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this is deja vu news live from berlin president trump's top diplomat is now in the german capital for talks at this hour mike pompei o and mackel stressing they have the same values but agreeing a little beyond that from iran and china to ukraine and trade the true leaders have a tough time finding common ground. just yesterday i was in the us where she addressed harvard's graduating class. of ignorance and narrow mindedness. has to stay as it is pure graduates to embrace
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optimism as she made her case for multilateralism and cooperation. also on the show hungary's prime minister calling for a star of probe of the fatal boat collision on the danube with the firm data 21 missing almost all south koreans a delegation from the country's government is demanding answers. alone a very warm welcome to the show i'm brian thomas u.s. secretary of state. for all american 4 high level talks here in berlin. coming 3 weeks after he abruptly canceled flying to germany in the last minute differences in policy over iran and china are expected to be very high on their agenda. now
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before heading into that meeting they gave a short press conference here's what they had to say even the end of we will have plenty of issues to discuss today the secretary of state and i the world is indeed in unrest 1st and foremost among the issues on our agenda today we will talk about iran how can we make sure that iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons on how can we work to prevent further aggressive actions on the part of iran we've also talked about afghanistan both our countries have substantial numbers of troops there syria is also going to be on our agenda as the situation is very fragile again thank you for having me here today there is important work for our 2 countries to do alongside our our nato partners and alongside all of our allies to achieve security for our own people and stability and peace in this much of the world as we possibly can so thank you for having me here today. our chief political editor michelle acuff there standing by for us at the chancellor's office where talks are taking place at this hour between the 2 michelle what can you tell us something about the
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atmosphere between pompei o and on the back. it was a very professional atmosphere certainly no big political love lost between the 2 we saw some very brief statements and most of the might compare that saying that he wants to work with nato partners on those issues machall going through almost a full laundry list but not mentioning china about that no doubt would have also been an issue as it already was in this talks between mike and his counterparts here. in the south whom he met earlier in the day but this is a similar kind of meeting that macros had in the past with theresa may where there's no press conference off the work they need beforehand that's often the signal that there could be contentious issues to discuss and they don't want to talk about any outcome ok there are plenty of contentious issues are including iran as we've been talking about trying apparently as well and at the moment there's
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there's very little common ground between the 2 countries on these issues. yes i mean particularly iran is a very very fundamental rift where the europeans and many are still adamantly against the united states' move to leave for it became known as the wrong nuclear deal which they saw as a milestone in international diplomacy and basically containing potential open conflicts now and certainly what we're hearing out of saudi arabia and iran the rhetoric is definitely heating up and there's a great concern here in berlin that what has been achieved in the past will now be lost to the u.s. taking a very different stance there implementing sanctions and it's also notable that just an hour after i met with my campaigners she was due to meet the chinese deputy prime minister and that's also behind me why you already see that chinese flag up so she didn't mention time china but i'm pretty sure she too would have spoken to
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my pump a about that because it is after all potential trade war looming and that would also affect germany and europe ok michelle with all busy of this moving in the background right now what's your take away from the meeting at the chancery well no doubt relations are bad and both sides are trying to make the best of it for now stressing their common values but just to give an interpretation of what the u.s. values means at the moment means excluding a company like queer way of the chinese technology giant for any kind of contract here in germany and the stance here being on the german side that there must be a very tight requirement for security but you can't use. economics you can't use your trade policy as a form of international policy to the extent that the u.s. is doing that so very fundamentally different approaches and both sides almost trying a bit too much to stress that after all they do said the same values show it oftener
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bring us up to date from the chancellor here in berlin thanks very much michelle or bump a visit to berlin comes a day after chancellor merkel delivered the commencement address at harvard university in boston her advice to the graduating class was laced with indirect criticism of american domestic and foreign policy. ted all the waltz of ignorance and narrow mindedness on that thing has to stay as it is. it was one of several standing ovations for the german chancellor during hurricane and speech she ended and began an english highly unusual for an american at such a major event. then gets awfully if we step out and embrace new beginnings everything is possible. for the normally cautious pragmatic politician this was a far reaching to do list she spoke of halting global warming eradicating
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starvation eliminating diseases giving people especially girls access to education and fighting the causes of displacement and forced migration falls migration that's we can do all of that. the harvard commencement speech is by tradition inspirational setting the bar high for graduating students. the not to act impulsively but to take a moment to stop and think during laughter as well as applause. for the nuns medical team to conjure up donald trump without mention of his name. that's that means not calling law is truth or truth lines. except chancellors mixture of the political and the aspirational seemed to resonate with the graduating students. before me the main message is about
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believing that's wallace can be broken and for me i think wallace is sort of a metaphor for anything it could be sort of your own close mindedness or your own servant violence to how you see the issues of the world whether you know whether or not you think they could be solved i think the speech was very well done and well received and i think that she's struck a balance between inspiring the graduates to make change in the world and also see . ending a political message. now has made it clear this is her last time this chancellor and his speech was a nod to the legacy she hopes to leave behind especially a firm commitment to strong transatlantic time. and staying in the u.s. president travels announced the u.s. will add a 5 percent tariff to all goods coming into mexico as a way to curb illegal immigration america's southern border the president saying that arabs will increase until it is clear that mexico's doing more to prevent immigrants crossing into the u.s. illegally the implication of this move on trade talks is unclear. 2 years after
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negotiations for a new nafta began everything seem to be working just fine. today we will send the relevant information so that the senate of the republic can ratify the free trade agreement with the united states and canada canada. then an unexpected shot fired from washington u.s. president trump tweeting about a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico trump threatens to credibly increase tariffs until the illegal immigration problem is remedied their reaction in mexico shock it's. exactly and i just read that right out there i just read it as something to sastre us because that threat taken into action it would be very grave very serious extremely serious.
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at the same time it's no secret to anyone that president trump is very active in his use of tweets. ditz. but mexico can hardly afford to ignore the threat the u.s. as its most important trading partner trade between the neighbors was worth 670000000000 dollars last year. also crossing the border so-called illegal immigrants as seen in this video from u.s. customs and border patrol recorded in el paso the migrants most of whom are from honduras guatemala and el salvador crossing through mexico trump says the government there is not doing enough to stop the flow of people and to be instead passively cooperating. with some of the other stories making news this hour a number of people have been injured in kabul after a car bombing targeted a u.s. convoy u.s.
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military said 4 service members also received minor injuries this is the 2nd suicide attack in that city in as many days. hundreds of sudanese protesters marched on sudan's military headquarters in khartoum after protest leaders issued a late night call to action sans military said the protest and catman outside the defense ministry has become a threat to stability is also word of the closure of al-jazeera t.v. offices. president trump has announced on twitter that he slapping a 5 percent tariff as we've reported on all mexican imports he says this is the pressure of mexico to crack down on the surge of central american migrants trying to cross the border into the u.s. . a dutch a birdwatcher who's been held by islamic state like all times in the philippines and stew 1012 has been killed the netherlands government has confirmed that it was warned died during a gun battle between his captors and the motor. all south
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korea's foreign minister has arrived in the capital budapest following the sinking of a boat carrying a group of south korea interests together with her own garion counterpart she visited this off where the vessel sank into the danube out there larger his vessel crashed into it on once and night police have detained the captain of that larger ship 7 south koreans have been confirmed dead 21 people are still missing. the walls of budapest size korean embassy bear witness to a city sorry one of the missing so far from home is a 6 year old girl who was traveling with her parents and grandparents the tragedy has shaken locals and tourists alike is that they are. very. high water levels and strong cover and hampering efforts to recover victims experts say it
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could be days before the boats whole is raised. the size career is sending its own teams to assist they flew out on thursday together with the families of some of the victims. the hunt gary and government has promised on says about what caused the accident. the government has called for a thorough and in-depth investigation it's a criminal investigation has been launched. thing after it implicates. c.c.t.v. footage captured the moments that the moment the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sit in a river cruise ship 5 times its length. it took just a few seconds for the man made to capsize and sink. in the search for on says the captain of the not to ship has been detained he is being questioned on suspicion of endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple
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deaths. and correspondent stefan boss joins us now on the banks of the danube in budapest thanks for joining us stefan the south korean foreign minister has arrived in hungary or a very somber visit what what's been on the agenda. well what of course she wants to know is how the rescue operation is so own going and also to pay her respects for south korean people this is really a trauma they still remember what happened 5 years ago when a vessel old selves sunk they are killing more than 300 people and there's some south korean people even said you know it feels almost the same as dead time now again we are mourning the death so so many people including also a very young girl now i can tell you that since she left a lot of activity is going on here behind me actually had divers are preparing apparently to finally go into the water and find steps that boat depp's sent here
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really need just a way near dates bridge and of course the problem is that these are very difficult down galion the foreign minister has just spoken to reporters and he said it is very difficult for divers at this hour to see anything in the danube river and of course that makes it even more difficult to solve it should the wreckage ok 7 do we know anything about what may have caused this accident we've been looking at the video it's very disturbing do we know what led to to this. that is still being investigated they have. the captain the cruise ship that's so my sources say may have been responsible for days were they sastre on the danube river in hungary in 75 years frankly he rammed into the small boat and of course the mermaid and of course then.
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it happened within 7 seconds that small boat sank but any other hand. investigators have told so suggested that city captain made may have steered into the pond a lot your ship about of course it is difficult now to ask of that captain he is most likely a moment to death we have told king about a most likely $28.00 people being killed including $200.00. and the rest south koreans so of course it's difficult to ask him what we also know and that is what so my experts are saying that we are expecting so my black boxes to be brought to the service from both ships and death perhaps more details for investigators stefan boss thanks very much for that update from budapest.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show thailand's trained elephant activists say the animals are paying a heavy price for these performances. but 1st on this program may 31st is world no tobacco day when the world health organization puts the spotlight on the perils of smoking where than a 1000000000 people still regularly smoke tobacco now that's one person in 7 on the planet tobacco consumption has been declining in many parts of the world but there are some exceptions including regions in africa and a number of countries in the middle east the w.h.o. says that tobacco kills more than $7000000.00 people each year graphic warnings on cigarette packs advertising bans and tobacco taxes have discourage people from smoking but some have now turned to easy carets and as we hear in our next report they too can cause health problems. strawberry is among the most popular flavors
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for each cigarette smokers or vapors others melon there's a huge range to choose from the cigarettes are claimed to contain fewer harmful substances for users than conventional tobacco varieties the liquids which generally have added nicotine and aroma are only heated and not burned the image is a healthier alternative is likely a major factor in each cigarettes becoming increasingly popular among young people but the reality behind the image is not that simple liquids such as the jewel brand smoked by many teenagers in the u.s. contain over twice the amount of nicotine permitted in the e.u. as a result one in 5 high school students are now already addicted and the end of last year the u.s. health authorities declared the rapid rise in rates of youths using these products to be nothing short of an epidemic. we have never seen use of any
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substance and by america's young people rise this rapidly this is an unprecedented challenge we're at risk of a huge share of a whole generation developing an addiction to nicotine and that is not a future anyone wants for our country. but tobacco companies are busy expanding into what they see as a lucrative new business philip morris a since acquired a 35 percent stake in jewel small british american tobacco owns the high end smoked chain of bait stores. while sales in conventional cigarettes are falling in europe in the us tobacco remains hugely popular in emerging and developing nations. despite the rising demand for liquids the tobacco industry still earns over 90 percent of its turnover from conventional cigarettes last year their money factor has made $700000000000.00 worldwide with them the industry even expects that figure
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to increase. it's a thriving business for the corporations but for consumers it could mean dependency on long term health risks whether they smoke the conventional or electronic variety of cigarette. we have some football for you now in germany have won their final warm up game before the women's world cup kicks off next week the 2 dime world champions beat jelly to nell with goals from alexandra pop and carolyn seymour germany will be facing china spain and world cup debutantes south africa in the group stage. and for the 2nd straight season liverpool have reached the champions league final you're going to clubs aside falling to real madrid last year stranger to losing files he's been runner up and his last 6. club has been embraced by more than just liverpool the entire footballing world seems to love this guy but there's been
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a dark cloud hovering over the current liverpool coach's head for years now a streak of 6 trate final defeat has kept his trophy cabinet empty when it comes to the biggest prizes. women fanatically if you lose a final it's like taking medicine that tastes disgusting. you know when i was a child i learned the good medicine has to taste bad but then it helps so when you look at a final as bad tasting medicine they can actually help and recharge you know that recharge must have worked liverpool made some changes at the back since suffering defeat to reanimate during the last champions league expectations are high due to having back to back final appearances people don't always know about that the world out there expects from all of us that if we're in the finals that we win in my particular case we've tried so many times you expect to be even more. but that's ok i desperately wanted not for me but for my players and this great club and it would
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make me happy if we managed. to missing 3 when no other manager in europe has lost finals like close the 201112 season he managed final success in germany but since then he nor liverpool have won anything will their next final in madrid be a new beginning. where some basketball and the toronto raptors are off to a strong start in their 1st ever n.b.a. finals toronto defeating the 2 time defending champions golden state warriors 108. into 109 at home in game one of the best of 7 series raptors forward pasqual com put up a dominant performance scoring thort 32 points now after the game the cameroonian said he hopes his performance will inspire the people in africa. think is amazing
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this shows the growth of the continent ome. as is. more not figure in general and kind of being that is stage and i representing the continent is amazing now i feel blessed and. just when the game is going to grow enough occurring in and for kids to see it is and you know hopefully it inspires them. ok's to thailand now and for many it's a tourist haven with beaches mountains great food and the chance to ride an elephant elephant tourism may sound like fun but animal rights groups say in order to keep an elephant in captivity well its spirit must be broken did abuse florian visitor traditional elephant camp near chiang mai that's and northern thailand and he discovered well there's no easy answers in this controversy and a warning you might find some of the images in this report distressing.
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show time at mesa elephant camp twice a day the elephants entertain visits his with their skills everything looks playful but tricks like this are only possible after long training explains one of the camp manages. if you would like to let your children know english you should talk english to them since there were young same thing that i love if you would like to lead them obey you are listed on you use it teach them sing there were young. for centuries elephants in southeast asia were used for transport in the timber industry until logging was banned in the region 30 years ago. with thousands of captive elephants out of work their owners turn to tourism. elephant tourism is now a lucrative business but one that's lightly regulated. nina ortman
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brask is a biologist she advises camps on how to ensure that entertaining tourists isn't detrimental to elephant wellbeing. and good welfare can easily be done in a riding camp if you provide the elephant with big enough food enough water enough rest and an otherwise free from discomfort also. to biologists is pleased with the camp's general conditions the elephants seem to be in good shape she says but she admits that she often runs into secrecy just like today when asked about the specific methods of training young elephants the camp veterinarian becomes rather tight lipped. and often cannot call for if asked so their views the us and. over every it has. on the internet it's possible to find videos of a torturous ritual deciding to break an elephant spirit the method has been used for centuries it's
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a brutal training process that can go on for weeks only when the elephant stops resisting is it released from its agony. animal rights groups are calling for a boycott of elephant camps they're convinced interactions like these are only possible once an elephant has been broken many western travel companies have stopped offering this kind of tourism but with growing numbers of chinese visitors business is thriving. brusk thinks an effective boycott would do more harm than good. if there's no revenue coming into the camp the elephant will still be here but it will just have very very poor. conditions sullivan shuras and is sold as cute harmless fun but once you look a bit closer the picture stops 2 in the us is your quick reminder of our top story at this hour u.s.
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secretary of state my compare was my which answer all of our calls and foreign minister heiko mosque in berlin and he warned that germany risks losing access to u.s. security that the news is weapon by the controversial tribes texas wire hallway. up next we have our science program tomorrow today i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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he's quite as simple as it seeks. to understand goes wild. we need to take a closer look at. the experience knowledge to. know.
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what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carlson the time i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. good change in 60 minutes total. burning good good interest guardsman germany's booming capital i love berlin the full scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where your attack series the bedlam than the bonus money like churn simply means that i love between what is shown once a day sweats and looks like
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a stuffed swiss like me described as the 15 nations of the 50 story and 50 very personal tips on berlin's are very best in terms. of. building down unemployment every week on t.w. . welcome to you tomorrow today the science program on d w coming up. you probably know pinocchio the public with a nose that grows longer when he launches we look at the science of deception. who designs more convincingly men.


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