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the but. oh. this is deja news coming to you live from the formula one racing legend niki lauda has died his family says he passed away peacefully in his sleep now that was known for his remarkable comeback from a horrific crash in the 1970 s. we take a look back at his career and his achievements beyond the track to what's coming up . austria's political crisis deepens the country's chancellor sébastien courts is
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feeling the heat following a corruption scandal involving his coalition partners to the far right freedom party. and the chinese tech company gives a defined response to the u.s. restrictions on its activities saying washington has underestimated the book plus a sneak peek at one of the most highly anticipated films off the cannes film festival. everybody really kills anybody in forced to go to jail it's called manslaughter. filmmaker quentin tarantino is back this time with brad pitt our reporter in canton tells us why talented his new film is controversial and why it didn't make the cut. following a warm welcome. austrian formula one legend niki lauder has died at the
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age of 70 his family says he passed away in his sleep at a hospital in a loud as hell had been affected by a horrific crash at the 976. he's been remembered as about the best and the most charismatic drivers in formula one history and one with extraordinary courage. this was the race that changed nicky lauder's life the austrian was pulled from the burning wreckage by fellow driver later a priest read the then reigning world champion his last rites despite his horrific burns and lung damage here stonily return to race just 6 weeks later he would go on to claim 2 more world titles and a glittering career his remarkable comeback and rivalry with british driver james hunt inspired the hollywood movie rush overcoming adversity remained a mantra of louder throughout his life. but i want to say one thing i've seen people here winning and losing that lead to better kids this award
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to the losers because for my own experience winning is one thing or thought of losing always learned more louder is the only man to have won championships for both ferrari and mclaren and ranks as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time in 1905 loud aswat competitive racing for the world of aviation founding airlines allow the air and nicky. he never really left formula one those serving as a stakeholder a non-executive chairman with the mercedes team loud and never overcame the damage caused by the fire which consumed his car 40 years before in 2018 he underwent a lung transplant in vienna. the 3 time world champion will be remembered both for his talent behind the wheel and his extraordinary courage to return to the sport he loved. and joining me to discuss nicky law and his legacy we have mark meadows from
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the sport welcome aka sad day for the world of sport many of describing making out as a legend the you've met him what kind of impression did you make on you just a very friendly guy mean after his retirement you used to come to basically every f one race he could come to he was a summarize of german television i've covered f one race is talked to him in the paddock he would have time for absolutely everybody and if you wanted to know something about formula one you'd go and ask nicky know which driver was moving to which to which race was going to be called off the counter the next day he really did know everything and as a racing driver he was one of the best i mean winning 3 well titles is no mean feat to do it when you've had this horrific accident to win 2 of them after the accident just shows what an amazing character he was and yeah it's a huge loss for former one because it was very important also to the mercedes team as the non-executive director and you said one of the drivers' championship 3 times
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but it's the race that he did not win for which he's lost remember tell us yes indeed i mean oversee 976 a horrific crash the german go on pray that was on the nordschleife a section of the new building which isn't used anymore that was the last time it was ever used because they realize it was just too dangerous especially 5 times longer than any of a track in the world the steep banks on it is very thin straights it's so long that the chances of paramedics getting to you quickly is always reduced so they just didn't use it i mean back in 97 his raft remember f one drivers really took a huge risk there were basically drivers driving very over a dying every of a season and he amazingly managed to survive i mean the fireball was so huge that the driver that came to help and to pull him out of the wreckage had to go into the fireball 3 times to. release him and to get back in the cost 6 weeks later i mean most people wouldn't even go anywhere near a road car again never mind a former one car going 20300 miles an hour and then to win 2 more world
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championships afterwards is just quite staggering i mean it's an amazing achievement and yet he will be sorely missed by everyone i know because tributes have been coming in football overfull now do what happy saying yeah i mean social media has been awash with tribute towards him i mean you can have a look at some some tweets now from a woman as a company tweeted rest in peace nikki lauder forever carried in our hearts forever immortalized in our history the motor sport community today mourns the devastating loss of a true legend the faults of everyone if one of his friends and his family and then also drivers who were there i mean nico rosberg he won the world title from a sadie's have to say niki lauda was instrumental in bringing the title didn't he thank you for everything that you did for me i learned so much from you your passion your fighting spirit never give up your belief that you always meet twice in life so that shows that make it out it was more than just a racing driver more than just a member of a team he was
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a mentor to so many people and rose but will feel his love greatly and all of this coming up ahead if a big more to weekend coming up and of course he'll be much missed and remember that we have to leave it there mark made us thank you so much for coming in and talking about the legacy of. austrian. courts faces a no confidence vote next monday following an all mass resignations by a minister strong his junior coalition now the far right freedom party resignations came after chance to sebastian cortes proposed sacking his interior minister in the wake of a corruption scandal that had already forced his vice chancellor heinz christiane to step down court said the interior minister would have to go to ensure an unbiased investigation into the scandal but with the freedom party now threatening to back the no confidence vote the future of cortez conservative government is uncertain as our correspondent barbara reports chancellor sebastian cordes is now
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fighting for his political survival basically what he wants to do is continue with his government elections in september he wants to just replace the ministers of the freedom party who stepped down collectively on monday by experts or high civil servants but it's not certain whether the opposition rule allow that because during the course of this week courts will already be faced with a motion of no confidence and next week the vote could have meant parliament things are moving fast in vienna. all depends on how the opposition is going to decide the freedom party has already said they want revenge against cortes they are going to vote against him the question is here will the social democrats follow suit or will they think of future possible coalitions as austria has seen so many of between conservatives and social democrats all this is open and courts is future is quite
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decided what the voters will make of all this is equally unclear during the european elections next sunday probably the consequences are not going to be that great the freedom party is likely to lose some votes of course back in september where the course is going to continue being the young star of austrian politics is anybody's guess. that was fun and barbara visa's reporting from vienna now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the blood russian police have detained. a key opposition figure is a close ally of top opposition leader alexei navalny he was charged with helping organize a rally against a controversial pension reform last year and faces up to 30 days in jail. joke of a dude who has been reelected indonesia's president video that won just over 55
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percent of the vote according to the election commission the result was released ahead of a shed or limit feels a violent on vest but those opponent former general problem. as refused to concede defeat of the campaign and widespread cheating workers of drums biggest airports are on a 24 hour strike that's forced hundreds of flight cancellations the airline alitalia said it had scrubbed $300.00 flights it is made transport union is pushing for a deed to guarantee the future of the airline which has been taken over by the government. the u.s. has temporarily eased of the restrictions on why we introduced last week for the next 3 months some american companies will be able to continue to provide components for the chinese tech giants existing networks and smartphones but while responding says the white house is underestimating the company. the u.s.
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claims it's thinking of ways customers a 90 day reprieve means select american companies will be able to continue working with the chinese to ensure existing uses of its smartphones and networks don't suffer too much disruption. but while way hasn't exactly showered the white house with facts and an interview with a chinese news site found a wrench young face said the u.s. had underestimated twal ways strength and ability to make its own components some analysts agree that what might have seemed like a setback for the company could prove a major opportunity they're already in the cheap foreign market and this is going to actually make make it probably better for them that they have something in-house that. they could actually make forms even cheaper. and sell it in other markets the easing of restrictions comes
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a day after google barred huawei from some updates to its android operating system showing the types of challenges that could lie ahead for the company but the u.s. isn't pulling the plug completely for now at least. a court in france is ordered the hospital to resume giving food and water to a man who's been in a vegetative state for more than a decade 42 year old been saw there has been completely paralyzed a motorbike accident in 2008 his vive had to campaign for him to be allowed to die but he spends contested the decision splitting the family and the nation. the french media swooped as various bear's parents prepared for what was to be their final goodbye with their son. there killing him that killing him that month. they'd for a long battle to prevent this happening. but not everyone in the family shares
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their view and some were clearly relieved that i planned for this is the 1st time i've told myself it's going to happen and everything is being done to make it happen and so i'm quite serene and ready for it to end. doctors began shutting down 42 year old vests on long day of life support but the battle wasn't over yet a paris court then ordered doctors to resume treatment it's the latest episode in a bitter legal battle that's divided lamberto family since the 2008 motorcycle accident left him in a state of minimal consciousness doctors say his condition has deteriorated and that for years now he's been in a persistent vegetative state llambias wife rochelle his nephew and several siblings back to 2013 decision by his doctors to end life support his parents and 2 of the siblings opposed it. their parents have brought and lost cases before french
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courts and the european court of human rights in repeated efforts to prevent his life support being ended earlier this month the united nations committee on the rights of persons with disabilities requested that french authorities suspend the decision to take him off life support while it examine the case monday's like decision from the paris appeal court ordered care to be continued until united nations committee could consider an appeal from long there's parents. and family on the case i'm joined by our correspondent he's embarrassed he said oh this case has already been all the way to the european court of justice which ruled in favor of the wife's the zisha that he should be allowed to die now the united nations has got involved but does the u.n. have any legal jurisdiction. well that's the big question really and people here are divided on that the 1st french court said no it's not
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legally binding and the french government seems to think that as well but now another french court has said yes you have to wait for the decision so what's happening really is so court people who are locked in who are in a vegetative state for a very long time and they say it's just impossible to know what dance on the barrel really wants and also he is not dying you just need to give him food and water but he's rather a disabled person and many other people here in france and the same state about 1700 and we don't know what they want so we shouldn't make the decision for them and this case has drip of the french public is dominating media headlines why do you think this is the case. well as you said it's a very emotional case it's splitting a family into 2 you and also dividing public opinion but there's also one other thing which is somehow specific to france so the decision in this very emblematic
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case that has been going on for more than 10 years will certainly have an impact on other cases because here when days one such emblematic decision other judges look that way and then are more inclined to go the same way and to make a similar decision and that's obviously what many others of the families of these 1700 other people in such a permanent vegetative state are afraid of right elisa loose about us thank you very much. not at all serious marking the 7th anniversary of the german constitution this week which is also known here as the basic law it came into effect in 149 signed by the rest chimneys 1st chancellor konrad adenauer it was drawn up under the supervision of the rest and allies after the 2nd world war it's almost ensure that after the nazi dictatorship the new germany would be built on solid democratic foundations after the reunification
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a west and communist east germany in 1990 the basically remained in effect for united germany in today's episode of the series the media disabled activist who is demanding that article 3 of basically all which guarantees citizens equality for should apply to her. down syndrome is actually cool we just want to be like everyone else already under . not only did her is 20 years old. she's a seasoned campaigner for equal rights for people with disabilities. not only lives with her family in cologne and has been seeing her boyfriend for a year she's 2 to move out soon and make her own decisions. for
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example i want to decide for myself whether to start a family of my own or inside and if i do become pregnant then i want to decide for myself things like how i get out as i see fit oh. i don't want to be checked on all the time and for decisions to be made for me that's how it feels to me. so great was. developmentally challenged people in germany rarely find decent jobs with reasonable paint not only works in a cafe in a welfare center but for no salary she also writes for a magazine published by people with down syndrome unpaid voluntary work. and i'm so i'm natalie digital and i'm 20 years old and i still don't live alone.
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a rally in berlin marching for equality campaigners like not only have already secured voting rights for developmentally challenged people in germany now they're trying to prevent more unborn children being tested for disabilities they fear that could lead to no more people with down syndrome being born. in the world in the constitution in article 3 it says that all people have the same rights with or without disability so you shouldn't be so scared of us we're really cool well you know. she's managed to get politicians to listen she even confronted german chancellor angela merkel on the campaign trail 2 years ago. are these is this topic is important to me i don't want to be aborted i want to stay in this world.
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not only is life is already pretty independent but it's something she also wants for others equal rights for all people with disabilities as written in the constitution you know it's about not pushing away people who have a disability it's about allowing them to take part letting them take part is really important the most important thing is that every person is valuable and everyone is taken seriously. to the confident festival now and a look at some of the movies hoping to win the top prize it's been 25 years since u.s. filmmaker quentin tarantino to comb the coveted palme d'or for his classic pulp fiction now he's back with a new offering once upon a time in hollywood it's creating quite a buzz. you know. all these. 25
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years after quentin tarantino's cult movie pulp fiction one of palme d'or hollywood's wild child is back in camp having to claim the trophy once again talented his latest work starts hollywood heavyweight leonardo di caprio and it at festival organizers on tenterhooks because it was still being edited and i trolled but the film is now ready to compete at my right is by the last series lead and j.k. gillen self rick dalton and to my left is rick stuck double click booth. once upon a time in hollywood is a movie about making movies are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. police here is meant to help cure it is that how you describe your set in 1969 the picture follows an actor and a stunt double in their quest to achieve fame and hollywood we get into a fight i accidently killed. i go to jail. anybody actually kills anybody in fight
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they go to jail it's called manslaughter. the trial is suggests it's a departure from the extremely violent a static of classics such as kill bill or reservoir dogs but woody and such may still get their fix of splatter. the movie is set in the era of the manson family the serial killers who spread fear and terror in california. joining me now from con is a very old and very dear scott rocks so scott what can we expect. well it will be very interesting because this movie has been kept under wraps as you mentioned it was just finished shortly before the cannes film festival is the even sure that it would be finished for can and so very little is known about it except that it is set in 1990 all the wood about
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a an actor played by leonardo di caprio trying to break into hollywood trying to make his name in the film business but most particularly it's set at the end of the golden age of hollywood so $969.00 just as the sort of golden era of hollywood was fading and new hollywood was coming up sort of the independent cinema which gave birth to people like quentin tarantino so it's very interesting all i've heard really about this film is that it's not as violent as we do expect from parenting or movies and that it's actually more romantic or nostalgic look at hollywood which is kind of interesting because this will be the penultimate film he says he's only going to 10 movies this is his night and so maybe it's kind of appropriate that he's taking a more romantic or in a style joke look back at the history of hollywood the clinton team as being they secretive ahead of the pin may even kind of issued a north spoiler kind of a warning to people why is it why is that the case. yeah it's very interesting sony the studio that's producing this film put out this warning and
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parents you know himself said please don't spoil this movie anyone who sees it down here and can do not reveal any spoilers to ruin the experience for the people who want to see it in the theaters and of course i can only speculate as to have not seen the film yet and wouldn't spoil it if i had but. as you mentioned it's the the film is take the pizza place during the period of the manson murders in hollywood and one of the main characters plays sharon tate who was famously massacred by by the manson family i can only speculate that maybe parents he knows to play some tricks with history as he did with inglorious bastards where famously world war 2 movie and he killed hitler in the end in that movie so changing history significantly i can only surmise that maybe he's going to try to do something here and maybe give us a hollywood ending to the mantle story but that's complete speculation i have no idea no maybe in a couple of hours but again i'm not going to spoil it no not until the dungeon does a long history at the con why is this festival so special for him.
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what will turn to basically got a start here i mean his 1st film reservoir dogs premiered in sundance but then it really got celebrated here got lifted to another level and was really really when he was recognized by the industry was here in cannes and then his follow up film pulp fiction which premiered 25 years ago to the day here in cannes that launched him into the stratosphere and apparently no style of moviemaking really suits can because it's both very american but also very in tune with international cinema he often quotes foreign language films his films kill bill were very inspired by asian cinema so he perfectly fits this hassle and he owes a lot to this festival and so that's why he's brought his new film here and the can here is really ready to celebrate the point here and you know i'm going to enjoy the film star dress but in cannes thank you very much. coming up next indeed of the new. songs because saddam minority has for years suffered deadly attacks of the hands of religious extremists why hasn't more been done to protect that. and.
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seeking harmony a new threat before most musicians from north and south korea into here the divide that stood between their countries for decades. and that and more coming up in the news is she had to say for that if you got for me i'm with that she not by for now .
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watch the finale thank you for ending with ellen still counts how a one last mash a to scale editor qaida and say good bye i am thankful liberates fans yes father and munich have a champion. i get. to go 60 minutes d.w. . odd in a puzzle yourself by
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a long long it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the wife of a lamb do this because we can't stay on venezuela why not support that. closely global news that matters d. w. made for mines and action packed life. anything's possible as long as up because he and his friends can dream that his movie theater in kenya stoddart refugee camp. his life story ground to a. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for. my dog starts may 27th on the c.w. .
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as. this is asia coming up on the program the official count is in for indonesia election and companies joko widodo is declared the winner but his challenger is contesting the results jakarta is under tight security over the years of violent protests and also on the show. to caucus on the start shiite minority living under the.


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