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the above. the be. the end. this is good news coming to you live from berlin don't want to feel tries to mend relations in the german capital mitochondrial visits his german counterpart amid strained trance atlantic ties it's taken a year and offers to come to the german capital he's also due to meet chance under the actor's. she has just returned from harvard gave a commencement speech with criticism of donald trump she urged graduating students to embrace optimism as she makes the case for multi-lateral in the operation after
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address harvard class of 2 constants and i teach she was given a rapturous about also coming angry as prime minister of course for a car investigations the patriot both galician on the danube which 7 confirmed dead in trying to run this into almost all of the south koreans a delegation in the country is demanding on says. i don't have a warm welcome to you i'm. u.s. secretary of state. for talks with german leaders as america's top diplomat 1st met with a german foreign minister heikal moscow he's also due to hold talks with the chance to. visit comes 3 weeks on. after he abruptly canceled flying into germany
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at the very last minute differences in policy over iran and china expected to be high on the agenda. our chief political correspondent is following that story for us and she is standing in front of the chance to welcome michelle and my compu met earlier with foreign minister heikal moss what came out of that meeting. yes in fact they just concluded their press conference about half an hour's drive here from the chancellor which will be the next stop for mike pompei oh and then he apologized for having had to cancel at the last moment something which clearly was seen as a bit of a diplomatic insult here in berlin after he says he's in office after all for more than a year and what became clear is that both sides can talk to each other but also that there are major major differences when it comes to key areas of policy particularly china the approach to poor way which is also bidding to set up germany's
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a 5 g. telecommunications network here in germany german informant's said germany took a different approach it didn't rule them out from the start it would be very high standards they would have to meet and if they fail to meet that they wouldn't be allowed to bid but this is a big bone of contention here also the other issues particularly iran where germany and europe remain adamant that the iran nuclear deal the j. c.p.o. way was the best way to basically stop iran from developing its own nuclear weapon weapon while the us have exactly the same aim but we still make them pay you here once again and describe iran as the number one finance of terrorism worldwide taking a much much tougher rhetoric something that is being perceived as not being very constructive on the german and the european side so clear fault lines but the effort at least to talk about this contentious issues and we should in fact just before pompeo came to germany he said that the president is not entirely satisfied
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with the relationship between the 2 countries and as you outlined there are big issues dividing them what kind of outcome is expected from these talks then. i'm not sure we'll really see a big breakthrough here but one basic courses and that wasn't mentioned here but that is an issue that donald trump is very concerned about is the trade surplus of course he feels that europe and germany are basically munt making money out of the united states at the same time the united states is paying a lot of money for nato in particular and that once again we heard from mike pump a of the demand to increase defense spending was put more subtle than we usually see so these are major points of contention these are major different approaches that i asked today that pursue throughout this conversation and we would expect that also to be highlighted in the conversation with german chancellor angela merkel in the chancery behind me but there will be the kind of extensive press conference that we
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saw with the german foreign minister hike in march and anglo-american return to the united states mikaela where she delivered the commencement address at harvard university and she also made some very pointed remarks about the presidency during her address to what extent can visit help to improve relations between 2 countries who are actually meant to be very close allies. well both sides do stress that they share common values that they have common aims and that they just have different approaches to reaching those institutionally when it comes to best western values like democracy and freedom the approach to china for instance i'm going back actually didn't mention trump i don't know in her commencement speech she was speaking to a friendly audience a very democratic leaning audience but there were some messages in there which will clearly understood when she talked about lies not being sold as truth and truth should not be misconstrued as lies in particular everybody knew what she was
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talking about and that is the message that clearly would also have been heard in washington but when it comes to the nitty gritty of policy for instance the other issue that we might see some kind of progress here is syria the u.s. wants a buffer zone in the north and it wants germany to play a role in that it will see how much we can read between the lines because they're very tough restrictions to the german parliament on the move like that experience standing outside the chancery where so korea said mike pompei oh and german just. to have talks shortly thank you very much for the opted from there. now pompous visitor but in comes a day after as i mentioned german chancellor angela merkel delivered the commencement address at harvard university her advice to the graduating class was laced with indirect criticism of dollars. have a listen. tear their own waltz of ignorance
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and narrow mindedness on that one thing has to stay as it is. it was one of several standing ovations for the german chancellor during hurricane and speech she ended and began in english highly unusual for an american at such a major event. then gets awfully if we step out and embrace new beginnings everything is possible. for the normally cautious pragmatic politician this was a far reaching to do list she spoke of halting global warming eradicating starvation eliminating diseases giving people especially girls access to education and fighting the causes of displacement and forced migration and forced migration that's we can do all of that. the harvard commencement speech is by tradition inspirational setting the bar high for graduating students merkel urged them not to
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act impulsively but to take a moment to stop and think during laughter as well as applause. thank you all the nuns medical team to conjure up donald trump without mention of his name. that's that means not calling a lie is truth or truth lines. except chancellors mixture of the political and the aspirational seemed to resonate with the graduating students. before me the main message is about believing that's was going to be broken and for me i think wallace is sort of a metaphor for anything it could be sort of your own close mindedness or your own servant violence to how you see the issues of the world whether you know whether or not you think they could be solved i think the speech was very well done and well received and i think that she's struck a balance between inspiring the graduates to make change in the world and also see
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. a political message. merkel has made it clear this is her last time as chancellor and her speech was a nod to the legacy she hopes to leave behind especially a firm commitment to strong transatlantic times. take a look at some other stories making news around the world 7 people have been injured in kabul after a car bomb targeting a u.s. convoy exploded the u.s. military said 4 service members also received minor injuries it's the 2nd suicide attack in the city in as many days. hundreds of sudanese protesters marched on sudan's military headquarters in khartoum after protest leaders issued a late night call to action sudan's transitional military said the protests encampment outside the defense ministry has become a threat to stability it's also ordered the closure of al-jazeera t.v. offices. u.s. president announced on twitter that he is slapping
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a 5 percent tariff on all mexican imports he says this is to pressurize mexico to crack down on the surge of central american migrants trying to cross the border into the u.s. . south korea's foreign ministers arrived one given captain with uppish following the sinking of a boat carrying a group of south korean to us conquest visited the spot where the vessel sank into the danube river after a larger truth both crashed into it on bentonite police and between the captain of the larger ship so far 7 south koreans have been confirmed dead 21 people are still missing. the walls of budapest size korean embassy bear witness to a city sorry one of the missing so far from home is a 6 year old girl who was traveling with her parents and grandparents the tragedy has shaken locals and tourists alike you see there. they're
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very. high water levels and strong cover and are hampering efforts to recover victims experts say it could be days before the boats whole is raised. south korea is sending its own teams to assist they flew out on thursday together with the families of some of the victims. the hunt gary and government has promised and says about what caused the accident. the government has called for a thorough and in-depth investigation a criminal investigation has been launched. taking up 13 tickets. c.c.t.v. footage captured the moments that the mermaid the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sit in a river cruise ship 5 times its length. it took just a few seconds for the mermaid to capsize and sink. in the
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search for answers the captain of the largest ship has been detained he is being questioned on suspicion of endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple deaths. journalist stefan both joins me now from the banks of the danube river in budapest stiffle the south korean minister has visited the site of the accident what more can you tell us about south korea's response and reaction to this accident. well indeed south korean foreign minister was here briefly to really pay her respects and also to see for herself the society where just really hours and hours and hours earlier the boat sank was so many. citizens. and self course the reaction has been one of shock from south korea they still remember a tragedy 5 years ago when bored and 300 south koreans dives.
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on a when when a vessel went down there they were hoping that this would never happen again but of course now thousands of miles away here in budapest once again that's south korea into mourning but only south koreans i would say gary and so are also mourning here they have been just flowers in new york and candles as well and of course in the meantime duress cule for it's still going on just behind me here since it's been more than 24 hours since the accident stefan give us an update on the rescue operation the chances of finding survivors. well the sorties are now saying that they are still looking for survivors officially but i can tell you that it has been dating to find anyone alive and the expectation is still at the desk
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still will be indeed $28.00 s. less fear to among them also we don't know 6 year old girl and of course many many other people and what remains now of course to get to devote a really out of the water. very difficult i have seen however. people from the hunt gary and army are actually investigating the rate for beth to see when and how they can solve it said the vessel that remains to of course very very difficult at the moment the current. fast. stormy weather it has so much improved now but we have seen the coming hours what they really can do. in budapest thank you very much for that update from. if you've just joined us here's a recap of the top story that we're funding feel the u.s. secretary of state my phone bill isn't but in for talks with. trust with foreign
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minister moscow and talks with. america off plan to tell the u.s. and germany have clashed on the number of issues in greece and funds. up next a documented prisoner of corporations from me up to touch you must buy brian thomas for have the news for you at the top of the to do join and if you can't. it's all happening to children coming. from africa the world your links to exceptional stories from discussions to no one will constitute abuse suffocating programming from foreign agenda 21 years it's easy to our website a d w it's called smash africa join us on facebook.


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