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evidently sea level rise by at least one century. referred to have some climate in return greater than personal credit. that's really front. living. why aren't people more concerned. with 31st w. this is d w news asia coming up on the program allegations of voter fraud in india indian opposition parties cry foul over reported vote machine at tampering this as exit polls prime minister narendra modi and his hindu nationalist party for a big win also on the program. panic in caucus stand over each i believe
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at least 500 people are infected in one small town most of them children why is this happening please ask the un aids country director and. kong const master craftsman painstakingly carved tiles for the city's favorite past times but this one is busy business faces trouble. i'm melissa chan and you're watching news asia it's good to have you with us people across india are waiting for the results from the country's marathon elections that count takes place on thursday with hundreds of millions of votes cast in ballot boxes like these it will be a massive task exit polls showing company prime minister narendra modi's party ahead and he's already acting like the. winner but opposition parties especially
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the indian national congress are crying foul they're concerned over reports of voting machine fraud some 2000000 elektra voting machines were used for this election and now some challenges are demanding the v.p. 18 that's a voter verified paper audit trail which matches electronic votes to a paper tally here's what one congress party leader had to say. if there is a mishap or discrepancy then v v p 18 is put in the assembly elections should be counted again and if even one polling station has been tampered with then all the seats of assembly elections should be counted again if you talk more on this we're joined by. as well in delhi mischa tell us why some people think that there is vote tampering going on the
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allegations of war tampering us centered around some reveals that often so actually getting over social media over the last couple of days these videos show potential dampening of electronic voting machines which are what is used in the elections all around the country this is the 4th where these machines have been used so widely and 22 opposition parties came together on tuesday and appealed to the election commission to intervene give us some context for these allegations and these concerns why is this happening now people have been voting for weeks. well firstly the videos did so for 3 simply this is how the opposition parties justify coming out with their complaints now the party in power which is widely expected to win because of exit polls on the eve of the last phase that was on sunday the ruling party says it's a case of the of the opposition just complaining because they're about to lose so
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they're trying to tamper with the credibility of the elections but it's also worth noting that over these elections the credibility of the election commission has been called into question that have been questions raised about if the election commission is actually biased towards the ruling party and if it has actually a north complaints against the ruling body so all in all all of these things actually make it more problematic and this is why the opposition parties think that more serious action is to be taken than what has been planned out with the we counting tomorrow on may 23rd and so if the opposition parties decide to go ahead and challenge this are we looking at a delay in terms of the results which we expect on thursday is that correct well the opposition parties already met with the election commission one of the requests they have made is that there's a way to verify if the electronic voting machines did are operating correctly they wanted that to be done early in the morning on thursday the for the rest of the counting began the election commission has already said no we will not be doing
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that be we'll be doing it in the evening as already planned as was just requested by the supreme court of india but if in the evening a mismatch is found if there's any trouble with the verification of ray's electronic warding machines it is expected that there will be trouble brewing and that results could still be delayed till the next morning we should as well thank you. in pakistan a spike in the number of children testing positive for hiv has sent parents into a panic over the past several weeks entire families have shown up at clinics demanding blood screenings at least 500 people have since been identified as hiv positive most of them children the epicenter of this outbreak appears to be in the southern sindh province in the low carnot district here's our story. news of the outbreak trickett stampedes to ratu darrow's hospitals hundreds of frightened women wanted to get themselves and their children tested for hiv as
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quickly as possible officials are still investigating but they believe a local pediatrician may be responsible for infecting at least 500 people most of them children by reducing contaminated syringes. within these kids are getting sick in the general population the doctors and their advice on why the medications that repeated exposure to strangers. ramana b.b. thought her child ali was just having a cold when he had fever but when she heard about the outbreak she took all the for screening and the bad news came. out on a local issue and of all they were in great pain the day we heard about our son being diagnosed hiv positive we went through many sleepless nights i wanted to get her son looking healthy again as i was only be heartbroken for
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a child who just turned 10 recently but. health workers have screened tens of thousands of people but this is not the 1st outbreak to hit the district in recent years more than a 1000 people in the region reportedly tested positive for hiv in 2016 that outbreak was linked to sex workers. health officials say around 23000 people have hiv nationwide but they estimate 3 times that number remain and diagnosed that and sloppy medical practices are making it extremely difficult for pakistani authorities to bring hiv under control joining us now is dr maria bora mayor with u.n. aids in his lama bad a doctor as we saw in that report it looks like a pediatrician was responsible for this most recent outbreak what more do we know about the investigation really thank you for having
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this opportunity to talk about this whole issue or i won't leave out wrote. this it's not actually the 1st baby see this is really i think the lines a.j. be out and up for. soul out there has been some measures that have been done and the government is a little cool to fall back but i think there has to be more measures more aggressive measures that we don't. want in terms of this particular case it looks like it's because of a pediatrician is there something in terms of a problem with the way doctors are being trained in general are these outbreaks all connected to pediatric clinics. there has been what we've all heard about the practicing bigotry shown well apparently was the source of the use of those action
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but if you're a muslim larkana. there glary it's not only about what i'm practicing education but it's about the culture of the practice of and save. it and save many of the injections that's happening in the police there is a very strong demand from the blood and from the patients in the community for injection and because. the practice go dinnerware you know and sterilized or i believe it was are being used to be believed by what they call a quack doctor worse in this type of data set so it's not only about one source that we think it's what people source that we needs about the practice of unsafe left as usual in the. american injections very interesting doctor bar a male thank you we turn to hong kong and if you ever
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visit you will likely see the game of mahjong at some point it's the city's favorite pastime played right out on the streets and in legal or illegal gambling rooms it's so much a part of the city's identity officials declared it part of hong kong's cultural heritage but almost as soon as the government made that announcement came the decline young people like their cellphones and video games and that eats into mahjong time while it's not exactly a dying tradition here's one bit of mahjong that is in peril. a master craftsman at work king is one of hong kong's last remaining mahjong covers. in his tidy store he engraved every tall by hand and a normally in an era of mass produced plastic. when you look closely you can see each handmade mahjong child is different it's because i carved them one after another completing the one by one instead of using a mole and. then today of all. the 65 year old has spent decades honing his
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skills he's mahjong said start at $350.00 euros that's 10 times the price of machine made toils even so he still struggles to make a living. now there are only one or 2 stores in the area and business is poor is because the younger generation doesn't play much on that often even if they do play it they play on their phones. but some young people still like it hands on here at hong kong's chinese university members of the mud junk society meet every wednesday. the game has been played like this for more than a century the engravings edged into asia's cultural bedrock. i think the hand. is a form of. something to appreciate and collect almost too precious to play with.
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the king wants to keep that tradition alive he hopes workshops to share his passion for carving. it's a steep learning curve for these casual students. but the minute that i did know. this is you have to pay close attention to how to exert your strings. how to make a presentable and perfect line. i even have to pay attention to my own posture is a long one see try you know but he way that would let me. see the intense skill it takes just to make a few strokes to get something so beautiful out of it. struck by a stroke shown king is making sure that not john stays in hong kong and wherever possible stays handmade. will be easy now with
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a look at the election aftermath in indonesia a day after president joe. won reelection there's been i'm breathless capital the world's 3rd largest democracy several people have died in clashes in jakarta and hundreds more have been injured keep watching you for one is developing story see you next time. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word can call me coaxing germany. why not go with him for. it's simple online on your mobile and free. d.w.
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zealand in course. terms. what secrets lie behind these moves to. find out even worse of experience and explore passon eating brewed cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage 360 get the. movie. time to hang up his trademark suit and sneakers long time dima c.e.o. david said this is his company's farewell what will he go to make him do without. the u.s. bicycle sector calls on the president to back pedal on his chinese tariffs. and batten down the hatches the boss of weiwei warns the world to get ready for
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a protracted battle with washington. benefits all of its new business one of the most recognizable faces of corporate germany david satcher is vacating the driver's seat at dima a quirky chief executive is credited with saving the maker of a sadie's but he leaves his successor to deal with the tricky transition to electric vehicles and digital technology. the great to goodbye from shareholders after 13 years at the helm but in fact we cannot and will not remain satisfied with the current levels of profitability officially going to show you the time the team is drawing even more motivation to work with full energy towards our annual targets of our series. that message will be welcome following years in which share prices have been rocky profits slumped in 2018 after several good years teaches that sure .


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