knows what it means to lead an insecure unstructured life he spent over three years hanging out with this group of homeless people at the plus sun mart in paris he used to have a well paying job as a samir but after his wife left him he developed a drinking problem and when he could no longer pay the rent he ended up on the streets and. this is one of the places i slept in but a few weeks later they installed these typically anti homeless barriers in their place deliberately so no one can bed down here. and the homeless barriers have popped up all over paris some in places where people sleep due to warm air from the metro christian reacts to them by tweeting with results. the city of paris had put in iron rods to prevent
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access you can still see the traces. they would have stopped people from being able to sleep there in winter when it's cold. i posted it on twitter and the next day the authorities removed the iron rods. if i was a good. christian began tweeting three years ago after his possessions were soaked by street cleaners in winter he wrote this is how the homeless are treated in paris within a few months he had over thirty thousand followers. out in the morning to say hello to the planet and at night to talk about what was going on on the streets. i take a picture of my sleeping bag and say good night guys and go to bed. and people would answer good night see you tomorrow what i thought that was cool.
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people who live on the streets often feel like pariahs but christian polish has given them a voice and his activism has spread beyond paris people now send in pictures of barriers elsewhere in france. this one's in front of an eavesdropper share store in now born in the country south. true that the social media have a certain power that can be negative for big brands. we'll see in the next few days that evil share will certainly get rid of those barriers. this present christian is glad that his tweets can change things for the better. his own situation has also improved his no longer living on the streets but has found accommodation with a christian aid organization. now in a first for european football full english teams that will battle it out in the finals
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of the continent's biggest club competitions in the champions league liverpool and tottenham hotspur will go head to head for the title and the europa league final will be between chelsea and arsenal the blues on thursday dash the hopes of bundestag a side a front foot by beating them in a penalty shoot out the english club took the lead in the first off with a goal from group in loftus cheek the franks that's who could go which levelled the score off the break with a game tied at the end of extra time the match went to a penalty shoot out chelsea's goalkeeper made two saves to break frankfurt's hearts the old english final between chelsea and arsenal will be played. and in tennis germany's alexander stair of has booked his place in the quarterfinals of the open but he was made to suffer to get there the wall done before drop the first set six three to his polish opponent who but her catch and he
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battled back to take the next two sets six four six will spare a full plate greece is stefano stefanos tipped to pass in the course of finals. and joinings thereof in the last eight five time madrid open when a rough and the dull the spaniard cruised past his american opponent francis and beat him in straight sets six three six three the doll has yet to win the title this year will say so swiss stand there for you in the next round. and one of the most important all festivals in the world the venice biennale is opening on saturday this year organizers say the event will feature works that address a world in turmoil its title may you live in interesting times among the see as highlight is a monument to europe's migration crisis. the fifty eighth edition of the venice beer knowledge it's called make you. live in interesting times that's intended more
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as a message to visitors than as an all encompassing model for the spectacular art festival featuring works from ninety nations much of it displayed in competing national produce it's. one of the works on display is a machine presented by chinese artist soon young and pun new tries in vain to clean up a red liquid. artists live in the same world we did they read the days they respond to things but there are new themes in this business so yes i think art. is social but in a different way then. surely as a room for history or anthropology. it approaches how we experience the world. the work that has attracted the most attention though is this shipwreck it was transported to venice by sea the fishing vessel sank off the libyan coast in two
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thousand and fifteen with more than one thousand refugees on board if you survived being. swiss artist christophe blowhole has installed it for the duration of the b. and allah in a prominent position in the venice harbor. the job of artists is to raise questions about things and to raise questions about how we look at things about the categories we used to order or world and then they that work is up to us to. develop that message. once again there's plenty food for thought at the venice biennale. all right quick reminder of the top story with following forty the united states and pose new to. riffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese goods the news comes
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as the two countries failed to results that differences over the trait beijing says it will retaliate for the sets to continue today. you're watching news life and ballot business is up next with more analysis on this u.s. trying to trade tariffs and i'll be back at the top of the hour it's about what. it. means to.
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me i'm african hero who fought for freedom and human rights milsom mandela. his opposition to south africa's apartheid regime inspired activists all over the world. and continue to do so. nelson mandela by funding the chief. was in forty fine. millions on. some say that was born into this world alone.
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but we're not. a mistake and we come into this world we're in it together. each of us can leave a mark. or we can make a real difference at why you are missing all about. that so i will evoke. some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. put the world in your life time in around half a century. you world will be around two degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter central. we're going to have some climate impacts mature greater than what we see oh. it's really
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frightening. why are people more concerned. little yellow. shorts may thirty first t.w. . the deadline has passed and the u.s. has upped its tariffs on china so what does that mean for the trade negotiations between the two powers and what does it mean for the global economy take a look. and goes public today seeking billions in funding for the company has been plagued by controversy festers being taken for a ride. on the show should tech giants like facebook and google face even more regulation or be broken up we'll talk to nobel prizes.


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