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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is d w news line from rescue team search for survivors of the past boats tragedy 21 people still missing after a tourist boat sank opened on its on the river danube officials fear the worst just hope of finding more survivors grows to one 3rd of past for the latest on the program offered honors i'm going to not fulfill her commitment to democratic ideals conferring dr jeffress longsuffering chancellor to give the commencement speech in less than an hour. on the mothers who refuse to give up on these mexican women have
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taken the search for missing children into their own hands and the country where tens of thousands of people disappear. i'm phil gail welcome to the program. rescuers in budapest say there is minimal chance of finding more survivors after a tourist boat capsized and sank on the danube late on wednesday the sightseeing vessel carrying more than 30 south korean tourists was hit by a large river cruise ship in bad weather 7 people were pulled from the river alive for 7 more are confirmed dead and 21 a missing. as day broke in budapest most of the passengers who had been aboard the mermaid were still missing authorities have located the boat on the
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river bed of the danube but they say it could take days to bring it to the surface in so south korea's president announced they were sending a rapid response team to budapest. hungary. our government will work closely with the hungaroring government to investigate the cause of the accident one child's correlated departments to do their best to support the victims and their families. this south korean travel agency which hired the boat apologized but also defended the decision to conduct the tour despite the bad weather. 30 customers and one of us boarded a cruise boat for the past. through that. at the time of the water level was high but other crews operating as usual
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not just out but through the. south korea's foreign ministry says the passengers were not wearing life jackets the youngest on board was reportedly a 6 year old girl hungary and authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the routine sightseeing trip which turned into a tragedy. straight to budapest and i would join the correspondents on the banks of the danube or welcome staff and please press up the dates on their rescue. very very desperate i can tell you they have so far not found any survivors and at least 7 people already confirmed. people. but at least a life but. 20 people. very little. people are saying. and. very difficult.
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it's raining but i can tell you during the whole day. that have been doing tonight of course. very strong that makes it increasingly difficult. to rescue workers to. ration. to. more information or briefing if you will. remain very dire and indeed. this was. a very busy stretch of the river. well indeed it happens a new york market bridge where i'm standing now just
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a few me tips literally behind me a huge ship coalition to replace the tween. boat and huge cruise ship and that's happened between 2 to breach here behind me and of course what happened last at least in a few seconds literally that whole boat came down and you can imagine the water was cold people were of course desperately hanging on to whatever to head. off and many many are believed to have died and of course the question as being raised now how does what's possible. looking into possible failure or mistake by the by the captain and also they are of course looking into the fact that a lot of ships are moving into danube river i mean it's quite a pull pillar way of moving for tourists question remains how this will be in the
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future. in budapest thank you. now you say with the other stories making news around the world austria's president alexander found the brother has named a constitutional judge to get a better life be aligned as the country's interim chance a doctor be allowed will lead a caretaker government until snap elections in september 1st a female chance that replaces the conservative sebastian courts or lost the confidence vote after the collapse of his coalition government. an algerian man charged with setting off a package bomb in the french city of leone has told investigators he pledged allegiance to the islamic state jihadi screw it was arrested along with other members of the family members in what's being treated as a terror attack explosion last week wounded 13 people. enter afghan peace talks have ended in moscow with the taliban and afghan officials saying that progress towards a cease fire has been made the taliban would not confirm whether it would
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participate in presidential elections russia is mediating between the factions as the joke is with washington influence in the country. you heard secretary general i'm turning to tear gas being the annual charlemagne prize which recognizes broke down in the service of european unity the jury in the german city of often said they have selected the secretary general for his work in reviving global cooperation. a german chancellor angela merkel has been on it but one of the world's most prestigious universities of university has awarded her an honorary doctorate in law chancellor merkel received to a degree during the ceremony on campus in cambridge massachusetts due to give the commencement speech but maybe would bring back to life. i have about will george washington bureau chief alexander from norman outside harvard welcome alexandra why did they choose the chancellor. angela
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merkel ahead. been showered with compliments and praise here for her leadership for her commitment and she was described by the president of the university as one of the most widely at my earth and influential states people of our word time so that is there a reason why she has been chosen to hold this commencement speech here and i talked to many students who told me that they respect her that some of them even think she is a role model and they have high expectations with regards to her speech this afternoon let's have a listen this design it's got. everything a bungalow medical frustrates us who want to know how to lead what the tablets in the world is what the issues that she's confronted with daily and this is what we're looking forward to be inspired by i think not only germany but europe as
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a whole needs to redefine its relationship with the united states going forward and i hope that i know america can pass their way forward for that she's a true leader that we really want to hear what she has to say about the unity with europe in such a pressing moment we need to show leadership but we can't wait to hear from hear what she has to say. sandro what will we hear from the chancellor under allow. german diplomats told me not to expect expect too much of a political speech here that she would rather talk about her personal life or experience. but of course we could expect that she would also talk about the transatlantic relationship that seems to be in a very critical condition right now with the president in the white house with donald trump who is not committing any occasion to criticize europe and germany in particular but that's of course something that we have to see what he is
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going to talk about the students however definitely expect her to give to give them some sort of advice and inspiration alexandra naaman at harvard university in the united states thank you. and of course we'll bring you live coverage of the chancellor's hard command speech which is due to start in about a half hour. now to mexico where up to 40000 people estimated to have gone missing over the last decade and a half the high number of disappearances aspiring to violent drug cartels human trafficking and heavy migration through mexico the u.n. says many of the missing are children or adolescents don't do as much as being to meet a group of mothers who spend their days searching for their disappeared the children . why that man amedee now finally found her missing son. he disappeared without a trace 5 years ago at the milan family and in reality following me and on one day
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he was selling cell phone accessories as usual and he was just kidnapped at a gas station because my son was disappeared in the author already stood look for him i started my own search local police were no help she says but that was no surprise ordinary police officers are suspected of frequent collaboration with the drug cartels. minima dina started to search with this simple tool that helps detect the scent of decaying corpses beneath the soil. and over time other mothers looking for their missing children and jointer they call themselves that often adult us the trackers they relentlessly entirely as the search for traces of their missing children their treasures as i lovingly refer to them they can't believe they are dead until they have proof and that's exactly what their motto says they will scott i ask thank all that out of their search for you until i find you. for many women here this has become their sole mission the search often
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turns up bones and skeletons in. the women's findings on this day become the top story for mexican journalists now the stench of rotting corpses is overwhelming me time and again the mothers of the disappeared are confronted with a tormenting question could this body be my child let me go out of the mythology to look at me got hold it feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body. i'm shaking my ears are blocked oh yeah i think i'm glad and sad at the same time because i don't know if it's my son or her son not that they're not all in the end it doesn't matter we're looking for them because we love them. man i mean dina and her group have already found nearly 500 bodies according to local media many of the disappeared a believed to have had ties to the drug trade victims are often young men who had no prospects for legal employment minima dina and the other mothers found the
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remains of 15 people on a single day neighbors who had observed suspicious activity gave them crucial tips on where to dig the search missions are a provocation to the drug cartels releasing the him her was good they tell us we should stop looking yes it is proper otherwise the same thing will happen to us that we're going to then one day someone else will find us buried but we're scared but love in the uncertainty are stronger i mean i said. it took 3 years for man to find her son at last she says he can rest in peace. nobs for son in football chelsea are the new europa league champions after an impressive display against arsenal in the old english final olivier giroud chelsea can lead in the 2nd half before eden hazard sealed the deal scoring twice to dash arsenal's hopes for what the final score the mood outside bay stadium the olympic
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stadium in azerbaijan's couple baqouba so festive at chelsea fans were over the moon as the blues one less 3rd european trophy in 7 years. and his reminder of our top stories at this hour rescuers are searching for 21 people missing after a sightseeing boat sank last night on the river danube in budapest 7 people are confirmed dead 7 others were saved after the boat was hit by a larger vessel and got better. cutoff at university has paid tribute to german chancellor i'm going to machall by awarding her i'm honoring doctors chancellor merkel is due to q.b. commencement speech and just down under and i will bring the team for their data. then because you can always get the w. news on the go down the road out from the google play from the apple store to get your asses to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and also using the centers for sims unfinished
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. business africa with monica jones goes up next more world news at the top of the hour of the day. climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalization face biodiversity species conservation exploitation in quality. human rights displacement.


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