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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is the w.'s life from the united states types the screws in its trade dispute with china president trump imposes new talents on billions of dollars worth of chinese coats beijing threatens to measure the impact will the standoff top on the global economy also on the program a german turkish journalist who says he was beaten and tortured in a high security turkish prison and huge l's case triggered
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a diplomatic crisis between germany. the homeless man and paris for thirty thousand followers on twitter doesn't just get lots of likes but also action from the city. i'm phil welcome to the program. the trade dispute between the united states and china is heating up likely to have far reaching consequences for the global economy the two sides of the talks for the day but they're still negotiating even though president trump has just more than doubled the tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports beijing says it will take the necessary counter measures that mr trump says there is no rush to strike a deal. handshake and the u.s.
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and chinese delegations part ways talks in washington and it without agreement after president trump it up the ante in an escalating dispute over trade. was bullish on a favorable outcome no need to rush he tweeted after slapping a twenty five percent tariff on a further two in opinion dollars on imports a total of two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods and are subject to the tariff. levy is a shop hike from the previous ten percent import tax so having a blow for china's export oriented economy beijing is an uncalled for compromise. we hope the u.s. and china can meet halfway and respect the legitimate interests of both sides the. chinese vice premier and you here and u.s. treasury secretary steve newton at the negotiation teams the u.s. is concerned about a looming trade deficit and accuses china of talking access to its markets it's not clear when the two parties will meet again drum took to twitter despite worries
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about a looming trade war the income from levies on chinese goods will be used to prop up ending sectors of the economy he promised. from d.w. business correspondent. and washington we have. welcome both sides start with you. today's talks ended not long after they began what happened. well those are really brief talks in fact that's right it did not come as a surprise though if you take into consideration that the talks were actually stalled a week ago already in negotiators were not very optimistic when they went into the talks this morning they then went on to the white halls including the secretary of treasury the newsham to discuss the outcome with u.s. president donald trump who by the way makes a very content impression that he's been tweeting all morning long he says
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essentially that terrorism good for the u.s. economy and he also continuously tweeted and stressed the chinese would be paying for the terror of eventually economists however are challenging that they believe that the american businesses that would have to pay the bill in the end of the day and that they would also give that pass that on to the consumers when for instance consumer electronics would become more expensive that said all goods that are currently in transit say the they have left the chinese coast on a container ship for instance and that will take three to four weeks to arrive in america these goods are excluded and that gives the negotiators a certain timeframe again to renegotiate should they get together within that time frame in case or general to do china says it will respond to what's the response likely to look like you know it hasn't said and there are a few things china could do but they all come with a cost now it could for example extend the tariffs it already has on china on u.s.
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products or return barriers that it had already earlier reversed say like on u.s. auto imports the problem is that china exports more than the us does and it would very quickly run out of you x. u.s. products to impose tariffs on if it includes doctors and boeing planes alternative suppliers for those things would also be in a position to raise prices dramatically so be beijing could lose out on that and. what it could also do is devalue its currency to make its exports cheaper but that's unlikely to go over a month in the thickly again alternatively it could also respond with the boycott of american goods the problem is a lot of chinese workers do work in the assembly and manufacture of american goods like i phone so that could backfire as well so it's wide open what china could do at this particular moment but you have quite a few analysts saying that from an economic standpoint to and from with a perspective that what they actually want to do is achieve
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a deal the most prudent thing to do would be nothing now this would obviously have already occurred to chinese policymakers but they're also under political pressure to act so we're just going to have to see which side wins that that argument because all of a sudden it just bounces through the main sticking points all of them so reportedly there is a debate going on in the chinese communist party within reformers and and hardliners about the question how to move on here and that led to a very late decision of the chinese president xi jinping over the question how to tackle the ongoing debate the key sticking points here are the protection of intellectual property american one of course and also certain laws restraining american businesses and eventually the clash erupted then over the question which hard of the final agreement should be made public essentially the chinese side does
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not want to publicly admit that its intellectual property laws are flawed because that would also mean that they would locos the losers of this of this trade agreement all of a summit in washington. from monday to business thank you both. now we'll take a look at some of the stories making news around the world the ruling african national congress is having for victory in south africa's election despite gaining its lowest ever share of the vote counting almost completely and see as fifty seven percent as their worst performance for twenty five years present several rum oppose everyplace to scandal hits jacob zuma last year. united nations says record numbers of people are being internally displaced in their homes by war and violence more than forty one million were displaced last year a figure that far exceeds the number who flee to other countries syria colombia and
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somalia one among the top ten for numbers of internally displaced. militias set up to fight be islamist terror group boko haram has released nine hundred children that it had listed the civilian joint task force a regional militia allied with the nigerian the military and signed an agreement to end child recruitment two french soldiers have been killed while rescuing four hostages in bikini fasten it two of the hostages were french tourists who disappeared while on a visit to a wildlife reserve last year the other two were american and south korean nationals islamic extremists have become increasingly active in support. of german turkish journalist denis huge no claims he was tortured and a high security prison giving evidence to a course of burning he said he was kicked and hit is the usual spent a year behind bars without being formally charged and that triggered
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a diplomatic crisis between germany and turkey a correspondent for german newspaper develops that as usual says he was abused the job in the first three days of his detention. they physically beat me by kicking my feet and beating my chest and back even though there were observation cameras in the hallways there were none inside the prison cells the amount of violence used against me was low level it wasn't about inflicting physical pain they wanted to humiliate and intimidate me maybe they also wanted to entice me to react but either way this was definitely a case of torture to get more than they dumped into political correspondent max million not because said welcome that maximilian why it was dennis usual in a german courtroom today well the reason why the german turkish journalist benazir jail wasn't a german courtroom today was not because he was held trial in germany but because
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he was currently on trial in turkey and he was in prison held in prison in turkey until two thousand and eighteen was then allowed to leave the country after a lot of diplomatic efforts and but his trial in turkey is continuing and so he was giving his statement in the ongoing trial against him that is happening in turkey in germany for his own safety today and germany's opposition is calling for action to be taken in response to these allegations what some of the spawns should be expect from the german government. so we've had a response all through the policies especially from the left side of the opposition party as one member of ourselves turkish origin has been urging the foreign ministry to summon the turkish ambassador to belen and talk about these severe accusation that then is just been brought forward in court today and so we have also heard from government posse members the for example in these smith who's a spokesperson of the parliamentary committee on foreign relations who has been
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saying that these allegations have been deeply troubling bilateral relations between turkey and germany were already tense this clearly this is not going to help us. no it's lost because on the one of the claims or the demands it has been made by paul the entry members today was that germany should urge the european union to stop the accession talks that it currently has still perform on going on with turkey though what has to be said is that these accession talks for turkey to potentially at one point to become a member of the european union have been already symbolically been put on hold by the european parliament now the european parliament itself couldn't stop this process per se but it held a vote earlier this year where it said it wants to symbolically stop these accession talks the question is these are of course allegations that are currently only referring to german. citizens who are held in turkish prisons as for example ten is a gels but there also are this and the question is how many european member states
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in such a case would go behind germany and support his message beyond kasich thank you spain another tragedy involving migrants from africa and the mediterranean sea as many as seventy people after drowned when that boat sank near the coast of tunisia the worst such incidents this year the tunisian defense ministry says the boats had set sail from libya i was heading for italy you know and sense that few people are making the journey to europe nowadays but the voyage is becoming deadly and we have this report on another group it's like it's a pull from the mediterranean. risk youth from a sinking ship. an italian boat the marri journey of run by a humanitarian charity save them forty kilometers off the libyan coast the city
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migrants including two pregnant women five children according to the ngo are just a few of the thousands of people who have already attempted to cross the mediterranean this year. according to italy's anti migration deputy prime minister salvini italy's ports are closed to illegal migrants but these people landing in lampedusa cicely a lucky italy's prime minister giuseppe concert allowed the ship to dock tomorrow john you know stuff applaud the migrants but this might have been its last mission . i've spoken to sell vini about the mara journey and we agree on the police seizing the ship. was already on a warning. this ship is one of the very few rescue ships still in operation in the mediterranean context said other european union member states had agreed to take some of these people a sign that the e.u.'s migrant distribution agreements are working albeit on an ad hoc basis although far fewer people are headed to europe than at the peak of
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migration in two thousand and fifteen thousand still take the perilous journey every month and a summer brings better weather conditions the number of attempted crossings is likely to increase. let's talk about this with a crisscross he's a member of sea watch one of the aid organizations providing migrant boats in distress with humanitarian assistance at sea welcome to date you know that you've been on a number of these rescue missions but now that another of these boats has been seized it actually left out that well the. rescue boat has been seized before and has been freed before so actually at the moment there are three active rescue ships left in the mediterranean one of which has now been seized again but the last time this lasted for a week so we will see how long this goes because usually the vega liberations of irregularities onboard never prove. founded on anything. they do they
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bring you in what you would say was a trumped up charge and then they are actually properly investigated and then you're allowed. go when you when you get your shit back yes totally actually does he watch a three hour shift from the watch has just been freed by a court in the netherlands who decided on who ruled that the netherlands blocking our ship from leaving port did this not on a legal basis and so our ship is now being prepared to go back and mission after being lost for one month and how do these missions work do you just sort of sitting around waiting for something to happen or do you sort of see things going on and then go and investigate well today i. sadly the rescue coordination center is in multan in italy they don't cooperate with us anymore so you've got these a governmental coast guard unit organization. usually you would coordinate search and rescue efforts. so today. we go to the internationally agreed search and rescue
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zone which is a strip off the coast of libya in international waters where we look for these boats we see which we have also two planes in operation who are actually scanning the operation area and then we try and go and rescue as many people as we can because now it is getting somewhere and as we see a lot of people are leaving libya there is a cost that clearly europe has its has its self in a mess over its migration policy its policies to try to reduce the numbers. the numbers are folding the cost though is counted in terms of human lives it could be argued that that policy is working well the policy is built on graves that policy is making the mediterranean sea a bit huge graveyard. there are several reasons and then all the people who trade in people going out to see that all the people who put them these people in the boat the problem is the people are in libya the people are stuck in libya lots of people are stuck in libya
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a lot of people are stuck in detention centers and illegitimate detention in torture in slavery. they have to leave this country in the civil war is raging again more than in the last months people are being shot in these migrant detention centers we've seen all this in the last couple of weeks the people need to leave that and the only way to leave libya at the moment is through the sea ok these are desperate chris grossly from as they watch thank you thank you very much. now in venezuela to lawmakers of sort refuge in foreign embassies as the government widens its crackdown on the allies of opposition leader. it comes a day after or thought his arrest of the vice president of the opposition controlled national assembly the arrests of put renewed pressure on quite a who's attempted uprising last week failed to remove president nicolas maduro. well for supporters of one quiet though the aftermath of last week's coup attempt is proving dangerous stripped of their immunity by the supreme court richard blanco of the brief people's alliance and a movie called i cannot see
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a of the radical cause party sought safety at the embassies of argentina and italy . they're trying to avoid the fate that befell editors on the vice president of venezuela's opposition run national assembly he was thrown in jail on wednesday charged with treason for supporting why those uprising. this video shows the moment his car was hauled off to prison with some brownouts the inside. some brought his family was defiant after his arrest. he ballio uganda today my father is giving up part of his life to defend venezuela and to defend democracy and freedom soon there will be justice not just for us those who are doing a bad things will be held to account echoes of discontent also evident on the streets of caracas even amid fears of a government reprisals. we're protesting but we're afraid there will tell you it's
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against as is they've done to the deputies. with all those they want to take prisoners but i thought. quantock why do said some foreigners arrest is part of a government intimidation campaign. when it's only got to mean that i would use what is the only tool they have used. terror state terrorism to be clear. because that's what they were doing and selling terror among the people he said what they're going to do. though has called for fresh protests on saturday but with his uprising flagging some promise to rest could demoralize the opposition and in bold and president nicolas maduro and his loyalists. the new york stock exchange has ushered in the year's big i.p.o. and investors have been jumping into to go along for the ride shares in the writing company were initially priced in those expensive forty five dollars a share but still raising more than a billion dollars course the stock may have been driven by doubts about the ability
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of rival services to actually make money. for the last ten years the company has posted only losses ever since it was founded and of course it's no stranger to controversy. it seems controversy has constantly tell gaited since the company was founded ten years ago the disruptive startup has put taxi drivers around the world in terror of losing their livelihoods leading to protests in the u.k. spain and poland where last month parliament elected a bill to legalize the ride hailing upstart and other based car hire firms and if they could if you could we feel we're discriminated against we have to get licenses pay pension contributions we have to set up a company to work and we have other costs in contrast the illegal carriers have low costs they're often people convicted by the courts seventy five percent of them without polish citizenship they work illegally and the government does nothing
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about it. has faced legal challenges from drivers demanding basic labor conditions it's been banned in several countries including denmark and hungary in twenty sixteen hackers attacked cloud server and downloaded millions of users personal data a year later its c.e.o. travis calendaric was forced to step down after a series of scandals there was a fatal accident involving one of the driving cars and there have been numerous rape and sexual assault allegations against uber drivers from india to america more than one hundred in the u.s. alone the company has also been criticized as having a culture of sexual harassment. then there's the balance sheet over the twelve months to the end of march losses of three point seven billion dollars a record for a company in the year ahead of its i.p.o.
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. paris may be wealthy and chic but like many other cities it has homeless people on the streets one of them started using social media to draw attention to his living conditions and he soon collected more than thirty thousand twitter followers and got the ear of city authorities so that was the start of a passionate fight for better living conditions for the city's. christian college knows what it means to lead an insecure unstructured life he spent over three years hanging out with this group of homeless people at the plus sun mart in paris he used to have a well paying job as a sawmill year but after his wife left him he developed a drinking problem and when he could no longer pay the rent he ended up on the streets and. this is one of the places i slept in but a few weeks later they installed these typically anti homeless barriers placed deliberately so no one can bed down here.
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and the homeless barriers have popped up all over paris some in places where people sleep due to warm air from the metro christian reacts to them by tweeting with results. the city of paris had put in iron rods to prevent access you can still see the traces. they would have stopped people from being able to sleep there in winter when it's cold. i posted it on twitter and the next day the authorities removed the iron rods. from is a good. christian began tweeting three years ago after his possessions were soaked by street cleaners in winter he wrote this is how the homeless are treated in paris within a few months he had over thirty thousand followers. out in the morning to say hello to the planet and at night to talk about what was going
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on on the streets. i take a picture of my sleeping bag and say good night guys and go to bed. and people would answer good night see you tomorrow what i thought that was cool. people who live on the streets often feel like pariahs but christian parish has given them a voice and his activism has spread beyond paris people now send in pictures of barriers elsewhere in france. this one's in front of an eavesdropper share store in not born in the country south. it's true that the social media have a certain power that can be negative for big brands and we'll see in the next few days that evil shape will certainly get rid of those barriers. this present christian is glad that his tweets can change things for the better. his own situation has also improved he is no longer living on the streets but has found
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accommodation with a christian aid organization. force her first for european football for english teams for battle it out in the finals of the continent's biggest club competitions in the champions league at liverpool and tottenham hospital will go head to head europa league final will be between arsenal and chelsea on thursday the blues dashed hopes of bronze league aside i'm shocked frank first of beating them in a penalty shoot out then took the lead in the first half the goal from reuben left just cheek frankfurt's to prevention level the school after the break with a game tired at the end of extra time the match went to a penalty shoot out just as goalkeeper to save to break frankfurt's hearts the old english final between the chelsea and arsenal played back. in tellus novak djokovic just thirty seven finals of the madrid open after his opponent martin chillin with joe because of food poisoning in while roger federer was knocked out.
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well jeff sparrow had to battle hard to reach the quarter finals of the world before drop the first set six straight to his polish opponent to hubert her catch but he battled back to take the next two six four six four it's very obvious currently playing three sisters to follow sets in the us and. jordan spent the last eight years five time madrid to open rafa nadal responded to a cruise cost his american open his american opponent to france has to face him in straight sets six straight six straight but al here is yet to read a final a fish give will face a swiss. africa and an extra. a maxi on data africa the environment looking at climate change. as well as other storms at the top of course as always around the clock you can check out the news
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on our website that's. a good today.
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ico africa meets a woman on a mission to save the environment. of one of us know what problem but throughout that look for solutions to get that interest caring as a reporter in zambia she knows that nature has all been pushed past its limits here
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because people simply don't know any better but she's determined to change that it's not. the next d.w. . some time in the twenty sixth you my great granddaughter hope people are. but with the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. when i was born there were three billion people you will share the planet with nine billion. your world moved around to degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter subtree.
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we're going to have some climate impacts we try grigory. it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. starts to first w. hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of eco africa now it's high in lagos nigeria and i am very happy to welcome you today we have lots of the environmental topics and ideas from europe and africa but i'm not alone with me as
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my charming colleague in south africa hello there is the hey auntie it's great to be here again.


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