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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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dr it came 60 minutes d.w. . take it personally. with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. far. more than football or online. i .
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sometimes a special like this going by and ryan fans of not even car accident so sickness can stop. their fans at any football to live forever and everywhere. every weekend every every champions league game every. call game one just maybe a game any any thing or perry and it never quit never quit maybe that's why football once sleep in the summer of 29 team anyway because of the culprit america in brazil. the women's world cup in france. the gold cup in the u.s. jamaica and costa rica and the african cup of nations in egypt. and then there's all the mood play. no time because there's also sebastian sapp i wonder. when the cup. then you have. to
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account to watch out for. the. full kickoff debate which of the summit's on it's will be the best of the fact. today. now on kickoff. turning me into 1900. the africa cup of nations the women's world cup and. let's talk about this years after. the 90 africa cup of nations. it's bigger than it's ever been. 24 teams playing for the same prize this time it's
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a summertime kickoff and the fans like always excited for the tournaments it's feel . your passport hope so we're going to africa to talk to experts and football foodies to see who they have their eyes or. they'll come to the party on this time we're going to win in egypt they're still here. it's not the best looking statue of most forgiving him playing now. ever humble the goal celebrations are crazy you don't want to miss a. is coming. here are my 3 reasons you'd better not miss the 2019 africa cup of nations reason 3. a cup itself is coming home to egypt the pharos are the record. champions with 7 cups to their name. hosted
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4 previous cups and the pharaohs won 3 that's a 75 percent winning percentage their last victory was in 2006 egypt wasn't even supposed to host this year cameroon was but they couldn't get things going fast enough so egypt with hosting rights in egypt at home means the chance to see home field advantage and the advantage will be huge. reason to in turds painting you like goals right. the african cup of nations as the best goal celebrations ever. more goals were scored in the last africa in the last gold cup other tournaments might have scored more but there's a big difference here at the africa every goal gives you moments like
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these. you have got historial football fanatics for over 16 years always dressed in fire and colors to different cultures will surely be something to see and listen to. now before i get to the number one reason you better not miss the africa cup of nations here are some that didn't quite make the list recent after the winners are jinxed 2013 winners nigeria fell to qualifying 2015 the ivory coast one in 2015 then got booted out of the group stage 2 years later the last winter cameroon almost didn't qualify this time that was close anybody could win and i mean anybody more than a handful of this year's qualify fiends have won it some more times can buy i mean for a toll. all of 19 cups. and you know nas magic touch would make another good reason
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to watch the african cup he won in 2012 but zambia then in 2015 with the ivory coast 2 years later he fell short with morocco only reaching the quarter finals were not magic be seen again with morocco. reason would it will be a star studded event ok the biggest stars of them all mobile. we really missed out on see in him on the world stage he is for his country at the last major tournaments. thanks to this guy 60 the enforcer hurts all the shoulder before the world cup well sol is back and he's looking forward to playing at home and defeating his liverpool team mates and they . think. oh he makes turn
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rivals. there's also the 2016th african player of the year algeria's riyad maurice sadly will miss out. here emery obama beyond the star will miss the party didn't qualify so we have stars all over the world meeting in egypt to see one thing who will shine the brightest. before i let you go let's go back to africa to talk to more experts queasy sports in south africa football foodies who will win it all. might come as a shock but i genuinely believe that they could do it and they could put on pull it off. again or has had a solid team from when they went to the world cup and even how they qualified for the 2nd cup of nations maybe this is the time to claim that. in the
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continent. i think we need the. 21000 if i look at the. very thing i'm like you know to have progressed out of the group stages i think this time around if i look at the quality that is there you look at the local course that is also good that understands how to play i threw them this time around . and lift the 21000. you've got 3 reasons you better not miss the. africa.
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this summer it's tournaments time. south america the cradle football come together with hope for america. watch out for its continent cup of nations. and the women square off her book called. the world cup. but what else what about the land of the free the home of the break we're sports is the cornerstone of national identity and the word football is something entirely different. than strike this summer north and central america and the caribbean also squares off in the gold cup that's congo controversy of the euro and well besides mexico this region has largely been considered a from boeing wasteland football or soccer has been steadily gaining ground so here are 3 reasons why the gold cup is the cup to look out for. driving
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lead an ever growing fan base and quality talent now coveted by the world's top clubs coupled with the 2026 world cup means the usa has finally broken up. but. it's no secret that the quality of football and who long been criticised on the other side of the pond but now more than now where the growth the football in this area is evident with the quality in talent that are coming out of cancun cafe and making here and pm to go it's stand up and take notice. players that cost of reaching are not. reale madrid. and newcastle down to a deadly. jamaica's days tears up the wings in the bundesliga and even a few major alfonso debuts at by help and who can forget america's golden boy
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christian clueless it just this winter set records for his high profile move to chelsea in the premier's. even le bron james is a fan. yes top the premier league club 64000000 here in america but the list keeps getting longer with the new ways of american units joining european football's highest ranks players like western mechanics josh sargent and this guy i believe fish and tyler i. know they always have strong teams in the u.s. soccer but i wouldn't necessarily say that the you know the pool is big as it is now i mean you look down you know there's 17 year olds that could be pining for the senior team look at the average age might be like 24 and that's that's kind of on heard of the national team so you know more guys are getting opportunities more guys are going professional when it's a young ages i think that goes to show that the talent is getting better and better
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and you know it's it's again it's the players that are you know making their jumps and doing things and and testing their boundaries that is really making our pool more well rounded and ready for the next level you have to be pretty optimistic about it when you speak about it right you know guys are going to be playing for bigger clubs you know obviously you talk about christian's move to chelsea now like what american has played in the e.p.l. and absolutely killed at a big club like that you know i'm at a big club right now and we have got to put champions league next year you know i could end up playing against barcelona the drama drink any of these clubs and you know that's what i'm aiming for and guess what miss summer you can catch tyler out of a long with the next new promising generation of north american talent. at the goal . but it's not just the up and coming talent that makes conquer and the gold cup finally more exciting it's the ongoing conversation that the future of football is here i know i know i know we've all heard that a 1000 times but this time it actually is we really are not putting us on the map you go to the end of the night before you come come here and talk you know you want
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to play in france and. you know there's different values different the baby's going the right direction or the recent polls show that support for football or soccer is steadily growing it's already surpassed baseball and become the number 2 sport in america after american football for youth and the most coveted age demographic of 18 to 34 timing basketball. increases in participation and popularity are mirrored by the steady growth of football of u.s. television networks where your favorite european league games especially the premier league are readily available a lot of that interest is also thanks to major league soccer i believe that's been steadily growing since its 1st season in 1906. in just 23 years the m.l.s. has more than doubled its number of teams with more on the horizon it boasts high
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attendance records in london's top few leaks and san cultures that sparked the passion of millions even boast only. that's not the say that the quality doesn't have a little ways to go but at the beginning of the m.l.s. it was basically unthinkable that players would start in the m.l.s. and then move to top european clubs instead of just all their european stars coming to the m.l.s. at the end of their careers talk about how many players are in you know john gross of the sport is just it's not just i was parties. the best thing about it was pretty plain consistently and doing big things and you know that's where it's going to go and let's get serious here there's big money to be made from tapping into the u.s. market t.v. deals sponsorships millions and millions of potential fans why do you think european teams have been so keen on building their brands in the usa with things
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like international champions cup during pre-season i hope that's cute you actually . think it was only about football. tournaments like the gold cup being hosted on home soil in the usa generate more buzz around football you know a tournament out in the summer and you know your home obviously in america i get to travel around and you have familiar faces in the stands it's. the starting point for us because we need to move forward and i think that's the most important thing is you know what us soccer fans want us to you know obviously move in the the right direction and you know we need to make them as optimistic as we are because you know we're excited about this thing especially now that the fans see that their own national team players are good enough to make the top leagues in the world that gives them something to get excited about and one more thing let's get real we already know the $2022.00 world cup in qatar is basically going to be a fake world cup a winter world hard strict rules on alcohol close stadiums can we go so let's just
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skip right over that one and say that the next real world cup is going to be having canada the usa and mexico. and what a world cup it promises to be seeing as the last time the usa hosted it was the most tender the world cup ever a record which still exists to this day this world cup the 1st major tournament to be held after being awarded the world cup is set to be a sneak preview of what to expect in $2026.00 and $1.00 thing's for sure when the usa decides to do something big gold big obviously we want to we want to prepare for the natural. and you the best that we can be and obviously qualify that but i think we want to make even no bigger statement a bigger splash in the next world cup because you know the next one is heading back to our home soil and that could be important for us will be in the trying of our careers most likely a lot of us and and now important for us to have back in the home and make a big statement i'll get to watch in a gold cup instead playing out the same as watching results larry lucchino but you
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want to give it a chance you know i think the cup to watch out for but. you need a refresher. so you see the charges trip up against. the ball in this league all the games all the goals the emotions kick off highlights here on g w c days to the. fantastic football stories. every week on kickoff highlights.
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i may not get almost guarantee i've seen every video online or on you tube of fire munich are any of the barmy to play. the kind of happens for a porch for 15 hours a day or you're stuck in a bed for $24.00 hours. as pretty much all of the infantry kind of 65 days. byard changes the way that i feel. about a lot of things it gives me something to look forward to something to strive for. i'm ryan gibson most of the world. knows me as by ryan. some call
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me a legend i don't really like that term. but. i kind of like the. terminology or. it all started with my grandfather who served in the military and in germany the stories that he's all about munich that's where it was made in the fire just. a lot of fans. around the world they have tattoos. with me i mean. it's basically what i'm known for. a lot of the. i mean it's just kind of. something that starts a conversation about the rare cancer that i have.
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ready the cancer that i have is ocular melanoma and only 5 out of every $1000000.00 americans gets it every year. that lottery. but i. wish i'd won the lottery and. the reactions that you get from young kids all the way up to 89 year old. men and women anywhere it doesn't matter if it's munich germany. clover south carolina i mean everywhere i've gone it's almost the exact same reaction they. i've got a black version of this one and i've got the white one and i've got a german flag but. since i got it may 20th 2016. we're creeping along. i don't know
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33350000000 impressions across my social media and all the different media outlets. that have covered it. and i never expected to get that i just thought hey once i get the i maybe byron unit may. breach tweet it. or maybe post something about it on their their social media i did not expect it to get where it's at when i heard frog robbery story about his scar and how that scar made him the man he is today and all the ridicule that he had to go through as a kid and people just made fun of him and called him names and he's like this is my face it's made me you know i'm saying this this face is made me who i am. that's why instantly when i when i got the i that's that's what i basically attributed it to was this is' going to make me the man i am today. and it truly had.
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actually driving to the store to get a mom drink. decided to take a different way than i normally would which is kind of like the back way. about that. i got. distracted driver. head on she was actually dead center of my lane. didn't have time to really react or anything as soon as i got hit. 1st thing that went through my head was. fall out. broken multiple ribs. lacerated splayed. shattered my femur.
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the dashboard actually sliced money open cut in my mc element in my right knee basically the right leg was a shattered famer sliced into the allen face and miniscule and crushed my ankle and foot or he'll believe the doctor said i was a few minutes away from losing my. right foot. where they basically would have had to amputate. you have to walk with these crutches for the rest of my life need me braces to keep my knees from giving out on even ankle brace to keep my rolling. i've got a permanent filter in my chest to keep from getting more blood clots in the long luckily i didn't lose my foot. so i mean when people say it's hard to find
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a silver lining in everything that's a silver lining i didn't die and i've still got my foot. as weird as that sounds i can survey and a vicious violent life altering or it would change your life. but it just makes me not take things for granted. i took site for granted lost and. took walking for granted and practically lost one foot and a lot of the mo motion and legs. it just kind of makes me more humble now. in a footballing world and it's just. every moment i get to watch. on t.v. on the internet whatever. it is
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is kind of a blessing in america even allow. the tom to do i want to see every buyer in every game every buyer video every buy and post. something that a lot of people would say i don't see how you would ever make it out of that situation. it takes a mentality. and that mentality that i have it's just the same thing that. uses every week in every every champions league game every. call game game any fairy and it's never quit never give up. these damn bugs.
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did you know the kick off is now when you. 1 can really feel how wrong i'm going to. be bored to death it's going to kill. is a football. game it's a you. it's
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a small car that's begun space go to introduces its new compact the scala. the big m.p.v. gets a small facelift this 8 is revamp its b. class.
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private philanthropy. w. . an explosive mixture the greek peninsula of heikki dickey is rich in the delicate nature but it's mountains are home to other treasure gold and valuable natural resources the be industrial mining abbas's tourism abducted might encourage ice. in the 75 letters on the w. . why not here to judge but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to
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change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not here to give the right answers or to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate but to listen. plus 90 connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. some say that we're going into this world alone. that we're not. a mistake and we come into this world we're in it together. even might get there we can make him feel different that's why europe is on the ballot
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in that's why we vote. last. place. this is v.w. news flights from india is not are some election process news and photos cost that ballots in delhi and other areas in a poll that could see the governing b.j. thing synchronicity significantly weakened also coming up on t.v. government protests and now claiming at times violent demonstrations try sledges 5
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