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impacts mature greater than what we see already. it's really frightening clubs aplin. why aren't people more concerned. little yellow. 31st on t.w. . when do you have the rights to die and who should decide when to take a patient off of life support a struggle over those questions as turned a family dispute into an international feud. there a freshman has been living in a vegetative state for a decade his wife insists he would prefer he would prefer to die in peace while his parents have appealed to president emanuel mccall himself in their fight to keep him alive tonight's a family and a nation divided over the right to die i'm called aspen in berlin and this is the
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day. to see to talk to sit university hospital have resumed feeding and hydrate seen grounds on long bad news story. cities for wounded to 6 trini upsetting to hear this completely inhumane decision about vincent it doesn't take a business case into account a tool at all to get. a good. signal from phonemes to drink and love of course just. go to the office and so they go when you see the reaction of these parents who are kind of jubilant is if they had won the world cup it's unbearable to susie. today is also a victory for brown so long that the disabled person with his livings and we must
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accept him like that. also coming up on the day it could be the penultimate film for legendary director quentin tarantino if he sticks with his pledge to retire after 10 bouvier's it debuted today at con and appropriately this one is all about hollywood. we get into a fight i accidently killed. i go to jail. anybody accidentally kills anybody in flight they go to jail it's called manslaughter. a big welcome to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and across the world we begin the day with the debate over the right to die several landmark cases of push that emotional issue from the hospital
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room into the public light and turn the names of people like terri scheibel into international rallying cries now a new name there the 42 year old has been completely paralyzed since a motorbike accident in 2008 which left him in a vegetative state he was set to be taken off life support after his wife campaigned to allow him to die but now according france has upheld an appeal by his parents and ordered him to be kept alive that decision has put his family and the nation. as doctors at this french hospital began shutting down life support an injunction came from a paris court doctors must resume his treatment. the 42 year old had been hospitalized in the state of minimal consciousness since the 2008 motorcycle accident his wife believes he has the right to die. it is his parents who have been fighting to keep him on life support. the lawyer representing their case called it
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a victory for justice susie owners will breed every. disaster known today is a victory for bear who will finally be accepted for who he is namely the disabled person because limits his weaknesses and we must accept him like that. he knew the loophole in the law we must take him has he is and we must treat him as he is the solution for of us bear is not for him to be eliminated either directly or by stopping his dietitians frank ocean and yanked up on its own then you must ensure we do so in new york this year. it is the latest episode in a bitter legal battle that has divided non-dance family and friends earlier the media swooped in as found solid number of parents prepared for what they thought might be their final goodbye with their son. resulted in the i can link him there killing him. to them. in
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2013 lambastes doctors recommended ending his treatment his wife his nephew and several siblings have supported the doctors decision to let him die. for you so this is the 1st time i've told myself it's going to happen because everything is being done to make it happen so i'm quite serene and ready for it to end. best parents have brought several cases before french courts and the european court of human rights and repeated efforts to prevent his doctors from ending his life support. monday's late decision from the paris court of appeals ordered care to be continued until u.n. committee could consider an appeal from lambaste parents. it's all just part of a passionate debate not just in france but all over the world joining me now is bobby schindler he is the president of the terri schiavo life and hope that work it advocates for patients rights of life and he is the brother of terri schiavo his
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life was at the center of a similar landmark case in the united states mr schindler thank you so much for joining us hope we do have you can you hear me. i will see if we can get him back we'll just have to move on to the next story in the meantime it looks like we may have lost the line to bobby schindler there will definitely come back to him though. now moving on to the u.k. where british prime minister theresa may has announced that she will allow lawmakers to vote on whether to hold a 2nd national referendum on leaving the e.u. but that's only if they back her e.u. withdrawal agreement this new element comes 2 months after britain's scheduled departure from the european union i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a 2nd referendum i've made my own view on this clear on many many times i do not believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in the 2nd one but i
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recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the house on this important issue the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement introduction a requirement to vote to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified. this is of course a passionate debate and joining me now is bobby schindler he's the president of the terri schiavo life and hope network which advocates for a patient's right to life and he's the brother of terri chavo whose life was of the center of a similar land mark case in the united states mr schindler thank you so much for joining us 1st of all you know just going back to mr lamberto mean this is the case of just one man and yet his fate is getting so much national and even international attention why do you think that is. i think it's similar to my sister's case i
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would get asked the same question why did terry terry skate get so much national international attention i think because people understand when you have parents that are willing and wanting to care for their child why why that is not in allowed to happen and when the alternative is to deliberately and purposely starman to hydrate this person the debts are at them people don't understand it and i'm glad to see the support the parents are receiving for wanting to care for the disabled son now you support the parents efforts and in this case and on this case to keep him alive that's despite though his wife saying that his own personal wishes were to not live in a quote unquote vegetative state shouldn't personal wishes of the person involved in the case be the deciding factor here. why i'm trying to say that it's unclear this is it wasn't terri's case this was hearsay evidence and terri's case that she wanted to die. and i disagree with some of the language that's being
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used here we're not allowing vincent to die he's not dying we have to understand there's nothing extraordinary keeping vincent ohio is his not terminal this is not an end of life situation the only thing keeping winston alive with the same thing keeping terri alive which is food and water the same thing that keeps all of us alive the instant like my sister terry has trouble swallowing and therefore he needs a feeding tube to receive his food and hydration but aside from that there's nothing keeping him alive so what will we be doing here is deliberately ending vincent's life would be removing his food and hydration and he would start the process of death by dehydration and starvation this is only becoming an end of life issue because we're making it warm we're removing his only means of care basic care which is through hydration and i think it's unthinkable it wasn't too long ago where the thought of starving in the hydrating
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a disabled person to death would have been barbaric but today particular in america and i'm sure globally this is happening routinely and it's been accepted and i don't quite understand it because watching someone die by the hydration starvation is actually is absolutely inhumane it's barbaric and i can understand the parents and their willingness loving can vincent unconditionally why they want to care for him. many on the other side of the bait on the right to die debate you know they they would say this is not necessarily about life or death it's about quality of life and if someone like lambada were to say i would prefer not to spend the next 152030 years in a hospital bed i would prefer to pass peacefully what's your response to that in terms of quality of life not just life itself. well we don't know that and i don't like the term quality of life you know it's interesting there have been several cases where patients there are some of conditions to my sister terri to vincent
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lambert but at the emerge from this condition and none of them have ever expressed after they've been after they've become they've emerged from that is never none of them ever expressed that they wanted to die or they didn't want to live in that condition in fact it was quite the opposite that they were a static that they were given the chance at life so busy this whole notion that this person want to live in this condition or or the quality of life is such that that gives them that gives us a reason to kill them i think it's very dangerous and use that this objective. this objective way in which we decide whether someone should live or die as i said is very dangerous and it really opens the door to killing all types of people with with the last so the types of disabilities you mentioned this case bring back of course memories of your sister your family's struggle over her fate what happens personally you have experience of this when a family is split on such an emotional issue one part of the family wants to let
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the person go the other the other part wants to keep that person alive well that this is a little live human being with value and dignity and. the fact that the how do you deal with that issue as a as a family man how do you deal with with 2 sides being on such an opposite parts of the equation when it comes to someone you love. well we lost terry which was and visit parents love terry love this in the way he is it doesn't mean we have it. doesn't. i'm sorry and i'm sorry but that. doesn't give doesn't give the right. just because someone has a conflict disability doesn't give anyone the right. to decide that the life has no value or dignity and therefore decide to do i don't like them and by a way that's that's barbaric i we witness my family goodness the purposeful
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dehydration starvation i mean human being it's impossible for me to explain what my sister went through and what vincent would have won through by being denied the most basic care food and water and it's not that it's not it's it's something no family should ever have to witness and i just applaud her like the whole what stance of instance parents and all the people who are defending his will is right to life it's interesting to look at the cases where the opposite has happened where there's a woman in texas who have been declared brain dead but was being kept alive actually by a hospital against her family's wishes she was eventually then allowed to to pass away should hospitals be the arbiter here and should they be able to override a family's wishes either way. well brain death is a completely different topic we're again we're if you look at events and situation we're just in terms of making out at that critical decision is what i mean is such a critical decision of who should be in charge of it and that's that's part of the debate well. it depends on on an individual situ i mean you can't just you just
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can't make a broad statement on every situation of a person's medical condition if they didn't have a lot depends on the decision that you would make on on treatment options but i think if there is a reasonable decisions on care they should be afforded that care when i'm waiting to hear we're not saying that people should be kept alive at all costs but if people if families are making reasonable requests to treat their loved ones they should be afforded that plus all right bobby schindler we'll have to leave it there thank you so much present of the terri schiavo life and hope network thanks for trying. to the khan film festival now and a look at some of the movies hoping to win the top prize that's been 25 years believe it or not since u.s. filmmaker quentin tarantino took home the coveted pond or his classic pulp fiction and he's back with a new offering once upon
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a time in hollywood and like seemingly every one of his films this one is creating quite a book. called. 25 years after quentin tarantino's cult movie pulp fiction and one of palme d'or hollywood's wild child is back in camp hoping to claim the trophy once again. his latest styles hollywood heavyweight leonardo di caprio and it at festival organizers on tenterhooks because it was still being edited in april but the film is now ready to compete at cannes my right is buddy last series lead and j.k. gillen self rick dalton and to my left is rick stuck double cliff moved. once upon a time in hollywood is a movie about making movies are required to do a lot of dangerous. clues here is meant to hope. is that how you describe you just set in 1969 the picture follows an actor and
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a stunt double in their quest to achieve fame and hollywood we get into a fight i accidently killed. i go to jail. anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail it's called manslaughter. the trial is suggests it's a departure from the extremely violent of static of classics such as kill bill or reservoir dogs but audiences may still get their fix of splatter. the movie is set in the era of the manson family the serial killers who spread fear and terror in california. barberry own movie buff scott roxboro is one of the luckiest guys tonight he was just at that premier of quentin tarantino's film in con scotland the question is on my mind and probably everyone else's is how was it. yeah for me great i really really love the film been sworn to
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a noice no spoilers review here sol try to talk about it without actually giving away any plot points what i can reveal is it stars leonardo di caprio who plays a sort of fading actor with the amazing name of richard dalton who is a fading t.v. actor brad pitt plays his stunt double and longtime friend and. stars as a version of the real life actress sharon tate the film takes place in the 1960 in 160969 so sort of the period the the end of the golden era of hollywood where hollywood transitioned from sort of in the style chick period the romantic period into new hollywood where became much more which darker the films in darker and much more violent and sort of gave birth to independent cinema which in turn gave birth to directors like you know so very interesting period of time and of course this all takes place against the backdrop of the manson murders sharon tate the real
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sharon tate of course brutally murdered by the by the manson family what's interesting about this film i think is one it's not nearly as violent as one would expect from a tyrant you know movie though there are a couple of scenes which will satisfy his bloodiest fans but for me it's almost a love letter to hollywood almost romantic. look at the period that preceded his in hollywood i thought it was a tremendous film and i'm very interested to see how it's received and i'm curious too i mean we always associated blood with terrence you know so interesting here there won't be as bloody as we might expect now does he have a chance of winning a nother hoard he got 125 years ago with pulp fiction. yet 25 years ago to the day pulp fiction screen here in cannes won the palme d'or launched here in tinos career be interesting to see this year's very very strong year in cannes we got a lot of amazing films from great great directors terrence malick film is amazing that's here ken loach's new movie also very very good pedro almodovar 3 legendary
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directors with 3 really really strong movies i think will have a tough time competing against them and some of the young younger up and coming filmmakers that have been showing here very very strong running but 25 years ago couldn't guarantee a really changed cinema and can have a lot to do with that he owes a lot to cannes i think canales a lot to him it was a great way to start his career 25 years ago with pulp fiction here will be an amazing way to chronic giving him a 2nd palme d'or for once upon a time in hollywood i'm really crossing my fingers for quickly do you have a favorite film so far the best one. well this was pretty good but i'd have to go with ken loach's film sorry we missed you an amazing look at the breakdown of social order in britain a look at 0 hours britain incredible critique of modern day modern day u.k. ken loach is an amazing director i'm amazed that he keeps getting better with each film that's my pick for the palme d'or i think he's got
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a really good chance of winning his 3rd palme d'or with this movie right scott roxboro there in conference thank you very much. today the world of motor sport lost and i caught the death was announced of former formula one driver niki lauda he was 70 years old his family says he passed away in his sleep at a hospital in zurich how does health have been affected by a horrific crash of the 1976 german grand prix is being remembered as one of the best and most charismatic drivers in formula one history. this was the race that changed nicky lauder's life the austrian was pulled from the burning wreckage by fellow driver later a priest read the then reigning world champion his last rites despite his horrific burns and lung damage here he returned to race just 6 weeks later he would go on to claim 2 more world titles and a glittering career his remarkable comeback and rivalry with british driver james hunt inspired the hollywood movie rush overcoming adversity remained
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a mantra of louder throughout his life. and i want to say one thing i've seen people here we need losing. a leg to play the kid this award to the losers because for my own experience winning is one thing god of losing always learn more louder is the only man to have won championships for both ferrari and mclaren and ranks as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time in 1905 allowed us what competitive racing for the world of aviation founding airlines allow the air and nicky. he never really left formula one no serving as a stakeholder and non-executive chairman with the mercedes team lauder never overcame the damage caused by the fire which consumed his car 40 years before in 2018 he underwent a lung transplant in vienna. the 3 time world champion will be remembered for his
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talent behind the wheel and his extraordinary courage to return to the sport he loved. to live and jonathan crane from sports is here to tell us more about nicky loud as legacy let's just start with with some of the reactions to the news of his death well i think all your friends or struggle to find anyone who has a bad word to say about nikita out he was a constant presence in the former long paddock even after he retired from driving university likes and respected and as you might imagine the tributes have been pouring in on social media starting with ferrari of course the team with whom he won 2 of his 3 world's high schools they said they were saddened of the news but the death of that the a friend they added has always been a hearts. of school for ari fans and. the retired dr of course allowed to play a key role in helping him win the 26th that would miss 80 she said thank you for everything you did for me i learned so much from you your passion your fighting
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spirit it's never give up and tributes coming not just in the world of motor sport the austrian act politician arnold schwarzenegger who is an icon and a trout blazing here are paying tribute to his countrymen allowed the man their how would you describe loud to the driver the dr was meticulous he really invested a lot of time in getting his car up to scratch and he was a fear of us as we know and this of course in an era where you started the season knowing that one or 2 of your colleagues would come home at the end of it such were the risks and i think we can say he was driven as well really just him into the sixty's and driven by his rivalry with that james hunt the british driver now these 2 guys can have been further apart with the typical playboy really kind of like enticed by the drama of formula one the cars and the remain with the true professional completely focused. on the task in hand now we're of course the truth
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in that story played out in hollywood in the film rush in 2030 and i think we've got a quick picture show you from that's. just. been written this is the. descent of. the wright brothers next and. i think that film really kind of fought that story to a younger audience who perhaps didn't know nikki the outerwear really kind of from people's eyes to see how dangerous the sport was back in those days now of course that that horrific crash that he survived and what did it take for him to come back after that old son a lot of i think a lot of mental strength that was cool to the bravery sporting comeback of all time and for good reason because just 6 software he was on death's door in a hospital bed it was back in the cockpit in monza racing now at the time he said
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he wasn't scared but later in his autobiography he admitted he was reaching had with fear because he was so desperate not to share any weakness in front of his rivals and just being that caused him so much pain putting on a match in a helmet when you've still got scars on your head it was very paid for going off to the races is balaklava was covered in blood so he went through a lot just a crowd back on the track of course he was really respected david vise the younger drivers sort him out in the paddock with his red cap which he used to cover up the scots but he was a very witty about that as rowdy said you know i have an excuse to look ugly some people they were that rates in his wisdom will be sorely missed i get humor as well jonathan crane with sports thank you so much you're welcome. that's it for the day but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at news or you can follow me at called assman and don't forget to use the hash tag the
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. this is d w news live from berlin as a wave of us states chipped away at abortion last abortion rights defenders hit the streets across the country both sides of the bait want the supreme court to take a stand also coming up theresa may dangles a new bracks at referendum 2 months after britain was to have left the e.u. . the government will their full inclusion in the withdrawal agreement will at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum.


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