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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is d w news live from our land little hope left in the hunt for survivors of the budapest boat accident and ambulance folks 1st and says that the search for missing passengers could be futile after a storm sank a sightseeing boat with over 30 tourists on for police have launched a criminal investigation. also coming up india gets set to swear in toronto bodie for his 2nd term as prime minister that's after the b j p s landslide election victory at the mothers who refused to give up hope and mexico these women have
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taken the search for their missing children into their own hands in a country where 30000 people have disappeared to their. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program rescuers in budapest say that there is minimal chance of finding survivors after a boat accident on the danube plate on wednesday police have also launched a criminal investigation after a sightseeing vessel collided with another boat in bad weather more than 30 of south korean tourists were on board 7 are confirmed dead so far we have team coverage from budapest and seoul in just a moment 1st assessment of what happened. as dave broke in budapest most of the passengers who had been aboard the mermaid were still
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missing authorities have located the boat on the riverbed of the danube but they say it could take days to bring it to the surface. in seoul south korea's president announced they were sending a rapid response team to budapest. hungary. government will work closely with the hungaroring government to investigate the cause of the accident for the child's correlated departments to do their best to support victims and their families. this south korean travel agency which hired the boat apologized but also defended the decision to conduct the tour despite the bad weather. will get 30 customers and one of us boarded a cruise boat for the budapest. at the time of the water level was high but other crews or it's operating is usual not
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just out of the 3 that south korea's foreign ministry says the passengers were not wearing life jackets the youngest on board was reportedly a 6 year old girl hungary and authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the routine sightseeing trip which turned into a tragedy. that's been our correspondent stuff on both joining us from the banks of the danube there in budapest also as we've heard emergency crews they have been working through the night what is the latest on the rescue operation. well the latest steps a day are still searching for more than 20 people who remain missing and science are running out a sort of desperate they are not believing that survivors will be found because the currents of danube river is also very strong. warning the rain for most of the time and divers are really really struggling to find that they have already found 7
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people depp's of course they also rescued 7 people. who are still on and you know i can also see behind me several rescue workers still being active on a boat still searching but for now. still. such a boat tours they are routine what more do we know about the circumstances of the because we understand that there is now a criminal investigation being launched. yes indeed to be close to resupply from criticism because people are saying how is it possible that this boat. so fast because we see in 7 seconds coalition we saw an older ship basically basically went down already and people are really asking questions also how supposable that they didn't inform each other that they were so new york and i think it also raised questions quite frankly about the number of sightseeing tours being held on the
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danube river very very popular and of course questions have been asked about lifejackets now i know myself when i was on such a tour lifejackets i'm never being distributed among passengers so that's what authorities are also saying but definitely they are going into it safety issues as well i believe stefan both joining us from the banks of the danube there in budapest where the search for answers is only just beginning and of course to see also if there are any survivors from this accident thank you so much for your reporting. indian prime minister narendra modi is due to be sworn in shortly for a 2nd term the inauguration comes after modi's hindu nationalist b j p party won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections in the world's largest democratic vote the vote in india the world's largest democracy took place over a period of 6 weeks and the results were announced a week ago what. they said joins us now from delhi with more
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and misha tell us what are what issues specifically are people there in india looking for modi to tackle 1st. well starfire most americans are more the has just done with a massive mandate which shows that people do trust him to fix the issues the country has been facing there's been a massive farmers' crisis the economy has been struggling unemployment has been at its highest in 45 years and if we look at the b.g.p. manifesto that was released before the elections they do promise to double farmers' income by 2022 they do promise to make india the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2030 but i would also boil attention to an important speech the prime minister mediation the now allegations and criticism against the prime minister has been that busy government has been davis of in a recent speech by most americans and with the expanded his party's slogan of
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development for all also has to also include a hindi phrase seeing some us which means and trust from oil now this is responding to criticism that minorities. so our policy is there as you can see we had some technical difficulties our correspondent in the fall was just reporting from delhi we'll try and get her back on the line but in the meantime you're watching news and still to come on our program the mexican mothers are forced to search for their own children in a country where cartels are behind in force disappearances thousands of people families take matters into their own hands with sometimes devastating results. and the quick check of some other stories making news around the world israeli lawmakers have voted to dissolve the parliament paving the way for
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a snap election in september but their last elections took place just 7 weeks after their last election prime minister benjamin netanyahu was unable to broker a compromise between the secular nationalist party of lieberman and ultra orthodox jewish parties on the issue of military conscription. authorities in afghanistan say that at least 6 people have died after a suicide attack on a military academy in the capital kabul a ministry statement said that the attacker detonated his explosives after being approached by a soldier as of yet no group has claimed responsibility. more than 20 people have died in a bus crash in the southern mexican state of that accrues dozens were also injured most of the victims were catholic pilgrims on their way home to mexico city the bus burst into flames after colliding with another vehicle honesty piled way. and a man charged with the bombing in leone france has reportedly confessed to the crime explosion last week injured 13 people the suspected bomber
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a 24 year old algerian citizen was arrested along with other family members in what is being treated as a terrorist attack. let's head now to latin america the region has the highest number of forced disappearances in the world official figures estimate that some 200000 people have disappeared. in the last 2 decades the real number could be much higher the country with the most missing people is colombia in 5 decades of armed conflict more than 100000 people are thought to have disappeared civil war in guatemala also leading to tens of thousands of disappearances since the end of the conflict in 1906 the country has also been criticized for failing to bring those responsible to justice further south argentina on the other hand has been praised for its handling of the past during that its dictatorship from 1976 to 1983 the security forces abducted some 30000 people government and military leaders have
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since faced trial now in mexico the war between drug cartels is now one of the main causes of death international puts the number of missing at more than 34000 and the u.n. says that about 30 percent of them are children or adolescence we have this report on a group of mothers whose children have disappeared. why that man amedee now finally found her missing son after he disappeared without a trace 5 years ago i got the milan thing in reality so i mean me and on one day he was selling cell phone accessories as usual and he was just kidnapped at a gas station because my son was disappeared in the off forty's didn't look for him i started my own search local police were no help she says but there was no surprise ordinary police officers are suspected of frequent collaboration with the drug cartels. minima dina started to search with this simple tool that
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helps detect the scent of decaying corpses beneath the soil. over time other mothers looking for their missing children and jointer they call themselves that after their daughter the trackers they relentlessly entire search for traces of their missing children that treasures as i lovingly refer to them they can't believe they're dead until they have proof and that's exactly what their motto says got a as they got that out of their search for you until i find you. for many women here this has become their sole mission their search often turns up the bones and skeletons in. the women's findings on this day become the top story for mexican journalists now the stench of rotting corpses is overwhelming me time and again the mothers of the disappeared are confronted with a tormenting question could this body be my child let me go out of the mythology to look at me got a look at feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body. i'm shaking my
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ears are blocked oh yeah i think i'm glad and sad at the same time because i don't know if it's my son or her son not that now that i am in the end it doesn't matter we're looking for them because we love them. man i mean dina and her group have already found nearly 500 bodies according to local media many of the disappeared a believed to have had ties to the drug trade victims are often young men who had no prospects for legal employment minima dina and the other mothers found the remains of 15 people on a single day neighbors who had observed suspicious activity gave them crucial tips on where to dig the search missions are a provocation to the drug cartels releasing to the him who was caught they tell us we should stop looking yes it is proper otherwise the same thing will happen to us and we're going to then one day someone else will find us buried but in my case we're scared but love and the uncertainty are stronger i mean i said. it took
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3 years for a man amid enough to find her son at last she says he can rest in peace. let's head to syria now where a report says that western sanctions aimed at president bashar al assad and his regime are actually deeply affecting the syrian public rather than their intended targets the u.s. and european countries often impose economic sanctions as a way of kill lives in rulers of states such as iran russia or syria to persuade them to change their ways the u.s. government recently announced that it will no longer ship oil to syria a new sanctions against the assad regime also restrict oil and financial services in this report just presented for the 1st time in germany a un special rapporteur to our interests. criticizes these measures are saying that they namely affect civilians. and messages i-t. joins us now in the studio for more on that they so much for joining us and welcome
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to the program i'd like to begin by asking you about the sanctions in question i mean they were put in place by by the u.s. and europe they are intended to target president assad to what extent do you see them affecting the population and why. the sanctions were imposed by the u.s. and the e.u. in several other western countries they do not really affect the situation of the government itself they can find the way of protecting its of from their impact. the sanctions have created the new elite the people that thriving on smuggling as a result of the sanctions the people that really pay the price of those whose conditions of living have that there are rate the to an enormous extent and i'm talking about ordinary people that have nothing to do with the princes between
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western governments and their own government. the way this materializes in practice is that the prices of food have increased concern. driblets for inflation a half of the population lives on fixed incomes 1800000 kids cannot go to school because cools have been destroyed and they cannot find the permit that the building material and the teaching material to resist the schools so. they are the one that paying the price and i think they claim that there should be smarter ways of exercising pressure on the government such as what are the smarter ways because i mean you know sanctions are one of the main tools basically to you know penalize the assad regime for murdering its own people with impunity yes but people die in hospitals because of
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a breakdown in the power supply on the road where the being of the people died because they can get cancer. drugs to address the needs these are silent deaths but they are no more compassionate as a result of fighting or bodies so i do realize that the conflict has been a major cause of the terror ration of the conditions of living in syria but it has been internationally recognized that sanctions have exacerbated these sufferings is there not a way of addressing the problems that do not make poor people pay for things that they are innocent about and can you answer that question they just propose what is the other way is there
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a way that was shouted by the united nations which was created to have a to preserve peace by promotes thing different for a negotiations negotiation is the solution you. those saying sanctions which were not approved by the night that nations as is the case for the sanctions applied to syria give the impression that you want to create an old son that they have framework through the u.n. framework the u.n. framework was created by western countries sensually to be true to. their commitment they have to uphold this system provide solutions to standing disagreements and thank you so much for joining us for sharing that you interest as we mentioned un special. thank you. u.n. secretary general antonio the 10 has been awarded the annual charlemagne prize an award that honors those who promote european unity the jury in the western city of
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and said that they selected 10 ish for his work in reviving global cooperation past recipients of the charlemagne prize known as the cause prize in germany have included french president emmanuel mccall different chancellor angela merkel and pope francis. and regatta was at the ceremony in auckland and here's what he had to say. antonio good terror said here in the historic city hall of that he never clearly the need for a strong and united europe europe is too important to play is that the secretary general populace and nationalism should be overcome and europe should set an example for the multi ledra approach in diplomacy nationalists and populace like in the white house and washington should be kept at bay this is the clear message of those child money your prize of 2018. now in
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awarding the charlemagne prize the jury said that could ted has had helped revive global cooperation based not only on the values and goals of the united nations but also the principles of the european union here's a closer look now at his work as secretary general. one week it's vienna the other vanuatu as un secretary general antonio has a punishing schedule meeting world leaders and market traders alike the 70 year old is a mediator in some of the toughest issues facing the world terrorist political career took off in 1995 when he ran for prime minister in his native portugal a former university lecturer and devout catholic he was an unusual choice for the socialist party and after winning the election he continued to break the mold
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seeking dialogue with all sections of society to this day he remains one of portugal's most popular political figures. in 2005 the un named him its high commissioner for refugees outspoken and passionate he managed to win hollywood actress angelina jolie as his special envoy he focused on iraq and syria criticizing european countries over their handling of the mediterranean refugee crisis in 2015 the international community has failed twice these large number of refugees failed 1st because it was not able to prevent conflicts or to timely solve them. and failed a 2nd time because it is not providing the resources necessary to assist them to get into their human dignity. in october 26th seen the un chose him to succeed ban
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ki moon as its top diplomats because he took office at the same time as the new us president donald trump the multilateralist has often been the talks with the unilateralist trump not least on climate change. and says all countries must work together to fight it. if you don't hang on to that goal what you will achieve is a total disaster so it's better to make it achievable dental face of these us a constant campaigner often appears the eternal optimist in troubling times. now the us state of georgia has plans to introduce a radical anti abortion law could cost it economically it's a major hub for the movie and entertainment industry but now some production companies are threatening to pull out of filming there if the government moves forward on restricting women's rights. the story takes you to new york tokyo and
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even into deep space but this year's greatest blockbuster was almost entirely in atlanta avengers endgames is just one of many movies produced in georgia the southern states it's one of the biggest production helps in the u.s. even surpassing california as the state with the most feature films produced. but with conservative forces turning back the clock on abortion and threatening women's rights many of the traditionally liberal studios are threatening to leave. many people who work for us will not want to work there and will have to leave their wishes in that regard right now we're watching it very carefully if it becomes law and i don't see how it's practical for us to continue to shoot there. with netflix also threatening a boycott the states movie industry seems in peril and the potential damage huge
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business insiders pick the economic impact of georgia's movie industry at around $10000000000.95 jobs. meanwhile the fight continues and for georgia governor brian camp it is more about faith than business . we are called to be strong and courageous. and we will not back now we will always continue to fight for life george's radical abortion ban and similar legislation in louisiana missouri and other bible belt states is expected to be challenge sin court. all saying now with film and step aside king kong because the biggest baddest movie or monster movie rather is back and talking of course about the giant radioactive lizard godzilla as the hero of dozens of b. movies he is returning for this summer as the 1st of the blockbusters the film is
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called godzilla king of monsters which harks back to the original data he is entertainment correspondent scott roxboro has this report. changing. the beer in 16 should we fear. has already. monster movie fans have had to wait a long time for the new godzilla movie the 200. dollar blockbuster finishing 2 years ago now just in time for the summer season godzilla is back. the film stars were out in force for the movie's premiere in los angeles. and even the king of monsters himself got all spiffed up for the red carpet. the film's director sees godzilla as a universal tale. letters and we're telling stories around the campfire stories about demons and dragons in giant sea monsters and so godzilla in his mind are just
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sort of the latest incarnation of. the 35th godzilla movie has added an environmental subtext to the story godzilla and the other big beasts have come to save humanity from itself our heroes have to unleash the monster global catastrophe. yes for a bring him in for a beer not this time we join the fight there's a reason why godzilla comes to humanity's rescue. my wife said it's like a bump in the head to mankind you know wake up and so it's sort of this in these times you get the story time godzilla come in because we're always screwing things up one way or another but the environmental message takes a backseat to the monster fights fans criticize the last godzilla movie from being too much book. as world we just live in them right star billy bobby brown nicely sums up godzilla's true appeal he's subtle here that. that's only
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a lot of what he's above says you don't mess around. with less plot and more bad ass battles this godzilla movie is one for the things. now and sports germany's women's football team facing chile today and their final what about match for the upcoming world cup it's an opportunity for the 2 time. ambience to experiment and make up some final tuneups before the tournament begins next week germany will face china in their group stage opener 9 days from now it will also take on spain and to world cup deputy south africa. a quick reminder of the top stories that we've been following for you a tourist boat has sunk in the river danube in budapest killing of the 7 people many more are missing the boat was down after a collision with another vessel with heavy rainfall hampering rescue efforts.
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up next on news conflict zone tim sebastian grills a swedish m.p. amber be out of the boat i'm sarah culling and thank you so much for watching a great day.
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center of the conflict zone with tim sebastian closes in the european parliament elections have shaken off the continent's politics my guest is reviewing stuccoed list of 2 term and we feed on the maria corrupts a bill to subsume so recent break under the banner of the european people's party
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what did she on the party do wrong conflicts of. d.w.b. . the stumbling types around fires came to jurors or dealing with a new unit and they killed many civilians i mean the irish coming committing my father was such that i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like these totally but suddenly life became relish a kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for mines d.t. you know that 77 percent of optics are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices part.
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of the 77 percent to talk about the issues. this is where because of. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. 5 years ago there was no far right to talk extreme right populist did not have. earthquake they expect politics is full of mistakes voters in the european parliament elections have shaken out the continent's politics turning away from the major power blocs that have dominated brussels in recent years and boosting the smaller groupings the greens the liberals.


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