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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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some climate impact assessment turned greater than we see oh. it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. a little yellow box stores may 31st t.w. . google deals a blow to huawei the chinese smartphone maker loses access to critical features of google's android operating system we'll hear what consumers have to say. also on the show start ups try cutting edge on the highly competitive razor blade industry . and bangladesh wants foreign inspectors out of its clothing factories we'll tell you what the country's supreme court says. welcome to your business i'm stephen beardsley in berlin thanks for joining us google has barred the world's 2nd largest
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smartphone maker huawei from using many of its products it's a big blow to the chinese company last week the tropic ministration limited the amount of business american companies can do with while away google's move means while we now loses its license for the android operating system and for popular google apps such as google play g. mail and you tube. there is dismay in europe at the news that many google services will no longer be available on who i was smartphones in rome businessman argue oprah phillie has lost faith in the chinese manufacturer. you know i was very much get angry at huawei who sold me something that google doesn't recognize anymore i will send it back via registered mail. but. the u.s. government has added the chinese company to a trade blacklist which munich resident he finds hard to accept any of us would nuclear know this sort of thing is unacceptable. again the customer that has to
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suffer because of some argument the americans have with chinese companies i think it's totally unjustified and it's a wonder they staged back in beijing chinese foreign ministry spokesman lu kang said the chinese government would defend chinese interests in the face of the decision. china will confirm this and will look into it and pay attention to it and at the same time china supports chinese companies to use legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights and. washington is also blocking u.s. technology firms from providing microchips to. but the company says it has many supplies and stuck. the u.s. government considers who out with a national security threat it has already found who are way parents in the building of america's 5 g. internet data network and is stepping up pressure on several european allies to do the same. and let's go elsewhere financial correspondent in new york jose luis to haro who's at the markets have taken this wow it is pretty hard haven't that it is
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. i mean it's important sense investors see the current situation not only as a wakeup call for who are away but also the start of a technology call cold war will have consequences for both the chinese and u.s. tech companies but also for other chief makers i'm providers is the case of in fenian technologies and especially consumers that worldwide as the us department of commerce reviews the entities least restrictions and walk away most a company's not only cheap manufacturers are feeling the heat tensions increase so does the probability of ritual and google's and all the recent decision could hit hard on who weighs as more from business so does it not having access to regular providers something that could delay their development of its 5 g. networks but that the situation escalates all the companies such as uppal could have a very hard time in the chinese market to. it has they have to ask you about the
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shares in the german lender hitting an all time low on monday after an analyst for u.b.s. downgraded profit projections meanwhile the new york times reported that the bank ignored employee alerts on past transactions connected to entities controlled by donald trump and his son in law cushion are raising more concerns about the bank's safeguards against money laundering the lender denies the reports. back to jose does this mean. i should ask is running out of time to turn things around basically shares falling once again. so stephen they're the reason or do you need to for a turnaround either by a merger deep or cost cuts or at some point point out the investment bank operations the commerzbank negotiations collapse a few names they could make sense that to pursue a merger we need to keep in mind that deutsche bank is already too big to fail entity with a systemic risk oldfield the reason reputed ational problem related to some of the
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situations and ask for now it seems that their plan is to achieve a cost cutting targets and take some measures to protect a downgrade of its credit rating or it was a lose tomorrow keeping an eye on things in the u.s. thank you jose and staying in the u.s. automaker ford is cutting some 7000 white collar jobs roughly 10 percent of its global workforce the move is part of a major restructuring that the company says will save $600000000.00 annually and streamline its operations about of a 3rd of the layoffs will will be in the u.s. or is also cutting jobs across europe as part of a separate plan to turn around its business there including $5000.00 positions in germany. and let's look at some of the other business stories making news. the chairman of the us federal communications commission said bill backed the $26000000000.00 merger of sprint and germany's t.
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mobile sending shares in both firms upward pi's said the merger would have approved build out of 5 g. wireless networks across the country the f.c.c. will give its formal verdict to the merger next month the us justice department also has to approve the deal. ryanair has posted a 29 percent drop in annual profit budget airline blames higher fuel costs cabin crew strikes and fears competition is also affected by the grounding of boeing $737.00 max which is considered a very fuel efficient plane. one in 5 international companies is being forced into technology transfers in exchange for access to chinese markets that's according to a survey by the e.u. chamber of commerce in beijing cutting edge european companies are strongly affected with carmakers pharmaceuticals and chemical firms all saying they've had to pass on data software and construction plans. in the morning shave is big business for the razor blade industry consumers worldwide forked out 3 and
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a half $1000000000.00 on blades last year but the traditional market giants gillette and wilkinson are now facing new rivals including u.s. based harry's that offer competitive quality blades at a reasonable price harry says bought a 100 year old razor blade maker in eastern germany. razor blades are touring in speciality still very much a question of manual work even as machines turn out thousands of blades a day some of the people here belong to a 4th generation of workers and they've mastered the cathedral finish barely visible to the naked eye it makes the blade exceptionally sharp as managing director michel explains. it's a very old grinding technique which means a lot of people know it the art however is in repeating it mechanically millions of times a day in consistently high quality few manufacturers can do that word of that spread
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in 2014 u.s. startup perry's bought the small ice field based company for $100000000.00 it's pumped another $50000000.00 into new production machinery since their. jobs were created offices modernised all with the aim of taking market share from the established brands. a short video conference with harry's new york team andy katz mayfield is one of the 2 u.s. bosses. he was convinced he could break into the u.s. market with his high quality but low priced blades from eastern germany. back sure. process you know there the fundamental product is somewhat similar we buy it on our factory it's been doing this for a 100 years the competition watched uneasily for a few years as harry's device failed cut into its business. then the owner of the
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ship and wilkinson saw bronze age will stroke buying up perry's at the beginning of may for almost $1400000000.00. over age and l. bangladesh wants them out but now a court has ruled that factory inspectors from abroad will stay in the country another year it's been 6 years since the run of plaza collapse or of the world's worst industrial disasters inspectors say they need more time to get safety up to scratch at the country's 4 and a half 1000 factories the majority of them making clothing for the west nearly for a begum was inside the rama plaza factory when it collapsed in 2013 she was left with a crust 1st which still causes her pain. she received less than $4000.00 in compensation a sum she says wasn't even enough to cover her medical bills along with many other victims she believes the government response to the disaster has been
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a failure. or a group rather i want the government to compensate me none of the workers were adequately compensated they fucked us all for small change what happened to all the money from abroad we need that money we want run out to be brought to justice. but compensation was only one issue to arise after the disaster the accident also put a spotlight on poor safety conditions in garment factories across the country under an agreement known simply as the a corps it's a team of international safety inspectors were brought in to monitor standards in bangladeshi garment factories when their 5 year term was up last year the government asked them to leave that sparked an outcry with critics maintaining that the government was not equipped to carry out its own inspections accord does not think that this government is fully prepared at this time.
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to adequately regulate safety and we are working intensively with and in support of them so that they can achieve that in the quickest time possible the ruling from bangladesh's top court means the accord that inspections will continue for another year the hope is that this will help avoid another disaster like that which turned nella for pay comes life upside down. and that's it for me in the business team you can find out more about these and other stories online at www dot com slash business on facebook and twitter as always thanks for watching.
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much of british. joining us from africa. or link to exception stories and discussions from easy town while website debited come smash africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. what secrets lie behind the small. find out in an immersive experience and explore
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a fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 the mount. germany's. constitution the 70. there's no far reaching for germany. are seen in 610 cent this. is. an action packed life for. me. anything is possible as long as i'm comfy and his friends can drink. his movie in kenya has done refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a whole. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts may 27th on t.w. . hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and in a minute i'll be talking movies with our man scott rocks at the cannes film festival also coming up in strasbourg seat of the european parliament assistant sets out to explore europe's social tensions on stage. and how would you survive if you were trapped in a forest behind an invisible wall favored leavitt's with another great book reading
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my report makes us wonder just how little american film director terrence malick former winner of the palme d'or is back at the cannes film festival with his latest movie a hidden life it's based on the true story of an austrian conscientious objector in the 2nd world war who refuses to take the oath of allegiance to hitler as an army conscript and suffers the consequences here is the on in the movie returning home to his family from military training.


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