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this is deja vu news live from berlin a meeting of allies but no meeting of minds the u.s. secretary of state might on payout when chancellor angela merkel stressed take up the same values but they agree on little else iran is one of the main points which . also coming out president trump looks set to start another trait during this time with mexico he says he'll be imposed terrorist attacks so doesn't stop the flow of the undocumented migrants into the u.s. . and that coverage traditionally worn my jewish man the focus of debate has
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a number of anti-semitic incidents in germany right that we need to back to congress to kick out whenever he leaves their home or. i'm sumi so it's kind of good to have you with us u.s. secretary of state mike pompei as european tour got off to a strained to start when he and german chancellor angela merkel failed to agree on very much at all and berlin they did agree that they had shared values but there was little meeting of minds beyond that policy towards iran is the main cause of friction between the 2 allies. it took mike pompei 0400 days to find time to visit berlin and then officials scheduled only 45 minutes for talks with chancellor angela merkel on trouble spots afghanistan syria libya and iran even
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the well it is in great turmoil above all the question of the round house will prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons visits were not told. nor did pump ayos discussions with germany's foreign minister bring the 2 countries closer together washington has been raising the pressure on iran well european countries struggle to save the nuclear deal iran signed 4 years ago this this is also no secret that we are pursuing different approaches towards that. at the rate at why from our point of view and that of europe as a whole preservation of the nuclear deal increases international safety and that's important to us but time is running out iran is threatening to stop complying with parts of the nuclear deal if signatories don't find a way to soften us sanctions iran is primarily dependent on income from the sale of oil washington sanctions have effectively choked off that money supply we will do
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our best to enforce the american sanctions regime that is but it been put in place all differences aside pompei o did reaffirm that germany nevertheless remains an important ally of the u.s. earlier date of chief political correspondent linda crane gave her sentiments of how serious the rift was between berlin and washington. the differences are very deep i'm not sure i would term this a rift at the moment but any one of these differences can become a. greater division just starting with the main topic on the agenda today namely iran you heard both sides saying as the report pointed out that their goals are the same the goals being to contain iran to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon and to limit iran's ability to support terrorism and terrorists elsewhere and to produce a ballistic missiles but the main difference here is so great that it's very hard
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to see how you bridget namely the europeans and germany amongst them want to keep the nuclear deal in place they say that is the best means of containing any threat from iran and to keep it in place they want to maintain trade with iran because they say if the us sanctions are permitted to essentially completely embargo trade with iran then iran will surely leave the nuclear deal and proceed to with its plans are or its former attempts to get an atomic weapon so the europeans moved together to establish their own payment system that would allow european companies to go around us payment systems in order to keep trade with iran alive that hasn't proven very effective to date but here's my pompei was saying we will only tolerate this as long as humanitarian goods exclusively are involved meaning any other trade
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with iran will be sanctioned this means essentially a confrontation course between the u.s. not and not only iran but between its closest allies namely the europeans if in fact they try to keep trade with iran alive. well meanwhile it looks as if president trump is starting a new trade conflict this time with mexico he is certain to impose new tariffs on mexico if it doesn't do a better job of stopping migrants from trying to enter the u.s. trump says he will slap duties on all goods from mexico and keep raising tariffs if the mexican government doesn't act fast here's more. touch down in washington force one amidst the gathering storm clouds it's from his official jet the president declared tried war on the u.s. a southern neighbor by 28. on july 10th the u.s. will impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as the legal migrants from mexico stop. the u.s.
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president signaling he's ready to keep raising those tariffs until he's satisfied mexico has done enough on border security. what he's trying to stop more and more people have been coming cross a southern u.s. border of a half a 1000000 since october 28th tain many of them come from central america through mexico to the u.s. one of the biggest things they can do is the repatriation of thousands of people coming from central america they can return them back home they can stop these massive caravans from coming through their country into ours mexico is vowing restraint its president promising to send a delegation to washington to do it deals you get it it was in this room i think that in the end president trump will realize that this isn't the best way to work things out. he simply have to show that that's because mexico we see us is most important tried pot and so this route will be watched closely by main
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street and wall street alike. let's get the very latest on this story with our correspondent all over salat in washington hi oliver how serious are these terror threats. well apparently the us president found a legal way to do that and he's quoting a lawyer that's called the international emergency economics power act and so this law has never been used before to post tariffs on a country it's rather been used. to freeze a country's acids just like in the case of iran so that would be a very new situation also supposed tariffs in order to fight migration but it would also be bizarre because just yesterday the new trade agreement between the united states and mexico was passed on to the mexican senate where it was supposed to be ratified and it was just after that the u.s. president threatening mexico with tariffs in efforts to fight migration what
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about the situation on the ground you were recently reporting at the u.s. mexican border and the claim here from the president is that mexico is not doing enough to stop migration is that true. well makes saying differently they would argue that they offer work permits for instance some for migrants in the caravan coming to the united states that they also offer migrants to stay in their country as long as their request for asylum is being processed in the united states but apparently the wide home says that they don't do enough there are still lots of migrants coming in and as you mentioned i just traveled there 2 weeks ago and i saw the situation on the ground and you can see groups of hundreds of migrants coming in there is a wall in some areas other areas are not well protected people can just cross through a little river to come to the united states if you speak to border patrol agents they will tell you how strange they are in some areas they talk about 50 percent of
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their manpower being just blocked for you know apprehending migrants more than 100000 came in just in april but the situation i found there were largely families and children and so we can rather talk about a humanitarian crisis and not the one that the u.s. president is describing which is calling all these migrants a bunch of murderous as he said also in the mid terms election campaign murderous rapist spent on those were his words so the question would be rather is this really a national security crisis and does it really does so much harm to the united states but as a matter of fact there are many migrants coming in at this point davies all over south reporting from d.c. for us thank you now to some other stories making headlines around the world high water and fast currents in the danube are complicating efforts to reach the sightseeing boat that sank in budapest
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2 days ago soldiers are building a diving board but warning it might be days before they reach the ranks 21 south korean tourists who were on the boat are still missing. a south korean newspaper is reporting that north korea executed its nuclear envoy to the united states. was a senior negotiator at the failed hanoi summit with u.s. president donald trump there's been no confirmation of this report and police in the city of their ex a a 60 year old swiss man killed the 2 female hostages and himself after a 3 hour standoff with police the nationalities of the women are not yet no gun violence is relatively rare in switzerland where voters this month agreed to adopt a stricter gun control law. here in germany the government's anti-semitism commissioner has called on germans to wear a skull cap on saturday and solidarity with their jewish neighbors it will coincide with a day when palestinian groups demonstrate their resistance to israel's occupation
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at east jerusalem but earlier this month the commissioner stirred controversy by urging jews in germany to be careful about wearing a skull cap known as a kippah in public metta jewish battlefields he has to hide his cap whenever he goes out in berlin. david pearl wears a skull cap and a prayer tassel as part of everyday life but when he goes outside he puts the tassel in a pocket and he hides the skull cap with a hat. david his wife and children have lived in berlin for 5 years after spending some time in israel there are many things he can't take for granted anymore he's experienced too much hostility for my home sometimes is a traffic jam on the street where i live and one time 3 arabic looking men got out of a car and they started spitting at me and harassing me saying you dirty jew to stab you today. his experience is far from unusual police detesting show that the number
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of anti-semitic crimes in germany rose from 1504 in 2017 to 1799 a year later an increase of nearly 20 percent the overwhelming majority are attributed to far right perpetrators. for the rise in anti-semitic acts as a result of the coarsening of discourse the readiness to act out in a racist way and against minorities. to hits the spot of movements like a ghetto and a large part of the alternative bird germany party. on. that all adds up to a decisive change the. people who used to hold back now say it's time to strike that's the danger. and that's why we have to act decisively and make a clear statement that we want no hate crimes. germany guarantees freedom of religion but for some expressing that religion can be dangerous. you don't feel
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free you don't feel look then take fish because it belongs to your. way of life that it's not just a religious symbol it's also the symbol of a way of life. that's something david wants to be able to hand down to his own children. for my kids it's totally normal to wear it and to run around in it it's very hard to explain to a 3 year old that he has to cover it up because someone might run up and speak on him or harass him. that david would like to wear his skull cap all the time in public not just on the way into the synagogue. did these william know of glue craft spoke to germany's anti-semitism commissioner félix klein earlier let's listen to what he had to say about rising anti-semitism in germany you recently warned jews not to wear
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a keep in germany but anti-semitism is nothing unique to germany it exists in many countries in the us we've seen it were jewish life is much more prominent than in germany even in israel there's often tensions on arms violence between secular and religious jews why a specific warning for jews in germany. semitism in germany is always something very special because the holocaust was invented here and happened here and of course we have to take a very very close look at the situation and with the description of the reality i wanted to trigger an honest. discussion and like in normal life i think when you want to make a therapy you 1st have to analyze the situation this is what i did and i'm quite satisfied that the discussion is so broad knowledge that we have to protect jewish life in germany together politics the state and society as well and it comes
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in the context of all could stay which you are calling on all germans to wear a keep in solidarity with jews could stay which has origins in iran is to show support for the palestinian state it's inherently anti israel anti sinus would you also say it's anti-semitic absolutely i think it's absolutely unacceptable that 9 to 2000 in the year 2019 we hear enticing mythic anti jewish. slogans in particular in the city of lynn unquote highly symbolic place and i think we all should stand up against that we should unite as german society saying that we do not accept any form of anti-semitism here and i think it is a very good way to express solidarity with the jewish community if we where if you keep our also because many people i think of the opinion in germany that they keep eyes something not in here and that it's an exotic piece of clothes but it is not
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the keep up belongs to germany it was always part of german culture of jewish culture and this is what you make the able to do with the keep on saturday and of course not all jews wear the cute it's a very personal decision as to a family history and tradition religion why do you think it's appropriate that all germans should wear a keep on solidarity when many germans might not even know much about jewish life you know many jews themselves well this is of course only at symbol what i want to express is that we protect that we have to know that we should protect jewish life it's part of ours. that there is a society who would like to live in this is which except. of the ways to live and it is really not not so nice that so many people don't know about jewish life in germany and this is also what i would like to change i'm commission also for jewish life and i call on people to to get to know more about the jewish
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life of their cities of their regions there's a lot to discover and when you. and allies a little bit research a little bit of that you'll realize how strong the contribution of jews was and is to the strengths of germany to german culture to german science to all aspects and this is what what i want people to realize and this debate you sugarless raised a red flag again on anti-semitism that might be prevalent in germany but you conceded in an interview to the new york times that the methodology that the government uses the german government uses to assess anti-semitism in germany is itself law and what needs to change for better data to be gathered and how do we even determine how big the problem is when the data might not be accurate well we have to look at this statistics and the categories we use there but what we
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absolutely need to know know more about of what happens then to the to the cases that are reported we don't have enough data on prosecution of anti-semitic attacks or then which cases we actually come to court and how many perpetrators are actually then find and punished and i am very satisfied that i have triggered the discussion in that respect and that even after next week when we'll create a commission on anti-semitism between board and lenda in germany when the transit i meets with the 16th minister president on the 6th of loon we. we have a body where we can discuss all these issues and i think we will do it with determination as a state and at the same time of course we have to interest all of society also to join in the fight against anti-semitism felix klein thank you for talking with d.w. thank you now the government of mozambique says it needs more than $3000000000.00
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to recover from 2 powerful storms that battered the country earlier this year cyclons it die and kenneth killed more than $650.00 people and affected $2000000.00 more ravaging homes and infrastructure a conference for donors is taking place in the port of beara where people are still struggling to deal with the aftermath of the 2nd. weeks after the cycling on and really you know it's ours is still barely habitable for the family have moved all their possessions into the only undamaged room that's also where they now sleep. you know we'll never forget the day the storm it. was just there didn't go anywhere because. they couldn't come out so the lead. going out that was of. lena's houses just a few 100 meters from the shore the sea is the most immediate danger of. these
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climbing floors to gloss over you know why do you think it's going to be i don't know who these and so i don't know if these are really. it's often floods parts of the city are below sea level the districts of poynton jr and nova specially at risk un climate change experts estimate that sea levels could rise by a metre by the year 2100. these are stairs of a house that used to be right here and point and you can clearly see how the sea came closer and closer over the years and took more and more lens many more houses under threat. the city has taken defensive action with a network of locks and candles and pots of measures have cost millions subsidised by development funds from germany. the regime on the day of the cycle and her daughter started raining we're in the last so the water could run down into the
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sea if we haven't done that the flooding would have been even worse. says the city is used to flooding but destructive storms like cycling need a new phenomenon. is hoping for more funding from overseas to pay for the fence of measures he can't understand why some still doubt the existence of climate change. to have to leave our life. maybe they're living another kind of life but the feeling in the scheme what we have done here we've this cycle of do understand that climate change is a problem once they have been in flooding once they've been in the heavy wind as to what we have seen no definitely do feel india scheme that something bad is
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happening and that's called climate change. in the meantime and really knows about the future about his house and. his family. were. living here. my father was. here. so we're here. if you could afford it. you would have moved a long time ago away from the water's edge. the philippines has shipped 69 containers of what is called illegally transported garbage back to canada officials said the containers had arrived in 22014 and had been falsely declared as recyclable plastic the philippines is following the lead of other southeast asian
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countries and also china they feel they are becoming a dumping ground for garbage from wealthier western nations. this is the source of the diplomatic stink tons of rubbish shipped from canada labeled. to be household waste for 5 years now it's been rotting in philippine ports. environmental activists and government officials have long argued canada should take back its trash. for the canadian government. it doesn't. brawl diplomatic relations. this is a big. problem but. the 2 countries into a diplomatic incident. recalled top diplomats from canada. that
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the. shows that we are very serious and asking them to get back they're going to be otherwise. seem very religious with them that good the canadian prime minister to weigh into the mess. this is an issue that we have been working very closely with the pit officials in the philippines on over the past months very hard over the past week so we're going to continue to work on this the issue of on wanted waste has washed up in malaysia to the government says it's cracking down on the enforce of normal crash like the c.d.c. not. sending hundreds of tons of plastic back to the u.s. u.k. canada and other countries being evil in the world wherever that send their ways
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to malaysia by the ways where those plastic weighs a lot of ways we will send it back and we will fight back even though we are small country we cannot be bullied by a developed countries. back in the philippines this vessel has come to return the trash to vancouver the canadians will shoulder the shipping costs $200000.00 us dollars the damage to diplomatic ties hard to quantify in tennis catalina got an unwanted surprise that the french open losing to petra markets in the 3rd round the czech stars ranks 2nd in the world and is already the 4th player in the women's top 10 to be knocked out of the tournament for martin a 6363 victory means she is just one win away from her best ever grand slam performance. ambassador while the toronto raptors are off to a strong start in their 1st ever n.b.a. finals the parents toronto defeated the 2 time defending champs golden state
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warriors 118-2109 at home and game one of the best of 7 series raptors forward pascal c. akram put up a dominant performance scoring 32 points after the game the cameroonian said he hopes his performance will inspire people in africa. think is amazing there's always the growth in the continent. cameron and his boss more not figure in general and kind of being at this stage and representing the continent is amazing now i feel blessed and. i just want the game to consume to grow enough a car in and hope for kids to see this in the you know hopefully it inspires them. all right or minor now of our top story here on d.-day view the u.s. secretary of state my comp aoe has met chancellor angela merkel in berlin the talks were cordial but there was no meeting of minds on relations with iran and other issues. coming up next our environment show eco
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africa will see how egypt's capital is going green with the rooftop gardens and turning trash into treasure and got a vision for that. eco
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africa. looks at the eco friendly mobility in a special edition from barbara good to meet her so what can we do to make getting yourself from a sabine more environmentally friendly. we look at the mobility of the future in africa. on those.
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