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yes a song has denied the allegations. europe calls on the united states not to further escalate tensions over iran nuclear deal as american warships had for the gulf merchant vessels of the united arab emirates a wall of mysterious marine interference and britain france and germany criticize the us hard line approach to iraq i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day. we are all very worried about restoring conflicts happened by accident with an escalation that is unintended really on either side you know it's important that europe remains the night on this subject although it's always been the case until now and i'm convinced it will remain silent because the west of you know very well the european union that position 1st of all we continue to fully support the
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nuclear deal with it on its full implementation because it's probably in your refrigerator this deal is necessary for our security nobody wants iran to have a nuclear bomb you went through just a year on and then does a timeout. and i think what we need is a period of calm to make sure that everyone understands what the other side is thinking. also coming up the passing of a legend i christensen of doris day has died at the age of 97. oh. cheers not. gay sarah. is the center of a growing rift between the united states and its european allies meeting today in brussels e.u.
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countries urged washington not to escalate tensions with iran as its foreign secretary jeremy hunt about the risk of the situation accidentally escalating into a conflict here foreign ministers had gathered to discuss their approach to the iraq nuclear deal when they were joined expectedly by the u.s. secretary of state. mike pompei who turned up in brussels with the message that if europeans are discussing iran he should be there too even if he wasn't invited but what he heard from his e.u. counterparts was mostly criticism the risk of war in the gulf has escalated since the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal a year ago i heard. today from. from myself but also from the other ministers of the states that. we are living in a crucial moment where. the most relevant. to
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take the most responsible attitude to take. and that of maximum restraint. but with iran restraint has not been donald trump strongpoint after withdrawing from the nuclear deal he reintroduced harsh sanctions against iran even sent warships to the gulf then iran followed suit by abandoning part of the deal a puzzling incident in the gulf of oman is an indicator of rising tension in the region the united arab emirates says this oil tanker was one of 4 commercial vessels attacked and significantly damaged near the port of food gyda on sunday emirates officials have not described the nature of the attack nor have they said who is responsible what is clear is the growing unease in one of the world's most significant shipping hubs 20 percent of all oil transport passes through the strait of hormuz e.u. foreign ministers warn the incident could trigger a major conflict all the more reason to restore the nuclear deal with iran is and
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it's helpful. to us in europe we're united in our view that this deal is vital to our security no one wants iran to be in possession of nuclear weapons that's the goal of this accord and that's what we have achieved so far therefore we will stand united for this agreement to be implemented and as it's. pale left brussels after just a few hours empty handed and without any change in washington's position no change either in a year leaders desire to save the nuclear deal with iran and no concrete plan on how to do it. let's go through this with daniel gala he's a german officer journalist and middle east analyst he's currently editor in chief of the german middle east quarterly magazine zennie welcome to d w that you. might compare just turning up the what was it would you do you have what you just just turning up yeah dramatic stunt. if you look at the tweet that came from
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a mother of a greenie a couple of minutes ago i think she said like well we were informed overnight that he would show up and we told him that we are quite busy i'm not quoting have a temper and we would see how we could squeeze him somewhere into the schedule probably the appropriate answer would have been to tell a story thanks for joining us for showing up but in fact this is just a meeting for members so maybe we can see you later. i think compare was kind of trying to do this dramatic stunt in order to influence certain european powers that's what he's been doing a couple of months ago and was so where he held this congress and secured in the middle east where he tried to to create in the build an alliance against iran in the middle east with the support of certain and particular eastern european powers but i think he also and that is just speculation i have to say he might have brought along some intelligence dossiers trying to substantiate his argument that there is a imminent threat against u.s.
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installations targets troops whatever in the middle east coming from iran that's what he's been claimed before that intelligence information has been quite controversial some american news media argue that it's been inflated but there must be something about such a dramatic move and i think it wasn't really appreciated by the you because they like a schedule and they like the schedule to be respected and very they don't seem to have changed their mind so he doesn't it doesn't look like he's changed any minds this is course is all about iran responding to america's withdrawal from the deal a year ago and saying. and giving europe 60 days to to secure its oil imports around the world what is the the or else if iran does make good on its word and it does start stockpiling enrich uranium who is going to do what about. all the iranians the president rania said that he iran is not withdrawing from the
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deal and it's becoming very technical what they've actually done keeping a higher amount of enrich uranium in the country than was actually. agreed on but this is like something that is reversible immediately so this is a rather minor step the question is like he's putting a lot of pressure on the europeans and the europeans don't like it because they say particular france germany and the u.k. say we haven't done anything wrong so why do you blame us other powers like russia are doing the same interest only they're not blaming the americans they're putting the pressure on the europeans and it seems to be that the iranians have think that it's a good strategy now i say the atmosphere between european powers and iran was in the best in the last couple of weeks present call for instance has been talking to present ronnie on the phone to somehow negotiate with him to convince him that he should stay committed to the deal that call was interrupted a couple of times i've heard from sources in the ill is
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a that. the atmosphere of this talk wasn't really good and so there is a number of let's say misunderstandings also and better most vocal between europe and the iran at the moment but whatever is happening the europeans can say we are staying committed to the deal and we want every side to respect it but what they're really willing to invest what are the really what is the price that they're willing to pay because this is not only about staying committed to the deal it's about responding to certain demands in particular to somehow relieve the situation of iranians with regard to this economic warfare so what sort of pressure is rouhani under tremendous pressure he was well 1st of all. let's bear in mind the people that are in power in iran that includes hasan rowhani that includes the the leader the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini but also other in the political establishment they have been in charge for the last more than 30 years they have been through a lot of pressure they have been through wars they've been through the gulf war
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then they have been through the bush administration's threats against iran so they know they know what's happening it's not new for them but this is quite a different situation however because the economic pressure on the remaining people and the economic pressure on even the state system in iran is tremendous this is a result of sanctions. mostly a result of the sanctions also of mismanagement of the situation and the sanctions and many in iran say you've promised us that the deal was would change something and didn't because even when the deal was implemented the implementation was very slow the economic effects the benefits for the iranians was very slow so politically it's always easy to blame the others and to say this is because of the others this is because they don't respect our agreements and so on it's very difficult for a government in iran in particular to say we did manage the situation well this is also one of the reasons why the economy didn't didn't pick up again and then of
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course trump left it and it all went south ok so now they have someone to blame for phenomena the new girl from legacy thank you thank you phil. today marks the 75th anniversary of a little known chapter in nazi germany. led raid on hamburg's chinese community the raid on the 13th of may 1 19042 arrests and eventually to the deaths of more than a dozen chinese residents after the german government refused to compensate the victims and their descendants but some are trying to reassure the story is never forget. that $77.00 mariota solti is one of the oldest bar owners and some to polly notorious red light district. few customers realize that her hong kong bar is a piece of german chinese history in the $1920.00 s. hundreds of chinese sailors employed in the german merchant navy settled in hamburg
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they opened up shops and restaurants establishing germany's 1st and only chinatown in the city's lively entertainment district the bar opened by marriott as father was also a restaurant if i leave him i naturally had a zest for life i found at home here he had german friends and if you knew someone was down and out he'd let them dying free of charge. but the chinese communities peaceful coexistence ended with the rise of the nazis who branded unions between chinese men and german women as race defilement. the persecution intensified in may 1904 with the gestapo raid known as the chinese action historian lars amanda has documented the brutality used by the police and the gestapo during the operation. because i didn't know why didn't total 129 men were arrested and beaten as they were taken to this police station from here they were transferred to the gestapo prison that's. where they were held for months after. 17 chinese
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prisoners died his father survived but he never received compensation after the war the german restitution office classified the chinese action as a routine police operation lars amanda calls that a mistake this is the surviving documentation shows very clearly that gestapo officers saw themselves as some kind of racial warriors who were eager to extend the nazi's policies of racial purity to hamburg's resident chinese population. mariota has come to terms with germany's refusal to compensate her father today it's the resurgence of the far right that she's worried about. it makes me furious that people have learned nothing from history on the contrary history is repeating itself the older generation should be making sure that the younger generation knows what really happened so it never happens again. to speak openly about her family's past so that the story of her father and hamburg's last chinatown conservative
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cautionary tale for future generations. i did obvious process brussels correspondent matters has been breaking his way through the european union recently producing a series of programmes about the different styles of bread across the 28 member states now he's taken the project to the european commission and caught up with the trust commissioner vest the danish politician tipped as a future commission president while yourself yes thank you if you want to try 1st without frost without this is a very sort of part of this is very very. thanks a lot sharing. the commissioner in 2017 you've handed a massive fine to the tech giant google and then you went back home and baked this white bread well i. i work a lot with words and i've been doing that for
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a very long time so it's meeting it is speaking it is reading it is writing so by the end of the day i need something to do something that will produce a result that is. tactile this simple and in some of our antitrust case is takes quite a long time to produce results and if you're a somewhat in patient person like me you would like to see things happening on the shelves and it is this was the 3rd find for google the 3rd big case what will you fire the off next. well i have to fire the oval much more often than we can hand out a fine. because i would always have the freshly baked or i would make a double person porson and put something in the freezer. because it would be my go to food why would you say you have greater failures baking bread or making politics
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i think in particular working with sourdoughs little bit tricky takes a lot of care and attention. but that again when working with other people that takes a lot of care and attention as well now as a baker i discovered you have to follow a lot of strict rules but it also takes intermission as an antitrust commissioner how do you track the line between following the laws or protecting the malls and making politics i think intuition is something that you develop. and it's an expression of the experience that you have. and i tend to be more and more able to see if people will work with us and you know propose solutions that will allow for instance a merger to be cleared because consumers are still safe from price increases or lack of choice. and you can sense if there is
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a willingness on the other side of the table actually to do that and all within the rules of course but that can make things work faster and clearer. and i think also easier for everyone in my baking series i'm drawing correlations are looking for correlations between bread people and politics if you look at denmark and you're right bret what do you think the the 2 have in common what if you if you need 2 pieces of this brand it will keep you going for a very long time i like casals as well but after i call so i'll be there within an hour and if anyone would lift this bet there was a oh this is this is substantial so yes i think there are some similarities we don't think things like this spreads not light either let me tell you about one correlation i had in mind when i picked 4 different kinds so i made a lame version as i made the kernel wants. to soak them overnight you know then we
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have seen a route yes and we have seats these are for options for the 4 opt outs that the market. that's very good that is very good. but that puts me in a difficult position because i would like to get rid of the opt outs ok eventually the danes are very much against that i think there might be very good for member of the european union also because some of the important things that we're dealing with right now like climate change or security or managing migration protecting refugees these are issues that don't really know borders. so the more we can come together on these issues the better well commissioner i brought you a gift i got to know that as we wait this isn't the heretofore bred drama than we'd ride low but is also beauty yes that is indeed that's the have their way is that
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how you experience the germans in politics what i always see is that german express the german self interests through a european limits. and the countries that do that that does that the most. and that is one of the things that enables a lot of things in europe but one thing was always a given working in denmark that if you really needed help you could always turn to the germans and finally i brought you a baking apron oh this is excellent so the next time. another tech joined up for finding yes then i'll go man i'll put it on and. and i will be completely distressed afterwards an excellent look at her some of the mess we should like to remind you very much it is really really really beautiful i'm glad you like it. hollywood legend doris day has died at the age of 97 the singer and actress was
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famous for her wholesome image and builtin voice a statement from her foundations that she passed away early on monday thursday enjoy the peak of her film career in the 1950 s. and early sixty's in musicals and romantic comedies like calamity jane and pillow talk. doris day and rock hudson from the 959 romantic comedy pillow talk the most popular film of days remarkable career she was one of hollywood's brightest stars in the 1950 s. and sixty's a multi-talented blonde starlet with german roots day who was born dog was fun couple half checked all the boxes acting singing and dancing. at her peak day embodied a stereotypical american dream girl wholesome charming and stylish she was often cast as the sunny housewife loving mother doting wife. but this pristine
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image didn't reflect the more messy reality of her private life which had many ups and downs doris day married 4 times after a final divorce a 981 she devoted herself to her longtime passion animal welfare her hollywood career began to ebb in the late 1960 s. when the wholesome image she stood for became one compatible with new trends in hollywood. but it was her great talent singing that made her immortal. to see. a stand. what will be will be. as you'd expect the news of doris day's passing has voter lots of online reaction i just told the whole tweeted the great doris day left us and took a piece of the sun with her she brightened our lives and lived out her life with dignity may she rest in peace. to me which awards the oscars wrote today
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we remember doris day who brought us so much joy with humor extraordinary talent and kind heart and well to hollywood legend. ronald reagan foundation had this was sad to hear of the passing of doris day in 1952 ronald reagan started longside miss day in the winning team she was hollywood royalty a true legend and had time rest in peace mr a. daughter stacy life and times from award winning media and entertainment journalist a k.j. matthews who joins us from los angeles welcome to a.j. she was an international hollywood icon with one of the longest careers in hollywood history so how did she navigates the hollywood boys' club it's hard to imagine how gorgeous day would have done that i mean she was born in a smaller town as you know to his own she came here and she was out with her in
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hollywood movies almost getting you out remember this is a time when there was evidence to me that we were getting advocacy groups in hollywood she really was one of the most stars and that maybe if it wasn't easy those of us who taylor that was heard everything mansfield but not too many other artists like and you have to also remember that most of her people were in that tin box office she was one of the few people who says that at that meeting but to see it over and over and over again and let's see really once we all next door and that's that that i think those films really resonated with american audiences not even just american on this but all around the world they saw her as the girl next door this week or everybody can identify with her and i think that's why she had longevity at the box office and she also in the end even though people may save you know behind the scenes in her private life she had a lot of discord where she understood the hollywood system for there really was.
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and screen part of rock hudson not became legendary. oh absolutely you know they were friends for many didn't even hear it before he obviously not passed the way of aids and a lot of people you know went out and said they couldn't believe they have this longstanding 37 for some time thing for the lancet part is that you know i think if you want interviews afterwards that you know he understood then wait a minute you could see if they just had such a good hollywood principle it's i mean you don't see anything like that happen when it really was when you read it was able to understand the state not want screen legend doris day but. i can't say it with resonate with her and i think that's why their bond was so small and her passion for animals at times was even greater than a passion for hollywood just tell us a bit about. you know she has
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a foundation for animals which she really to i think not a lot of stray animals is based here in los angeles and one of her very good friends said in an interview a decade or so ago that she really kind of pulled back from the media spotlight and from people in general i think a lot of it at the do with her several feel marriage and so i think after a while she just loves animals and she will lead them and you know many people who love animals like myself always say that you know and it was left on me and i think she always wanted and that the animals exist but all of them are absent in to me after she looked solid with in the late sixty's and briefly after that after hollywood she had a very successful t.v. show in the seventy's but she didn't want to do it if you just tell us about that briefly. he really didn't you know during that time that was like the divorce of her her 3rd husband and he ended up passing away and many people were surprised by the all she thought she was worth millions and millions after he passed away not to
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let her in debt and so the abuse in show was really a way for her to get out of her start that career so she really needed television show as much as television wanted her but it's not something that she wanted to do initially because of course she had been the thing which starts and that's the case with many many absences you know what she's not that it's we have for so long with so many it's its own hearts and make that's when symptoms of the smallest was right she was able to you know it's good talking to you thank you so much i came to math errors in los angeles my life and times of doris day thank you and here. well this day is almost up a conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at state doublet news or at fill go there forget to use a hash tag the death of a good day. going
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to. who still need the e.u. . and journey across 4 member states some. critics and because of the e.u. speak out social what are people expecting. how is the e.u.
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doing as the european election approaches. next on d w. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union the no guild monteith's w correspondent and alan baker can stretch this 2nd line with the words sex by the. cots. smoking. yes of peace or success the strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . an action packed life for. me. anything's possible as long as our because he and his friends can dream are that.
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this movie theater in kenya is dobbs a refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema stars may 27th on g.w. . spoke even europe.
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