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as long as our coffee and his friends can drive. this movie can years dark dark refugee camp. his life story america ground to. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for. cinema starts me 27 on. welcome to global 3000 in russia mountains of trash are driving protesters on to the streets they're concerned about their health and environment and the memories
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of a devastating flood in bosnia and herzegovina has people that preparing for the west . but 1st we had to brazil where activists fear big agriculture has once again set its sights on the rain forests. who last year there were a total of $1000000000.00 cattle on our planet $773000000.00 pigs $23000000000.00 chickens and around a 1000000000 sheep. the past 5 decades have seen worldwide annual meat production almost quadrupled. one of the world's top meat exporters is brazil the south american country also cultivates vast amounts of soya for animal feed from august 2017 to mid 2018 almost 800000 hectares of rain forest were destroyed harming the lives of indigenous people in particular . these members of the i watch
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tribe are hunting monkeys. i think the but i'm. probably going to suddenly they gather around a hollow tree trunk. the dogs have chased a rodent into the log but why. didn't you are you ready for a quote it will end up but they don't. think you could do that in tucker why do you pulls the eguchi out by its hind legs. at all without a lot of what i know that. i didn't. deploy love only live up will take the a goodie home with us and eat it. when you stuck it on here by other members of the tribe are gathering ducks her eat. the fruit inside the hard outer shell is highly nutritious and. it will demand what.
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i don't know and they also pick a side berries high up in the trees for these indigenous people the rainforest provides a home and a livelihood why did that open for me if you got more uniform idea ideas without a jungle we would start with the. i e u if you caught you if you got sick me in the rainforest we get monkey meat to the fruit and nuts. if you did. the hunt to gather and eat together they lived scattered across an area close to a 1000 square kilometers it's one of the last bastions of untac rain forest in the state of mind and now. monkey meat is considered a delicacy here. the tribes 1st contact with the outside world came just 37 years ago the fact that they can still maintain their traditional way like life
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is partly due to the efforts of tonight a government agency very more no no not to a buddy who works to protect the rights of the i wa. looking it up rather than left alone without the protection from food i destroyed would no longer exist a member of years ago muggers and pharma started encroaching on the land back even . that by the time they were expelled they were only 2 kilometers away from a wild settlements and i thought i was lucky to get all that but now the community is once again under mounting pressure cattle graze just steps away from the awas demarcated territory for ny is also observing a rise in illegal logging with farmers felling trees to expand their arable land. there are lots of people bringing cattle from drought hit regions to graze in the
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protected area as if they own the place. well that was my view of the people behind it all powerful farmers and loggers who are again trying to encroach on the indigenous territory. for years for a model nogueira was one of those people illegally farming land inside the protected area. why so you know the police came and i was thrown out kicked out. they dragged my grandson i couldn't even take my hammock with me today. the farmer complains that the new land he has to farm outside the indigenous territory is far too small for his family's needs he's planning to move back. i believe 1st in the word of god. and then in the word of president both or not oh . he's promised that we'll be able to return to the reserves soon book.
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when he assumed office presidential years both sinatra launched an offensive against the rights of the country's indigenous communities his priorities are mining in agribusiness today cyclists you know diaz used to have the farming lobby now about sanaa who has made her agriculture minister and put her in charge of indigenous land designation the government wants to expand farm land and open it up for commercial exploitation for the mass production of cotton and soy for export to china also to buy do we can double agricultural land for soil farming today our output is 120000000 tonnes and soon we'll be producing 240000000 tonnes. and that goal means deforestation to ny the national indian foundation is feeling the pressure from the farming sector its base in the a while reserve was devastated by an arson attack that sent a clear message. right no no not
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to our brave keeps finding cattle grazing illegally in the reserve. because of the fall of the. back then we did so much to drive invaders off the reserve i mean but now they're back on the food night doesn't have the authority to expel them. the environmental police do have the authority for the time being they still protect the indigenous people but for how much longer. they're going for sunlight we're worried about what will happen when we lose this protection project but we fear for our safety and the safety of the indigenous people. we had in that. community is facing an uncertain future. that their home is under threat from agribusiness. and which i hear both so narrow in power the threat is growing
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stronger every day. just days ago the brazilian government slashed the country's budget for fighting climate change by 95 percent. it also hauled funds for forest fire protection. according to brazilian research institute in isn't this year ever larger areas of rain forest in indigenous parts of the amazon have been destroyed in recent weeks representatives of brazil's indigenous peoples gathered in the capital brasilia demanding an end to the destruction of the rain forest. nature is under threat in russia to the country has a huge trash problem every year russians create around $17000000.00 tonnes of rubbish just 4 percent of which is recycled moscow alone checks out more than
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$10000000.00 tonnes of waste a year and because local landfills are overflowing the local government has its sights on more remote areas. one such landfill is being built on the upper reaches of the northern divino river. but there are concerns that sewage from the site could pollute the river up to the city of a canvas on the white. there was an early april local authorities trying to prevent a rally in our congo in northwestern russia. to no avail thousands showed up to protest against moscow's plans to build a new landfill in the region to waste from the capital. among the organizers of the demonstrations was 23 year old medical student alexander pascoe. shows the disability for the protesters are getting ready
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you will be marching to lenin square. we hope that the government listens to our demands of the regular. moscow has been struggling with waste management problems for years now the chemical is looking to solve the crisis at the expense of other regions. here because the government isn't listening to us that the body be a primary to go to war and everyone and i can't just feel the same as i do go down from discussions i knew would they're bringing trash from outside and dumping it here but we're already swamped with our own garbage that. the protestors accuse the regional government of inaction. on failing to fight back against moscow's plan to build what would be one of europe's biggest garbage dumps here unspoiled region a $22.00 hour train ride from the capital where the activists say the waste will be transported by train to shias railway station in the middle of the forest and then
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unloaded at the new site right next door. when locals 1st got wind of the project they couldn't believe it. when i 1st heard about it i was a fury. sort of what are they thinking sending their toxic waste here what kind of a plan is that disposing of their waste 1200 kilometers away where it will contaminate the forest. a number of rivers also run through the region locals are concerned that toxins will seep into the groundwater and eventually into the white see the activists are doing all they can to prevent the new landfill. can't get any fuel here because we've blocked 2 of the access roads once they had a private helicopter fly and 9 tons of diesel so they can't use their machines workers have to do the digging by hand. the activists have set up
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camps around the construction site they take turns staying there a few nights. in our congo 700 kilometers away people feel bullied by the authorities the protesters also say their homes have been searched. the police acted appropriately so they will now assess the decisions of those who organized the protest things that the government hopes this process will be objective that was doing them so my neighbor. alexander peskov is also under investigation when we met him we were shadowed by agents from the russian federal security service. it was for the most the i'm not afraid it's not the 1st time i've taken part in a protest. and we have to show those in power that we need to separate ways stand recycle it and not just bury it in the ground. past compazine
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even put his studies on hold so that he can devote more time to the cause. so far we've always applied for a permit to demonstrate that might change. and then we wouldn't bother with all the paperwork for the powers that be. for the time being. problem is to dump it elsewhere. in a. week to a farmhouse in hip cool. guy
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. please come in. it's very very hot here 4044 sometimes 46 degrees celsius it's unbearable inside the house without the founding no. i put up these pictures of babies because they're so sweet i loved it my dad.
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maybe having that i'm expecting a baby in 5 months. you love it thinking this sewing machine is very important for us we use it to make our own clothes and then lied to this man the things we sleep in the bed clothes to. go to. comedy you know they're now a hindu culture we also worship god nasha the son of the god shiva. is the god of good fortune. thanks for visiting us and our home let's talk about some of the chat.
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this weekend global idea is we focus on preparations for extreme weather the acceleration of climate change is making storms and flooding more common reporter money on which to travel to bosnia and herzegovina in the balkans the verb us river flows through in the north of the country the waterway is typically fairly calm every now and then though it bursts its banks now there's hope that new flood defenses will protect local people and the environment. it was pretty unreal so i thought it was the 1st time i was afraid of nature like that. the biggest river in the country had burst its banks claiming the lives of 20 people everyone in bosnia-herzegovina knows where they were in that fateful week in may 24th. so. we've been visiting my grandmother and she
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were driving. back on this road where the water is risen almost up to the road. i had my mother in the car and it was like a scene out of a disaster movie south of new york solves. the town of chile not says this footage shows was hardest hit by the flooding but its impact was felt all across the region the estimated damage was equivalent to nearly 15 percent of the country's g.d.p. . but with tens of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes including this family. looking at footage of the disaster brings back difficult memories. is when i really wish everything we had was destroyed. it was tough we brought the children to safety when i saw our house the next day you would i wept which were. the catastrophic
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flooding 5 years ago was a huge shock. now the united nations development program is helping to bolster the region's flood defenses. the 1st thing that we need to have is a good decision making is a good base for decision making we develop. risk maps were developed in flood risk management plan we had to create in such forecast in the early warning system. an immediate aim is to reduce the areas at risk of flooding and protect the local population. the un d.p. is also funding a project to help shore up the vice river. near manya human kitchen is a field associate for the u.n. program and helps coordinate with construction companies residents and local authorities. this building site is located just outside banja luka home to 180000 people.
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were killed or put as of. metal tuesday the united nations development program is helping to shore up the banks of the voter plus a river. with you. but we've also removed the silt from the river bad. you know you accuse me of. that one lousy large quantities of water to flow through unimpeded and quickly. dug and that will help protect the city we're going. by near luko which is the country's 2nd biggest city is just a few kilometers downstream. but mia had to govern it was created in the aftermath of the wars in the 1990 s. that saw the breakup of yugoslavia. the young small state has struggled economically. funding for public works is in short supply and research institutes are also affected. the country's water management
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agency is based in a couple of. containers. most of the technical equipment was provided by the un. what will happen when the project ends since you don't use although as our funding comes from the public sector budget the money for equipment maintenance is extremely limited. mistresses. there has been a slight increase but it's an issue the authorities should be taking more seriously it was overall a lot. when the un backed project has installed 29 measuring points along the river there are sensors supplied dated to the early warning system currently in the pipeline here to the catastrophic flood remains fresh in people's memories. of that on may 16th 2014 divert about river was up to here 8 me to 16.
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that's the sound of the new sirens installed to warn residents of charley knots of possible flooding. all high risk areas now have an emergency plan in place and train disaster response teams. but their equipment is several decades old. oakland university differently so the disaster protection law set the percentage of the budget that each local government should allocate to civil protection unfortunately that's not being put into practice here or anywhere else at the moment the. climate change is exacerbating the problem with the weather going from one extreme to another to rental downpours are becoming more frequent as are floods the rain is often followed by prolonged periods of drought. local farmers are already feeling the effects. asin julie mangroves fruit in his field
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and has seen his harvest decrease year after year. peter last year it rained for the entire summer. so it rained until september so. here's my raspberry bushes died. and the year before we had problems due to drought. the natural beauty of this corner of bosnia-herzegovina is deceptive flood defenses are vital to the survival of communities here. now it's time for another tasty treats inflatable snack.
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india's capital delhi. chandi choked and old delhi is home to the famous corrado while the gali a flatbread laying. where there's a popular snack bar run by the sharma family. it might look modern but the family's been making for the here for almost 150 years cragin sharma is the current owner. was because the new generation likes fast food but people still love traditional indian flatbreads we've been here for 6 generations and we've always had customers. parata is a battery flaky flatbread. the cold here it's served with banana chutney a korea under immense sauce and a question of potato curry. customers can choose from 25 different types of
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products cut. out the best potato parata cover radish peas dry fruit kashi not come can chili okra and tomato parata. making the flatbreads is teamwork. and john knight as one of the cooks here he starts work at 5 in the morning. call me about iraq and. explain how to make flatbread to prepare a mixed parata and make the wheat go and fill it with lots of vegetables to give it a nice crunch then i add some spices i fold it and i roll it flatow. i give it a round shape to make it look nice and then i did fry it and hot clarified butter.
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there's always a big crowd at the snack bar flatbread makes a tasty breakfast for a convenient snack for on the go people come from far and wide to eat here. for their flat breads are delicious but we have cheese and cabbage which were amazing and tasty we're from chuck he's got a state and we came here just to eat flatbreads i think surely that would be precisely. the sharma family sell about a 1000 proctors a day they cost the equivalent of about a $1.25 class friends are baked on the premises the rest in the family's 3 other outlets and all dollies flatbread laying. repression and discrimination are part of life for many women around the world on our new facebook channel d.w. women you'll find stories about those taking a stand and inspiring others to do the saying d.w.
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women gives a voice to the women of all. that soul from global 3000 this week we're back soon and in the meantime don't forget to send us your feedback and your comments right to us at global 3000 d.w. dot com and you can find us on facebook to d w women see you safe.
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eco india. on the camel trail. amazing dromedary protect the ecosystem. in google lot the real co-write camels do far more. their owners tell us about their incredible value.
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30 minute d.w. . some time in the 26. my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees warmer place inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in a century. we're going to have some climate impacts maternal greater than we see over 50. it's really frightening clubs will have atlases. why are people more
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concerned. little yellow book stores may 31st on the t.w. list of the tourists elite yourself or the new glomax you tube channel. and don't miss out how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. preparing to leap. don't expect happy endings. to the church or let's just stress. what's the connection between bread biome and the european union dinos guild motto d.w. correspondent and now baker dance troupes whose back in line with the inspired circle of the mutant gene. scott's new normal. being
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recipes for success the strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . mood. this is d.w. news live from berlin america's top diplomat arrives in brussels to drum up support for washington's hard line on iraq maicon pale cancels talks in moscow and makes an unannounced visit to the belgian capital foreign ministers are meeting there to try and salvage the nuclear deal with iraq. also sure to be discussed accusations from
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saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that their oil tankers have been sabotaged the u.s. says it could be iran targeting shipping in the region.


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