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sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice and now i want to meet those moving back home who are involved in my venting and social norms and inform them about the basics right. my name is the american home and i work at the to. the todas getting tougher hopes of a fast end to the u.s. china trade war on women linked as the u.s. accuses you are way off to lying we talk to the executive director of the international trade center about the implications for europe. also coming up boeing on the federal aviation administration want to global consensus to get the 77 knots flying again that could take time at every many places on both stops.
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and he wants to be a leader in technology but fails to create the right environment critics say. the business i want to get jobs in berlin and west starting with the latest twist in the u.s. china trade route china's foreign ministry has denounced comments by u.s. secretary of state peo who said that the c.e.o. of china's sure way technologies was lying about his company's ties to the beijing government the us government puts you away on a trade blacklist last week banning u.s. companies from doing business with it now the latest escalation makes a swift end to the trade route increasingly unlikely. u.s. president donald trump says he wants to help farmers who've been affected by the trade conflict with china he announced an aid package with $16000000000.00. the president also claim. that the trade war would end swiftly although no high level
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talks have been shadowed since the last round of negotiations ended 2 weeks ago i think things probably going to happen with china fares because i can't imagine that they can be thrilled with thousands of company companies leaving their sure's for other places the u.s. government believes it has the upper hand in the dispute washington's rationale seems to be that china needs the u.s. market more than the other way round and they can't do without american technology and indeed china's largest telecommunications company is feeling the heat several u.s. firms including google restricted access to huawei in order to comply with the u.s. banning order foreign companies such as japan's panasonic are considering doing the same u.s. secretary of state might pompei of says while away is dishonest about the extent of its ties to beijing. there's just what's to say that they don't work with the chinese government as a force so it's just. what we see that at least isn't telling merkel people
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the truth nor the world since the trade talks between washington and beijing started to flounder the dispute has increasingly look like one as much about technological prowess as anything else the u.s. hopes the pressure on huawei may yet prove a powerful bargaining tool in the overall trade negotiations as if they ever get going again. now in the world's top 2 economies argue where does this leave the world's biggest trading bloc the e.u. let's bring in our own check ansal is executive director of the international trade center that's the joint development agency of the united nations and the world trade organization and you're joining us now from brussels good to have you with us do you see that the trade route between the u.s. and china is escalating or is this current tone especially where shore way is concerned just part of the game. well i do know that there is
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a very cunning strategy maybe behind us but the markets are not seeing this what they are seeing is this ruction and this destruction is creating uncertainty a will mark it's are doing is pricing this uncertainty we have seen downward trend in trade flows downward trading investment we have seen downward revisions growth and what we're seeing now is an increase in costs for consumers so maybe there is a strategy behind this but at the moment markets at seeing uncertainty and this is not good for the u.s. this is not good for china and certainly is not good for the european union is it a price worth paying considering that washington is taking on beijing over a string of trading practices from forced transfer of technology know how to unfair state subsidies and so forth all issues of course that the e.u. is also complaining about. well at the moment i see bullets flying in all directions you know i see bullets flying over to china but i also see bullets
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flying over our to the bullets flying over to japan i think there is it's fair to say that the u.s. the huge upin and many other countries have concerns about certain chinese practices the question is how what's the best a strategy to deal with this and how do we discipline this better than my sense that is that we better do this in a collaborative manner we better do this where negotiation and for that you need to have people seated around the table and for that we have a table called the world trade organization that khan help these countries because this is where you set the rules of international trade strengthen the rules so that unfair trading practices don't happen on the side of china certainly not on the side of the other trading partners neither could you elaborate on this round to try able and how the w.t. could stop those bullets as you mentioned from flying. well the world trade organization is the only place that i know where countries can sit around that they will set rules and these rules have a mechanism to oblige countries to respect them at the moment this some of these
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rules are lose rules on industrial subsidies are a big loser mostly because in the past it was the e.u. and the us that were fighting against each other on industrial subsidies no there is a new comer it's called china and there is a need to strengthen the rules fine it's important to do this again through a discussion through a dialogue but it's also good to have do this in a collaborative manner where everybody is suited around the table given the fact that everybody is impacted by this positions not you promote something that is called sustainable trade briefly what is that and given the harsh realities those bullets flying right now do we actually have place for such a notion well frankly sustainable trade is about making sure that trade respects human rights that it respects workers' rights and respects environmental standards and i don't think that this should be seen as a luxury this cannot be what we fix after we fix the economy it has to be an
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integral part of our economies it has to be an integral part of our trade and that's that's why what we're doing today in brussels is unveiling the latest report that looks at sustainability markets in europe increasing consumers want to know that what they buy has not been produced undermining workers' rights undermining human rights undermining environmental standards markets our consumers and therefore markets from our valuing this enormously and it's therefore important that producers import those export there's a line to this writer roger gonzalez their executive director of the international trade center thank you so much for your time always a pleasure. well in a stroke of irony those currently hardest hit by the u.s. china trade conflict are some of the most loyal supporter farmers and although the u.s. government has signed off a $16000000000.00 aid program a fall most say that all they want is that things are going back to normal. don't
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the pats once and 6 generation farm is here in iowa then main crops us soybeans and maize they also have cattle but since china began retaliating against the u.s. government's levies on chinese goods business here has slowed significantly. china is a huge customer there they have a lot of people in china and they say they were taking one row of every 3 rows that we plant of soybeans that's a lot of soybeans that they were taking so to lose that market last year has hurt us and i think will hurt us for a while and yet these oil trump supporters who still believe his policies of the right way to go as does nearby fellow pharma dave wilson. trying to run a bad actor on a world stage you know they've they've manipulated currency they've manipulated.
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the allowance of imports into the country so they've they've done a lot of things that manipulates the trade beyond tariffs and other barriers so i think we will be better off when this finally gets resolved but it's it's a period of time from beginning to end that it's it's painful right now. usually 60 percent of us soybeans a sold to china now there's nowhere for the crops to go so even prices haven't been this low for a decade and is unlikely to be much upswing until the u.s. and china find a way straight. and out to some other business stories making the news. facebook has reeled it removed more than 3000000000 fake accounts between october of march that's twice as many as it took down during the previous 6 months it says the majority were removed before they became active users the figures come out as the social network tries to tackle attempts to influence elections to its platform . hundreds of mcdonald's employees in the u.s.
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walked off the job on thursday demanding better workers rights and higher pay protesters say they want a minimum of $15.00 per hour but local fast food company however says it's unable to said wage rates as more than 90 percent of its restaurants are franchised. popstar rianna has unveiled her luxury fashion brand with the toner l. b. and h. in paris 20 is the latest of brianna's business ventures which include cosmetics and longs are in the collection offers a full range of clothing shoes and accessories. while there's still no sign of the boeing 737 max returning to the skies that's despite regulators from around the world needing an says day to discuss the future of the ground at jet meanwhile with more and more airlines seeking compensation the cost for the grounded jet is increasing by the minute. stranded on the wet tarmac nobody knows exactly when the boeing 737 max will be allowed to carry passengers again thursday's gathering of
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regulators in texas reached no official conclusions. but there may least be some signs things are moving in the right direction for boeing sources within the u.s. federal aviation administration say the 737 max is returned to service could be approved to soon as late june but doesn't mean other regulators around the world will follow suit doug. what won't come as any comfort to boeing is the growing list of airlines seeking compensation for having their shiny new planes grounded or delivered late china's carriers are the latest to make their demands 10 in total analysts on china's state media say the airline will try to keep things friendly. and nike thanks. matt from although operated by the chinese companies for the well being the chinese airlines must tough wind substitute for their maxim although if i think both sides we'll make their efforts to go days to filter
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through and negotiation rather than litigation arbitration china's airline association says the grounding will cost them more than half a $1000000000.00 by the end of june even if the claims don't end up in court boeing's problems looks set to roll on even after passengers are allowed back on board. your business of day. you can always find business stories on our website or you follow us on twitter and on facebook meanwhile for me and the team here and as always thanks for watching.
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i love for 11. 15 nations 15 stories and 15 very personal to berlin the very best features. book now planet berlin our hero max series starts may 25th on d w. yes it's time for cultural hello welcome i'm coming up on today's show. fantastical images from multimedia artist meo who will join me here in the studio. and the whole italian town as a backdrop for a festival of lights and. box
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we begin with a look back at the life of british riots an illustrator of children's books judith who's died aged 95 she was actually born here in berlin but fled the nazis with a parents in the early 1930 s. a most famous book remains the tiger who came to tea but there were many witty and lovingly illustrated books like the whole series the cat was always getting into difficult situations his mole. judith kerr's career as an award winning author started with a bedtime story she invented for her daughter she didn't wrote down and illustrated the tiger who came to tea which was published in 1968 and has since sold millions of copies worldwide but it was a less whimsical book for young adults that really launched her career when hitler still pink rabbit is a semi autobiographical book based on.


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