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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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and religion that brings me to our team can. be reconcilable can come to the devil and rock n roll. and teach on t w. o n a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin with good news for europe because roumania finally appears to be taking up the battle against the corruption that is endemic in the country and justice it seems has finally caught up with this man livia dragnet of the most powerful politician in rumania has been sentenced to 3 and
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a half years in prison for incitement to abuse of office in the past drug there has been accused of electoral fraud and embezzlement among other things somehow though he always managed to get off the hook for the scam he's now been found guilty of means that people like jett are throwing chairs suffered years of neglect. it's morning in alexandria one of the poorest towns in romania we're on our way to meet one of the local residents. inject outran chaya lives in this tiny room just 10 square meters but she wants to move out she grew up in an orphanage and has no idea where her parents are jetta cannot read or write. she says her life at the orphanage was miserable. you know for all bonnie i got small benefit payments from the state until i was 18 but people at the
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orphanage kept taking my money and those were really tough times they used to beat me and a lot of the other kids no one else does i had to hold out my hands and then they'd beat them with a stick or black. one which. they had jetta says that the local youth welfare office was supposed to look after them but didn't the office made headlines a few years ago when it was targeted as part of the corruption investigation. at the center of the investigation was leave you drop enough head of romania's social democrat party and a senior official in parliament. in 2018 back now was convicted on corruption charges dating back to his time as a regional government administrator. he appealed and lost. and has now been
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sent to prison for. attila beadle is a prominent investigative journalist he followed the darkness case closely and provided written evidence to prosecutors testified that the local youth welfare office failed to transfer children to foster families and did not involve them in a local school that had just been built the school never opened. all of he may be possible but to. too late these were hired by a local protection services agency. both of those pulling these never warfare but they worked in the office of the local bar that he's bought the. this is the headquarters of the social democrat party in alexandria where doc and i used to have an office. this party member admitted she was given a job at the youth welfare office and earned
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a salary but never did any work there. you were told i'm not going to talk about or his trial. but if you make mistakes you have to pay for them harriet that. jetta would agree with that but right now she's trying to find out where her mother is living. she turns to the youth welfare office for help even though the office did little to improve her life at the orphanage. if the truth got more murky from the you're an adult down so we're no longer responsible for you read it and we have no idea whether your mother is still alive and yet i can't help hear about. jet or fears that she may never find her family also so but i'm angry nobody cares about us especially the politicians also. while he was in parliament that night had pushed for legislation that would weaken
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anti corruption laws critics said he was likely trying to protect himself and his colleagues against possible criminal charges but voters in romania this month approved a non-binding referendum that said the laws should stay just as they are. back in alexandria that has had added stops by to visit. she's the young woman's only friend here but she can't do much to help her. i have to take care of everything all by myself i'm still waiting for something to happen or. jetta tranch i am hopes that the children of the orphanage will one day find justice and the chance for a better life. now each year some $10000000.00 tons of plastic waste end up in the world's oceans and the people of norway are among those who are increasingly concerned about the impact that it's having on the
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thousands of kilometers of coastal waters for instance those around the city of bear and our report begins with one man from the area who's been an anti waste activist since he was shocked into action 2 years ago. rumiko assertions how the cleanup effort got started with a tragic incident off this island near vatican norway that happened in january 27th . didn't die would be hard mean a rare beaked whale that was found stranded in shallow waters. every attempt to herded back to the open sea failed the whale was weekend emaciated and eventually had to be euthanized. when scientists at the university of better again examine the whale they made a discovery its stomach was full of plastic bags.
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people in norway were horrified by the images tens of thousands flocked to the beaches to help. them. try ghost of the coastal service had about $60000.00 trash bags on hand well enough for 5 years a mode that would have a home back but in no time it's all they were all gone from everybody wanted to go out and collect plastic waste because. we're going to go search used to work for the oil industry now he joins teams of volunteers to clean up plastic trash along the countless inlets bays and islands of noways west coast today's destination is a small uninhabited island off barrack and these volunteers are members of a society of engineers most of the waste that washes on the shore here comes from britain or big ships many of the bags and bottles have disintegrated into bits and
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pieces for the plastic collectors it's a never ending task. fast thermally the deeper you dig the more you turn up it's pretty frustrating after this experience. i'll be even more careful about using plastic and i'll make sure that i dispose of it properly. that is the only issue. even the snacks the volunteers have brought along are sealed in plastic avoiding plastic entirely isn't easy. either there are. a lot of thought but now we want to put pressure industry in the government to look for alternatives to the use of plastic but for me personally i'd like to keep on catching lobster here in the sea at my doorstep and i'd like my kids to be able to do that too. it's got barlow and also. just 4 hours of work at 5 trash bags
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filled with plastic. that home room to go search posts what they've achieved on the internet the site keeps track of every section of coastline the collection team cleans up given the length of norway's coastline that's a herculean task. but meanwhile every political party in the country supports the initiative. the us is. studies have shown that for every quarter or euro the state spends on supporting the volunteer effort it gets 10 times that value back in return 1st because of the clean up work itself but also because of the weight boosts environmental awareness and social solidarity and all that. and other activists have had a plaque set up at the place where this environmental initiative began in memory of
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the whale that came to such a painful and here and then log on with a stomach full of plastic you brought us the message about what is happening to the oceans thank you for waking us up with. a wake up call that's intended to be heard far beyond the coast of norway. well with the yellow vests far rights populists and declining opinion poll ratings france's president emanuel my crawl is under pressure from all sides the french people are clearly not happy with their leader with many saying they feel left behind especially in rural areas but in one small town at the foot of the french alps they're putting up a fight against bureaucratic indifference and they've adopted a distinctly how should i say sheepish strategy to help support the local parents and their children.
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their comfortable existence on the lush meadows of clay and you can a little is about to come to an end the sheep are rather unusual they're about to start school they've already been enrolled all the paperwork has been submitted down to their birth certificates is this a joke to guy 11 and the other parents in town it's serious business. and is not the fed directly one man i spoke to michelle at the peony festival this year i know him and know he's a shepherd i mean so i went up to him and asked him if he could help save our children's class at school. francis national school administration wants to close the class at the local elementary school in. the students were to be assigned to other classrooms to start that the class needed new students even if these aren't all that interested in book learning. i'm glad to help the community
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is the exact same story with the staple for 300 sheep 15500 just to many of the membership so for the school is pretty much the same 15 children a class works well but 35 is a whole different story. much to the joy of their new classmates michelle herded his flock into town. then they were registered for the coming school year which will start in september. and the lambs just showed up at school and we were allowed to pet them to me. although the class was short only 5 students the authorities told the school it would be disbanded with no warning. the parents are still dismaying. i said you missing his office exists if the children are just numbers to them we're treated like sheep so we're using humor to protest so much and no one wants this so we can just resign ourselves to x.
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we have to fight back. the mayor supports their protest a few years ago the ministry of education told him to build an annex at the school and now they want to eliminate a class he says that's absurd. that according to the figure of the convert don't throw. their name the parents have the support of the municipal council because it's an intelligent alliance with israel so far the parents are trying to protest in humorous ways but they could also take more radical measures because because these folks are given private. occupying a school. bus ride by occupying the school or were you. the school doesn't want to comment on the protest everyone is presenting a united front they believe the authorities haven't grasped yet that this is about more than a single class at school we're all friends is being neglected
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a hoss only defect in france if you live in a rural area you're add a disadvantage it's called territorial discrimination the next larger city is pretty far away but they still wanted to shut down our bus route and now they want to close the class at school. in class as part of their protests the parents have also posted the school's new extension building for sale online vaults classroom for sale very good condition constructed in 2012 no water damage no dry rot good insulation no it's best if you don't. the residents of camp say they may live in the countryside but they're not sheep who will simply do what they're told. now to denmark which projects itself as a country that is cool cozy and above all tolerant but tensions over the issue of migration looks set to be the hottest topic in june national election and those tensions have been stoked by
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a law listing 29 areas such as the mail in the park and district of copenhagen as ghettos yes you heard right ghettos it's all in response to politicians not just from the far right but even the social democrats who've been vying with each other to outdo themselves in a race to the bottom each claiming that danish ness is under threat. copenhagen's old new how in $1000.00 district the town hall and the tivoli amusement park every year millions of tourists come to denmark the country that's become famous for coziness not in cars or keeps a slice of the traditional denmark alive with his snack bar offering smooth and poses sausages instead of kabob pizza and falafel. discovered by those who want to hold on to what defines their nationality let's very important many danes don't even know what a real pulse of or a smaller bill is anymore only
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a few people still sell them about sex and. they've given over the last of this and many danes feel the national identity is threatened by neighborhoods like new park and one of 29 neighborhoods the government has designated a ghetto mohammad a slum has been living here for nearly 30 years unemployment in crime are above the danish average education and household incomes below over half the residents are immigrants or their parents or grandparents were the danish parliament wants to abolish the ghettos over the next decade mohammad asked mom feels marginalized by the new law all for the at the as far as i was born in a non western country and spent the 1st 7 years of my childhood in pakistan he basically under the new law now counts as a negative criterium for all 4 of my children it's so discriminatory to say that to a person who grew up here feels at home here and gets by with no problems and says
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he's got. mohammad runs in to use of a university student and resident of the park and there is crime here but use of says that's no reason to lump everyone here together with any of them white and when one person commits a crime it hurts us all even though i and all my friends go to university and but nobody talks about them. they only talk about the ones who commit crimes and. by day he means in particular the right wing populists like rasmus pollard dunn who's been agitating against me on the park and he's the head of the strong course party a new anti islam group in denmark with police protection he enters neighborhoods where many muslims live deliberately provoking people then he posts the videos online because it demonstrating and cites his right to free speech even going so far as to burn the koran in a public that big that it gets out of here. was you know you get out of
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her country. where oh where was that counter protesters chant no racists in our cities in the near abroad district protesters call for a liberal cosmopolitan denmark and an end to racism and xenophobia just get me up on my i'm hearing lots of stories from children who tell me in the schoolyard their classmates play who's the next to get thrown out you because you're a muslim that's damaging to the children they feel like they're danes it's not this isn't that it's about. catarina sara isn't is a political scientist at the europa think tank in copenhagen she's been observing political developments in her country with growing alarm. in the shot at the stuff that's immigration has become the main campaign issue for all the parties in denmark and they all take more or less the same stand whether on the right or on the left of the political spectrum to be distributed. even the social democrats are
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taking a hard line on immigration an indication of how the political climate has changed. the habits of. the fare in the election campaigns of the past 2 or 3 years the parties have actually been trying to outdo each other as to who's the toughest on foreign as an ethnic minorities that opens the door for. certain politicians to carry racist ideologies from the parliament out among the people. and for the lawful nudity falling 400 years ago shakespeare wrote something is rotten in the state of denmark many here believe this famous quote is more relevant now than ever before. so on a very different note indeed it's time to dip into the british music scene and introduce you to 2 guys who are described as the oldest rappers in the world pete and bass from london a both in their seventy's but they're punchy and edgy and growingly would you
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believe it is their thing the 2 cockneys is best known track shut your marrow through instantly when viral 1st bumped into each other in a corner shop. directly behind the skyscrapers of london's financial district there's a completely different world low income housing estates in the shadow of big banks . still this district is filled with people who have interesting stories to tell. to find a lot of those people at this corner shop. for example bass. every friday he heads for the back of the shop to give the owner's son keyboard lessons. this is all that the boy. very humble beginnings still though jesus taught you that why didn't he and he got mozart in these that sick when your blokes yeah i think when you're older you know you're not really forever and you
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think me for a good time not for a long time. you've got this tree and you've got this tree of life you've got to shake you bloody odd before you die that's what i say yeah. one day he tap and by the shop he lives nearby and he's also a musician. but no one even bast became good friends right away. it's just a group for the again it's a lot of moment yeah just been playing in the shop yeah yeah but we don't hear you explain it so as we don't know what is friendship for him a kiss now. let's friendship so that we just post often each other there's so that we realise that we're 99 percent of the stuff we do songs the same nonsense this is you know we're done with. this sheer nonsense are there music videos featuring
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rhyme and underground genre that emerged in london some 20 years ago interest rates . which. bhasin pete love it they're both over $72.00 grandfathers of grind are hits even if they still make their own breakfast try out. they create their music here in a one room apartment rented by their producer steve he helps them with the digital technology but bass and compose all the songs themselves. to. be. sure. that your man down phil entire concert halls playing music that has its origins in black urban cultures. bright people as a rule people driving is no ego to them there's no bullshit it's just real human beings that are here just being themselves i can feel good and all things running
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and swimming upstream really love mowbray busy not to her and every child one of them gets when they want to get. better and better and better and better yet. annoyed if a few idle life. heats biggest fan is his 15 year old granddaughter lily now she's going to see him in concert really got interested in grime music in the 1st place and she kept trying to. draw him. back. into the bad. bad that she can't change him back there she was a bit more. george felos open to it. clearly doesn't have to change the station anymore and now she can even watch pete on you tube where he's become a star. that's grandad.
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it can show all sorts. and then up. i'm also on the scene of the last proud man badly i tried my friend and i'll slap shot says that. they're headed for a gig in brighton and lily has given pete and bass some pointers on how to improve their stage show. to take should be a similar. situation. she told me. once pete and bass take the stage they look like they've been doing this their whole lives. from the bottom to keep my team and i'm not one of them really just to. see.
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what the next morning people flecked on the fact that he has got a whole lot of time left to enjoy a career in the music business. to avoid to now go bad a challenge i've got more time told me it i want to get there you know but there was only really one is there is there's going to taxation that's going to happen anyway as if he wanted to get a call and call it from an outlet. but for now pete and bass will give it all they've got it keeps them feeling young and they're determined to make their mark in the music world while they still can. great stuff so now you know go out there and shake it the tree of life while you can and shake it all that's the message from pitts and buzz without soul that's all from focus on europe this time around for to come back next week and so abide by
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sure. if. the feel. if. the 50.
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to 50. feet exclude. the 1st. 100 soft leaves in my comments. where i come from rajoy remains an important town to mean soft promise meeting new ones and for a mission and when i was young my country was drawing money home from. the more prominent people most people would cause a lot of entourage deceivers. it was my choice to try in one off the lot
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just a project say it's sold out to everyone in the column for missing tones updates. missing husband from incident my long copy of enjoyment and more of them along even if it's not i pod to us i was it's with me or. my choice this card because the. their way toward transmitting the truth. my name is national much and i want. to touch.
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this is the dubliners life from ballet and the rescue team search for survivors of the buddha past approach tragedy 21 people still missing after a tourist boat sank overnight on the before daniel officials fear the worst was hope of finding survivors cross dead but into the past for the next also on the program australia gets its.


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