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the latest developments. with comprehensive. and political and social topics considered from different perspectives. we cover the issues that turkey. platform for information. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. or room. coming up on the program. from north korea. conducts three missile tests within a week. twenty three. feet on the peninsula. following the terror attacks in sri lanka we talk about the increased. spread of
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extremism in the region. welcome to. it's good to have you with us u.s. president. nobody's happy while north korea says its learned about various long range strike needs all comments to do with north korea's latest missile launches three in the last five days the launches have drawn international criticism the u.n. was again stoking regional tensions launched two short range missiles on saturday south korea's president. says the latest missile launch was to protest the failed the talks in hanoi with donald trump. pyongyang seems to be quite
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dissatisfied that it couldn't reach a deal at the second north korean u.s. summit in hanoi. or there will be no event. the missiles don't seem to directly threaten the united states japan or south korea so they appear to be taking care not to break down the dialogue at a point so at the same time they would definitely expressing an opinion. it is however an opinion at least one part of south korea knows only too well the island of yeonpyeong was hit by north korean artillery and rocket fire nearly a decade ago since then residents of the island have addressed their god and boosted preparedness. to south korean island of yeonpyeong is a two hour boat ride from the port of entry on its actually closer to north korea. soldiers pour off the ferry unofficial figures suggest there is one soldier for
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every resident of the island a total of more than two thousand troops even more in times of crisis. in twenty ten north korea fired around one hundred seventy shells and missiles at a young p.r. two soldiers and two civilians lost their lives north korea said it was responding to a south korean military maneuver. that song young orcs small guest house was destroyed in the attack she says it's surprising that there were no further casualties flame swept through the entire neighborhood songs faith in the future of korea is at rock bottom just human bone and a complete reunification is no easy undertaking and if it were up to me i'd like to see a sense of mutual exchange culturally for example because that would be great community
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ask them to put that on and then i will be. a seven square kilometer outpost in the yellow sea every hill every street every metre of coastline is under surveillance yawn pyong is a fortress north korea's nearest cliffs are just three kilometers away the mainland twelve. world politics meets fisherman farmers and sea weed growers life here is overshadowed by a sense of strategic significance and ongoing threat along with memories of the past building still bear scars from the twenty ten attack. the marines based here have regular training sessions. after the panmunjom summit residents hope tensions would ease the island was to become part of a peace but progress has stalled. with the threat of another attack constantly hovering people here including children want to be prepared.
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just behind the school is bunker number one the largest on the island. it can hold five hundred people with enough pairs of slippers for everyone. leave me alone j. from the local council shows us around the seven hundred square meter facility. there's a large kitchen emergency power supply a small medical station and a large dormitory and assembly room during the twenty ten attacks there wasn't enough to eat lisa says now there are better prepared she's convinced the bunker is still an important divestment. frankly i'm skeptical about whether the two koreas can ever be truly united as long as our parents' generation is steadily life and our generation to the north has always lied to us i just don't think we can trust you know korea. to take. the expiring date on four
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thousand servings of food rations that's passed the have to be replaced and with little real hope in sight many here would agree that's the only sensible thing to do. more than two hundred fifty killed a mission shaken and south asia in the crosshairs of tara once more the bloody easter sunday bombings in sri lanka were blamed on locum islamist groups at least one of which had pledged allegiance to so-called islamic state but a few days after the attack a warning started circulating on a telegram channel in bengali it was posted by a pro i.a.s. media group and indicated that the comet in sri lanka could soon be replicated in bangladesh or india and it's this suspected connection that's fueling concerns that jihad just extremism could be on the rise on the indian subcontinent bunder this has been on high alert ever since the deadly attack on the takaka fane twenty
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sixteen and a crack down on militants is ongoing two weeks ago police raided a hideout in the capital and killed at least two people suspected of belonging to the militant group that carried out the twenty sixteen attack on the day of the very back of issues government corporation to tackle the rising threat of jihad just extremism and terrorists have no religion terrorists have no country they are i mean this to the civilization and humanity so we think that any terrorist threat it would be. our prime minister has appealed to global that we should all work together to fight the terrorists across from the group. so how concerned should we be to talk more about this i'm joined in the studio now by chef that many of the head of bangladesh is center for terrorism research and talk to the mother of one who is the president of the international law and
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strategic analysis institute in general and an international lawyer welcome to both of you mr millet if i can just start with you this a portrait threat from islamic state threatening attacks in the region how soon. should we take these warnings we should take this warnings very seriously and as you know bangladesh since two thousand and sixteen has had a very proactive approach towards countering terrorism and violent extremism and we take all these threats and warnings very seriously and quickly act upon it and that's why we have had a dramatic reduction in the number of attacks in the last one obvious but there's already talk about islamic state not being present there but there's of course there's homegrown terror from jamaat and mujahideen in bangladesh among vision has been dealing with what is the strategy the bangladesh has been adopting to try and fight terrorism where there's a stake in the two pronged strategy one we have released and then the capacity to degrade and destroy operational networks of militant groups but at the same time
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hand in hand we're also taking the approach of countering and preventing violent extremism by which we are taking my number of strategic measures including steps towards countering radicalization and creating awareness and building social resilience against violent extremism speaking of these doctor to their mother when you've been starting to resume folk art a long time in india you have this recent case of the national investigation engine c talking about four suspects that they have arrested who apparently had links to islamic state is of radicalization a huge problem in india or what are the steps that india is taking to counter terrorism ok so when you talk about radicalization we have to understand this in the indian context specifically because it's not. a particular community or a particular religion is not a whole magennis unit in india like it is there so you across the country you have different kinds of people different sects different beliefs but there is a very strong moderate voice in india so when you talk about dragonflies issues it
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is it needs down to a minority and i think it stems from a kind of fascination more than ideological commitment and it all. systems from the fact that the countries around india. at least we analysts in india believe that this radicalization is a process that comes from outside and the people who get radicalized also are definitely people who are fascinated with it more than ideologically committed to it this is what we have discovered so what you referred to yes and i is very vigilant about it but then it india is such a large country with such a huge population so you are definitely bound to find a few people who will of course behave in a rather aberrant manner you spoke about external influences impacting terrorism in
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south asia in general if there is this overall impact on terrorism in south asia is there a need for countries in the region to cooperate amongst themselves intelligence sharing or potentially new mechanisms of counted in terms of absolutely so i would break this into three levels the first is i wouldn't sit controller of the cyber but definitely kind of a check on the cyber so you know india is one of the largest users of facebook and i think whatsapp is like part of every indian's life and that's where the danger lies but india has taken very strong steps in controlling that and we have we are in the process of a robust cyber laws the second thing is intel sharing that is imperative especially with those countries with whom we have very good relationships and yes we are we do
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have one or two neighbors with with which historically we do not have such good relationship in which case of course but still because of the trust deficit the intent but intel sharing is imperative and the third is the advantage of intelligence. airing as you know in the street issue where india did share into i think into sharing also makes it kind of jolts the other possibility the georges given so the complacency into which countries slip in after the pivot of no action that complacency is shaken so intentionally is imperative but we need final word i think terrorism and violent extremism is a threat faced by all of our countries across our region and there's absolutely no substitute to transnational corporations vision or corporation but also corporations outside the region so cooperation between the european union and south asia and we all need to work together and the civil societies in these countries have a very important role to play going to leave it there for the time being shoved up
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many of them not to give them other thank you so much for coming into they did have a new studio thank you thank you thank you. that's it for today we're live you know at san sebastian in the gumbo one of the targets of the sri lankan bomb this week it had its fast fast since the attack last month that's a very mature next time. what secrets lie behind the small. find out in an immersive experience and explores fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty getting up. every journey
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begins with the first step and every language the first word can go nico using germany to. why not i'm with him for her. it's simple mind on your mobile and free. w z e learning course. german made easy. can we call it a trade war now or will the u.s. and china manage to hash out a last minute trade agreement tense negotiations to washington a deal won't be reached easily fresh u.s. tires i do china today beijing is promising to get back. to german
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steel make it to simple calls off the wedding to india's top posting of sas leave almost twenty percent when it says it is split and will kill off six thousand jobs . this is business a. disability welcome the trumpet ministration has today raise duties on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports from ten to twenty five percent the jean says it will retaliate meanwhile trade delegations of both countries are in talks in washington that are being described as tense experts say the chance of a breakdown of the talks has significantly increased now we'll bring in our correspondent in washington for the latest and have a look at how markets are taking its but first this report. it would prove to be an uphill climb for the chinese negotiators as talks resume didn't washington just hours before new u.s. tariffs went into effect china's vice premier rejected the u.s. is rationale for the new duties its accusations that beijing had reneged on several
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points of agreement. i've come here in good faith i want a reason.


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