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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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platform for information. plus nothing to connect to an unbiased agenda subscribed no one to. get out of. this is deja vu news live from berlin anti-government protests in albania turn violent demonstrators throw flares far crackers and molotov cocktails as they demand the government resign and call for fresh elections. to survive 8 hours in the water now they've been brought to tunisia with some 70 of their friends and family died in the perilous crossing trying to reach europe. and in
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south africa the governing a.n.c. is declared the election where the party that has ruled the country since the end of apartheid is losing appeal and under pressure to find out why from our correspondent in cape town. i'm next peiser welcome to the program. thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across albania demanding the resignation of prime minister 80 of drama opposition parties called the demonstrations hoping to force rama to resign and call snap elections in the capital to round up protesters besieged the prime minister's office throwing molotov cocktails at the building police responded with tear gas the opposition accuses ramma of manipulating election results 2 years ago
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and alleges his party has links to organized crime and violence is the latest in 3 months of anti-government protest. for more on this i'm joined by correspondent bizarre and the albanian capital a toronto these are really incredible scenes what's the situation where you are now . well the situation has calmed down after clashes. in front of the government. positions reporters through all of them. and they also moved on to the parliament house where the world's. police and police made use of tear gas and also their 8 years of sorrow i want to cancel disperse the crowd so the situation now is how they're being about 30 police officers that have been injured but also sarcastic years help us understand a little bit that's for motivating this the opposition says there was fraud in the
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27000 parliamentary elections but the united states and the european union says there was not who's right. well it's a little more complicated than that the opposition was fired for partially an agreement to oversee a bill $2013.00 elections and off to be elections that he can dispute litigants with the legitimacy of a poll but these came up there are fresh allegations were made in the media out there earlier this year about 5 and both of them organized. 7 in vote by him per $2000.00 sudden tina lections and after that the opposition for if you get there. and not only call 1st elections but they want again power sharing agreement oversee your vote is a bit of a contest let's but it must be of prime minister if your are called to step down and they want
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a new government which will be part of so to oversee the fight against or going to ask about who will receive and use and all. these pictures we're seeing tonight are really just the sort of most visual if you will representation of 3 months of protests how long is this going to go on for. well it's hard to tell and it's certainly a president this ration because the main opposition parties are not any more parliament we are supposed to have on june 30th or local elections so it's not sure that they are going to participate so there is certainly a political crisis brewery that need some sort of mediation to be years old a little part of this in albania. to have a hard time meet here and below and be forced with lot of. this is being one of the main problems of the country and its. european integration
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process. and this is one of the main complaints that you hear over and over during a electoral process is there isn't dialogue there isn't a certain certain. rules of the political parties. ok bizarre like mad in the capital to rana thank you for that. pakistan's military says the gunmen have killed one person in an attack in the port city of go water the attack took place in a luxury hotel called the pearl continental in a statement the military identified the victim as a security guard and said that all 3 assailants were subsequently killed in a shootout all guests were safely evacuated a group called the blotches stand liberation army has claimed responsibility for the attack water has been the scene of significant investment from china recently survivors of a shipwreck in the mediterranean have arrived in tunisia they were trying to reach
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europe aboard a boat sailing from libya but dozens died when the vessel went down in international waters 16 people were rescued by fishing vessels they're now being sent there now telling of their harrowing experience. the horror of what they have seen all too apparent. this small group of the survivors of a bike carrying at least 75 people have now been taken to a migrant center in. atlanta starting to grief what happened to them in the mediterranean say. people going under development. who. have lost all my 2000. and 4 had the love. of my. fathers in ahmed's creep or in deep shock they still wake and some are ill. because the waters will coat there but sank in the middle of the night they
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were rescued off to dawn it's. a day to hold. a to. see. all of the passengers were men sent to stuff talk to them about their fight for journey in some cases they staple type thousands of euros they dreamed of beginning a new life in europe they could not have imagined the risk would be this high. you see. and i didn't make it. instead of that back in libya is not unique. having lost friends relatives and acquaintances in that deadly say. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. with the rebels in yemen say they have begun to pull out of the 3 ports in the city of data
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it's part of a u.n. sponsored cease fire agreement reached in december between the country's warring parties yemen's conflict has resulted in the world's worst humanitarian crisis with more than 2 thirds of the population in need of a. 3 hostages freed by french commandos from militants burkina faso have returned to france president emmanuel cole personally welcomed the 3 at an air base near paris 2 french soldiers were killed in the operation to free the hostages in the west african nation. cuba is introducing widespread rationing as it struggles with an economic crisis chicken eggs rice and soaps are among the basic products affected cuba's blaming the u.s. trade embargo but analysts say the collapse of aid from venezuela has hit cuba just as hard. south africa's governing african national congress has secured
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a 6th straight term in power in what some are calling a fall from grace it did win 57.5 percent of the vote but that amounts to its lowest share since the end of white minority rule 25 years ago in 2nd place came the office democratic alliance at just under 21 percent is the african national just gave the a.n.c. half the slap on the wrist but in the end the party managed to hold on to power it is really tough to africa since apartheid and then 25 years ago his popularity has steadily declined. election victory means that the party now is a chance to reverse its drift into corruption and i cannot make mismanagement. president 0 not pose a 2nd optimistic note after the initial results were announced let us know work together black and why men and women young and old to build a south africa that truly belongs to all who live in it as proclaimed
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by our full they dropped at the freedom charter. one. which is united which is nonracial non fixed democratic and prosperous. oppose a hostile under the present jacob zuma who presided over years of decline apart from rooting out croft reviving the stagnant economy will be the president's main challenge if you find employment at 50 percent there is much at stake the election has given him oppose a mandate for reform but experts feel position from within his own party despite zuma being forced out of office by the a.n.c. many of his loyalists remain in high positions but if the party refuse to change its fortunes will continue to fade. for more on this. case joins me now from cape town. the a.n.c. wins a healthy majority but it's also its worst when ever how should we see the result
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well i mean on the one hand the a.n.c. is still 57 percent ahead of the 2nd strongest party the democratic alliance that is certainly a reason to celebrate but as you rightly said on the other hand they did manage to stop that downward trend ever since the elections 2004 the a.n.c. kept on losing voters. how do we explain the downward trend what's causing voters to turn away. well the a.n.c. did not manage to fulfill all the promises that the party made in the last 2 years and in the last election is still a big part of the population lives in poverty the economy is growing waste too slow more than every 2nd young person in this country is unemployed these are big issues that needs to be addressed inequality is another big problem is one of the most unequal societies in the world and on top of that corruption has been increasing in
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the last years especially under former president jacob zuma where corruption was thriving almost in almost all areas of governance and also all state institution without anything happening without any consequences and a lot of south africans are fed up with that and they are hoping that. i will now act as he has promised. and what are people in more detail if you would expecting from president obama. back. so especially the young people i talked to they expect him to fix the economy to create employment but people are also expecting actions on these corruption cases and you know the big problem is that these corruption cases have been happening under the watch of is a very own party under the watch of the a.n.c. and many people you have the impression that there were never any consequences for people who were corrupt and so many south africans i talked to they really have high hopes now in rome up also that he will not only tell them what he wants to do that he will really follow up on it and that also will take action on people who
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are in his very own part ok then reporting from cape town thanks for that we turn to culture now the venice art be anally open to the public on saturday marking the 1st day of the 6 months in which visitors can marvel at the latest contemporary art trends the winner of the coveted golden lion for best national contribution this year was lithuania it was honored for an installation that deals with climate change and how we react to threats. sun and see an idyllic spot on the beach where an ecological disaster looms but everyone ignores it this installation from lithuania was awarded the golden lion at this year's venice art b.n. dollar the 58th edition of the exhibition saw a record 90 national pavilions and experts say the b.n.
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naalehu was never as political as this year's event whose fitting motto is may you live and trysting times. if you read his sort of the view now. many times. can be aware defying this time becoming more difficult to. germany's pavilion also made a political statement a massive wall symbolizes the 1st world's increasing isolation against migrants. the work barkha nostra by swiss artist christophe be sure is also political the centerpiece is a rusting fishing boat that sank off the coast of sicily in 2015 more than $800.00 migrants drowned italy's right wing populist government protested against the installation art enthusiastic and get a closer view of these works reflecting interesting times until november when the venice biennale a and. you're watching news i'll be back with more news at the
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top of the hour but stick around because after the break we have the best of the action from saturday's bunda sleek a games including 5 minutes clash with army life see where a victory would have been their 7th consecutive but just make a title and show you whether the title race is on. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german and why not i'm with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to send the w z e learning course nico speak german.


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