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british the ram assist edmund deval is also at the be an alley and brings his remarkable library of exile and his passion for porcelain to venice. but first we had to southern germany where the doc fest munich kicked off on wednesday and that's an international film festival devoted entirely to documentaries and one hundred fifty nine films for over fifty countries it's also one of the biggest of its kind in europe while a big theme this year is the tenuous relationship we have with our planet and so we've picked out a few highlights. in the raven tells the story of a small town dealing with the promise of industrial boom and the need to protect the environment. people make a decision on where they have no spiritual connection to the old expression whatsoever east a community. these fields are. for us she would say to the
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actor here. tankers only pushed will be coming. what can you do. exposes the massive financial players who turn affordable housing markets into tradeable commodities the documentary focuses on the work of human rights lawyer lanny far higher. than must've been a time when somehow you know if you want to come to the city you had a job in the city you could live in a city enough to eat well through turkey actually just taking wealth. if you're somebody like they had a backstop. you know i've heard talk about the big advantages. no regulation of deregulation.
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there's a lot of drawing out there because nobody was looking. now we all can. and . thrilling high seas adventure when conservationists go off to one of the world's most notorious poaching vessels chasing the thanda. this is a bob barker you are fishing illegally. possible after. some harrowing images there and my colleague melissa holroyd has joined me in the studio welcome melissa you've come to talk to us about chasing thunder first of all that looks like a real cliffhanger but what exactly is going on it's a terribly exciting film it's a real eco thriller if we're allowed to call it that it's directed by mark benjamin and mark levin it's making its german debut at the munich documentary festival the
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crew are on the lookout for six poaching vessels and they come across the most notorious of the poaching vessels the fonda they have been illegally who have been illegally fishing for more than a decade the poachers of course cause untold damage in the oceans around the world the film ends in spectacular fashion and i think i'm allowed to say this because it's in the trailer when it's working out and yes without swelling with the captain sinking his own ship unbelievable stuff that we saw there not the sea shepherds are the ones doing the chasing and some say that they've got a bit of an infamous reputation they do well they have their origins in green paste and then they went their separate ways from greenpeace because they thought the greenpeace for a little bit too soft little bit too easy in their tactics so that really tells us something about how what sort of group thing out ok. and you were going to tell me about the communication i think on the oh yeah i mean one one of the ways the
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documentary builds tension is that it focuses on the communication between the two captains of the two sea shepherd vessels. and between the captain of the fund so any doubts in between those and that's also where a lot of the human lies in the documentary because this banish speaking captain is just so extraneous ahead of us maverick. yes more than a maverick you need to forget forget that you're actually watching a documentary film now let's let's have a quick look at you brought us the second example push because this problem of portable housing is a problem that we're definitely seeing everywhere yeah affordable housing is a global problem cities around the world are all having the same problem and push examines that it's ultimately a very depressing situation. is she stands as a beacon of hope in this story she's a a straight talking and tireless figure for the past three years she's been the u.n.
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special report to an adequate housing. yeah that's right yes she's it's directed by a ward winning swedish director frederick get and who's also done a lot of work on global matheson in just as he made bananas and box verses cause they both went down very well get and follows it for over a year on the one hand the film exposes this desperate situation but on the other hand it's a really terrific call to action so see if we can get just quickly to the third one which speaks to my heart because the will of the raven was of course made in canada was named yeah the film is set on canada's rough west coast it's an observational documentary you really get a sense of this observational documentary in terms of how the documentary ends up playing out it chronicles the profound relationship between the first nation peoples relationship between the environment and especially with whales and how they cope then when the big investors come to town the whale and the raven of course that made by german director i believe yeah maybe i need to lose this is her
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second feature length length film it's visually spectacular as in the picture is also behind the camera and the shots are just absolutely incredible unbelievably great visuals and very provocative stuff the doc fest nick on until may nineteenth melissa holroyd thank you very much for bringing us those insights. well speaking of provocative on saturday the fifty eighth venice the knowledge kicks off and this year organizers say the event will feature works that address a world in turmoil and that artists have been specifically encouraged to raise a lot of questions here's a pic of. the fifty eighth edition of the venice biennale olives called may you live in interesting times that's intended more as a message to visitors than as an all encompassing model for the spectacular art festival featuring works from ninety nations much of it displayed in competing national produce it's. one of the works on display is
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a machine presented by chinese artist soon young and panu tries in vain to clean up a red liquid. artist's live in the same world we did they read this do they respond to things but there are new themes in this being now so yes i think art. is social but in a different way than. journalism or history or through policy. and approach is how we experience the of. the work that has attracted most attention though is this ship wreck it was transported to venice by sea the fishing vessel sank off the libyan coast in two thousand and fifteen with more than one thousand refugees on board if you survived being. swiss artist christophe blowhole has installed it for the duration of the be an
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island in a prominent position in venice harbor. the job of artists is to raise questions about things and to raise questions about how we look at things about the categories we used to order or world and then. the workers up to us to. develop message. once again there's plenty food for thought at the venice beach. also making an appearance at this year's be analogous britain's edmund de vos world famous ceramicist and a bestselling author and it's perhaps only fitting that he'll have two exhibitions in venice one expanding on his exploration of literature and exile on the other featuring his trademark porcelain vessels a material the virtues of which he simply can't extol enough as we learned on
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a visit to his studio. has shaped edmund evolves life and started when he made his first points at the age of just five his fascination for the white earth continues to grow half a century later. who wouldn't adore. worships porcelain as the perfect material not only because it's a deceptively pure substance solid yet translucent and fragile but also because it was a desirable commodity and traveled the globe connecting people you have to start looking for opportunities to rebuild empathy. you know and my job my job which is why i come to work you know is to make things which i hope beautiful and builds connections between things we've lost and things that we can
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build that's that's why that's why i get up in the morning. visitors to developers in london studio are invited to touch the train that the artist has worked with for twenty five years. it's not just about the vessels but also about the spaces between and around. behind me i mean if you see see a group of. pots vessels or which of course are just empty space that's all they are. in a line that sounds to me it's like work. so i'm making poetry with pop. divans other great passion is reading and writing books. in the hair with amber eyes he told the story of his jewish family his grandparents fled from the nazis to england now deval considers britain's push to leave the e.u.
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to be nationalistic and a disgrace. to put two thousand years you know we have depended from we've depended on people moving across borders writing in different languages bringing with them cultures which aren't native to to to what we experience and then that we enjoy these and reinvigorate this for the venice be an art here's created a monument to the world's exiles deval has placed his library of exiles in venice is former jewish ghetto two thousand books written by exiles on display in a reading room coated in porcelain it pays tribute to those who culturally enriched the new homes including devours own. and it's intended also to be a place of reflection and exchange so you need to bring lots of time with you if
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you're heading to venice will be an olive branch until november so we'll have lots more from venice in the coming weeks and months and of course more on the website but that our time is coming to an end all the best from us here in berlin he doesn't. claim. to.
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be an african hero who fought for freedom and human rights nelson mandela. his opposition to south africa's apartheid regime inspired activists all over the world. and continues to do so. nelson mandela by phone liberty. in fifteen minutes on dean's only. very i want to represent you so what do you want from the joint on the phone from twenty four and structure value as we put your questions it seems politicians from around to your opinion and across the political spectrum in our special debate will be hearing from young europeans voting for the first time in the new elections in may voicing. their biggest conserves face the voters in seventy five minutes on d w.
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w in the book you are no one on the keyboard thank you glenn no commitment to. exposing and justice global news that matters w. me for mines. it could be green. very green. all day as believe. me yes. why and. why i just love my. rant definitely read. more just to you know if that's what you prefer a. couple couples very special to me ga choose your favorite comma. this
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is the w. news life of the united states escalates its trade disputes with china washington imposes new tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese goods as the two countries fail to resolve that differences beijing says it will retaliate so what will the impact be on the global economy also coming up.


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