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this is c w news live from berlin a meeting of allies but no meeting of minds u.s. secretary of state mike pump a.o. and chancellor i'm glad markel stressed they have the same values but the agree on little else iran is one of the main points of friction also coming up president trump looks set to start another tariff or this time with mexico he says he'll impose tariffs mexico does not stop the flow of undocumented migrants into the u.s. . and the philippines moves to end the trade in trash it's shipped $69.00
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containers of stinking garbage that has stood in a port for 5 years back to canada to the philippines says it will no longer be a garbage dump for rich countries. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us u.s. secretary of state mike pump ale's european tour got off to a strange start when he and german chancellor angela merkel failed to agree on very much at all in berlin they did agree that they had shared values but there was little beyond that policy towards iran is the main cause of disagreement. it took mike pompei 0400 days to find time to visit berlin and then officials scheduled only 45 minutes for talks with chancellor angela merkel on trouble spots afghanistan syria libya and iran. it is in great turmoil
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above all the question of the round house will prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. nor did pump ayos discussions with germany's foreign minister bring the 2 countries closer together washington has been raising the pressure on iran well european countries struggle to save the nuclear deal iran signed 4 years ago this this is also no secret that we are pursuing different approaches towards that. at the rate at why from our point of view in europe as a whole preservation of the nuclear deal increases international safety and that's important to us but time is running out iran is threatening to stop complying with parts of the nuclear deal if signatories don't find a way to soften u.s. sanctions iran is primarily dependent on income from the sale of oil washington sanctions have effectively choked off that money supply we will do our best to
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enforce the american sanctions regime that is but it been put in place all differences aside pompei o did reaffirm that germany nevertheless remains an important ally of the u.s. . meanwhile it looks like president trump is starting a new tariff conflict with mexico he has threatened to impose new tariffs if mexico doesn't do a better job of stopping migrants trying to enter the u.s. trump says he'll slap duties on all goods and keep raising those tariffs if the mexican government does not act fast. touch down in washington force one amidst the gathering storm clouds it's from his official jet the president declared tried war on the u.s. a southern neighbor by tweet he wrote on june 10th the u.s. will impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from mexico until such time as illegal migrants from mexico stop. the u.s. president signaling he's ready to keep raising those tariffs until he's satisfied
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mexico has done enough on border security what he's trying to stop more and more people have been coming process of an u.s. border over half a 1000000 since october 28th tain many of them come from central america through mexico to the u.s. . one of the biggest things they can do is the repatriation of thousands of people coming from central america they could return them back home they can stop these massive caravans from coming through their country into ours mexico is vowing restraint its president promising to send a delegation to washington to do it deals but. i think that in the end president trump will realize that this isn't the best way to work things out. he simply have to sort of if that's because mexico is the u.s. is most important tried. so this route will be watched closely by main street and wall street alike let's get the very latest on this story with our correspondent
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all over salat in washington hi oliver how serious are these terror threats. well apparently the us president found a legal way to do that 3 and he's quoting a lawyer that's called the international emergency economics power act and so this law has never been used before to post tariffs on a country it's rather been used. to freeze a country's acids just like in the case of iran so that would be a very new situation also to post terror in order to fight migration but it would also be bizarre because just yesterday the new trade agreement between the united states and mexico was passed on to the mexican senate where it was supposed to be ratified and just after that the u.s. president threatening mexico with tariffs in efforts to fight migration what about the situation on the ground you were recently reporting at the u.s.
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mexican border and the claim here from the president is that mexico is not doing enough to stop migration is that true. well makes saying differently they would argue that they offer work permits for instance some for migrants in the caravan 3 coming to the united states that they also offer migrants to stay in their country as long as their request for asylum is being processed in the united states but apparently the white house says that they don't do enough there are still lots of migrants coming in and as you mentioned i just traveled there 2 weeks ago and i saw the situation on the ground and you can see groups of hundreds of migrants coming in there is a wall in some areas other areas are not well protected people can just cross through a little river to come to the united states if you speak to border patrol agents they will tell you how strange they are in some areas they talk about 50 percent of their manpower being just blocked for you know apprehending migrants more than
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100000 came in just in april but the situation i found there were largely families and children and so we can rather talk about a humanitarian crisis and of the one that the u.s. president is describing which is calling all these migrants a bunch of murderous as he said also in the mid terms election campaign murderers rapists spent all those were his words so the question would be rather is this really a national security crisis and does it really does so much harm to the united states but as a matter of fact there are many migrants coming in at this point davies all over south reporting from d.c. for us thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world high water and fast currents in the danube are complicating efforts to reach the sightseeing boat that sank a good a past 2 days ago soldiers are building a diving platform but warn it might be days before they reach the rock 21 south korean tourists are still missing. india's prime minister narendra modi has held
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meetings with several south asian and southeast asian leaders as part of his effort to build economic partnerships noticeably absent was pakistani prime minister iran khan relations have been strained over tensions in the disputed kashmir region. and environmentalist environmental activist and fridays for a future campaign or gratitude bird has become the subject of a mural in the english city of bristol it stands 15 meters tall and took artist jody thomas 8 days to paint convert has become the face of a school strike movement that aims to combat climate change. it's. now to thailand where a ride on an elephant is one of the main attractions for tourists but while it might seem to be just innocent fun animal rights groups say that in order to keep an elephant in captivity its spirit must be broken did it is florian nash visited a traditional elephant camp in northern thailand and discovered that there are no easy answers to the controversy and
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a warning you might find some of the images in this report distressing. show time at mesa elephant camp twice a day the elephants entertain visits is with their skills everything looks playful but tricks like this are only possible after long training explains one of the company just. if you would like to know english you should talk english to them since they were young same thing with eve you would like to lead them. on you. seeing there were young just for centuries elephants in southeast asia we used for transport in the timber industry until logging was banned in the region 30 years ago. with thousands of captive elephants out of work their owners turn to tourism. elephant tourism is now a lucrative business but one that's lightly regulated. nina
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ortman is a biologist she advises camps on how to ensure that entertaining tourists isn't detrimental to elephant wellbeing. and good welfare can easily be done in a riding camp if you provide the elephant with. enough food enough water enough rest and an otherwise free from discomfort also. to biologists is pleased with the camp's general conditions the elephants seem to be in good shape she says but she admits that she often runs into secrecy just like today when asked about the specific methods of training young elephants the camp veterinarian becomes rather tight lipped. and often cannot call for every house there views the us and. over every it has. on the internet it's possible to find videos of a torturous ritual deciding to break an elephant spirit the method has been used
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for centuries it's a brutal training process that can go on for weeks only when the elephant stops resisting is it released from its agony. animal rights groups are calling for a boycott of elephant camps they convinced interactions like these are only possible once an elephant has been broken many western travel companies have stopped offering this kind of tourism but with growing numbers of chinese visitors business is thriving. brusk thinks an effective boycott would do more harm than good. if there's no revenue coming into the camp the elephant will still be here but it will just have very very poor. indifference. towards them is sold as cute harmless fun but once you look at its close. picture starts to. the philippians has shipped 69
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containers of what it calls illegally transported garbage back to canada officials say the containers had arrived in 2014 and had been falsely declared as recyclable plastic the philippines is following china and other southeast asian countries and feel they are becoming a dumping ground for wealthier nations this is the source of the diplomatic stink tons of rubbish shipped from canada labeled as was cyclable but some fun turned out to be household waste for 5 years now it's been rotting in philippine ports. environmental activists and government officials have long argued canada should take back its trash. that they don't go but man. it doesn't. brawl 5 diplomatic relations.
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this is a bit is important 5 problem but. this month plunged the 2 countries into a diplomatic incident as monella recalled top diplomats from canada. that the recall shows that we are very serious. asking them to get back they're going to be otherwise. severe relations with them. that triggered the canadian prime minister to weigh into the mess. this is an issue that we have been working very closely with the officials in the philippines on over the past months very hard over the past weeks and we're going to continue to work on this. the issue of unwanted waste has washed up in malaysia to the government says it's cracking down on the enforce of non-biodegradable crush like the c.d.c.
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not. sending hundreds of tons of plastic back to the u.s. you can see canada and other countries in the me wherever that send their ways to malaysia ways where those plastic ways or whatever ways we will send it back and we will fight back even though we are a small country we cannot be bullied by a developed countries. back in the philippines this vessel has come to return the trash to vancouver the comedians will shoulder the shipping costs $200000.00 us dollars the damage to diplomatic ties hard to quantify. a reminder now for our top story that we're following for you here on the u.s. secretary of state my comp aoe has met a chance i'm going back all in the talks were cordial but there was no meeting of minds on relations with iran and on other issues. thank you for watching your
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