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would play. play. play play. this is the w. news live from president trump top diplomat tiles on the pressure secretary of state might come théo and chancellor underline that stress they have the same values but they agree on little else peo is warning allies against using chinese equipment the next generation telecoms networks also coming up to congress prime minister promises a full investigation into the say told folks collision on the danube 7 people are confirmed dead and 21 of those still missing that will most pull south koreans and
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a delegation from seoul is demanding says. the produce d.j. proving that age is cool in the mind she still gets some rocking at the age of ac and is showing no signs of taking a dignified retirement. i mean you could sneak in and thanks so much for joining us. the united states has raised the pressure on its western allies over whether equipment supplied by the chinese manufacturer way should be used in telecoms networks on a visit to belin secretary of state mike pompei is said that deciding to use the chinese companies equipment could result in countries being cut off from crucial intelligence data supplied by the united states and on the surface from payers
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talks they were cordial but relations between the 2 allies remain strained the u.s. trade policy and iran. friday's meetings in berlin were a long time coming more than a year after he took office and after visits to almost 40 other countries u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe finally visited his german counterpart heiko mosse and german chancellor angela merkel high time to put a good face on a strained alliance. germany is a great important partner an ally of the united states that's why i am so happy to have this time today with chancellor merkel america also stressed the importance of transatlantic relations. and states is and will remain germany's most important side europe. but it soon became clear how big the differences are on iran for example germany is sticking to a deal to prevent the iranians acquiring nuclear weapons the us has long since
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withdrawn from that deal and is relying on sanctions. we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there are items that are sanctioned in their items that are not humanitarian aid for example is exempted the german foreign minister made conciliatory statements. we are going in different directions at the moment but i think we are aware that our goals have always remained the same and i hope we will be able to achieve those goals together. but at the moment it's difficult to find similarities between germany and. in the u.s. that became clear on thursday when chancellor merkel received an honorary doctorate from harvard university in her speech she clearly distanced herself from the nationalist and protectionist policies of president trump. for more i'm joined by the chief political correspondent milind a crane melinda both sides emphasize the importance of the german american
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friendship but there are a major policy differences between these 2 countries on the how deep to the rift between washington and belin. the differences are very deep i'm not sure i would term this a rift at the moment but any one of these differences can become a. greater division just starting with the main topic on the agenda today namely iran you heard both sides saying as the report pointed out that their goals are the same the goals being to contain iran to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon and to limit iran's ability to support terrorism and terrorists elsewhere and to produce a list take missiles but the main difference here is so great that it's very hard to see how you bridge it namely the europeans and germany amongst them want to keep the nuclear deal in place they say that is the best means of containing any threat
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from iran and to keep it in place they want to maintain trade with iran because they say if the u.s. sanctions are permitted to essentially completely embargo trade with iran then iran will surely leave the nuclear deal and proceed to with its plans or its former attempts to get an atomic weapon so the europeans move together to establish their own payment system that would allow european companies to go around us payment systems in order to keep trade with iran alive that hasn't proven very effective to date but here's my pompei was saying we will only tolerate this as long as humanitarian goods exclusively are involved meaning any other trade with iran will be sanctioned this means essentially a confrontation course between the u.s. not and not only iran but between its closest allies namely the europeans if in
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fact they try to keep trade with iran alive and i'm machall has just returned from the united states where she delivered the commencement address at harvard university and she outlined a vision that was essentially diametrically opposed to trump's approach can pump a is visit in any way help improve relations between the 2 allies. unlikely indeed we have an absolute frontal clash between 2 very different ways of seeing the world and the main difference i think our report mentioned nationalism the main difference though is unilateralism the us is clearly in key areas and other ones on the agenda today relations with china and especially with the company while way relations on the north stream gas pipeline between russia and germany again and again the us tired take is maximum pressure whereas the german approach as outlined by chancellor merkel is multilateral cooperation try to understand the other side's
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perspective these are true truly diametrically opposite visions and in fact it's very hard to see how they can be recreated inside simply by friendly words about the importance of transatlantic relations all right melinda crane thank you so much . and for more on the trade aspects of this i'm joined by cliff it coonan from business cliff thanks for joining us now both china and the u.s. are presenting themselves here as winning the trade war so who's right well in a way they're they're both right these are the 2 biggest economies in the world they both have a lot of cards to play at the u.s. is bigger and it is more powerful so it has him to introduce a lot more tower of so far china is introducing more tower. so at the moment they're kind of neck and neck but the i think overall the fact that the u.s. is the bigger economy shows that it's probably just ahead and now europe is in a tricky position and this trade tools isn't it because it's kind of stuck in the middle that's right i mean we saw it there with the political picture this is sort of the there are quite uncomfortable in this current row. there's other tarsa could
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be introduced could be imposed on europe if it if it does go ahead but while away so there are a lot of areas that europe will be hoping that the u.s. doesn't play its cards on and i think it is it is struggling a little bit to try and impose its views on the what the americans are doing now the chinese president xi shan is in berlin today so is mike. is this a coincidence and is there any prospect of a trade deal between china and the u.s. any time soon well i think the timing is certainly has to be significant we don't have any information about whether they're meeting or not but it's very you know there is a possibility that they could meet it's also it's also a signal from both sides i think you know that. they're aware that europe is sort of this place that they both need to come and pay their respects but at the same time they're trying to keep them on side so i think whether there could be
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a deal of course is very open there's talk about a deal possibly at the g. 20 in tokyo at the end of the month but the meeting there president trump has played up his relationship with president xi jinping and. possibly he could be creating a problem in order to find a solution we don't know but but there's an awful lot of areas where they still haven't found any agreement so i think a lot of people a lot of the analysts are saying that they don't really expect a deal any time too soon with a train in from the business thanks so much. all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today. police in the city of zurich say a 60 year old swiss man killed 2 women hostage is off to a 3 hour standoff with police the nationalities of the women has not yet been determined gun violence is relatively rare in switzerland where voters this month agreed to adopt strict gun control those. india's prime minister would never enter
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modi has held meetings with many south asian and southeast asian leaders part of his effort to build economic partnerships in the region noticeably absent was pakistani prime minister imran khan relations between the 2 countries have been strained tensions in the disputed kashmir region. pope francis is in romania on a 3 day cross-country pilgrimage he has urged the country's political and religious leaders to work more closely together to confront society's problems the pontiff visit to the predominantly also the country comes 20 years off the pope john paul the 2nd made the same trip. now south korea says it will not give up hope in the desperate search for survivors off the a fatal dose accidents in hungary killed at least 7 of its citizens foreign minister has arrived in budapest to pay her respects to the victims and to get an update on the search and rescue operation on the river danube 21 people are still
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missing. on the banks of the dun new visitors and residents of budapest paid tribute to the victims of this tragedy. a 6 year old go is among the missing. rescue work has been hampered by strong currents and high water levels making diving attempts risky as hopes of finding survivors fade the search is increasingly turning into a recovery operation. the missing passengers are all south korean and. seoul has sent their own emergency task force to help local authorities. south korea's foreign minister has also arrived in budapest on friday she visited the site of the accident accompanied by her hungary and counterparts. come to you who are called for budapest's full cooperation in determining the course of the accident the hungary and government has promised answers. but he could mean that if
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you tell you i asked the authorities for a strict and thorough investigation we want to know precisely what happened and how and when we know it for sure we will inform the public that it mean you know and you will show what i was looking for you security camera footage captured the moment that the mermaid the small boat seen on the left was struck by the viking sigyn ever of a cruise ship 5 times its length it took just a few seconds for the moment to capsize and sink. the captain of the largest ship is in custody on suspicion of endangering water borne traffic resulting in multiple deaths a journalist stefan bos joins me from the banks of the danube in the to pest 2nd the south korean foreign minister has arrived in hungry for what will obviously be a very somber visit what's on her agenda and have we learned anything new since she
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arrived about how the actually happened. well what we do know is that of course she came here 1st of all to pay her respects student many victims that are believed to have died in what is really to worst tragedy for hungary all the danube river in decades but it is saying time she is also here of course doreen mind. to really take this investigation seriously. for instance that the company cations between those 2 ships were absolutely not goot and she wants to know what happened many occasions for instance that she already made clear and of course at the same time the rescue operation is underway but there was little hope left that the remaining $21.00 people will be found alive and actually the expectation is that in the end of the day at least $28.00 people including a 6 year old child may have to try to do so as you say the investigation is still
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ongoing but why is it so difficult to find the missing people why hasn't the vessel been recovered yet. well indeed to. die for hefty trying even here behind me to reach debts vessel about it is very difficult 1st of all our very water step muscles are confirmed by john kerry and foreign minister today and that's just saying time it is extremely difficult to fight to actually solve which that wreckage it wind down we've seen 7 seconds in very bad weather and that he's also one of the problems to have they also are coping with the fact that these into scene a tee off a great show and it's my understanding that they also elect the right equipment to immediately start searching for a direct which it can't be excluded by the way that victims are here eat in that
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wreckage as well. as a well known tourist destination other any indications that tourists and now avoiding the in the future. well dead force difficult to say at the moment i don't see people will immediately avoid going to the city but i actually spoke with an american lady she was very concerned and she said you know we'd be the actually. very recently sightseeing tour and she said when i heard news of course it's a created so much anxiety and i guess the tourist will sink twice perhaps for a while at least where day old soul once again old a sightseeing tour like a the one we had just the older date all right steffen boss reporting from hungary thanks so much. it was news still to come.
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rocking around the clock we meet the polish d.j. proving that age is all in the mind he still spinning those disks at the age of 80 . but as to thailand next when negotiations are continuing over who will form the next government now this comes after the disputed election in march gave no side a majority despite this parliament has started its work and among the new m.p.'s officially sworn in is the country's 1st transgender m.p. tanwar and suck up to sit somewhere in prefers to use the pronoun they instead of being referred to as he or she a renowned filmmaker their election marks a major leap forward in a country that doesn't give equal rights to the l g b t community our correspondent was there to watch history in the making the offer was some victories on the path to equality
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a marked by fanfare and celebration. like this. for turn were in sick opposite this is the culmination of a lifetime fighting for rights and representation. 10 wherein you identifies as non-binary make that name is an award winning movie director but censorship of one of the films about a transgender father inspired time where into politics. man on gun talked of her for the last thailand's 1st transgender m.p. it's my responsibility to stand up for the rights of the l.g.b. teach america. i'm going up on to live with my election thailand now has to accept that transgender people are part of our society. our humanity must be recognised and if you don't have thailand has a complicated relationship with gender and sexual identity transgender men and women answer them to change their gender on identity cards while same sex marriage in a don't sion and not mix it now in m.p.
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turn were not to anyone's change attitudes they want to change legislation and it's no easy feat alongside the parliamentary g.t.s. turn when shed use punt with meetings and guest appearances at every event they greeted by fans and well wishes. the elections in a defined turn were in status as an icon to antidiscrimination and to bits. and when i made my victory speech there were people in the crowd one came up to me and hugged me. and said i hope you can make everyone equal that really touched me. people don't ask for much just equality we just want the same rights as you. turn when journey to palm it hasn't been easy they've faced a torrent of abuse both before and after the election. usually transgender people are seen as clowns they're does human i just. want to thank god but i
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want to show people who i am and challenge their views. with debate comes progress i mean they're not march is election is proof some progress has already been made 10 runs a member of the future forward party led by equality minded thomas wanted in the room kids. god is just seen a groundbreaking for openly candidates elected to office they now have a national platform to push for change and inspire the next generation of campaigners. have a look at some of the some of the other stories that we're following for you heads of governments from the arab league has gathered in mecca and saudi arabia for what they're calling an emergency summit on iran the meeting was opened by king solomon of saudi arabia which is iran's regional rival he called on the international community to confront iran and stop what he described as its threatening policies. hundreds of sudanese protesters have marched on saddam's military headquarters in
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costume of the protest leaders issued a late night cool to demonstrate saddam's military says the protest camp outside the defense ministry is a threat to state stability and has ordered the closure of al-jazeera t.v. offices in costume. a 19 year old palestinian man has been shot dead by police after stabbing and wounding 2 israelis in east jerusalem old stacy the area has been the scene of numerous stabbings in recent years security has been stepped up across jerusalem during the muslim holy fasting month of ramadan. now the woman who is perhaps the most famous d.j. in warsaw maybe even in all of poland she began when she was 55 and now d.j. is ac and she is still going strong. these disco dancers may not be the youngest anymore but they're in great form and this woman is getting them in the
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mood if you don't come to our party hope you'll have a good night d.j. vico is 80 years old and in poland she's a pretty big deal she's proud that she can play a lot more than just the oldies. clue what will play a lot of different music when i do sets and clubs for young people i mix club music with popular artists like madonna jennifer lopez and lady gaga here in warsaw there are plenty of people on the dance floor thanks to d.g. the retired special needs teacher has been working the crowds for 25 years now. for the country as well didn't i talked with a lot of young deejays and learned how to use the computer i bought myself a mixing console because the young people said you can just use a cd player i then watched how they mix and scratch is going to show you know. her children left home long ago and her husband passed away and sitting around the
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house was never really her thing. learning new things keeps me young my brain regenerates itself my curiosity comes to life and it's wonderful. sure to make another point clear beauty is not something just for the young. but it was the 5th day everyone should follow my example and try to live like i do and no one at this party in warsaw has any intention of quietly slipping into old age that says never a party with t.j. rica is always great to hear the good things about the make up but disco is the best medicine. and what better evidence do you need than someone like d.j. v. some football news value and for the 2nd straight season liverpool have reached the champions league
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final year than club side fell to real madrid last year and cup is no stranger to losing finals he's been runner up in his last 6. club has been braced by more than just liverpool the entire footballing world seems to love this guy but there's been a dark cloud hovering over the current liverpool coach's head for years now a streak of 6 trate final defeat has kept his trophy cabinet empty when it comes to the biggest prizes. if you lose a final it's like taking medicine that tastes disgusting. you know but when i was a child i learned the good medicine has to taste bad but then it helps so when you look at a final as bad tasting medicine it can actually help and recharge your. recharge must have work liverpool made some changes at the back since suffering defeat to reality driven last champions league expectations are high due to having back to
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back final appearances people don't always know about that the world out there expects from all of us that if we're in the finals that we win in my particular case we've tried so many times you expect even more. but that's ok. i desperately wanted not for me before my players on this great club and it would make me happy if we managed. to sing 3 but no other manager in europe has lost finals like clock the 201112 season he managed final success in germany but since then he nor liverpool have won anything will their next final in madrid be a new beginning. germany coach will sit out the team's upcoming euro qualifiers also being hospitalized with a such a problem the german football federation announced that news will not join the team for the games against belarus in a stone year off he suffered an arterial injury while exercising but he is expected
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to make a complete recovery in the coming weeks lives assistant mark assault will lead to the site in his absence. germany have won the final warm up game before the women's world cup kicks off next week the 2 time world champions be chilly to nil with goals from alexandra pop and colin simon germany will face china spain and world cup that south africa in the group stage. and in basketball the toronto raptors are off to a strong start in the 1st ever n.b.a. finals of parents to run so defeated the 2 time defending champion the golden state warriors 118-2109 at home in game one of the best of 7 series raptors forward pascal c. a camp it up a dominant performance scoring 32 points after the game the cameroonian said he hopes his performance will inspire people in africa think is amazing this shows
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the growth of the constant. care movement and as his boss more not to go in general and kind of being at his stage and representing the continent is amazing then i feel blessed and. i just want the game console to grow enough occur in and hope for kids to see this and you know hopefully it inspires them. it watching t w news a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the u.s. secretary of state mike compare has met with trump slimed a mouthful in berlin talks with core deal but there was no meeting of minds on the u.s. trade policy towards china and on relations with iran and. some police in hungary have detained the captain of the cruise ship the face of the round a tour boat on the dock means 7 people are confirmed dead and 21 a still missing crews are gearing up to raise the boat from the bottom of the river
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flowing through the heart of the past. this is day to day news live from but then coming up next is eco india the environment i mean you can just mackinnon on behalf of the whole team there in berlin thanks so much for watching.
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ico india the poisonous goodness of time another. time the environment's people for many decades. now know it can come to an end new technology might detoxify the industry for the simple all of the fs solution. no longer toxic but even edible. next.
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birth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. here which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate used to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation globe 12 years the multimedia environment series on t.w. . i don't think pathogen well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and with that research i mean think the printer jemma culture of
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looking at the stereotype aquatics that is think the future of the country that i know a lot of time. needed seem to take for this drama there. it's all that. new i'm rachel joins me from the germans on the w. post. hello welcome to eco india this week we train the spotlight on change me because we're fighting the good fight by working on solutions to mitigate the huge impact human activity has had a.


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