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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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their utopian union is a good idea on its own but i think their countries there should stand strong on their own we in hungary are not in their position in the european union it's a good thing that we are trying to be multicultural. you some points it's risky for. smaller countries in the european union and. at the famous heroes square we made victor noise about. his father is german and his mother is hungary and he doesn't feel like a european. that all things get. 50 of the i support a conservative state a nation state. and i'm opposed to the european union and the. victor is active in the right wing conservative party of prime minister viktor orban he's
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also involved in the election campaigns outside parliament he plays a video for a huge election rally held last year. god it's like the whole country came together on this one day. we felt strength and peace. we felt we were one country. so much of their emotional absolutely. i want to go right on the ball bounce nationalist populist rhetoric is popular with many young people obama's new electro laws instituted in 2012 helped secure a 2 thirds majority in last year's parliamentary election despite winning just under 50 percent of the voter feed as also has enormous influence over the hunk area media and the courts many independent researchers say that poses a threat to democracy but that doesn't seem to bother a lot of young people. to go. many of them support.
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because he portrays himself as a rebel who is defending the hungary's freedom. he says he's protecting the country against foreign enemies who threaten angries national identity. and national values. national identity is important to victor and he says that all ban is doing a good job of defending it. on this day that is to do that. the radiate strength that he has his own opinions and he expresses those opinions and he fights for them. victor oregon's top priorities are the country and its people. want not foreigners. not refugees. migration is the key issue for government in the run up to the european election the prime minister has said that his goal is to win an immigration majority in the
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european parliament. he uses migration to back his claims that hungary is fighting for its survival and its freedom. and when he does that he can avoid having to address other important political problems. as good as good he says that this is about the future of hungary and europe which is a lot more important than health care or education. one of the key campaign themes is to stop brussels claims that the e.u. is encouraging migrants to come to europe and he's managed to convince many young people in hungary is that we see that. this is a coordinated policy. it didn't happen overnight. the reply would be easy to do
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that. i have no idea. but why should we have to absorb other cultures. we have our own culture. in the e.u. hungary's policies have met with robust criticism in march she was suspended from the european parliament's main center right group allegations that ban is undermining democracy. how far will you go what is the. burdening books also victor believes that the e.u. strategy is clear. to kratom brussels to take complete control of all the member states. but hungary wants to remain sovereign and determine its own domestic policy in the political process cannot and will not accept that. the. victor remains firm in his political convictions and opposed to
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the e.u. . but there are still dedicated pro europeans in hungary the momentum movement is the centrist political party that was founded 2 years ago. back then the government put up stop brussels posters. we went out and covered up the brussels with stickers so that the posters read stop moscow and stop. it's going to get it's difficult to be an opposition party and hungry right now. the government plays hardball the way you'd never see in a normal democracy got. my father was fired from his job at a state run agency because of my political activity. but fortunately he found another job but over the. momentum has fielded candidates for the upcoming european parliament elections. the party has a practical reason for supporting the european union hungary is one of the largest
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recipients of e.u. funding. for the. top of that financial support could change because of or bans policies. that we want to get in the parliament to show people that hungary is more than viktor orbán we are part of hungary to reason or here. we're now back in brussels d'anna to live in is with us today. this one jefferson got that right and now i'm in the chamber where all the votes and events take place that. can also be off my excited and passionate and i just had cash oh well i think it's totally cool to be in the same room with. the other politicians debate important issues and they're not under me yet i think they make decisions that can affect people's lives i think of this a little intimidating a oh yes there's so much power in this room.
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now she'll have followers on an important committee vote on the internet copyright you know. the equipment it's not an illegal affairs committee is going to vote soon on article 13 just of that before the committee makes subsists ition there's still time for fotos. so y'all should i take your picture sure your 18 followers will like it all all more with. the hall is packed for this photo. the last week right this is a big deal all the lobbyists are here this is a really important vote. to talk to i want to be begin by the vote on the copyright to the directive and it has been adopted by a large majority. if k.
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said the committee has voted yes that was what was the final count. 16 voted in favor 9 against it it was pretty clear i'm gorgeous that relates to the full european parliament voted to approve the copyright protection legislation. team of open is disappointed but says that it's good that before the vote there were major protests against the bill. you mentioned harms the human pretty young people have become involved in the political process they're demonstrating to try to stop climate change just young people are becoming more politically active as you put it to show. people are divided on the concept of a united europe a positive development for some a disappointment for others in any case europe is changing. so yes that's the but i for the 1st time we're having
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a broad public debate about the future of europe and that's good but. it's clear that many young people really do have a lot to say about europe but governments and the media will have to do a better job of listening to those young people and take a concern seriously. because they are the ones who will shape europe's future. who still needs the e.u. . and journey across 4 member states. critics and advocates of the e.u. speak out over the season what are people expecting. how is the e.u. doing as the european election approaches.
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90 minutes on t w. sure of. what unites. what divides. force. what binds the continent to counter. the answers and stories of plenty of. spotlight on people. focused on europe on t w.
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m fogel welcome back to day special coverage of the trying to 19 european elections will be with you throughout the evening with rolling coverage of results across the 28 a new member states has more than 400000000 eligible voters have best say polls in france have just closed emanuel mccall's amash party in a tight race with marina pans out populist far right national rally so let's go straight to paris where we join that lisa new issues at the headquarters of mccall's all mosbacher welcome lisa what are people saying oh wow are they reacting . well we have the results they actually counting down now. but we'll read it no actually that was the national rally is coming out 1st so we will see their reaction here in just a few seconds just bear with me. many thanks
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. to you right now some alliance which increases and r.e.m. president because that is now coming up 1st but these people here are still happy about the results let me just give them to you says the 23.2 percent for the national really the far right party and 21.9 for the lions have people here have been telling me that nevertheless even if they came 2nd which is now the campaigns they would be happy anyways the 1st time that the man who was fighting has been dissipated in your opinion actions and also they're very happy that say many people have been dissipated in these elections apparently 52 percent that's about 10 percent. than 5 years ago and they say they say this is a really good thing because we are european basi europe is part of our d.n.a. it's a very happy nevertheless. clearly you know yes it was a gear clearly
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a good result for the national probably how much of an improvement is this for the . president it's a very good result for the national rally obviously but it's if this these results these 1st exit polls are could. then extend them what they had 5 years ago they can say we came out that came out 1st we have one of these european elections but the question is obviously what will they do with its base should have a large impact here on a national level president because still the president of france this was the european election. not a national election and on a european level it remains to be seen if the far right national rally will be able to form a stable alliance with all the other far right movements across europe and if they will have enough force to read in front of european matches. just to be absolutely clear very briefly what talking about exit poll results yes.
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absolutely the deaths that result come out at about 20202230 or 11 o'clock at night basinger's you know how do you mean the results. will come back to you in the course of behaving. in paris or holes or here in germany closed 2 hours ago the big news this evening is that the greens have made huge gains putting them ahead of the social democrats conservatives came out on top but it was a very average result for them so they projected results now based on a partial vote count i'm going to be conservative block that's the c.d.u. c.s.u. . top 28.6 percent of the votes the s p d s p d it's 15.3 percent not down significantly us down 12 percentage points that the green party is the big winner of the night they look to be taking 20.9 percent of
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the votes that's just over 10 percent percentage point increase for them here in germany the right wing populist. deutschland if they 10.8 percent less than they were express and then the free market to f.t. look like it's a huge 5.4 percent left bazzi also 5.4 percent now at least 15 just over 13 and a half percent for other parties here in germany in this european elections and the race right those projections based on partial vote counts here in germany. results here in germany powerful vote counts and we also had the exit polls affronts let's go to brussels where we find brussels bureau chief welcome ochs. well they so and i'm here with david mcallister who was a member of course of the e.p.
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the european peoples party and also the german c.d.u. where we just saw those numbers now everybody talked about the s.p.d. and how they lost their votes but the c.d.u. also significantly lost votes compared to the last european elections why is it that all those traditional parties are having such a hard time in these elections. will of course become be happy with the result in germany we were hoping for more we were expecting more but nonetheless we are the strongest political force in germany and we have contributed to the result of the being the obviously the strongest political force in the european parliament and the positive thing about this election is despite the negative results for a party in germany is that strengthens european democracy that's reference to european parliament and is also strengthens for the space in county down process we will have to analyze the result in germany and a good occasion will be the. next weekend but it also strengthen especially it seems the green party in germany has got 22 percent at least those are the latest
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numbers that we have so have you missed something in the c.d.u. the topic of climate change for example. well obviously there must be reasons why the christian democrats and especially the social democrats lost in high numbers on that the greens gained a lot of percent we were talking in this campaign about the economy about security about stability about important issues but obviously the issue of climate change is in the moment the number one issue in germany what we have to do now is to tell the german people more what we are already doing in government but obviously the expectations are high that we have to do more and that's why the government will now have to quickly agree on important decisions in berlin with regard to the climate. if you could forge that campaign again if you had a time machine and.


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