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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin addresses harvard's graduating class the german chancellor makes her case for multi-lateralism on tackling global challenges and says truths must not be identified as lies nor lies as truth will bring you analysis of her speech. also coming up when dealing hopes of finding survivors. and this is
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a chance for her that we're looking at sobeys pictures of her delivering the harvard commencement address the games will be getting some analysis of that arrest shortly. also coming up when the when hope of finding survivors of budapest both tragedy 21 people are still missing after a tourist boat sank last night on the river dannie as a criminal investigation into the actually gets underway. and the mothers who refuse to give up hope these mexican women have taken the search for their missing children into their own hands in a country where tens of thousands have been disappeared. i'm going to thank you for joining us german chancellor angela merkel has delivered the commencement address for this year's graduating class at harvard university makeover flecked on germany's past speaking of her formative years growing up in
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the shadow of the berlin wall the chancellor reaffirmed her commitment to ensuring namely climate neutrality by the year 2050 now earlier she accepted and honorary doctorate in law from the university. about the relationship between germany and the us and let's listen to what she said a little bit earlier at that commencement address. that's. just been looting the vomit and then we've all had. that requires us not to destroy as truth and truth as long thank you thank you for that received a standing ovation that we have our chief political editor michelle a cafe with us and i think we have our correspondent alex hunter phenomenon who should be over at harvard yard she's been listening in alexandra you can hear us i
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don't think we can see you at the moment but since you're there on the ground give us 1st of all some of your impressions. so i think that it was quite interesting that we didn't expect that this speech is going to be very political but in a sort it was a political speech america was talking 1st of all about for personal life how she grew up in. germany and how she felt about the berlin wall and the fact that this wall limits her abilities what she was able to do and then she went oh talking went on talking about that how he felt and that that everything is possible when we looked at the germans at the german germany's history and the fact that the wall fell so it was a sort of advice she gave to the students here saying that nothing that seems to be set in stone is really sets in stone it always can be changed and i have here 2
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students with me one of them may clean who just graduated and so i would like to ask him how what you heard what was you expected to hear here from america well 1st of all you know i must say under marco without a doubt it's one of the you know most prominent people in the world coming to the speech is one of those you're not sure how he's going to pan out. and i see that he was it was a phenomenal speech and for me was to draw for me has been about all kind of weaves her own story into the over arc in issues we have in the world right now and pointing to the future looking at climate change migration and things of this war i think is a phenomenal speech and i think for me as someone who's graduating and going into the world it gives me a lot of hope that's if i do believe that i can break was that i too could bring into the world without a doubt and what would you say what her main message and the main message was about britain was and without that that's what i took from it not necessarily being to embroil you know own world but being able to step beyond that and to embrace people
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beyond you so and also like in the mind is important. believe that things are possible so it's possible to solve climate change is possible to solve many of the social and bronco shoes we have in the world. is also a student how did you like the speech i thought the speech was very well done and very well received and i thought she did a great job of striking a balance between inspiring the graduates and sending a political message and a political message that was well i think part of it is she wants to strengthen the transatlantic partnership i think it was very significant that she gave the speech in the same place that george marshall spoke to introduce the marshall plan after the 2nd world war and she want to send a message even though that she's finishing a chancer that in the future germany should continue to strengthen ties with the united states thank you so sue me that's the 1st impressions here from harvard. thanks alexandra really interesting voices there from the students we should pass along our congratulations to them as well as they're just they're graduating and going out into the world as the chancellor said michelle our chief political editor
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listening to those voices as well so this seems to have been very well received and the one student there saying they'd also had a political message did you take the same way yes and also. clearly laid out the work that those graduates examine just spoke to have before them which is actually to make the next step to take leadership into the future and clearly there was some benny moss criticism of the current policies of the trumpet ministration america kind of attitude to international politics when she stressed also in relation to the marshall plan to the post to europe that the future should also hold a peaceful order based on common values rather than national strength and this national strength of course is what donald trump is trying to play out both in relations to china as a rising power but also to europe also the relation of how to contain iran to
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prevent iran from actually gaining a nuclear weapon and it's interesting also that even when there are common goals between the u.s. and germany and the european union they go about it in such a completely different way as we see particular point in case of iran where the u.s. is unafraid to actually escalating what could become a potential conflict whereas the european approach to doing things also including the russians interesting the is to contain that issue to try and give iran new opportunities so that confrontational style that's having wars that other countries hits. that way for her own personal development should be torn down so suddenly lot of work. for those graduates and so few potential future leaders that i want to bring alexandra back of discussion if we can bring her back in
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alexandria standing there with the students and i'm curious to get their perspective too there was a moment in the speech that sounded like a very pointed message to the current u.s. president where she said we cannot let truth must not be identified as lies nor lies as truth and she also talked about not making snap decisions there was a standing ovation at that moment and also some laughter among the graduates how did you perceive that moment and perhaps the students as well. yeah actually i thought that it was meant you know as a reference to presidents trump and i asked a student standing next to me if that was and she was yes of course but of course i ask our students here do you think that when merkel was talking about how important is to say truth the truth and not to lie not to call lies to choose to do you have the feeling that it was a reference to the current us president but i'd like to think that's is more a message for all of us and that's the problems of the world are complex and varied
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and i think all of us have a role to play i don't know so i want to you know delve into the nitty gritty of the political and the pins of it i mean for me as a student what i drew from that is that there's a possibility and whether or not the intent was for political reasons i would say that it doesn't necessarily bother me and for me as someone who's listening to their speeches about hope you know believing that's the problems of the walk and you saw the various can be brought brought down washington broken and all of us as a human race and come together and solve many of the issues that we face and i think the message of us working together as opposed to like individuals was particularly a strong one for me and that's germany and vision to many of the powerful nations in the world to come together and clip of a really solving you know the social and environmental issues we have in the world and michael also told talk about transatlantic the trans had read and planting relationships and that it has given us in the europe more than 70 years of prosperity and peace in this that this partnership is based on common values and
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such as democracy and human rights so it was i think an important topic for her to stress how important this transatlantic relationship is that seems to be in so sort of crisis right now yeah absolutely i think the transatlantic relationship is critical in order to solve issues that affect the entire world especially climate change and i think that partnership is founded on arca. and values which are human rights as implemented since they were the 2nd world war and i think if we can get back on the same page about fighting discrimination and advancing democracy than we can advance towards improving the world in other ways as well and i think that it was her main message as well that it's so important right now to tackle the problems the world is facing to work together as certainly a positive and hopeful metally for everyone to take away from their all right alexander phenomena for us at harvard yard with those students thank you all very
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much for your insights and our chief political editor michelle akers there with us thank you as well let's move on to some other news now a rescuers in budapest say there is a minimal chance of finding more survivors after a tourist boat capsized and sank on the danube late on wednesday the sightseeing vessel carrying more than 30 south korean tourists was hit by a larger river cruise ship in bad weather 7 people were pulled from the river alive but 7 more a confirmed dead and 21 are missing police have detained the captain of the boat that struck the tour vessel. hope is fading that anyone else will be found alive survivors recounting what happened say help came too late and have asked why the cruise was allowed to go ahead in such bad weather police have opened a criminal investigation showing here unfortunately we find 7 dead bodies their identification is in progress i should the 7 day and 2 of them have been
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fully identified 21 people are still missing you want to go to sure. it began as a night on the river for a group of south korean tourists and ended in tragedy their boat the mare made is clipped by the viking sit in a river cruise ship 5 times its length the merry meet capsizes and then in a matter of seconds it sinks. says korea's president chaired an american c. meeting in the ira's after the incident. hungry. government will work closely with the hungaroring government to investigate the cause of the accident one child's correlated departments to do their best to support victims and their families. relatives are already on their way accompanied by south korea's foreign minister the country is sending its own team to help with
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the rescue effort hoping highway for slim the chances are to find survivors correspondent stefan both is on the banks of the danube in budapest for us and he joins us with the latest hi stefan we've heard just now that one carrion authorities have just arrested the captain of the cruise boat that was involved in the collision what is the latest you can tell us about the investigation and also ongoing rescue operations which well the police authorities have said take it very seriously from the beginning they have said dale wants to know what exactly happened today very soon already started criminal investigation into what is really the biggest tragedy for hungry in the danube river in 75 years now what they also know is as you said already at least 7 people died but they are believing that number will go up because start still looking for more than 20 people and joe johns
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has a very very slim at this point that they survived in fact. authorities are really counting on the huge debt still said a lot shit seem to moral it's a huge tragedy stefan and south korean rescue specialists as we saw are also on their way what can they add to these operations. sure well what's interesting is that the people who are rife here are also experts who were involved in effect in a very in a ferry accident in south korea that killed hundreds of people that bus so one of south korea's most a horrible accident and they are hoping to advise the government in how to proceed next and of course. besides them there also do the relatives still for those who died they are arriving here as well and i can also tell you that i've already seen flowers and also people burning candles here nearby for to victims it's really a tragedy that's not only felt in south korea but also among the hunt gary and
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living here in this neighborhood and stephanie what's the situation right right now are tourists oh it's still operating. well most certainly not in the area where i'm now of basically there is set then on shifting here to police is set trying to control really this situation because there are some concern and already for some time that are simply too many sightseeing votes in effect critics have pointed out that authorities were already warned a few years ago that this kind of accidents happen so i think what you will see is a discussion on new rules on the what to race in hungary especially here on the danube river to avoid to such a tragedy once again right corresponds to humble speaking to us from budapest thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world for the 2nd time this month thousands of university students in brazil are skipping classes
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to protest cuts in higher education spending earlier this month presidents are both the narrow announced the government would freeze 30 percent of discretionary spending for public universities in the 2nd half of this year. an algerian man charged with setting off a package bomb in the french city of leone has told investigators he had pledged allegiance to the islamic state you had a school who was arrested along with other family members in what is being treated as a terrorist attack the explosion last week wounded 13 people. in afghan peace talks have ended in moscow with the taliban and afghan officials saying progress towards a cease fire has been made the taliban would not confirm whether it would participate in presidential elections russia is mediating between the factions as a jockey with washington for influence in the country. you're watching the news still to come the mexican mother searching for their children in a country where drug cartels disappear thousands of people every year not trusting
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the often corrupt police families are forced to take matters into their own hands sometimes devastating results. but 1st austrian president alexander found abandoned has named a constitutional judge but get to be a line as the country's interim chancellor the align will take a caretaker lead a caretaker government until snap elections scheduled for september it is thought to be likely that the interim government won't pass any major legislation the line is australia's 1st female chancellor she replaces conservative sebastian courts who lost the confidence vote after his coalition. in india has been sworn in for his 2nd term as prime minister his party the b j p made history by increasing its majority in parliament after a 2nd consecutive landslide win he took the oath of office in the gardens of the presidential palace in front of 8000 people including south asian leaders on all
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the with stars his cabinet was sworn in at the same ceremony. has been following the ceremony in delhi. india's prime minister in a dream to more of the has been sworn in today for his 2nd term in office as the prime minister of india he has taken this all in front of the president of the country and along with him his council of ministers as well as as this cabinet have all taken or not this government has been charged with dealing with several traditional issue was a fama crisis the highest unemployment that the country has seen in 45 years but with the massive mandated they have been awarded it looks like the country trusts the prime minister as well as the bar. to deliver on the promises they made in that on up to the election and the interesting thing about this wedding in 70 odd the guests invited the foreign dignitaries invited from other countries now at the last swearing in back in 2014 prime ministers and leaders of the so our 2 nations the
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south asia regional cooperation group invited now that actually somehow become the fund because it actually has baucus done as a member and it was back in 2016 the last time a summit was attempted in get rejected going to that summit because also a terror attack that had happened back in 216 now this time when 2019 members off the beam stay group have been invited this is basically another view to the cooperation group that centers around the building to the east of india and these does have been invited to a focus not only on matter and security in trade but on india neighborhood 1st look east policies are clearly indications being made about national policy as well as foreign policy and as ready with its moving government for the next 5 years and primus in any of them or the is at the helm once again. all right to latin america now the region with the highest number of forced disappearances in the world
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official figures estimate that around 200000 people have disappeared in the last 2 decades though that is likely to be an under estimate now the country with the most missing persons is colombia where more than 100000 people are thought to have disappeared during 50 years of armed conflict now civil war in guatemala in central america also led to tens of thousands of disappearances since the end of the conflict in 1906 the country has been criticized for failing to bring those responsible to justice now argentina on the other hand it has been a praise for the way that it has handled its past during the years of dictatorship 1976 to 1903 security forces abducted around 30000 people government and military leaders have since faced trial and so to mexico were around 400000 people are estimated to have gone missing over the last decade and a half the high number of disappearances is blamed on violent drug cartels human
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trafficking and heavy migration through mexico the u.n. says many of the missing are children or adolescents. has been to meet a group of mothers who spend their days searching for their disappeared children. i thought man i made enough finally found her missing son. he disappeared without a trace 5 years ago i got there by lamp only and only after the army and on one day he was selling cell phone accessories as usual and he was just kidnapped at a gas station because my son was disappeared in the off forties didn't look for him i started my own search local police were no help she says but there was no surprise ordinary police officers are suspected of frequent collaboration with the drug cartels. minima dina started to search with this simple tool that helps detect the scent of decaying corpses beneath the soil. over time other
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mothers looking for their missing children and jointer they call themselves that that affidavit or the trackers they relentlessly entirely as the search for traces of their missing children their treasures as i lovingly refer to them they can't believe they are dead until they have proof and that's exactly what their motto says they will scatter as they call that out of their search for you until i find you. for many women here this has become their sole mission the search often turns up the bones and skeletons in. the women's findings on this day become the top story for mexican journalists now the stench of rotting corpses is overwhelming me time and again the mothers of the disappeared are confronted with a tormenting question could this body be my child let me go out of the mythology to look at me got a hold it feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body. i'm shaking my ears are blocked oh yeah i think i'm glad and sad at the same time because i don't
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know if it's my son or her son. now that all's come in the end it doesn't matter we're looking for them because we love them. man i mean dina and her group have already found nearly 500 bodies according to local media many of the disappeared a believed to have had ties to the drug trade victims are often young men who had no prospects for legal employment minima dina and the other mothers found the remains of 15 people on a single day neighbors who had observed suspicious activity gave them crucial tips on where to dig the search missions are a provocation to the drug cartels but the sleepy to him who was god they tell us we should stop looking yes it is proper otherwise the same thing will happen to us and we're going to then one day someone else will find us buried but in my gut we're scared but love in the uncertainty are stronger i mean i said. it took
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3 years for man a middy now to find her son at last she says he can rest in peace. that report from our correspondent who joins us in our studio to talk to us more about the story this is such an emotional and moving story mario tell us why the cartels disappear young people well in the mexican state of sinaloa where is impressive women the cartel reign supreme and yes it is the most powerful the most brutal cartel in mexico it was once headed by. one who is now in american prison and you have to know that the cartel in the state of sinaloa has infiltrated almost all levels of public and private life means that for example a young man who has work to get in contact with the drug cartel. maybe things you know on earning money a lot of money very quickly but he has you know docked and kill people and doesn't
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earn much money are we talking about the level of the cartel members and also. addicted of drugs and she wants to quit maybe she disappears but you can also work at a bang at a police station and your boss is the one who is in contact with the cartels. you know forced to pay protection money or is willing to cooperate and with the cartel get in the way of you want to report it disappear same with local journalists who are reporting about drug crimes and you know naming the people responsible they also disappear what about the mothers if they didn't have pretty much every corner of society of. means that these mothers are also facing a danger in pursuing the truth yes absolutely on this very day when they discovered 15 bodies at the site so it was a hidden mosque grave that means that the cartel has no interest that anybody knows about this of course and they were using it over time over and over again i mean
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there were skeletons but there was also a corpse which was buried there for 2 weeks that means they're coming back they use . the spot and the mothers know that also on this very day. the mother and the reports she told me she received a direct threat concerning one of her group members from the cartel from the cartel saying this person has to know something happens and luckily nothing happened because the person left but these kind of threats are happening on a regular basis that is really troubling i mean how do they identify the bodies that they've been fined well they they receive a lot of donations at the group of the mothers and they manage to find a laboratory and another city. and there they send the pieces of the skeletons and the bodies and they managed to identify the majority of the $500.00 bodies they found tell me do they trust the police do they trust the course of justice actually not because they know that the police is corrupt not all of it but i spoke to.
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working there for 30 years she tells me she would estimate maybe 90 percent of the local police after and. say that clearly the local police they are most of the times corrupt they're helping the cartels when it comes to abductions and the mothers know that because most of the times police officers will come would come to their houses tell the families your son has. done this and that we have to arrest him we have to bring him to the police station but he never gets there because there's he was handed over to the drug cartel well it's an incredibly troubling story our reporter michael miller thank you so much for sharing your reporting with us today. you're watching d.w. news we'll have more in just a few minutes that they're with us. there
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1200000 venezuelans live in colombia neatly and illegally. video all the while i'd return to venezuela. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. makes the minds. believe. he's supposed to strike the deal of the century jared kushner arrives in the middle east to drum up support for president donald trump's peace plan but he finds himself in the midst of a storm israel's prime minister couldn't form a government so parliament's been dissolved and the palestinians don't want anything to do with trump's deal an uphill battle lies ahead i'm sunni so most gandhi.


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