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well you know. you're going to unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to vast leyla. i don't think i'd ever go back there to live. coming up on the program.
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well. it's good to have you with us. is closer. to nuclear weapons being used any time since world war 2 that's the assessment of u.n. officials. and security issues the u.n. institute for. states with nuclear weapons. that the control landscape is changing but that isn't the only change today 9 countries are in the so-called nuclear club
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a number of these are located in north korea is one of them the isolated nation has conducted 6 nuclear tests so far this century the arms control association estimates the number of nuclear weapons with. 15 its northern neighbor china has around $280.00 think tank stockholm international peace research institute president said that beijing is expanding its also to counter threats from the u.s. and india india and has long running toward a total disputes with neighboring pakistan also a nuclear power both countries of compatible austin sizes of around $140.00 warheads the fear is that any escalation could quickly spill over into a nuclear war the un says these developments are cause for concern we've seen real tear ation in the international architecture we have released constraints we have leased confidence building measures and we want stupid in terms
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of managing tensions between nuclear armed states at a time when there were more of them than ever and their relationships between each other a more complex darker more present over is based in vienna over the b.n.f. and defoe desire moment and nonproliferation she joins me now as it over thanks very much for joining us now based on the resource that you've conducted seoul part fossil of do you find that nuclear weapons are being used more for strategic diplomacy and potentially the risk of nuclear confrontation may not be that hi. hi thanks for having me. well the risk of use of nuclear weapons is very much on the minds of many experts and many governments today which was evident at a recent meeting of state parties to the contrition treaty and the reason for that is that there's certainly an increased risk of these nuclear weapons due to righty
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factors one of the key of which is the rising tension between the united states russia. now that the the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons this exists but has not yet been ratified it's received only 23 of the 50 ratifications into needs so that it can be enforced why do you think it is missing these artificial means well it depends on the countries right some countries are in the process and and they are going through the mandatory government internal government reviews of how the treaty is compatible with existing policies that say some countries are waiting for the signature of the parliament has come through the british and other countries are genuinely reluctant to join a treaty because because they might have doubts about its efficacy because nuclear weapons possesses have its press very stern
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a position to the treaty and declared that they have no intention of signing it's in any receive a future or wherever and a lot of the countries don't support the treaty our allies states diggler and they foresee a role. in national security so until they figure out how to sort of a much better security without extending it that terrorist they're simply not to join a treaty that for him is the use session it's not just 5 of these of the major 9 nuclear powers are based in asia do you see the potential miscalculation can spark off a nuclear confrontation in asia. asia certainly figures prominently in recent concerns of. increased risk of use of nuclear weapons india and pakistan came very close to fighting again leading off this here and so a lot of the fellow experts were on high alert wondering where could this go
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considering that since the last august and has shortened that it was both countries have more nuclear weapons that movement truman set of doctrines and at least one of the countries foresees the use of nuclear weapons to stop a conventional conflict will escalate and so set certainly the risk of use or has the pursuit of use of nuclear weapons in asia is quite high north korea is not a factor here the country now has nuclear weapons and. has according to many experts the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon to the arsenal proper us or in the interaction between the united states and north korea part of which happens over twitter is quite unpredictable since there is right of war breaking up eventually on person no one wants that gawker mockers on or thank you very much for speaking to us and pure. to thailand next for the political deadlock from its disputed election continues no single
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party managed to secure an absolute majority and that's thrown the field open to possible coalitions what is clear however is that the political landscape is changing former prime minister thaksin shinawatra thai party which once dominated thai politics failed to form a government it did win the most seats but lost support and it's hotter than voters in the north of the country that's because the problem the 3 party and its supporters have made inroads there the military seized the country in a coup back in 20145 years later its support is growing and smaller parties have ultimate onto the scene. travelled upcountry to find out how the lines of class and geography in thailand are shifting. tax in country northern thailand agricultural rural and home to former prime minister texan she wants political base for years texan affiliated parties like the tiny john did the
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ages here with populist policies like keep house and infrastructure projects balance the political winds a changing. i like the military. pressure what i used to vote for but i want to see the country progress have something new. happening i thought of it and then without. it quite neutral and hopefully bring us comfort and unite the thai people that have. gotten this is pio it's one of 2 provinces here in the north with the military's proxy party. that time people here country dating for enhancing military. the military itself and in a country where these 2 sides have long been irreconcilable splits that's nothing less than a political one. at one dates with their own populist agenda including raising the minimum wage and by fielding popular former pattaya politicians but it's not just
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planned to sharon's that pad thai lost ground to a new political powerhouse each of 4 would also picked up seats from pad thai bridges swayed by its anti military gender and its charismatic leader turnout on june kit a man many a cooling the new texan in spite of these losses part-i did so when the most seats in much election. dance analysts say every lawn seats in the north months another nail in taxes political coffin whatever the juggernaut and phenomenon that he has been is no longer the same and talent moving beyond us and with so much time having gone by the military power softening of the left with money and and then you have new forces appearing emerging on a scene and there is a contributing factor to why i think the time has lost some shine back in time
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looking forwards not backwards but this election has proved one thing with or without checks in the deep divide between pro and anti military parties still dominates type politics. for most of us will have done this it struck a pause in pursuit of the perfect some very rich or mark want to check us out on bring before pulling out your phone so for that's on the rise with hundreds of people dying worldwide in salford related accidents most of them falling drowning ordered traffic and almost a half of those recorded happened in india. signature bridge in new delhi it's become one of the country's selfie hotspots since its opening in 2018. but the new landmark is definitely not the safest place for food or shooting . you don't see the cause and you risk an accident. you're willing to take any risk to make a good selfie i even be ready to jump on the road if i have to download it because
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. it's this kind of attitude that has made india the world's capital of so-called cuties among 260 incidents recorded between 20112017 more than a half occurred in the country research is attributed to high number to india's enormous population of young people. this student witnessed 24 of his friends die the group had gone down a valley for selfies in a river of water quickly rose his friends were carried away one by one in the current. soviet side of anything real for capturing a man when he's worked when we get carried away to watch and when you're ready to vote. for surroundings and you know when you just keep picking selfies and you get addicted to it and becomes a problem some psychologists suggest that social media is to drive behind the quest
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for extraordinary selfies the intention is to be out there be daring and present a face of who died the world would like to see the riskier i become the more entertainment and the more entertainment it's going to create for my social media platform. some with ortiz and management companies have to set up new selfie sones for dangerous places so people would stop risking their lives. but for the relatively safe spots the selfie trend just seems unstoppable. one of the largest mobile phone markets in the wall. by the. u.s. president. taking
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a few. could even take a chance. to expect the end.
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her 1st day of school in the jungle. first clueless. doris green the moment arrives. join the ring to take on her journey back to freedom. in our interest you took human tree. the world in the ring again returns home on t.w. dot com. this could reshape the industry a gigantic global auto merger is on the cards were no welcomes the idea of a fusion with the chrysler shares rally. surprise victories in the e.u. with action from a divided europe for fragmented culture that's what that means to doing business with the flow. also coming up
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a super match time round of gold old cars trucks plants the soap the fracas he's told the world it. should be wary about china's artificial intelligence ambitions we talk to venture capitalist and try to exploit it if you know. that's your business all engines go stocks have surged by more than 10 percent in via chrysler and renault italian american company wants to merge with its french rival it create one of the world's biggest comic as and save billions of dollars needed to invest in the tech right. horno supervisory board is discussing the possible merger proposed by fia chrysler the company's largest shareholder the french government to support if. the government is favorable to the move as a rino shareholder we must look into the conditions of the deal after all this
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merger must be good for the economic and industrial development for most but also for the employees. when. it is unclear what.


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