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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 20, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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chip maker in fitting in it follows an american campaign to shut out the chinese giant on national security concerns in a moment we'll talk to someone about whether that's legit 1st this report. forget g.-mail view chub google's chrome browser in the play store on your smartphone those apps are likely to disappear from future while way handsets outside of china and that's not all well we will also lose access to updates to google's android operating system google is taking direction from the u.s. government which added to the chinese telecoms company to a trade blacklist triggering restrictions that will make it difficult for huawei to do business with american companies. and it's not just google that has to cut ties with way the chinese company won't be able to buy u.s. made chips for its devices any longer. right now huawei by about $67000000000.00 worth of components each year including about $11000000000.00 from u.s.
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suppliers like intel qualcomm siling and broadcom according to the nikkei business report the part of the german economy ministry is now examining if the u.s. sanctions against will have an effect on german companies a spokeswoman said on monday. the american government considers weiwei a national security threat and has warned examiners not to involve the chinese firm in their 5 g. networks the white house claims beijing could use the technology to spy on the west while way has repeatedly denied that allegation and it says it's going to fight back against what it calls the strangling moves of the u.s. . hallway now plans to use backup chips it's been developing over the years it insists that the impact will be limited. let's talk about the way and cybersecurity with max either from the university of central bank asked what are the immediate security effects for users 1st of all well.
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existing customer and the wall and both companies and gogol on one side and the wall way on the other side committing to deliver security updates or existing customers you know the security updates can be for google apps and services and for the android itself no the implication here is that or google is not going to allow or way to access these days through their services always has to go all the way and all these updates and try to push them to their customers which means in the real time there will be soon delays i mean one way troy will try it. could be potentially some delays ok where you are considered to be extremely foster and quick of what it does but also sloppy according to critics is that
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a worry in itself if it's providing the security updates. this is a this is a really tricky because what we have to go and wait for a google to replace the security updates has to boys from the services and customers now because it's a time critical issue because they have to do with very quickly anyone actually you know slip into some of their arms and some mistakes which will raise customers concerns and that will leave a lot of customers thinking maybe it's time to leave their phones and move to a different broken this is like i said it's going to be tricky and let me just be devil's advocate here briefly is while we wait in a position to launch cyber attacks at all well this is not gravely there is a new way they assemble interests or noons of us and sort of if we look to the from
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from the business point of view which way or why we come from they want to sell they want to establish their business so having over. a cyber attack will be really damaging for their reputation all over the world and their will is their business so it is really difficult to see the case for them doing so you know from a technical point of view there is no reason for them not having the ability so it's really. going to hear between the benefits and their you know in the gains from such a. damage they will receive as a company exercise a thank you very much for joining us there from other. one in 5 international companies are being forced into technology transfers in exchange for access to chinese markets that's according to a survey by the e.u. chamber of commerce in beijing it's vice presidential lot who would says the state of affairs is unacceptable cutting edge european companies are particularly
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affected with carmakers pharmaceuticals and chemical companies all saying they've had to pass on data software and construction plans the u.s. says intellectual property theft is partly behind the current trade conflict with china. or some other business stories making news pig farmers in china are grappling with a swine flu epidemic of 100 outbreaks have been reported since august last year mass colorings and transportation restrictions are driving up global pool prices. the australian stock market closed at its highest level in over a decade after a liberal prime minister scott morrison surprise election victory investors are relieved they've opposed labor's plans to hike wages that stricter emissions concords than scrap tax breaks for property investors. and ryanair is opposed to the 29 percent drop in annual profits the budget airline blames higher fuel costs cabin crew strikes and fears the competition it says it's also affected by the
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grounding of boeing 737 max which is considered more fuel efficient. bangladesh wants them out of courts ruled that factory inspectors from abroad will stay another year it's 6 years since the run of plaza collapse one of the world's worst industrial disasters the officials say they need more time to get safety up to scratch at the country's 4 and a half 1000 factories that make clothing for the west. every step is painful lou for begum hasn't walked without crutches for 6 years she was working in the runup plaza complex when the 9 story building collapsed she lay under the rubble for 10 long hours her legs crushed she was given 3500 euros in compensation but that was nowhere near enough to pay for the numerous operations she required. our group for her i want the government to compensate me none of the workers were adequately compensated they fucked us off with small change what happened to all
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the money from abroad we need that money we want ronald to be brought to justice. the disaster sparked an outcry western clothing manufacturers demanded health and safety compliance and better construction standards many factories have not been modernized but local managers say the large companies didn't fund the improvements . from a customer there was into something that i just because. living has done a lot of what i'm not messing with just that getting tough. in 2013 an international inspection regime was put in place last year the bangladeshi government tried to eject the safety inspectors the country's supreme court later reversed that decision. the accord does not think that this government
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entity is is fully prepared at this time. to adequately regulate safety and we are working intensively with them and in support of them so that they can achieve that in the quickest time possible for survivors like neela for a begum action cannot come soon enough they want their suffering to be recognized and to be compensated accordingly. net is a nonprofit organization that supports women in the garment industry in asia project coordinator zena mox joins us from melbourne street yours you were in bangladesh earlier this year what are factories there like yes good afternoon yeah i had the chance to speak to many workers there generally in february during my visit in bangladesh and actually what they report is basically what we can here. is horrible living and working conditions they are sexually harassed by supervisors they don't own nearly enough to make
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a living from it and have a decent living together with their families. safety has improved but in terms of workers' rights actually the situation is still very bad when people try to organize or join a union they retain related pressure they. threatened by the factory management so this is still something with seeing every day there so what do you think of the ruling. well we have many open questions i mean 1st of all we're happy that finally there was a dream and made now of that actually guarantees that the accord can still be operating for more than a year from now the question is whether the new safety entity that will be set up by the government well well how credible and independent this can be because the current a court has is an agreement between global brands and retailers and global
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unions and national unions now a new player is coming into the picture which is the factory owners association be g.m. e.a. so this is a very strong lobby organization so the question is what will their role in the whole institution be and how credible and independent can this new entity be after what another question is in how far the complaints mechanism that the current agreement has which is actually an opportunity for workers and their representatives to file complaints to make their concerns hurt if they see a safety hazard in their factory they can go to the telephone and actually make this safety complaint heard so if this is not included in to the new safety entity that is in vision then we have to doubt the independence and credibility of this new mechanism you know marks their own family the nonprofit group and supports
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women in the garment industry and i thank you very much for being on the show yes thank you. a.t.m.'s in spain could become the 1st in the world to use facial recognition technology. wants to introduce it at 20 branches this year this is the muses $16000.00 points on the customer's face to check whether it's really ben it was even tested on identical twins and worked as a bus 10 will be the 1st to use it but they'll need to register their face at a branch before had. i still business with it.
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. player . this is the news live from. t.v. a minister. in the wake of a corruption scandal involving cuts is called. the program. from donald trump to. the tensions are rising as washington builds up its military presence in the region.


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