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this is d.w. news live from bali and the united states increases the pressure in its trade dispute with china president trump imposes new tax on billions of dollars worth of chinese imports beijing threatens counter measures so what impact will this standoff out on the global economy also on the program some is coming the seas are calm on the people smugglers of ramping up their deadly trade in the mediterranean some migrants were rescued today but as many as seventy trapped and governments are increasingly restricting the work of humanitarian rescue. conducts three
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missile tests within a week now so supreme leader kim jong il looks on the visiting island in the south it's getting ready for the worst. on sunday will reveal the champions of the english premier league it will either be the leaders manchester city all in liverpool or only training by a point in the last round of the six. i'm welcome to the program. the trade dispute between the united states and china is heating up and is likely to have far reaching consequences for the global economy the two sides eventa talks for the day but they're still negotiating even though the president trump is just more than doubled tariffs on two hundred billion
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dollars of chinese imports beijing says it will take necessary countermeasures but mr trump says there's no rush to strike a deal. and polite handshake and the u.s. and chinese delegations parted ways talks in washington ended without agreement after president trump upped the ante in the escalating dispute over trade trampas bullish on a favorable outcome no need to rush he tweeted after slapping a twenty five percent tariff on a further two hundred billion dollars in imports a total of two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods have now been hit the new tariff is a sharp hike from the previous ten percent and a heavy blow for china's export led economy beijing is calling for compromise. we hope the u.s. and china can meet halfway and respect the legitimate interests of both sides.
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china's vice premier you her and u.s. treasury secretary steve renouf chin head the negotiating teams the u.s. is concerned about its ballooning trade deficit washington accuses china of blocking access to its markets it's not clear when the two parties will meet again trump tweeted to dispel worries about a looming trade war the levies will be used to prop up a link sectors of the economy. well let's get more on this from d.w. business correspondent sure they'll do below and washington where have all of us solace welcome both and start with you oliver today's talks ended not long after they began what happened. well those were really brief talks in fact that's right it did not come as a surprise though if you take into consideration that the talks were actually stalled a week ago already in negotiators were not very optimistic when they went into the
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talks this morning they then went on to the white halls including the secretary of treasury the newsham to discuss the outcome with u.s. president donald trump who by the way makes a very. impression that he's been tweeting all morning long he says essentially that terrorism good for the u.s. economy and he also continuously tweeted and stressed the chinese would be paying for the terror of eventually economists however are challenging that they believe that the american businesses that would have to pay the bill in the end of the day and that they would also give the pass that on to the consumers when for instance consumer electronics would become more expensive that said all goods that are currently in transit say that they have left the chinese coast on a container ship for instance and that would take three to four weeks to arrive in america these goods are excluded and that gives the negotiators a certain time frame again to renegotiate should they get together within that time
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frame in case or general to do china says it will respond to what start response likely to look like you know it hasn't said and there are a few things china could do but they all come with a cost now it could for example extend the tariffs it already has on china on u.s. products or return barriers that it had already earlier reversed say like on u.s. auto imports the problem is that china exports more than the u.s. does and it would very quickly run out of you x. u.s. products to impose tariffs on if it includes conductors and boeing planes alternative suppliers for those things would also be in a position to raise prices dramatically so be beijing could lose out on that and. what it could also do is devalue its currency to make its exports cheaper but that's unlikely to go over a month in the thickly again alternatively it could also respond with the boycott of american goods the problem is a lot of chinese workers do work in the assembly and manufacture of american goods
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like i phone so that could backfire as well so it's wide open what china could do at this particular moment but you have quite a few analysts saying that from an economic standpoint to and from the perspective that what they actually want to do is achieve a deal the most prudent thing to do would be nothing now this would all be see how already occurred to chinese policymakers but they're also under political pressure to act so we're just going to have to see which side wins that that argument because all of a sudden it's a just bounces through the main sticking point. so reportedly there is a debate going on in the chinese communist party about within reformers and and hardliners about the question how to move on here and that led to a very late decision all of the chinese president xi jinping over the question how to tackle the ongoing debate the key sticking points here are the protection of
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intellectual property american one of course and also certain laws restraining american businesses and eventually the clash erupted then over the question which hard of the final agreement should be made public sensually the chinese side does not want to publicly admit that its electoral property laws are flawed because that would also mean that they would look as the losers of this of this trade agreement all of a summit in washington. but you do good business thank you both. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations says record numbers of people are being displaced within their homelands by who and violence more than forty one million last year far in excess of the number to flee to other countries syria colombia and somalia were among the top ten countries for the number of people displaced internally. truly afghan national congress is
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heading for victory in south africa's election despite gaining its lowest ever share of the vote counting almost complete the a.n.c. has fifty seven percent their worst performance for twenty five years presents a rather poser replaced scandal hit jacob zuma last year. and every journalist as usual has to call to germany that he was tortured while i held in the to jail is he holds president vet of time on personally responsible turkish german that you just spent a year behind bars without being formally indicted but i'm proceeding with charges against. there's been another tragedy involving migrants from africa in the mediterranean sea as many as seventy people are feared to have that drowned when that boat sank near the coast of tunisia one of the worst such incidents this year the tunisian defense ministry says the boats had set sail from libya i was heading for italy the u.n. says fewer people are making the journey to europe nowadays but they voyages
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apparently are becoming we have this report on a different group of migrants pulled from the mediterranean. rescued from a sinking ship. an italian boat. run by a humanitarian charity save them forty kilometers off the libyan coast. the thirty migrants including two pregnant women and five children according to the ngo are just a few of the thousands of people who have already attempted to cross the mediterranean this year. according to italy's anti migration deputy prime minister. italy's ports are closed to illegal migrants but these people landing in lampedusa cicely a lucky italy's prime minister giuseppe conseco allowed the ship to dock tomorrow john you know stuff applaud the migrants but this might have been its last mission . i've spoken to sell vini about the mara journey and we agree on the police seizing the ship. was already on
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a warning. this ship is one of the very few rescue ships still in operation in the mediterranean context said other european union member states had agreed to take some of these people a sign that the e.u.'s migrant distribution agreements are working albeit on an ad hoc basis although far fewer people are headed to europe than at the peak of migration in two thousand and fifteen thousand still take the perilous journey every month and as summer brings better weather conditions the number of attempted crossings is likely to increase. let's talk about this with chris chris he's a member of sea watch one of the aid organizations providing migrant boats in distress with humanitarian assistance at sea welcome to date of you know that you've been on a number of these rescue missions but now that another of these boats has been seized the other you actually left out that well the. rescue boat has been
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seized before and has been freed before so actually at the moment there are three active rescue ships left in the mediterranean one of which. is again the last time this lasted for a week so we will see how long this knows because usually the vega liberations of irregularities on board never prove. founded on anything. maybe they bring you in what you would say was a trumped up charge of actually properly investigated and then you're allowed to go anywhere you get. ship back just totally actually does he watch three hour shift from the watch has just been freed by a court in the netherlands who decided on who ruled that the netherlands blocking our ship from leaving port did this not on a legal basis and so our ship is now being prepared to go back and mission after being off for one month and how do these missions work do you just sort of sail around waiting for something to happen or do you sort of see things going on and then go and investigate well today i. sadly the rescue coordination center is in
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malta and in italy they don't cooperate with us anymore so you've got these a government or coast guard unit organisation. usually you would coordinate search and rescue efforts. so today. we go to the internationally agreed search and rescue zone which is a strip off the coast of libya in international waters where we look for these boats we see which we have also two planes in operation who are actually scanning the operation area and then we try and go and rescue as many people as we can because now it is getting somewhere and as we see a lot of people are leaving libya there is a cost that clearly europe has it has its self in a mess over its migration policy its policy is to try to reduce these numbers. the numbers are folding the cost though is counted in terms of human lives it could be argued that that policy is working well the policy is built on graves that
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policy is making the mediterranean sea a bit huge graveyard. there are several reasons and then all the people who trade in people going out to see that all the people who put them these people in the boat the problem is the people are in libya other people are stuck in libya lots of people are stuck in libya a lot of people are stuck in detention centers an illegitimate detention in torture in slavery. they have to leave this country the civil war is raging again more than in the last ones people are being shot in these migrant detention centers we've seen all this in the last couple of weeks the people need to leave that and the only way to leave libya at the moment is through the sea because he's a desperate. plea from the sea watch that can thank you very much. if it has waited too long because of sought refuge in foreign embassies as the government widens its crackdown on the lives of opposition leader one quite oh it comes a day after with orses arrest of the vice presidents of the opposition controlled
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national assembly their arrests have put renewed pressure on quite a who's uprising last week failed to oust president nicolas maduro. but the point is for supporters of one quiet though the aftermath of last week's coup attempt is proving dangerous stripped of their immunity by the supreme court richard blanco of the brief people's alliance and on what he called a cannot see a of the radical cause party has sought safety at the embassies of argentina and italy. they're trying to avoid the fate that befell edgar zambrano the vice president of venezuela's opposition run national assembly he was thrown in jail on wednesday charged with treason for supporting why those uprising. this video shows the moment his car was hauled off to prison with some brownouts still inside . some brought his family was defiant after his arrest. made by uganda today my father is giving up part of his life to defend
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venezuela and to defend democracy and freedom soon there will be justice not just for us that those who are doing a bad things will be held to account echoes of discontent also evident on the streets of caracas even amid fears of government reprisals. we're protesting but we're afraid they will tell you it's against as is they've done with the deputies and with editors and with all those they want to take prisoners. quantock why do said some broncos arrest is part of a government intimidation campaign. when it's only going to mean that what is the only tool they have used because it was present terribly well they state terrorism to be clear. because that's what they were doing and selling terror among the people who he said what they're going to do. has called for fresh protests on saturday but with his uprising flagging zambrano the rest could demoralize the opposition and in bold and president nicolas maduro and his loyalists. and japan
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says north korea's ballistic missile tests on thursday have violated u.n. resolutions calling for a halt to such in the haunches to short range missiles were fired both landed at sea another was fired last week the un has warned pyongyang again stoking regional tensions south korea's president j. and says the north latest missile launch was to protest at the failed talks in hungary with u.s. president donald trump. pyongyang seems to be quite dissatisfied that it couldn't reach a deal at the second north korean u.s. summit in hanoi. in the new year will do not move. the missiles don't seem to directly threaten the united states japan or south korea so they appeared to be taking care not to break down the dialogue so at the same time they were definitely expressing an opinion. well that's an opinion not only to
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well at least while parts of south korea the island of yeonpyeong has that been hit by north korean artillery and rocket fire was nearly a decade ago since the island's residents have stepped up their preparedness. the south korean island of yawn pianka is a two hour boat ride from the port of entry on its actually closer to north korea. soldiers pour off the ferry unofficial figures suggest there is one soldier for every resident of the island a total of more than two thousand troops even more in times of crisis in twenty ten north korea fired around one hundred seventy shells and missiles at a young pyong two soldiers and two civilians lost their lives north korea said it was responding to a south korean military maneuver. song
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ochs small guest house was destroyed in the attack she says it's surprising that there were no further casualties. flames swept through the entire neighborhood songs faith in the future of korea is at rock bottom just you and a complete reunification is no easy undertaking and if it were up to me i'd like to see a sense of mutual exchange in the whole charlie for example because that would be great community ask them to put that on and i will be. a seven square kilometer outpost in the yellow sea every shill every street every meter of coastline is under surveillance yongpyong is a fortress north korea's nearest cliffs are just three kilometers away the mainland twelve. world politics meets fisherman farmers and sea weed growers life here is overshadowed by a sense of strategic significance and ongoing threat along with memories of the
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past buildings still bear scars from the twenty ten attack. the marines based here have regular training sessions. after the panmunjom summit residents hope tensions would ease the island was to become part of a peace but progress has stalled. with the threat of another attack constantly hovering people here including children want to be prepared. just behind the school is bunker number one the largest on the island. it can hold five hundred people with enough pairs of slippers for everyone. the neo in j. from the local council shows us around the seven hundred square meter facility. there's a large kitchen emergency power supply a small medical station and
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a large dormitory and assembly room during the twenty ten attacks there wasn't enough to eat least says now there are better prepared she's convinced the bunker is still an important investment so. frankly i'm skeptical about whether the two koreas can ever be truly united as long as our parents' generation is today life has and our generation to the north has always lie to us i just don't think we can trust in korea. the expiring date on four thousand servings of food rations has passed the have to be replaced and with little real hope in sight many here would agree that's the only sensible thing to do. on to sports and football sunday seems one of the most exciting races for the english premier league title rights to the final round playing champions manchester city just one point ahead of liverpool with both sides facing
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squads with nothing at stake at this point of the season liverpool who are looking to end the twenty nine year drought for an english league title with seven points ahead of city in january before the defending champions claw their way back to. manchester city hope to do what hasn't been done since two thousand and nine to retain the premier league title they are in pole position with ninety five points one a head of liverpool but will pep guardiola steam buckle under the pressure in their match against brighton that is a game that anything can happen it's more pressure because of one mistake for our side one incredible performance for the opposite side one mistake for the referee's in or own eyes or again. can decide the title. meanwhile liverpool are hoping for another american and manchester city slip up and the liverpool victory over vova hampton wanderers what mean a first week title for the club in twenty nine years but even the believe it like.
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that city will win and we will win and the ends it is general but we have their game to play and works with ambitions we cuz they showed the whole year they've joyed their football. and believe we're competitive league. two sides with crafty coaches' to sites with top talent but only one team will lift the trophy on sunday . and in a first for european football for english teams who battle it out in the finals of the continent's biggest club competitions liverpool and tottenham hotspur will go head to head in the champions league and the europa league final will be between arsenal and chelsea on thursday the blues dash the hopes of blunders league side i'm struck frankfurt by beating them in a penalty shoot out fingers club took the lead in the first half with a goal from ruben on loftus cheek but frankfurt said they drove rich levelled the school after the break with a game tied at the end of extra time the much went to
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a penalty shoot out but chelsea's goalkeeper made two seconds to break from france the all english final between a chelsea and arsenal group a battle. may you live in interesting times the old chinese saying is the title of this year's very spin alley the huge art show that opens on saturday one of those displaying their work is certainly finding families interesting this year because he's got to show he's britain's adman's divine i famous ceramicist and best selling author our reporter visited him as he studio as he prepared for his big summer in venice. porcelain has shaped edmund avowals life it started when he made his first parts at the age of just fine of his fascination for the white earth continues to grow half a century later. who wouldn't adore. both.
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of our worships porcelain as the perfect material not only because it's a deceptively pure substance solid yet translucent hard and fragile but also because it was a desirable commodity and traveled the globe connecting people you have to start looking for opportunities to to rebuild empathy. you know and my. my my job which is why i come to work you know is to make things which are i hope beautiful and builds connections between things we've lost and things that we can build that's that's why that's why i get up in the morning with. visitors to developers in london studio are invited to touch the limoges tray is that the artist has worked with for twenty five years. it's not just about the vessels but also about the spaces between and around them. like behind me i mean if you
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see see a group of. pots vessels or which of course are just empty spaces or they are. in a line that sounds to me it's like work. so i'm making poetry. divans other great passion is reading and writing books. in the hair with amber eyes he told the story of his jewish family his grandparents fled from the nazis to england now devour considers britain's push to leave the e.u. to be nationalistic and disgrace. for two thousand years you know we have depended from we've depended on people moving across borders writing in different languages bringing with them cultures which aren't
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native to to to what we experience and then that we enter joyce's and reinvigorate this for the venice be an art here's created a monument to the world's exiles deval has placed his library of exiles in venice is former jewish ghetto two thousand books written by exiles on display in a reading room coated in porcelain it pays tribute to those who culturally enriched their new homes including devours own. his reminder top stories at this hour u.s. president donald trump is tightening the screws in a strange dispute with china has imposed a new touch something billions of dollars worth of chinese and calls beijing has threatened necessary camped. out in the mediterranean sea the people smugglers are increasing that deadly train to summer approaches these migrants were rescued today but as many as seventy drowned in another incident it was one of the
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worst such incidents satiate. next here on. the day i'll be back in a moment with the news in the have a good day.
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an action packed life for. me. anything's possible as long as our country and his friends country are. his movie and kenya's dob refugee camp . his life story may have ground to a. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams.
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thank you for watching. cinema starts may twenty seventh on the. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. raring to. go. what if there's no escape. list. plus street. slip. listen carefully. will soon be. too difficult. to discover the world.
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subscribe to documentary on you tube. the i. hours after the united states more than double the tariffs on more than two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese exports u.s. president donald trump tweeted that he was in absolutely no rush to finalize a deal with china and that the u.s. economy would gain more from the levies than from any agreement so what do the chinese think i don't feel gail in berlin and this is the.


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