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the be. above. this is the news coming to you live from berlin the united states escalates its trade dispute for trying out washington imposes new talents and billions of dollars worth of chinese goods as the two countries failed to resolve the differences bridging says it will retaliate what will be the impact on the global economy
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course coming up the first results from south africa's election showed that the ruling in c. is heading towards the last outcome in its twenty five years in government now ask what's gone wrong with the party of nelson mandela. and dr hayling company who brought the past to make its debut on wall street to speak to over drivers who are struggling to make ends meet and ask if the company's in low wage business model has come to the end of the road. blocks below what he had to rad to get polio but has been caught up in a campaign of misinformation and violence reports on the deadly attacks on vaccination teams aka stop. and does this float your boat it's one of the more unusual exhibit at the sea as the venice billion dollar show a monument to europe's refugee crisis we take a closer look at this and other works at the exhibition.
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i don't have a woman continue on with that shima it's a standoff that could have far reaching and negative consequences for the global economy at the stroke of midnight washington time the united states increased terrorists on some two hundred billion dollars of imports from china the move comes as the two sides failed to resolve the dispute over trade over the last few hours investors appear to have taken a cut something hot from the fact that the talks are due to start up again today but. this has unsettled some of the world's economic leaders france's finance minister bruno a deal a man said the stakes in this dispute streamed high have a listen. bottom and ask resample there is no greater threat to world growth your
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standard of living to the standard of living of everyone listening to us than the trade war between china and the united states because it means that trade tariffs will go up if you are goods will circulate around the world won't be able to circulate around french goods as easily around the world and jobs will be destroyed a trade war will destroy jobs in france and in europe and in this area to europe has to unite to resist that. and that was a man a french minister of economy and finance with me in the studio now is my colleague stephen beardsley from the business desk and in beijing is correspondent motive. good to have with a few with us let me start with you stephen we heard what the french minister had to say the stakes in this dispute extremely high what is the u.s. trying to achieve with these measures given that the trade talks to continuing simple once the been china to its will and the u.s. probably believes you would imagine that trump sees the u.s. economy and its strong state and sees leverage there he also sees the state of the
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chinese economy where economic indicators are really sort of going down performances going down and says ok here is some leverage that i have look you know the aims the u.s. aims in these negotiations were always very very broad rights it wanted on one hand to reduce its trade deficit with china on the other hand it wanted to stop what it saw as unfair business practices by china that includes subsidizing chinese subsidizing their own companies which made them unfairly competitive in the marketplace includes the cyber theft of intellectual property and the force handover of intellectual property from firms who are active in china and that's really the sticking point that's really appears to be gumming up these negotiations there's a very sensitive issues for china some of these things technological advances are really seen as a big on the domestic policy agenda for china it needs to move ahead according to its china twenty twenty five and so it maybe has a tent to enact some of these measures that washington wants some aim to put pressure on china and let me talk too much if building it in china much yes what
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have been the reaction from china so find can we expect a retaliate. we can for sure expect a real retaliation that is what they have sat and it's in the launch a coffin to nash of this kind of international trade war what this rich elation mike looked like is difficult to say they haven't elaborated on that they do not have as many possibilities to harm the u.s. as the u.s. has to hama china because they import less goods from the u.s. so they will have to find other means they might steal a for example a customs clearance for some products they might investigate american companies here and they will of course impose some type of spec to watch extent we do not know it's all good to see even though when trump was announcing these tout if he described a situation like the u.s. everyone sees the u.s. like a piggy bank in the dipping it including china this doubt of such a punishing china bid what impact will they have on u.s.
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consumers and the economy right i mean the u.s. consumers will pay more because of course we know that in a globalized economy it's not so simple as everyone is dipping their hands and the u.s. piggy bank were heavily reliant in the u.s. on goods that come from china and including manufacturing in china as much as mentioned so it will take some time probably a few months but the prices will go up you have to understand that businesses that are importing chinese goods into the u.s. they only have so many options when it comes to rising tariffs they can either eat the cost they can pass it on to the consumer or they can find another supplier and so in the case when you can't find another supplier then it may be easier when it's ten percent to eat that cost at twenty five percent on all of these goods that is much much more difficult you're talking about everything from rubber gaskets to bicycles so it affects a large range of products consumers are definite go see the difference so they're going to feel the pinch in the u.s. what is the what about in beijing what are people saying there how valid they that this trade dispute is going to have an impact on them. china's economy
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is still very much reliant on exports so any increase in tariffs will have an impact on people know that there is little public discussion because this is china where we could see where the opinion is leaning leaning the people's opinion but we have seen something in the beginning of the week on monday shares dropped dramatically in the shanghai stock exchange the shans and stock exchange and hong kong. and they have stepped allies now but we have we got an inside into the nervousness of the chinese markets that so what both of you are saying the stakes in this dispute an obvious hike what is no longer in beijing and stephen beard's the film of business says thank you very much for your perspectives. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world a thai activist who was jailed for sharing an unflattering article about thailand's
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king on facebook has been freed after a royal pardon judge a part of russia served more than two years behind bars and this comes of three thai activists facing charges of insulting the monarchy disappeared after reportedly being arrested in vietnam. north korean state t.v. has released images showing at least one missile being launched a day after the country fives two suspected short range missiles this has a father raised tensions in the shaky deterrence between north and south korea and in negotiations with the u.s. . venezuelan opposition lawmaker a medical degree has refuge in the italian embassy in caracas after he was stripped office parliamentary immunity he's among politicians accused by president nicolas maduro his government of being involved in an alleged coup attempt by opposition
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leader. last month i'm going to move on to another group from the. more moderate to south africa now where the ruling african national congress holds a comfortable lead after the general election there more than two thirds of the votes have now been counted but the tally so far does show that the a.n.c. is on course for its worst performance in a national poll and its twenty five years in government the voting is the first test of public sentiment since president siddur replaced can get jacob zuma last year asked for more on those election results i'm joined by oddly increase from a cape town in south africa what does this result mean for the a.n.c. did this anticipate a drop in the supports as results are so far showing. well the number of a.n.c. voters has been declining ever since the elections two thousand and four and of
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course this is a clear sign that people are not so happy anymore about the performance of the party the party that has been running the country ever since the end of apartheid here they have been promising to change the lives of people nonetheless that the situation is still not good here many people still live in poverty unemployment rate is extremely high more than every second person in the country is unemployed and this is a problem on the other hand we also have to admit that they still hold a constable majority the second biggest party the biggest opposition party is thirty five percent of the a.n.c. currently not going to be some complaints about the electorate process was this a free and fair ballot. also there's this one video that went viral after the elections off a vote washing off the ink on his finger on the finger that was not supposed to be washable at all and this sparked a huge debate on social media whether double voting has been taking place some people said that actually made it possible for voters to first go to one polling
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station cast their vote later on wash the ink from their thumb that they got there and then go to another voting station to cast another vote i from talking to some people here they actually said well this is probably not a big deal even if it might happen and a few cases this probably would have not have an impact on the overall results but my colleague christine one who had talked to others in johannesburg on the streets and they were rather angry about what was going on you still have your income your time can you show to us some people say that people were able to flee twice because the in came off no no and to two eyes would once. people. see just to be investigated so that. the results because know if. it's. so under and from what he was saying and what we heard from christine they appear to have been some in regularities how
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a south african authorities reacting to these allegations so the police eventually arrested twenty suspects for alleged double voting opposition party the major opposition party da called for an investigation but today the electoral commission suddenly announced that they don't have any evidence that any double voting took place that again course another debate that started another debate on social media and people are asking the commission now to come up with the investigation results of publish them. and increase in cape town south africa thank you very much. that's being called a milestone for the ride healing industry and the so-called sharing economy or what is said to make its stock market debut today washington correspondent helen humphrey met one driver who like many office colleagues is struggling to make ends meet. after
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a long flight there's no shortage of weary travelers eager to jump in the back here at washington's one hundred reagan airport right hailing services have never been more in demand but drivers say they're not seeing the benefits of choice been an uber driver for three years in that time rival service lift his come on the scene meaning greater competition a few a customer as it used to be relatively easy to just go online you know turn the up on and go online and know that you would make decent money and now it's having to be more strategic with it in terms of where and when i tried strategy is key for troy he doesn't benefit from employee protections like health insurance a pension plan paid leave or a guaranteed minimum wage or recently cut his pay these days he earns sixty cents a mile and about thirteen dollars an hour around hoff and what he used to make now
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he watches every cent to stay profitable off the car expenses it's definitely affected how much i drive because when they cut rate city and also if gas prices go up i'm very selective about when i drive because it's not really financially worthwhile for me to drive it's also i do other things like getting cheap gas looking for deals. these days troy has more down time than he used to and on wednesday he went on strike in solidarity with other drivers around the world who were also frustrated by wages and working conditions as the company passed to go public but i know the liberals said that in their initial public offering. just did they expect to produce drivers compensation more if they do that i will stop driving because right now it would be barely at the point where it's worthwhile to go out and drive you know some joy of a civil ready been forced to give up katie wells is a researcher at georgetown university in washington d.c.
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for the post two years she's been following for drivers in the city and found hoffman below the poverty line that us for some it meant that they were taking on longer and longer hours driving sixteen and eighteen hour days rather that meant that they began working sixty seven days a week others and up in bankruptcy and ended up in homelessness the research suggests that the current right handling industry is not sustainable in its current shape despite being a pioneer in the right hailing a corner me on the lose is a staggering amount of money even if it strikes me as a not necessarily well paid instead investors will be banking on human drivers being replaced by driverless vehicles meaning one less expense. that's not yet on the horizon and in the meantime there's a lot of people wanting rights a lot of dissatisfied drivers and no clear road ahead. the pakistani government has suspended its ante for your drive for
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a renewed attacks and has workers there at these three people involved in vaccination programs have been killed by gunmen in the last month that the attacks have been blamed on fics videos and rumors about polio vaccination spread via social media or one hundred people have been killed in the source and vaccine team since two thousand and twelve pfizer reports from islamabad. roger they left his job as a believer but last month the father of two was gunned down in northwestern pakistan while trying to convince a baden to fix him that their children his family is still reeling. and saying he was my friend a brother a father and the guardian of our family we have lost everything people who kill like this are the biggest terrorists in the world they threaten and murder people like my brother only want to protect children from this crippling disease.
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of workers are often targets in pakistan due to costs but is the theories that vaccines out a ploy to sterilize muslim children and the program is a cover for rest and spice it was a particularly deadly month with one female vaccinated and two policemen moderate in just one. so you'd let the if knows the dangers of being a pool of workers. he nearly died after being shot in karachi while immunizing children in twenty two of despite the risks let they've still goes into communities and speaks to religious leaders so they can help counter the misinformation about the virus. we need connected to and who understand local sensitivities this is essential for people to trust them and accept the fact. you expired have been made in reducing the number of oil cases here from over three hundred in two hundred fourteen to just. as one of the three
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countries in the was very poorly maintained and rumors spread via social media are inflaming already existing distrust of the nation. that. this man was arrested after posting a video online telling boys to finda after apparently being immunized it contributed to mass hysteria in pushover when thousands of children would rushed to hospital by panicked parents who believed they were being poisoned the government spokesman on polio says this type of scaremongering will not be tolerated and promised new ways to reassure parents will be introduced soon i'm going. to. continue with the negotiations and facebook. facebook management we are working on a bottom up approach to which we have now we have you focusing on. the board you work in is the face of the program. i'm going to feed line for.
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any questions that anyone may have regarding ponyo vaccine the government would want to question. it's unclear how effective these destructed used to be but they are delivered for via did students who grew up without a father the only comfort from his death that the family can all hope for is that one day pottstown will be declared defeat. that support by fans here is if you're watching the news coming up ahead one of the most important on festivals in the wild opens in venice this week we take a look at one of the most unusual exhibits at the d.n.i. and ask its curator about the purpose of palm. but first it's european football for english teams will battle it out in the finals of the continent's biggest club competitions in the champions league liverpool and
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tottenham hotspur will go head to head for the title and the europa league final will be between arsenal and chelsea the blues on thursday dash the hopes of bundesliga side i'm chock frankfurt by beating them in a penalty shootout the english club took the lead in the first half with a goal from reuben enough to stick but frank let's look at your bitch level the school after the break with the game tied at the end of extra time the match went to a penalty shootout chances goalkeeper made two saves to break frankfurt's hearts and the all english final between chelsea and arsenal will be played in baku. now to talk more about all of this is pablo fully any awesome dude of the sport says welcome bob the lovely to see you explain this why i have kind of the premier league teams been so dominant in all the competitions for a fat month first of first of all every day it's nice to see
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a different and to competition we've seen lots of. wealthy clubs first and foremost us what we're talking about here at four club spurs liverpool arsenal and chelsea obviously they have big budgets they have big wages that they can offer to players and that is very important because they can of course lure those big players from other clubs and we're talking as well about an incredibly competitive league the premier league everyone knows you know so the players face. sort of very tough teams base the weekend weekend so comes as no surprise but we also need to note that this season impose competitions big teams that we're used to seeing performing very well like i mentioned before spanish teams are ground with barcelona then of course italian joins you vent as m.p.'s d. from france and let it go madrid also from spain have underperformed so that combination has permitted these bigger british english sides to go the whole way now going back to the budget issue if we look at how much money they can actually
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spend on players this is important to note when you compare it to smaller deeks across europe now they spend for example eighty five million on virgil van dyke. he's the chelsea goalkeeper he cost eighteen million euros and then of course pierre emerick obiang many people will be used to seeing him here in germany he cost over sixty million euros so you know budget plays a big part in all of this so look what does this mean the problem because if these these teams have such deep pockets to buy all the best this how can the smaller clubs be well this is one of the big issues now if we look at one team in particular they lost to arsenal but that is the third biggest city in spain it's a big team they bring in many crowds at week in week out and they have a far more modest budget so they're not able to lower those big players in with big salaries now there's an issue here because you're thinking ok are the richer clubs
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going to get richer the poor clubs or the more modest clubs going to become more modest well this is exactly what. i mean i got the i told outset so let's hear from him because it was interesting what he had to say quote get people any team in the premier league even those in the low part of the table can double bill and his budget or any of the team in the spanish league aside from real madrid barcelona and atlantic oh that's just how it is. almost there you go he said it himself. you know the big teams there have bigger clubs and it's going to be a bigger budgets and it's difficult for smaller clubs like bought into the afghans by you if i had to rejig european tournament's will this head cold kinda this one of them more than likely it'll hinder them and the idea is that the big clubs are going to be short of a place and it's going to be more difficult for smaller clubs actually to make it into the competition but once again this has not been this is not something that's going to happen yet and you wait for have actually said that it's very much in its
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infancy stages as have the big clubs who are reportedly in discussions with us about this so we have to be to see how that pans out. great to have you with me in the studio thanks. some but you go to tennis and germany's alexanders vivid ever has booked a space in the quarterfinals of the madrid open but he was made to suffer to get the world number four dropped the first set six three to polish counterparts. but he data back to take the next two sets six four six four have a real play greece's stephanos in the quarterfinals. and joining our lives on the set of in the last is it is five time madrid open with the spaniard to the sponsors american opponent france's t o four and beat him in straight sets six three sixteen adult who is yet to win a title this year will face this stand in the next round.
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one of the most important asked festivals in the world the venice biennale is open this weekend this ill organize a city event will feature one such address a world into its title may you live in interesting times among this year's highlights is a monument to europe's refugee crisis. the fifty eight edition of the venice be an olive is called may you live in interesting times that's intended more as a message to visitors than as an all encompassing model for the spectacular art festival featuring works from ninety nations much of it displayed in competing national polls illions. one of the works on display is a machine presented by chinese artists soon young and panu tries in vain to clean up a red liquid. artist's live
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in the same way. they read this. they respond to. but there are new themes in this business. art. and social but in the. the way the. jurors are for history or through. that approach is how we experience the world. the work that has attracted the most attention though is this shipwrecked it was transported to venice by sea the fishing vessel sank off the libyan coast in two thousand and fifteen with more than one thousand refugees on board a few survived many. swiss artist christophe blowhole has installed it for the duration of the biala in a prominent position in the venice harbor. the job of artists is to raise questions about things and to raise questions about
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how we look at things about the categories we used to order our world and then leave the workers up to us to. develop a vestige. of once again there's plenty food for thought at the guinness buno. and mulford for what's coming up in a science show tomorrow today to save it for that if you can.
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this study cooking up electricity. the combined heat and power unit generates two hundred fifty watts of power. it uses a thermoelectric generator to convert heat into electricity. the wood burning stove can be used to power the fridge or it out. to morrow to dish.
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on g.w. . be in good shape for instance just blood was like aspirin is for us today it was a cure for many things. and that still holds true today. whether for cancer diagnosis auto hema therapy or blood transfusion i will read the lips of life has many uses. good shape sixty minutes on d w. and action packed life was bought me. anything is possible as long
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as our because he and his friends can drink. this movie theater ten years dob refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. twenty seven years ago. but there is no holding back his dreams. thank you for. soo much starts may twenty seventh on a double. hello and welcome to tomorrow to day coming up on this week's edition. of. troubled times for tree spruce is a major source of word but climate change could put an end to that researches are now looking for alternative sources of timber. virtual half new drugs could soon be
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tested on a computer rather than animals or humans scientists are.


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