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please. please. please. the above. the be. the big. this is news coming. to daughter. lives in the german capital for displaced officials visit my phone field repairs to top level talks at a time when transatlantic relations are under some strain it's taken only year an officer to visit with the odds of a numerous issues find common ground. and this after. class
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of 2019 telkom waltz of. their old choir just. has to stay as it is so. church is graduating students to embrace optimism as she makes the case for multilateralism operations also coming up police in hungary arrest the captain of crew ship that the 2 approaches on the danny said the phone dead and 21 missing and cruised on to the boat from the bottom of the river going to the hot off without fish. loss is being hailed as the safest substitute for cigarettes with water all the real risks off.
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that shima u.s. secretary of state mike is in berlin to me german chancellor angela merkel and foreign minister. america's top diplomat in the german capital this morning 3 weeks after he suddenly postponed his visit to germany at the bailiff minute instead he flew off to iraq to win support for washington's position in growing tensions with iran and the differences in the u.s. and european iran policies are also expected to be high on the agenda. now for more. political correspondents welcome simon secretary of state and i phone pale is visiting button for the 1st time and we know after he abruptly canceled his previous trip what is on the agenda and he still you have a secretary of state finally got got to germany a year after he took office as you mentioned he's here to have meetings with
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foreign minister master also with chancellor americal and there's quite a few there's a list you could say of complaints that the trumpet ministration have about german policy and pompei are mentioned some of them as he set off in particular that battle over germany's military spending the u.s. doesn't think germany spending enough but also the question of a hallway the chinese telecoms company u.s. is very worried about the idea that that company be involved in telecoms or internet provision in europe including in germany. i think they're probably also going to talk about the nord stream to gas pipeline project between russia and germany because the u.s. had been threatening sanctions against germany and other countries over that so that's that's that's a key source of their conflict point and i think they'll also be talking about iran of course. whether this is
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a huge difference over what's the best way to pressure the iranian regime to steer away from nuclear weapons that of course is the issue. in part the issue that caused pompei or to cancel his is planned visit 3 weeks ago he said in a rush off and deal with issues in iraq and iran in the region. you know he's finally got here but there's a lot for them to talk about exactly we'll continue our conversation in just a bit simon but 1st we meet chancellor merkel in just a few last time and she has just returned from the united states where she delivered the commencement address at harvard university bias to the drug just with spiked with indirect criticism of donald trump's policies don't waltz of ignorance in their own mind that this thing has to stay as it is. it was one of several standing ovations for the german chancellor during hurricane speech she ended and
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began in english highly unusual for under the merkel at such a major event. then gets awfully if we step out and embrace new beginnings everything is possible. for the normally cautious pragmatic politician this was a far reaching to do list she spoke of halting global warming eradicating starvation eliminating diseases giving people especially girls access to education and fighting the causes of displacement and forced migration forced migration that's we can do all of that at. the harvard commencement speech is by tradition inspirational setting the bar high for graduating students. the not to act impulsively but to take a moment to stop and think during laughter as well as applause. more than once michael seemed to conjure up donald trump without mention of his name. that's
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that means not calling a lie is truth or truth lies. the chancellor's mixture of the political and the inspirational seemed to resonate with the graduating students. before me the main message is about believing that's wallace can be broken and for me i think wallace is sort of a metaphor for anything it could be sort of your own close minded dress or your own servant violence to how you see the issues of the world whether you know whether or not you think they could be solved i think the speech was very well done and well received and i think that she's struck a balance between inspiring the graduates to make change in the world and also sending a political message. america has made it clear this is her last time as chancellor and her speech was a nod to the legacy she hopes to leave behind especially a firm commitment to strong transatlantic times. not turning return dishonesty of
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a political correspondent silent and love making it's a very pointed remarks during her commencement address there warning against snap decisions and impulsive action how do you think that's going to play. into talks with talks with mike the secretary of state of the united states who is here for the 1st time i have pushed a visit yeah i mean those were very pointed remarks she didn't actually mention president trump but i think everyone in the audience understood that that was what she was talking about with those talking about snap decision making and also really criticizing broadly american foreign policy talking about isolationism and you know setting up boundaries what you need to do is find common solutions multilateralism was it was a plea for that really a speech we've heard from anglo-american many times before i don't think it changes exactly the dynamic of course as i say pump air is the one who's chosen the timing
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of their meeting today so it's just unfortunate for him baths that you know it's come after this rather pointed speak from the chancellor in america and obviously it will add a little extra spice to those conversations absolutely and as we saw it at the speech was really well received by the students at harvard now it also gave her a big platform to address certain issues which are very close to her hot yeah i mean she receiving the honorary degree from harvard for her. via chef and so sort of can do attitude on migration and openness to welcome refugees into germany of course highly controversial policy so i'm not sure of the university is aware of all the nuances around that policy that still plague angle medical here but there is a sense in which angela merkel is on the sort of home straight of chancellorship she won't be standing again of course as we know she's got a couple of years at most to run and i think she's sort of drawing together these
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strands of her worldview multilateralism the battle against climate change but also a sort of respectful approach in dealing with the world vs that's what she was playing for right handed obvious political correspondent thank you very much for the analysis. in u.s. politics president trump is announced that the country will add a 5 percent tariff to all goods coming into mexico as a way to curb illegal immigration and american southern border says the terrorists an increase and it is clear the mexico is doing more to prevent immigrants crossing the u.s. border illegally. 2 years after negotiations for a new nafta began everything seem to be working just fine. today we will send the relevant information so that the senate of the republic can ratify the free trade agreement with the united states and canada canada. then an unexpected shot fired from washington u.s.
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president trump tweeting about a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico trump threatens to gradually increase tariffs until the illegal immigration problem is remedied their reaction in mexico shock it's. exactly and i just read that right out there i just read it as something to sastre us because that threat taken into action would be very grave very serious extremely serious. at the same time it's no secret to anyone that president trump is very active in his use of tweets. but mexico can hardly afford to ignore the threat the u.s. as its most important trading partner trade between the neighbors was worth 670000000000 dollars last year. also crossing the border so-called illegal immigrants as seen in
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this video from u.s. customs and border patrol recorded in el paso the migrants most of whom are from honduras guatemala and el salvador crossing through mexico trump says the government there is not doing enough to stop the flow of people and to be instead passively cooperating. now let's take a look at some of the stories making news around the hundreds of cities protest has marched on saddam's military headquarters in khartoum after protest leaders issued a late night call to action to dance transitional military said the protests encampment and some the defense ministry has become a threat to stability and he also ordered the closure of the offices of television . heads of government from the arab league have gathered in mecca of what they're calling an emergency summit on iran saudi arabia's king philmont open the meeting
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asking the international community to confront iran and stop what he says are its threatening policies and regional interference. during high level talks japan and russia have accused one another of dangerous military buildup on several islands that lie between the 2 countries the dispute over the islands dates back to the 2nd world war later this month leaders of both nations will hold a summit in japan. for the 2nd time this month thousands of university students in brazil are skipping classes to protest cuts in higher education spending earlier this month president. announced the government would freeze 30 percent of discretionary spending for public universities in the 2nd half of this year. police in hungary have detained the captain of a cruise ship that collided with a sightseeing boat in but the wednesday night the tour boat sank in the danube
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river within seconds 33 south korean tourists one board so far 7 people have been confirmed dead 21 others are still missing the walls of budapest size korean embassy bear witness to a city's sorrow one of the missing so far from home is a 6 year old girl who was traveling with her parents and grandparents the tragedy has shaken locals and tourists alike is that there. are they're very. high water levels and strong currents are hampering efforts to recover victims experts say it could be days before the boat's hole is raised. the site career is sending its own teams to assist they flew out on thursday together with the families of some of the victims. the hunt gary in government has promised and says about what caused the
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accident. the government has called for a thorough and in-depth investigation it's a criminal investigation has been launched. taking up 13 tickets. c.c.t.v. footage captured the moments that the mermaid the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sit in a river cruise ship 5 times its length it took just a few seconds for the mermaid to capsize and sink. in the search for answers the captain of the largest ship has been detained he is being questioned on suspicion of endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple deaths. joining me now is stefan both from the banks of the danube river. is different to us more about the rescue operation then he hopes of finding any survivors alive and well at this point i can tell you.
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the very concerned that i may not find any survivors they are desperate really to find more people and you may hear also have a cultural background and also there are all the efforts going on to really search this area for it for any remains but because that is all day appear to see it right now they have given to basically hope to find any survivors more than 20 people are still missing and it is expected that the death toll will rise to at least $28.00. now the captain off a cruise ship involved in the collision is in custody and the honduran prime minister has asked for how investigation into the accident what other information do we have so far. well what we do know is steps he has been detained on suspicion old or reckless behavior sorties are saying that captain
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was actually responsible maybe for this coalition but they are still investigating because what we do know is that the small boat actually went into pos behind me and then actually it's by this a huge ship what i can also tell you that the south korean minister will arrive here any moment now to pay her personal respects of course but also to speak out sorties as to how this could happen and tell us more about the south korean reaction in this funds to this tragedy and the daniel because all the passengers on the boat was south korean. well indeed the south korean reaction has already been to tremendous concern i do know that among those arriving to get or wish to foreign minister are also people who played a key role 5 years ago when vessel sunk in south korea killing boulders
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300 people a day take this experience wisdom to help the ongoing authorities in this investigation of course this has a tremendous impact really on the south korean community also but of course also the people living here nearby are a little sick and tell you that i've been bringing flowers and candles to remember to victims there it's here but nice me in the danube river and it must be a great shock to end with uppish stefan both thank you very much for this update. you're watching the news coming up ahead thailand's trained elephant activists say the animals speak a heavy price for their performances correspondent explicit different aspects of the controversy. but for us today may 31st is
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no tobacco day when the wanted organization what's the spotlight on the parents of smoking more than a 1000000000 people still regularly smoke tobacco and that's about one in every 7. tobacco consumption has been declining in many parts of the one they. have exceptions some regions in africa and some countries in the middle east the w. h. o. ses tobacco kids more than 7000000 people. graphic warnings on cigarette packs of greatly increased awareness about the dangers of smoking so have advertising bans and tobacco taxes some though have now to ease cigarettes but as we hit our next report is cigarettes can also cause health problems. it's proven that isa carets contain far fewer talk sense than conventional tobacco cigarettes but as they're relatively recent products their long term effects are
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unknown. you could call it the biggest field study that's taking place in the whole circular world wide. up. vapors can choose from hundreds of refills solutions called liquids the additives that give them their flavor however contain less than appetising substances diasur tile for example has a battery taste that can cause a severe respiratory disorder commonly known as popcorn lung. the vapor produced by the heating divisive and a cigarette is laced with tiny particles which settle in the lungs they can cause coughing compromised lung function and inflammation. we know from animal and soul experiments that the vapor causes inflammation in cells that just suggests that in addition to inflammation it could result in long
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term damage such as cancer for heavy smokers though vetting might still be the lesser evil. made this which 3 years ago. no i mean you know after a couple of weeks or months i noticed that my smoker's cough was gone plus my nose isn't so stuffed up anymore i can smell and taste things a lot better so things have definitely changed you can probably do with a ping is less harmful than smoking tobacco and is one way of cutting down on quitting but the cigarettes do impact health to tylenol for many it's a tourist haven with beaches mountains delicious food and a chance to ride on an elephant elephant tourism may sound like fun but animal rights groups say in order to keep an elephant in captivity it's spirit must be broken down because of florian knew she visited
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a traditional elephant carrier chung my in northern thailand and discovered there are no easy answers in this controversy warning you might find some of the images in this report distressing. show time at mesa elephant camp twice a day the elephants entertain visitors with their skills everything looks playful but tricks like this are only possible after long training explains one of the camp managers. if you would like to lead. english you should talk english to them since there were young same thing with love if you would like to lead them. on you to teach them thing there were young. for centuries elephants in southeast asia we used for transport in the timber industry until logging was banned in the region 30 years ago. with thousands of captive elephants out of work their owners turn to tourism. elephant tourism is now
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a lucrative business but one that's lightly regulated. nina ortman brask is a biologist she advises camps on how to ensure that entertaining tourists isn't detrimental to elephant wellbeing. and good welfare can easily be done in a writing camp if you provide the elephant with a enough food enough water enough rest and and otherwise brief and discomfort also . to biologists is pleased with the camp's general conditions the elephants seem to be in good shape she says but she admits that she often runs into secrecy just like today when asked about the specific methods of training young elephants the camp veterinarian becomes rather tight lipped. and often cannot call for it asked serious the us and he called wherever he has. on the
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internet it's possible to find videos of a torturous ritual designed to break an elephant spirit the method has been used for centuries it's a brutal training process that can go on for weeks only when the elephant stops resisting is it released from its agony. animal rights groups are calling for a boycott of elephant camps they convinced interactions like these are only possible once an elephant has been broken many western travel companies have stopped offering this kind of tourism but with growing numbers of chinese visitors business is thriving. brusk thinks an effective boycott would do more harm than good. if there's no revenue coming into the camp the elephant will still be here but it will just have very very poor. listen tourism is
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sold as cute harmless fun but once you look at its clothes a darker picture starts to emerge. now from sport into football or germany how one defines game before the women's world cup kicks off next week the 2 time world champions be chile. would go through pop and god only in simone germany will face china spain and welcomed defeat on thought africa in the group stage. for the 2nd straight season liverpool have reached the champions league final year going klopp side fred to riyadh madrid last year the club is the stranger to losing finals he's been runner up in his last fix well that drought and european football's biggest stage in madrid on saturday he said hope so . club has been embraced by more than just liverpool the entire footballing world seems to love this guy but there's been a dark cloud hovering over the current liverpool coach's head for years now
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a streak of 6 trate final defeat has kept his trophy cabinet empty when it comes to the biggest prizes. if you lose a final it's like taking medicine that tastes disgusting. you know when i was a child i learned that good medicine has to taste bad but then it helps so when you look at a final as bad tasting medicine it can actually help and recharge you. recharge must have work liverpool made some changes at the back since suffering defeat to reality last champions league expectations are high due to having back to back final appearances. of out of the world out there expects from all of us that if we're in the final that we win in my particular case we've tried so many times you expect even more. but that's ok i desperately wanted not for me before my players and this great club and it would make me happy if we manage that.
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no other manager in europe has lost finals like clock the 201112 season he managed final success in germany but since then he nor liverpool have won anything will their next final image read be a new beginning. to wait and see in basketball the toronto raptors are off to a strong start in their 1st ever n.b.a. finals the parents turn to defeated the 2 time defending champion golden state warriors 118-2109 at home in game one a raptors for what. put up a dominant before men scoring 32 points the best of 7 series continues on sunday in toronto. here watching the news here's a recap of the top stories we're following for you joe when john sanyo mcelhone given the commencement speech at harvard university she issued an opinion from
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multilateralism to tackle challenges on the was and graduates not to take for granted. and police and hungry have detained the captain of a cruise ship that fatally rammed a 2 a boat on the 70 block and from dead pretty fantastic missing crews are gearing up to race the votes from the bottom of the river flowing to the hospital but uppish. that said to me that she was on the news chain smoke coming up at the top of the hour.
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eco africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants. now only earn their living collecting elephant dung. here in queen elizabeth
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national park in uganda. their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species. next g.w. . i'm not going to the gym i just sometimes i am but i stand up and win for that reason german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes of the classics but if you think the future of the country that i now know the time. needed to take this drama down to me it's all out there. i'm a joke join me from the german sunday w.
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post to know that 77 percent obama are younger than 60. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent we talk about the issues that. this is where because of. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. welcome to a new edition of. the environment magazine co-produced by channel salvation in nigeria d.d.l. being germany and quesne a. walk.


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