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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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from east to west. i was after the united states more than doubled the tariffs on more than $200000000000.00 worth of chinese exports u.s. president donald trump tweeted that he was in absolutely no rush to finalize a deal with china and that the u.s. economy would gain more from the levies than from any agreement so what do the chinese think i feel gail in berlin and this is the day. present the right to go after chinese 1st presently take it on and we're worried about what the impact is going to be on our farmers and i'm just really worried about what's going to happen i think good targeting these 2 years. to to a country like china has been seen for so long. that's one piece of the table if
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you get a theory prevent the next mr so i think we're going to see a ripple effect through our economy and a lot of questions about what's the president's plan and hope to the chinese will come to the table and will be able to negotiate the price he makes his decisions and such and. just precipitous weighing that we don't really have a sense of guarantees that it was. also coming up right. make stock markets debut fell on early trading maybe wall street have been reading the research just out that painted over as part of the problem rather than the solution when it comes to urban traffic congestion and drive us on top either. you know the money that you're making. getting over. you know everyone has really has agreed to write. another day at
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a saving pass in the trade dispute between the united states and china and another baron of tweets from the u.s. president we have lost $500000000000.00 a year for many years on crazy trade with china he tweeted no more here's another tariffs will make our country much stronger not weaker just sit back and watch in the meantime china should not renegotiate deals with the us at the last minute this is not the obama administration and his one all time favorite president got tired of waiting for china to help out and start buying from our farmers the greatest anywhere in the world. so tired of waiting in fact that the president more than doubled tariffs on chinese imports despite the fact that the 2 sides are due to continue that discussions so let's talk about the chinese the likely chinese response to these the tariff increases and how this brawl between the world's
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biggest economies is likely to affect the rest of us chang lady is director of the john l. thoughts and china center and a senior fellow in the foreign policy program at the brookings institution is also a director of the national committee on the u.s. and china relations welcome to day w. when the president accuses china of renegotiating deals at the last minute what does he mean. well he believed that china ha go back with some of their previously. they are wrong and not in the nature of this point but china for them to take a different view most the chinese people they believe the u.s. last minute change the strategy and want to pressure china in a mall so i think the chinese media will especially as social media has been seen as kind of for greedy and the crazy and unpredictable so that's a certain play around the chinese government to favor and of course china will
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suffer because that you could not be reached at this point but also they believe that the u.s. will suffer to u.s. consumers who are suffer and the u.s. business community and the war street also well so that's the chinese view of the day increasingly they are critical of the u.s. they don't want to be seen as too solved in this negotiation table right so what do they say the united states has done in what way has the i said states or go back on its own its word in these negotiations. well again they certainly 1st that brame present and then also blamed that the entire atmosphere it wanted to really put the chinese record up because most of people in china believe that the trade issue is a is less important on the security and also dishonest technology issues but the u.s. now increasingly critical of very tough they want to adopt a policy called the company which basically cut off in technology or science
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exchanges with china and also more pressure on the educational cultural exchanges so this all had to be seen as a contaminant against china so trade. was also part of the strategy based on chinese of you also i think it's a little bit overstated but up this is the perception going on in china right so when the united states says to china it's not fair it's not fair that you refuse to allow foreign companies to enter chinese markets unless they parted with chinese companies or force them to share their technology or failed to protect intellectual property and allowed companies to steal foreign technology without facing any punishment when america makes these accusations what is the chinese response. most the chinese think that the united states that have the general point of to to address these issues and also chinese government demitted china probably should
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change and this should come from. compromise in these areas and china also make a point is that china's vital interest to improve intellectual property rights market excess and they announced just that 2 months ago that the so called the foreign investment to have their good treatment national treatment for foreign companies and also chinese private entrepreneurs also now improve the investment environment in china so china think it's underway and that china does not that can i there's some problems but they think that the u.s. ask too much and also do not to know what it really us want really it's just that the odds for so many in negotiations with china one hears from the chinese announcers and one hears from the governments we will move on this and then the world waits for action but no action follows so if china has acknowledged this is a problem why could not just change it tomorrow. well
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they they believe again rightly or wrongly china is changing china is to create a more conducive environment and also they realize that the previous a few years that the same policies and really cause some legitimate the warre or criticism so in the longer talk about the so-called amazing china and the 5 and so because if you look at the negotiation items the u.s. has a long list of demands and that china has a relative very short at the request so for the same time china you think it does them some issues here is china cannot to change not for a change such as china's own technology development and also china as a state owned enterprises and certain things but of course this should go back to goshen table but at the moment both countries and the political environment it's very critical of each other. there's
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a huge trade imbalance between the 2 countries president has more than doubled the tires on chinese imports yes what effect is that going to have on china. well certainly as a nation china will suffer more that's obvious chinese. leaders say acknowledges some of the challenges that elitist years of the risk and the pressures but they're not and. the issues that it's not just a one way street they believe it should change and should be willing and this is based on competitive advantage so therefore they think that the u.s. pressure on china isn't going to be the way that it hurts china in a severe way plus the concern about the strategic or security issues such as taiwan and the cyber man of course us also becoming clear critical of china's behavior since i was china sea and the cyber attack an exception so both sides have the
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different a complete different perspective now so you know way that donald trump is right he should a should not be hari because there's still mesnick audience also look at how much he wanted to convert my so is china but on the other hand if that deal is signed should be sustainable not hijacked by some idea of events or incidents so therefore i think of that kind of 4 way to fall while it may not be bad for both countries but the point is that the global economy will be affected rudd's stock market will effect it i hope with this kind of game we're not that go on for too long. china does seem to be fighting a lot of fronts at the moment you mentioned some of the disputes over the south china sea there's also a push back on the debt financing of its bells and road initiative as well as fears over who are away it and those of course there's this massive fear of skepticism about its economic and military expansion how much will this push back and
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skepticism have been sort of figured into the made in china 2025 initiative that you that you mentioned in passing that. well my part of my observation is china will do some adjustment for the over all they have to complete this perspective the same because this is order seems to excuse a no excuse found the us want to contain china want to form a coalition against china i think of that from their perspective china's build a road initiative it's not that you intended it's not what the western countries describe and i think you also argue it's a well come in south america in africa in middle east and to further extent by some western countries and the e.u. countries so that's their mindset i do not want that gave sassaman to whether they had the general reason or not but that's the that gap between 2 perspectives it's very interesting talking to thank you so much chang leave from the john forbes and
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china sense thank you. think old milestone for the buy feeling industry has launched its long awaited i.p.o. listing shares for the 1st time in its history they were priced at a $45.00 each lower than expected but still raised a good. about said investors are asking themselves whether the right holding firm will ever be profitable given that it ever posted losses in its 10 year existence and of course it's proved divisive around the world. it seems controversy has constantly tell gaited since the company was founded 10 years ago the disruptive startup has put taxi drivers around the world inter of losing their livelihoods leading to protests in the u.k. spain and poland where last month parliament elected
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a bill to legalize the ride hailing upstart and other based firms if they fit if we feel we discriminated against we have to get licenses pay pension contributions we have to set up a company to work and we have other costs in contrast the illegal carriers have low costs they're often people convicted by the courts 75 percent of them without polish citizenship they work illegally and the government does nothing about it. has faced legal challenges from drivers demanding basic labor conditions it's been banned in several countries including denmark and hungary in 2016 hackers attacked it was cloud server and downloaded millions of users personal data a year later its c.e.o. travis calendaric was forced to step down after a series of scandals there was a fatal accident involving one of the driving cars and there have been numerous
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rape and sexual assault allegations against uber drivers from india to america more than 100 in the u.s. alone the company has also been criticized as having a culture of sexual harassment. then there's the balance sheet over the 12 months to the end of march up losses of $3700000000.00 a record for a company in the year ahead of its i.p.o. . that despite wall street's excitement has had a decidedly bumpy ride on main street and the same way contrivance went on strike over working conditions and who studies putting a dent in one of the central plains reporter. has the. welcome so what does it tell us about this study and what it found right well of course one of other similar companies claims are that you don't need a private car if you use us you can just jump in our car will take you where you need to go and that would therefore lower congestion so some experts of the university of kentucky were interested in seeing if this is actually true they
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looked at san francisco one of the most congested cities in the united states and they found that actually has contributed over and lift has contributed the most to congestion in that city over the years from 2012660 more than 60 percent more congestion and most of that contributed by goober and lift cars but there would be congestion in that city regardless of who burned lift which tells us both uber and lift ride sharing apps and private traffic were both increased in this time period ok so this this study looked at. home but presumably the problem doesn't then the right brace for this 5700000000 that's the number of extra miles that goober and lift cars have contributed to 9 of america's most densely populated cities over the years $2010.00 or $2016.00 people who are driving who would not otherwise have to correct these are people who would say they might be taking they would be biking
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they'd be walking they'd be doing using other kinds of transport if not for uber and lift and private traffic is also going up in those same cities more than $600000.00 new cars add to the roads private cars added to the roads in the same time that lift are getting popular in these cities so the claim that uber and lyft cancel out private car traffic is is rather disputed here ok so what then is the problem with choosing. another kind of transport well the burden of all these extra cars whether private or and live on cities on city infrastructure on roads and of course on climate is huge and it's not shared equally there's a massive income disparity between people who use. people who might use public transit looking again at these cities people who earn more than $200000.00 a year so this is the top one percent of america they tend to use goober a lot more than lower income people this is what you'd expect surely right this is nothing new people who have more money will use private private transportation use
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more comfortable ways of getting around but who are enough has made it so easy and so ubiquitous to access this kind of private more comfortable transit that it's reinforced this habit of of putting more money more focus into private travel rather than public infrastructure which people of lower income needs need to get around see to get to their jobs which then takes money takes it takes resources and takes political will away from public transit into private modes of transportation like this ok you press me the thank you for coming with blue cross we'll see in the next britain. our german turkish journalist at denny's huge old claims he was tortured at a high security turkish prison giving evidence to a course in berlin he said that he was kicked and beaten when he spent a year behind bars without being formally charged his detention triggered a diplomatic crisis between germany and turkey a correspondent for german newspaper de felt used to usual says he was abused to
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join in the 1st 3 days of his detention in turkey they physically beat me by kicking my feet and beating my chest and back even though there were observe ation cameras in the hallways there were not inside the prison cells the amount of violence used against me was low level it wasn't about inflicting physical pain they want to do humiliate and intimidate me maybe they also wanted to entice me to react but by the way this was definitely a case of torture let's get more from t w political correspondent max 1000000 on the coasts it welcomed maximally on why it was done he says usual in a german courtroom today. well the reason why the german turkish journalist dan is your jail wasn't a german courtroom today was not because he was held trial in germany but because he was currently on trial in turkey and he was in prison held in prison in turkey until 2018 was then allowed to leave the country after
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a lot of diplomatic efforts and but his trial in turkey is continuing and so he was giving his statement in the ongoing trial against him that is happening in turkey in germany for his own safety today and germany's opposition is calling for action to be taken in response to these allegations what sort of response should be expected from the german government. so we've had a response all through the posses especially from the left side of the opposition parties one member of ourselves turkish origin has been urging the foreign ministry to summon the turkish ambassador to belen and talk about these severe accusation that that is a just been brought forward in court today and so we have also heard from government policy members for example in these smiths who's a spokesperson of the parliamentary committee on foreign relations who has been saying that these allegations have been deeply troubling. bilateral relations between turkey and germany were already tense this clearly this is not going to
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help masses. now it's lost because no one of the claims or the demands it have been made by parliamentary members today was that germany should urge the european union to stop the accession talks that it currently has still perform on going on with turkey though what has to be said is that these accession talks for turkey to potentially at one point to become a member of the european union has been already symbolically been put to hold by the european parliament now the european parliament itself couldn't stop this process per se but it held a vote earlier this year where it said it wants to symbolically stop these accession talks the question is these are of course allegations that are currently only referring to german. citizens who are held in turkish prisons as for example 10 is a gels but there also are this and the question is how many european member states in such a case would go behind germany and support his message me on kasich thank you.
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to no bankers in venezuela have sought refuge inside foreign embassies as the government widens its crackdown on allies and opposition they don't panic why don't it comes a day after or thought his arrest of the vice president of the opposition controlled national assembly the ressa put regular pressure on quite a uprising last week failed to oust the president nicolas maduro. for supporters of one quiet though the aftermath of last week's coup attempt is proving dangerous stripped of their immunity by the supreme court richard blanco of the brave people's alliance and. of the radical cause party has sought safety at the embassies of argentina and italy. they're trying to avoid the fate that befell at. the vice president of venezuela's opposition run national assembly he was thrown in jail on wednesday charged with treason for supporting why those uprising. this
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video shows the moment his car was hauled off to prison with some still inside. some brought his family was defiant after his arrest. today my father is giving up part of his life to defend venezuela and to defend democracy and freedom soon there will be justice not just for us but he those who are doing bad things will be held to account echoes of discontent also evident on the streets of caracas even amid fears of a government reprisals. protesting but we're afraid there will tell you it's against as if they've done with the deputies with edison brunel with all those they want to take prisoners on it but i thought. quantock why do said someone was arrest is part of a government intimidation campaign. when it got i mean the guy would be what is the only tool they have used because it was. terrible the state terrorism because.
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because that's what they do it and something terror among the people when he said what they're going to do. though i don't know why though has called for fresh protests on saturday but with his uprising flagging zambrano as a rest could demoralize the opposition and enfold and president nicolas maduro and his loyalists. to paris which may be wealthy and shaky. but like many other cities it has a homelessness problem one of the city's homeless is started using social media to draw attention to the sorts of conditions rough sleepers have to deal with and he soon collected more than 30000 followers on twitter and got the ear of city or thorpe says that was the start of his fight for better living conditions for paris's homeless. christian college knows what it means to lead an insecure unstructured life he spent over 3 years hanging out with this group of
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homeless people at the plus sun mart in paris he used to have a well paying job as a song lear but after his wife left him he developed a drinking problem and when he could no longer pay the rent he ended up on the streets and. this is one of the places i slept in but a few weeks later they installed these typically anti homeless barriers in their place deliberately so no one can bed down here. and the homeless barriers have popped up all over paris some in places where people sleep due to warm air from the metro christian reacts to them by tweeting with results. the power is out of the city of paris and put in iron rods to prevent access you can still see the traces. they would have stopped people from being able to sleep there in winter when it's cold. i posted it on twitter and the next day the authorities removed the iron rods. from is
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a good. christian began tweeting 3 years ago after his possessions were soaked by street cleaners in winter he wrote this is how the homeless are treated in paris within a few months he had over 30000 followers. out in the morning to say hello to the planet and at night to talk about what was going on on the streets. i take a picture of my sleeping bag and say good night guys and go to bed. goodnight see you tomorrow what i thought that was cool. people who live on the streets often feel like pariahs but christian potch has given them a voice and his activism has spread beyond paris people now send in pictures of barry's elsewhere in france. this one's in front of an eavesdropper share store in
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now born in the country south. true that the social media have a certain power that can be negative for big brands and. we'll see in the next few days that evil shape will certainly get rid of those barriers. is political christian is glad that his tweets can change things for the better. his own situation has also improved his no longer living on the streets but has found accommodation with a christian aid organization. good luck to well this day is almost done but the conversation continues online 5 years on twitter i've. used. don't forget use our hash tag the death of a good. as
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a contest figure in space go to introduces its new compact disc on a. big m.p.v. gets a small facelift miss a it is revamped its beak chance. drive
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it next on doubles. or maybe evil history and heritage you bet. divesting the young absolutely minister is a city with many faces. down even see the cultural riches of this city and its romantic surroundings there are more than $100.00 castles and palaces of course the best way to do trip to the countryside is by bike. in 60 minutes on t.w. . board or. i think is everything challenging 1st and i make a muslim. school much different culture between here and there so
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a challenge in court if he. leads. to some of the same i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. for got my license to work as a swimming instructor to shine our 2 children 100 dogs just from the top just to show them. what's your story take part cherish on in for migrants dogmas. hello and welcome to drive in the new w. motor magazine this week featuring a 5 liter v 8 we test the lexus r.c.f. . the newly facelift of the classic by mercedes.


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