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expect. the at the but . this is coming to you live from china slams president trump's move to ban activities of foreign telecoms managing bonds to protect chinese. believed to be the target of president trump's executive order is the latest salvo in trump's trade which china also on the program. nor is the place for any child to get one in 5 live in conflict areas that's the warning from age group save the children as it marks 100 years of
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service. and a massive push to boost voter turnout in the upcoming european parliamentary elections but. enough to counter foreign interests information campaigns influence the bone. i don't welcome i'm good to have you with us. china has learned an executive order signed by u.s. president donald trump which places strict regulations on business but foreign telecoms the white house says the measure is not directed at any specific country a company but the move is widely seen as taunting the chinese telecom giant wildly which beijing has vowed to protect. the u.s. government has long viewed the chinese company as an espionage threat and has
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sought to keep while way from playing a major role on the u.s. telecommunications infrastructure market. this new move is likely to prevent it from supplying the equipment being used to set up cutting edge 5 g. networks donald trump's decision has come at a key moment in negotiations with the chinese government about future trade relations between the countries where having a little wobble with china because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades for actually a long time and should have been handled a long time ago when it was it and why handle it now. the executive order makes it easier for the u.s. government to directly regulate foreign telecoms which could theoretically exploit back doors and systems to pose a threat to communications and national security in addition the u.s. is place to our way and 7 the associated companies on a blacklist firms on it have to be granted licenses from the u.s.
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commerce department to use components made by u.s. firms in their technology and the restrictions will come into force in the next few days however one way executives are taking the pressure from washington in stride. more you put up early on that our business in the united states is not that big due to our global operations any change in one country has little impact on our global business me me me or your face of the possible challenges of cybersecurity in the future. way is a positive contribution not a destructive force somewhat it's only for the one we are looking forward to the future willing to continue to invest more from innovation to cooperation as usual but i want to. but for now it seems while way won't be cooperating with many of its
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american partners. and for more on the story i'm joined by alan tilton from business desk welcome and 1st of all what do you make of this u.s. move to declare a national emergency so its ministration can target big telecom companies well right now it's kind of hard to see exactly if it's a justified move or not because i mean a cynic could say this is just another step in the ongoing trade conflict between the u.s. and china and that donald trump is attempting to use while way to get a little bit more leverage over beijing however you also have to realize the concerns about security that have been raised regarding huawei are nothing new i mean they 1st came up in the u.s. context in 2012 under the obama administration and if you look around the world other countries are taking these allegations of security holes or even possible as quite seriously i mean a strain in new zealand taken steps to ban their technology as well as japan but that's also coming in the face of u.s. pressure now the united states for its part claims that it has information saying
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that huawei is engaged in a close information exchange of information with us i think we really don't know according to court documents there has been some some information gathered by intelligence resources however that's under lock and key we haven't seen it we don't know if the u.s. is international partners have seen it so it's really hard to understand exactly if this is a justified move or not but it's a political or a security move but you seem to share the view that this is targeting the chinese a telecom now does this mean if that huawei is banned that all kind of communication technology will come from domestic providers in the u.s. well we don't really know however i wouldn't bet on it because at the end of the day you know price in the market is going to decide and if you look at it in the only $2.00 domestic makers of 5 g. technology in the switches that are necessary when it comes to united states so at the end of the day it's whatever's going to be making the cheapest technology out there and that's actually something while he keeps pointing to you know for
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a long time they have been the market leaders. produced the cheapest infrastructure and they are insane you know look this this decision will have knock on effects inside the united states because especially in rural areas some of the smaller internet service providers are dependent upon cheap solutions because the end of the day they don't have as many clients as their you know big city competitors and they have to turn to companies like quality now if that technology isn't actually available in north america they'll have they could have a lot of problems actually expanding their 5 g. networks and were actually created in the 1st place and bringing them to more rural communities now i mean what qual way has shot just the whole thing saying its presence in the u.s. is fairly small but how much of a setback is it for the company which has huge global ambitions well i mean it's definitely if you take it as a bellwether it's not a good indicator i mean here inside inside the e.u. there are telecoms who are saying that there are issues with weiwei technology now they're not actually bringing up spying but rather saying that huawei is a little bit sloppy when it comes to security in terms of their own technology and
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saying that they could that that those little holes that are in there could be abused by nefarious parties and hackers well and this is something wall way has actually admitting to and saying that they're going to invest in 2000000000 in the coming years to try to make their technology a little bit tighter a little bit more secure. taking a back to the u.s. context i mean you have to realize supply chain is massive it's huge and while they may not sell as much technology inside the united states as they do elsewhere their supply chain still runs the united states so that means this could throw kind of a monkey wrench in there many of the partners in the united states will have much more difficulty doing business with them and that could make the cost of production for hallway go up in the years to come attitude in film business says thank you very much for that analysis thank you. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead dangerous to democracy a slew of this information has hit social media platforms ahead of european parliamentary elections has the e.u.
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acted too late to deal with the threat. but 1st save the children is marking is 100th anniversary today its founder aglen time jed believed every war is a war against children and that more to visit to set up the aid grow every day children are killed or maimed abducted recruited sexually abuse their homes in schools a bombed sometimes aids is denied to them in february save the children revealed that some 420000000 children are living in conflict affected areas that is one in 5 was why today save the children celebrates his 100th anniversary and the organization once again wants to split but this fact light on the impact of war and conflict on children. save the children's founders wrote the declaration of the rights of the child which was adopted by the united nations in 1959 the charity
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helps to feed starving children after the devastation of 2 world wars. there's no end to conflicts in the world so while child welfare has improved worldwide save the children says $1.00 and $5.00 children now live in conflict zones there are more risk of home now than at any time in the last 20 years. just 12 years old and lives in gaza 5 years ago he played in the street there was an explosion nearby despite the best efforts of doctors he lost and i. think a lot of the soto's children make fun of me at school they keep calling me one eyed man even in the street. the law keeps getting infected and i wish the infections would stop. and i dream and wish that i could go abroad and get a good i fitted looks real in this it's not only children caught up in conflict
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save the children believes that every child deserves the future wherever they are whatever their circumstances place is at peace can be just as dangerous for children as places at wall. now for more on the story joining me is alexia peppered he carries she's a former staff member of save the children and co-founder of the n.g.o.s seed space welcome mr kerry's 100 years of save the children today is this a day for you to celebrate. thank you for having me on today's episode showed i think a good hard look at stuff has become a multinational enormous charity around the world with over 2 and a half 1000000000 dollars worth of funding coming through and while it's very laudable to grow an organization of that's on the back of big time chaps work we really need to look at how the it's done and how it impacts the people who come up quest charity because we don't always see picture in the glass that is portrayed to
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the outside world the organization has done some great work but more and more children are exposed to risk of conflict why hasn't the ngo been able to prevent that. preventing one can't children from being at risk of conflict is actually a much more political solution than the charitable world would have you got to stand. children are coming to conflict we are living in a time where more and more disharmony is being so tight around the world including in the u.k. where i live and what we need to do is to see political solutions rather than charitable a cabbage charter which is really the last song i want to see. my problem with the way we try to sell aid as the solution is that it comes at the very end of a huge part of work that really what we need to be looking at is empowering citizens to hold their own governments to account and we need to start by doing that you know in the countries that this money comes from as well as working to support and solidarity people and their children in other countries it's a much more complex picture than a charity sending you
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a 5 pound vaccination we'd like to see your point taken now there are allegations of sexual misconduct which have cast a shadow on the work of save the children you as a former staff member have to expose that scandal do you think enough is being done to deal with this issue. absolutely not there has been in fact almost nothing done apart from a good bit of p.r. there was a lot of silencing of myself and others who was speaking out in the media last year we've not been invited into the organization to discuss our experience it's either at the time of working at st children or our experiences of being whistleblowers afterwards and from what i can see that spent a lot of money on a very big academic report by somebody who didn't seem to really understand just how deep the culture of power abuse can be within these large i and save the children is not operating in a vacuum we've seen multiple other complaints of misconduct of various different natures every large organ. and cultural problem oxfam has a very widespread issue that it is currently trying to suckle save the children on
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the other hand has gone very quiet has used its political influence to keep all reports from really being flourishing in there in the news and i'm awaiting the results of a charity commission investigation which is being can which is being commissioned at the moment to have a look at exactly what the trustees knew at the time and what they covered up and had intentionally that nothing of a disappointing fee you especially on an anniversary like this one alexia peppa did carries a former member of save the children and co-founder of the ngo save space thank you for talking to us and the w thank you and we pick up on the story again later in the day even we talk to one of the directors of save the children as the organization marks its 100th anniversary now let me vignetted that some other stories making news around the world and strikes by the saudi led coalition have killed at least 6 civilians in yemen's capital sanaa that's according to health
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officials links to who 3 militants the strikes reportedly targeted 9 minute besides in and around the city they come 2 days after insurgents claimed to sponsibility from drone attacks on to solve the oil pumping stations. but just as have clashed with police in rio de janeiro and. demonstrations against the government budget cuts the administration of the far right president. has announced cuts of one and a half 1000000000 euros to the country's public education system in the effect universities. a sculpture by the u.s. pop artist jeff koons has fetched over $91000000.00 at an auction that's a record for a work of by a living artist the peace corps simply rabbit is well a statue of a rabbit in fact it's a stain the still cost of an inflatable children's toy. your of
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course the pose next weekend a massive push is underway to encourage people to go out and vote 28 countries with 400000000 voters will decide who represent them for the next 5 years at the european parliament so here's how it works the number of seats each country gets is roughly proportional to its population now europe's most populous country germany with over 80000000 people will be electing 96 any peace member of the european parliament wants the smallest country in the e.u. which will have 6 any piece to represent its population of less than half a 1000000 the once elected members of parliament joint a transnational group with similar political orientations at the moment they are 7 such groups representing the center right the socialists the greens euro skeptics and others the n.e.p. vote a new laws and improve the budget they also had to choose the president of the european commission the current president you might be familiar with him is. the favorite to
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replace him german conservative m.e.p. veba and the dutch politician france 2 months of the european socialist. but in the countdown to the next election next week the e.u. is also in god now you remember the brakes it shot and now there's growing euro skepticism in some other countries there's also an additional concern online dissin from nation campaigns trying to influence voters last year the e.u. commission set up a task force to deal with this threat but critics say its efforts may be too little too late whoever you are wherever you are you can get involved and european union institutions have poured enormous resources in to get out the vote campaign but have they invested enough in stay out of the vote efforts in ways to prevent malicious meddling it's not like there was no warning 5 years ago the kremlin's
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internet research agency in st petersburg was revealed estimated to spend more than a $1000000.00 a month pumping out anti western spin 3 years ago u.s. elections were the target of that russian troll farm yet the european commission waited until just 6 months before the european parliament elections to launch its action plan against this information we should have been doing much more kalinski spent 3 years in the european commission's struck on task force a communications unit created in 2015 to counter russian efforts to smear the e.u. now with an independent think tank kalinski says brussels is way behind expecting that we will solve the problem in the last 2 months before the elections or even in the last month of the elections when the russians have been working on it for the past 5 years i think it's very naive to facebook google and twitter have a role in the commission's plan pressed to better verify users' identities and remove fake accounts faster and to make clear who's paying for advertising and
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content facebook has just opened its own war room and dublin to target in authentic activity ahead of elections let's go from the e use external action service says there has been progress. it's not as much as we would have liked to but we have seen in terms of transparency rules are things are really moving and i think the platforms understood that they also need to take a much closer look at what is happening there but not everyone is counting on bureaucrats and big tech to lead the battle out in the quiet flemish countryside is what you might call an ant a troll farm with a staff of one. martin to a welcome sight martin shank debunks false online stories on his own website lead stories dot com and also as part of fact check e.u. a collaboration of european media outlets working to keep the record straight ahead of the elections anything that looks suspicious take a closer look at that. smells funny. especially the kind of story that makes people
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angry or upset or. firms people in their bias like i knew. this or i knew. after she brands speak content with a big red banner on his website he also formally notifies dece book which immediately reduces the items this ability in its news feeds shank is convinced even small doses of dissent from asian can be dangerous for democracy if you can swing a few 100 foods in a certain district or in a certain state. that might the balance and you cannot make this coalition or that coalition because one seat has moved so it will undoubtedly have an influence with so much at stake across $28.00 countries experts say we're likely to see intense just information campaigns right up until the final votes are cast.
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but what does this information look like he had to break it down for us is did every reporter peter does hifi to give us some examples of what this information looks like yeah absolutely let's go right to it here's an example from just 2 weeks ago it's a facebook post purporting to show an election by chance uncle merkel's c.d.u. party well the caption reads to strengthen families for a better germany. but the family in that picture has nothing to do with either merkel or this to you in fact it's a picture from 2017 of a muslim family that suit united airlines over discrimination in short this is completely made up and we've seen a lot of examples like this across the e.u. leading up to the election where the sender may be unclear but the message is certainly not as to warn against the decline of christianity in europe in hopes of
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mobilizing e.u. skeptics and 1st of all right when voters have the election so he'll example sure that this is blatantly full it's only going to not report that like the us elections in 2016 a lot of this misinformation is linked to russia what more can you tell us about the us right according to recent analysis by u.s. cyber security companies say court cyber close to half of the population so about 240000000 people have been exposed to some form of russian backed disinformation campaign and just this year facebook has removed hundreds of fake accounts and pages run by russian actors many of them post as independent news sites targeted eastern either countries specifically like stoney and romania with post critical of nato but it's not just fake accounts spreading to suffer mation kremlin backed out its book sputnik which runs and or is operate in over 30 languages has played
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a key role in trying to influence the u. election here's an example from march targeting latvian voters this article falsely claims that there's no point in voting in the european elections because it will bring no benefits to the lot in people the fact though is while latvia contributed 184000000 euros to the 117 it received 737000000 euros so 4 times as much as it contributed. well sputnik is teeming with similar examples like this some of those facebook accounts i mentioned before turns out a lot of them were actually run by sputnik employees. again the aim seems clear it's to sow division it's to suppress voter turnout and undermine trust in the e.u. and ultimately. disrupt our democracy. you know break apart a union that is white been a credited with bringing wealth and peace to a region that used to be riddled by war right get it out thank you very much for
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shedding light on this really important issue especially given that the european elections next week i think turning now to sudan where the struggle for democracy has been mond by violence in april president omar al bashir was overthrown after months of protests demonstrations continued against the military that deposed him only been holding talks with opposition groups on transitioning the country to civilian rule but today they've suspended negotiations those who have been standing up for change and savan have vowed to press on despite being a high price. for as long as you can remember i met hamdan has been on the front lines of sudan struggle for democracy for his protesting against the government and 2013 now spending months on the streets a spart of the latest uprising against former president ahmed bashir but have done has paid a high price one night in january on his way home from
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a demonstration he was followed by security forces. you know some people came from behind me and started beating me with an electric but. they didn't say anything. i was hit directly in my eye. i told the officer that i'd had eye surgery that i'd lost my cornea he said we could kill him never mind your eye. hamdan might never see with his right eye again and the harassment continued when he was taken to a detention center by the security forces there an officer recognized him as a prominent activist that. forcibly stripped me they ripped my shirt and trousers they started saying inappropriate things and threatened to rape me i felt ashamed being in front of so many people and being naked and having all these things said to you it's been a huge psychological toll. another witness to the cost of the revolution
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is dr namath she helps run this field clinic at the heart of the sit in in front of the army headquarters in the days leading up to the removal of ahmed al bashir in april this clinic was at the front lines of the violence. there were people coming in with all kinds of gunshot wounds head wounds i were leg wins and all of the body there were just randomly shooting people even had sniper when most. doctors themselves were also targeted by overshoes regime there's an article and i think this video taken on new year's eve shows for doctors being arrested by the military on the street in front of a hospital in hard to. die doctors said that says it's because doctors have historically been at the forefront of organizing strikes and protests against the regime. no matter how many times doctors were attacked they stayed in the
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hospitals this was very annoying for their own bashir regime that's why they tried everything they could against us and arrested us i took part in demonstrations and matches but i never did say i was a doctor it was dangerous. despite the violence doctor who doesn't believe retribution is the way forward for sudan and this is the message i met hamdoon has for those attacking and abusing protesters. despite you torturing me i went out to protest for you to like him sometimes i think about revenge. here but i rather we have accountability because we protested against illegal practices so we can't turn round and do the same thing. and one says on the other end up in latest developments a deal was struck to set up a committee to investigate the targeting of protesters how do now hopes that his
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sacrifice and that of others won't be in vain. that's a book by g.w.s. i admire him coming up next conflict fill in tim sebastian speaks to spain's foreign minister jose aboard that i'm going back to q. and a how financing of that.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the trial of countless separatist leaders over their failed independence fate has laid bare some stuff divisions in spanish society my guest this week here in madrid is sprains foreign minister joseph morales hundreds here on civil charge the trials of fundamentally
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unfair. conflicts so far. below for. some time in the 26 to you my great granddaughter people are. what make the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. ago when i was born there were people you will share the planet with 9000000000. your world be around 2 degrees more. evidently sea level rise by at least one meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts
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majority greater than what we see already. it's really frightening paltrow have asked. why are people more concerned. little yellow. starts 31st on d w. the trial of cattle and separatist leaders over their failed independence. it has laid bare some stock divisions in spanish society not least over the justice system my guest this week here in madrid is spain's foreign minister use that burrell how does he answer the charge that the trials are fundamentally unfair. because a borrower.


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