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spears is part of the learning process. in our class the stunts learnable the biological processes in their bodies yes now both involve the sun too she only 12 percent off and yes women do senator you tell us why the rest resort to alternatives such as unsanitized dogs ashes and rice us. longer. than that and i realize that this is the most sensitive issue i mean fought in the goats like and if i'm not going to talk about it definitely my next to me also not going to talk about menstruation with other people or other boys and girls. that's the thing which started to getting in my mind and i thought no i need a big step i need to dig this but yet that i need to want the men and other people in the community. some it sure doesn't help at 30 just a ghost not only about their bodies but also how to make sanitary napkins presidio
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in their own screwed up after being a certain amount of cotton with their face it to the form of her she got. the program was introduced by those who love her so nutrition over time and enjoy promotes hygiene across and. more than 5000 grocers benefited from the restaurant her gender the case of her. mad so being not theirs might not be all women ever i use a sanitary napkin i feel proud because it's me made it mine never been so great they don't have any of the plastic and chemicals that are in the other napkins in the market looking at my body i feel very content as i know what i have used to make my napkin so it's good for my health also. learning about the necessity of sun you cannot consume school this is one part of the campaign the student school wants to further spreading the word and talking to women in nearby slums of augments to. hygiene they sell they're not good for t.v.
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so $0.41 each far cheaper than commercially produced pads. this aspect of being in society will take time to change but some of the women in the slums are starting to understand that vantages of sanitary napkins. was made up to you. but i you i live here in the slum oh yeah i was using. it when i heard about the sanitary napkins made by the good. they're very good bad and are better than the ones available on the market. i really value using them well you're going to tell of. the girls also invite women from the slums to come to the school to learn more about women's body in an informal setting.
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the opening with these young ladies young go on in. and they will be happy to play these games they also the schools. and the media suspects afghans were told. there are still many young women insufficient sex education and access to hygiene products the sort of sanitation movement plans projects like this in other parts of the country and they need modern put on this very dirty kate society as a whole about what menstruation is one of the most natural things in the board of trade. not difficult conversations like speaking to the woman and her family about safe menstrual hygiene is what brings about real change communication is a key factor in creating conducive environments not only a tool but also at the workplace even today we know. continue to face gender
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discrimination a battle space designed to tackle this problem. communication she has designed. to do so that workplaces in india can speak about and fight gender discrimination through gamification and. here the day starts with playing games but this is serious work in this public research center in paris designers and developers work together on educational games graphic design or. code design to games for the indian market. the aim is to raise awareness about workplace discrimination by making employees play. in the video game another day the player acts as an h.r. manager and meets priyanka who's reporting a case of harassment. present
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her work to a colleague. we have our own zip. she says that people whistle at her there that they touch her. colleagues say she shouldn't wear short skirts she should wear something more traditional. the game simulates a face to face interaction employee answers questions that help the player address the problem and learn new social practices. all the western brands are in india now obviously the girls dress in a more western way it's more practical there's a kind of gap now it's a problem we thought was important to address. one big doesn't exist yet. her other game is a board game called hired. each player has to find out who refuses to recruit women old people or people from religious minorities the most common victims of
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discrimination. the role play starts and everyone is trying to one mask each other's behavior who i see that you are both sexist and ages. i asked now as they are it is a game to show the biases you have in india when recruiting and the idea is to show on the contrary that everyone can be integrated into the team you have to hire by looking at people skills and not other aspects. right he made a came to paris from new delhi 10 years ago. she was working in an insurance company. and she quit her job for this project. this is who i wanted my competence my know how to hope for a social purpose. india gave me a lot when i was young and i wanted to give something back to india. she brought
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her artistic skills to the team but also her deep knowledge of indian society. you have to adjust to indian cultural sensitivities you can't just go to your boss and say look what you're saying doesn't suit me off slam the door and leave the indian mindset doesn't work like that there's a lot of consultation compromise it's a cultural thing so. you will be included games have been played in about $25.00 companies in india thanks to a local ngo that reaches out to them and introduces the project. in france to discrimination that work is far from being solved as right he can tell. inform woman who is confident will be told she's the boss but if it's a man who has the same kind of behavior we're going to say this is a leader. we women are stigmatized even if they have the same qualities as men.
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to me is working on adapting these games for europe since european organizations have also shown interest. moving on to another fascinating solution and estonian design is using scraps of cloth left behind by large textile manufacturers to create a brand of small fashion usually most mass production manufacturers are left with an average of 18 percent of. that is usually taken to landfills. upcycling system this design has managed to see about 75 percent water by using just these left was. mountain. of textile waste these are pictures of a dump site in bangladesh. both in india and bangladesh tons and tons of textiles from industrial leftovers are thrown away every year. but some of it forms the
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basis for a new fashion line. the estonian design a red house uses industrial leftover materials to create items like t. shirts sweaters and dresses she wants to be a catalyst of positive change. to just drive around in that's the area what do you see you see just left overs everywhere mixed with plastic kids playing they are burning it it's toxic waste of air pollution it's like or and the 2nd thing all of them. are going to the ground water the people who are living there they are drinking it getting sick there are so many issues related to the decks that waste breakouts cooperates with 3 textile manufacturers in bangladesh and one in india one of them is back simcoe one of the biggest in bangladesh it makes clothing for brands such as h. and m.
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calvin klein tommy hilfiger and sara more than 240000000000 items are produced in its factory every year. on average 20 percent of what's produced becomes waste. 3 years ago right alex developed a system called up made it consists of 2 main steps for certification of the company to ensure transparency that it details leftovers report that center every month from the factory. this makes planning easier for. when they start production then we're all going to get the information that we know how big will be there the wastage what kind of material so we always very calculated as well as off work. well that's how many blouses or trousers or different products we're going to make out of there like the worst etc so that that makes it very easy for the big companies as well if something
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a company would like to adopt. great ause is based in the estonian capital. a shop is located in tele skippy a former industrial complex that's been turned into a creative hub of a stallion artists. this is where she does the sampling and designing. the designs are sent back to bangladesh and india to be manufactured. by using leftover materials she can save on average 75 percent water and 88 percent energy compared to conventional production. but the scheme does have some limitations the biggest limit is that we will never know how much do we have one certain type of material yes that's definitely
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a limit it means that for example. in one design with the arrow for example we never know how many we can do with let's say blue and grey but there would be always be less gray but the blue and grey will be always a bit different and that's the thing about that's that's the part of our collection despite the challenges that has a lot of potential not only for breakouts now wants to convince other companies to take the same step. companies don't have any idea how. wastage after their production so that we are helping them to make the waste stream transparent and all the production that they can actually in the moment when they start designing their products they already do. start designing products as well because they will know how much leftovers we will be in from their main production another element of the project is tackling post consumer waste new project denim she collects jeans from
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recycling centers in estonia a company turns them into young which is used to make clothes like these. customers appreciate the combination of up cycling and recycling. but also yeah obviously the idea that you can use a fabric that's left somewhere and make it into something really cool i think it's important the boy is gone in this line and i think what she's doing is something very special so i think the design and methods are very good and for me it's very important there's a strong design and they're strong ideas. companies could produce around 10 to 15 percent more by using leftovers and save a lot of money for 8 hours it's a win win situation she's already working on her next collection. today with the amount of ecological damage the planet has suffered nearly all of us
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are forced responders to some change all the other. stories have given you the inspiration to take the 1st step towards creating the change you want to see for the planet we'll be back next week many more such stories until then.
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and action packed life. anything is possible as long as up the coffee and his friends can dream up this movie theater and can just adopt a refugee camp. his life story graduate. 27
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years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for the cinema the dogma. the 15 minutes on. climate change. the state of the elite. environmental projects. biodiversity species conservation exploitation the quality. human rights displacement. the global empire and. local action. global 3090 minutes on w. .
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broken leg. last seen such church. services using. the stop obama book raj and religion a clash that brings many skulls of. god the devil. starts june 17th on t.w. . some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world would be around 2 degrees warmer. inevitably the sea levels rise by at least one central. we're going to have some climate impacts we turn greater the more we see all the above
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that's really frightening ultrabook bad luck. why are people more concerned. a little yellow. cards may 31st. cut. cut. cut. this is d.w. news live from berlin voters across europe have made their voices heard in elections to the european parliament the political center has seen support slipped away for a populist have made some gains and climate concerns have supposed to be green
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parties across the block. but there's also been a strong nationalist surge in several countries france's far right national rally party it led by going the 10 looks set to finish on top dealing a blow to president wrong so what does this mean for europe at large. let. welcome to our ongoing coverage of the european parliament elections as results come in from the 28 member countries of the european union some clear trends are developing here are the projections for the seats in the next european parliament here we see that search for the greens who look likely to take 70 seats in the new parliament and the liberal a l d e group will take 97 seats despite its heavy losses the center right european peoples party is still the biggest group with now 163 seats and if we look
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at the 2 right wing populist blocs here on the right of our graphic we see them on 45 seats and 72 seats respectively one big change in these elections we've seen some support we've seen support erode for traditional centrist parties in germany france and elsewhere while the environmentalist greens have been surging taking 2nd place in germany meanwhile right wing populist parties are projected to have one of their national campaigns in france italy poland and hungary. these boxes hold the voice of europe. the future of more than 500000000 people marked on pieces of paper. once counting had begun it soon became clear the voters have spoken out against the solid center of european politics. the surance the northeast the best news today is that european democracy is alive the
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leaves martin and today we saw a clear increase in photo turnout. mean. that democracy gave german mainstream parties their worst ever results. i know that democracy delighted much of the european far right. in france marine le pen again beat the french president's past. hungary's viktor orban spelled it out the migration issue by itself and the reaction of the people only we all reorganized the 40 specter with the traditional party families will not play the same role in the future as they have done in the recent years i also own traditional jubilant greens resurgence in germany such become a big hitter in the european parliament. and our family as. we
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achieved this because many many people took to the streets for climate protection because many many young people were ready to fight for climate protection in schools universities in sports halls. yellow vests protesters in brussels on sunday they say the e.u. is undemocratic everyone wants to change cheer up. the fight over which way will be played out in parliament and on the streets. for some analysis of this i'm joined by all of her political scientist and senior advisor. with the resinous and global in britain berlin an absolute shocker for sticking with us all night here thank you so much so europe's voters have essentially given just a big big thumbs down to the established parties how's this going to go down in brussels. some people of course seem just focusing on the downside i would say in
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a way i feel was also all kind of word proof that this all of the elections which you truly can call european elections so it's really represents the big spectrum we are facing in europe so therefore it's more for commanded yes but i would also call it more democratic because there are more parties now turning quickly from brussels to britain the u.k.'s best known populist leader is of course nigel for raj his brand new bracks at party came out on top in many parts of the u.k. according to for us that means the party should have a seat at the negotiating table in any future bragg's it talks let's have a listen we've got a deadline of the 31st of october all right that is the date which was to leave the european union that's in 5 months so what we're saying is we've got a mandate we demoed to be over but we get you to see to get this country ready to leave whatever the 2nd so he is demanding to be part of this negotiating team these
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negotiations that for all intents and purposes look like they're going nowhere what do you make of that that is what do you what's your assessment how would that even work yeah i think sir. it is only you call it so it's call it for domestic audience or he definitely calls the prime minister of the u.k. wherever that will be by the time being in the end of october given that the reserve may already announce that she's stepping down in june so he wants he has to be maybe he wants to be part of the u.k. team and maybe for us will be part of the cabinet if the prime minister's name is boris johnson and that there is some kind of likelihood in there so therefore we'll see it's definitely not a call for the e.u. side actually to call him somewhere because he's a parliamentarian that's pretty much the old in the council of course he will play a major role for sure got for us in britain we've got lappin in france and vini in italy those last 2 at least want to see the formation of some sort of powerful pan
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europe populist movement do you think that's likely will we see that. they had a uniting aim and objective to enter the pollin then being a strong force in the palm and giving peoples a voice but the question is is there more than and say something which unites them so therefore this is not all for us to see in the coming weeks so will these mysterious group now really be able to formulate policy aims i have my doubts stay with us for a moment while we turn to take a look at italy the 3rd largest economy in the euro zone where the far right populist and league party appears to have made huge gains projections show the league led by italy's interior minister matteo salvini has taken around a 3rd of all the votes in the spent the e.u. election campaign networking with other far right and euro skeptic parties across europe. now we have the 1st party in the north and the south we got about 50
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percent in so many cities and we also came 1st in many cities in the sense of we will go to work with even more energy passion and dedication the league is not only the 1st party it is really marine le pen is also the top european party in france and nigel farage is padi is the top party in britain so it's really france and england it is a sign of a europe which is changing. did obvious thomas sparrow is in milan he spoke to us earlier about how the results might affect italy's political landscape. exactly was around 1 in the morning when salvini stormed into this room here in the party headquarters and without accepting any questions he spoke about a moment of responsibility in italy about historic mission to defend its release interests into these values and he once again demonstrated that for him this goes
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well beyond it to these borders it is something international and he spoke about the results in france and the results in the united kingdom for faraj and spoke about a sign that that means that europe is changing as far as the internal politics in each of the concerned because again there has been speculation about what the results could mean for each of these governing coalition he said that he will be back to work in rome tomorrow and he does not see the coalition partners as enemies but that his adversities are on the left side of the political spectrum for so for him back to work tomorrow after this result that he described obviously as one very important one for stocks. well here in germany it was a bit of a miserable night for uncle america's conservatives and her coalition partners the social democrats these parties make up the national government and together they slid down almost 20 percent in the polls the biggest winners in germany were the
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greens who doubled their showing a result that now propels them into 2nd place the far f.t. party has also gained ground but lost support in comparison to the last national election. i sometimes reaction speak louder than words the german greens ecstatic as they watched their vote sarge . triumph built off the back of young voters under climate emergency a warning shots of the country's government was that's ignited is the signal today is that the german government has been voted down as a result of its hesitation on climate protection and its failure to unify europe. up give your order yes we are fighting for european solidarity and strong climate protection emotional. at the c.d.u. party be watched on in dread not exactly drowning their sorrows but these results
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down 7 percent make for sobering reading as the party grapples with the country's shifting demographics. so i retired several thousands yes certainly we have not been dynamic a nothing government and we fail to give convincing answers the voters across germany have expected of us in total and about the across town not their government coalition partners yes p d it was a picture of fool frontal despair. they saw almost half their vote disappear 27 percent to 15 the party's leadership pleaded for members not to lose the face. on. which mr i would like to ask all our s.p.d. members and supporters to take heart i'm still a confident need to the future even if today's results are painful they show us
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that we have a lot to do. for the far right if he it was more a night of shodan freude than success. the biggest cheer for the s.p.d. and c.d.u. losses. they had threatened an insurgency but in the end mustered 10 percent of the disappointment hard to hide. the again we are going to brussels to repair the e.u. to reduce the e.u. to its core work that is why we have been elected and that is what we are going to do in brussels. these may have been european elections but the results may well she cut domestic politics to. bring it back in all of poker from rasmussen global here in the studio with us so we saw centrist parties losing across the board in europe that was very much mirrored here in berlin.


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