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documentary. this is. coming up on the southeast asian nations the world's dumbstruck this is after tons of garbage from well the missions. in the philippines. is it time for another look at the world trade. plus. we look at the sometimes training. but still performing as drag queens. citizens. are performing.
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well. it's good to have you with us has become the garbage dump for the rest of the world environmentally that is increasingly the case this after china stopped accepting what it called for. until then china would accept up to 51 percent of the world's plastic scrap plastics that are classed as recyclable but are often contaminated china's refusal to accept directed the trash to countries such as malaysia thailand indonesia and the philippines countries which initially had lax regulations to deal with the import of plastic and other waste but now
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these countries are fighting back sending back 60 containers of waste imported illegally to where it came from and the philippines is shipping back 69 containers filled with wished back to canada. this is the source of the diplomatic stink tons of rubbish shipped from canada labeled as recyclable but in fact turned out to be household waste for 5 years now it's been rotting in philippine ports. environmental activists and government officials have long argued canada should take back its trash. but the canadian government why they say that. it doesn't. meet their brawl diplomatic relations i'm going to name it and get these is a bit is important problem that they have but this. earlier this month plunged the 2 countries into
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a diplomatic incident as monella recalled top diplomats from canada. that the call shows that we are very serious and asking them to get back they're going to be otherwise. severe relationships with them that triggered the canadian prime minister to we enter the mess. this is an issue that we have been working very closely with the officials in the philippines on over the past months very hard over the past weeks and we're going to continue to work on this. the issue of unwanted waste has washed up in malaysia to the government says it's cracking down on the end ports of non-biodegradable crush like the c.d.'s not. sending hundreds of tons of plastic back to the u.s. you can canada and other countries. whoever that send their
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ways to malaysia by the ways are those plastic ways or whatever ways we will send it back and we will fight that. even though we are a small country we cannot be bullied by a developed countries. back in the philippines this vessel has come to return the trash to vancouver the canadians will shoulder the shipping costs $200000.00 us dollars the damage to diplomatic ties hard to quantify from all of this waste disposal problem i'm joined by lear guerrero she's the director of greenpeace philippines they're welcome to do that. if i can just ask at the outset how is it possible for developed countries to keep sending their wares to southeast asian nations when they appear to be against accepting it. good afternoon and thanks for having me on your show developing countries are still
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receiving waste from developed countries even if they're against it mostly it has to do with weak regulations so and so in developing countries the checks are looser regulations for accepting things that go in our port. the capacity to check what actually comes in is what is reported is a lot weaker than in developed countries and governance is also weaker so you have problems related to corruption like you have under the table deal shipments that are mislabeled declared but still get by developing nations but there is another factor that makes it possible for developing countries to accept the waste of mobile nursing because it is still permissible to accept waste trade and waste. countries and keep sending waste to developing nations if it is labeled as. such is
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a problem but then in terms of the ship that has been exposed. as you call them only the tip of the iceberg what can be done to regulate this true. yeah it's a bit of the iceberg because a lot of wit is probably undocumented ms declare that center as i said earlier the 1st thing that countries need to do is directly fight the battle ban amendment that this allows any trade in waste for any reason including recycling so in the past what we have seen was a lot of countries a lot of developed nations have been sending their waste to developing maybe nations if they may bill it as recycling they don't need prior informed consent from that nation. and the 2nd thing that we're seeing is we have a lot of plastic waste only one percent has been recycled ever since plastic weight
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waste as started the cumulating countries need to ensure that they minimize plastic production especially single use production so this is packaging stroh's etc because this is also what's being exported to developing nations what we really need to do is really euro juice plastic production so that we can start shifting to a world where we don't have to deal with as much plastic waste if you're going to do it to rain thank you very much for break the problem down for us thank you. to tell america where elephant comes offering close encounters with the gentle animals are a major tourist draw but getting elephants to perform tricks requires training which isn't always kind of your animal in fact it can be downright cruel did a report off florio nor was it an elephant outside chiang mai in northern thailand
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for some odd sows. show time at mesa elephant camp twice a day the elephants entertain visitors with their skills everything looks playful but tricks like this are only possible after long training explains one of the camp managers. if you would like to let your children know english you should talk english to them since they were young same thing that i love eve you would like to lead them obey you are listed on you easy to teach them thing they were young if for centuries elephants in south east asia we used for transport in the timber industry until logging was banned in the region 30 years ago. with thousands of captive elephants out of work their owners turn to tourism. elephant tourism is now a lucrative business but one that's lightly regulated. nina ortman
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brask is a biologist she advises camps on how to ensure that entertaining tourists isn't detrimental to elephant wellbeing. and good welfare can easily be done in a writing camp if you provide the elephant with. enough food enough water enough rest and and otherwise free from discomfort also. the biologist is pleased with the camp's general conditions the elephants seem to be in good shape she says but she admits that she often runs into secrecy just like today when asked about the specific methods of training young elephants the camp veterinarian becomes rather tight lipped. and often cannot call brevis house. us and few calls for every house on the internet it's possible to find videos of a torturous ritual designed to break an elephant spirit the method has been used
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for centuries it's a brutal training process that can go on for weeks only when the elephant stops resisting is it released from its agony. animal rights groups are calling for a boycott of elephant camps they're convinced interactions like these are only possible once an elephant has been broken many western travel companies have stopped offering this kind of tourism but with growing numbers of chinese visitors business is thriving. brusk thinks an effective boycott would do more harm than good. if there is no revenue coming into the camp the elephant will still be here but it will just have very very poor conditions ellison tourism is sold as cute harmless fun but once you look at its clothes a darker picture starts to emerge. from many members of the algebra to community
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all over the world growing older to compose particular challengers minimus goldblum gaze out a group of flamboyant 60 something gay men and drag queens rejected by wider society and limited to roper jobs their 1st homelessness and poverty in their old age the the blues are some tough reports. there are days when river fog was a dazzling beauty queen decked in glittery makeup sparkling jewellery and sequinned gallants days when relives out her inner diva as beyond say. rain is a member of the golden gate a group of jolly flamboyant gay senior citizens who call themselves grandmas they perform as drag queens to make ends meet. grandmas are amazing we can sashay down a romp in 6 inch heels at 92 years old but because we need help some
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are frail they just become strong when there are parties we needed an organization where sponsors who want to help the senior citizens can donate to our group. the golden gate you're looking for a hole in my life where we can all get together so in a gun up for the. bottom exam. crowing all this difficult for senior citizens in the philippines the usual social safety nets like pensions and health care are often limited in scope and the problem is worse for e.g. bts who do not have children to look after them or may have been abandoned by families the golden gate is regularly hold pageants to supplement their income private and corporate donors sponsor these pageants by providing lunch and a few days' worth of groceries for contestants many of the golden gates take on odd jobs ray works as i'm a soused makeup artist and cleaner she also takes care. some of the older grandmas
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a whole year sometimes i wonder will they be still going to teach me the way i've looked after the other school. for the golden gates growing old is made a bit easier because they have each other. better for this episode all of the rubber news show review back on monday with more than 3 of them for. my 1st by say mosul sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to them. finally they gave up and mentored by me on bicycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as no i want to reach out to those
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women back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and inform them of our dead peace and rights my name is the about of people homes and they were more at ease and. the. stock markets are plummeting from asia to europe as the trade war between the us and china is escalating we can be trade survive the current turmoil also coming up the indian tiger is running counter steve and we go to mumbai to find out what's hampering growth in asia as number 2 powerhouse. and the reason why the problem is helping to fuel china's extraordinary coffee boom are so cocky. i want
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to get jones and this is due to. business asia welcome to the u.s. china trade war is taking its toll on global stock market shares are heading south from asia to europe this as beijing gets ready to ramp up retaliation to u.s. measures blacklisting some quote unreliable foreign firms and hiking tariffs on a range of u.s. goods starting on june the 1st u.s. time so where are we up to in this conflict now so far the u.s. has imposed tariffs on chinese goods worth $250000000000.00 that's almost half of the goods china sold to the u.s. in 2018 now beijing retaliated by imposing tariffs on $110000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods entering china and that's almost as much as all the u.s. exports to china in 2018 hours washington keeps up.


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