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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not with simple online on your mobile and free stuff d w z e learning course nikos fake german me to see. how everybody and welcome to this special edition of equal africa n. but one in germany yes and deadly came for the global media forum on thought we should do a piece wrong you're up for a change now we're here great time i see who gets. the cheer. so how can we get from point a to b.
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in an environmentally friendly way that's the focus of the show and i'm so excited to be able to present with my co-host n c yes indeed z. it's a pleasure to be here to be back in born for this special edition of eco africa co-produced by charles t.v. nigeria in germany and t.v. in south africa hold on there we have a lineup for you coming up just now. we'll see how bani walid sweets becoming a role model for eco friendly transportation. find out the role to this in a wooden school says play in the d.r. . and check out what may be the next big thing in urban mobility electric skateboard. as you can see the all sorts of fairly simple modes of transportation like the skateboard for example is not only just fun but it's a quick way to get across town the skateboard cool indeed but then
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a startup decided to remodel it give it i mean electric motor and if you ask me skateboard exciting but added to that was tied with the german government recently decided to allow even calls to go on the bike part so we went on a ride in the german capital on one of this you know what's talking about modes of transportation i think it's time for us to change out the way i do yeah let's go. this is not something i know of that all these of you but one ana is interesting farms are in the neighborhood. tired of battling your way through city traffic on your bike or in a car with this skateboard you'll get where you want to go just as fast emissions free and swiftly skirting any obstacles that may pop up along the way. it's tony gunter's idea his startup developed an electric drive for skateboards it can be
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mounted on practically any board of any size plane one selector 5 the skateboard has a 15 kilometer range and can roll along at up to 40 kilometers an hour. it can also climb grades of up to 15 percent. of. the rider accelerates and brakes with a handheld remote when braking the board feeds energy back into the system. when it's empty the rechargeable battery can be swapped out quickly and easily. leave the electric drive costs around $700.00 euro's board not included at some point the team also wants to set up a rental scheme. not hard it's hard for us a stain ability doesn't just mean sustainability in terms of transport for us it's
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key to be able to say that we produce in germany and then everything can all supply chain we don't send parts halfway around the world we produce it and ship from here and that reduces our c o 2 emissions it's going to. put many cities in germany are wary about allowing motorized skateboards out on the streets there are still big questions about where they'll be permitted and how fast they can go. and how about . if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send his a tweet. doing your bit. we share your stories. what a great view far above all the traffic you know born like every other city around the world it's busy during the war so but wouldn't take what you think it would take to get people to begin to think about alternative means of travel in order to
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reduce the carbon emissions and all that sometimes just comes out of this simple idea indeed and she and the us so full of ideas yeah now the city is very proactive when it comes to minimizing carbon dioxide emissions so maybe it won't take long before it is cool down here as it is up there. phillip miller is a student in bonn he's taking advantage of a new bike sharing service with around $900.00 bicycles across the city after registering philip can pick up a bike wherever he finds one and leave it wherever he wants to get. not and i don't know did the up a few months ago and since then i've used the service a lot when i 1st because my own bike was broken but then i was happy to switch to the rentals and if i travel the same distance as
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a friend doesn't his car i usually get there faster and for my sins sure and. that's because like in many cities in germany traffic often cloaks the streets of the full my capital every day around 140000 people commute to or from dawn to work the cars pollute the air and compete for space with other forms of transport. to support cyclists on university office do it yourself i cripple workshops. it's delicious i can i tell pew fix your 2 wheeler yourself. this. is college and i can fix a flat in 10 minutes with a patch that costs a couple of euro's and then i can set off again straight away if i left it down in the basement for 2 months i'd have to take the bus or a car if i had one so. that's way it's better you're more self-sufficient i mean this is just into the. helmet viz now from the municipal planning department
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doesn't believe additional lanes will help on traffic problem he wants to add cable cars to the public transport system running above pedestrians and other earthbound traffic. and we have to offer alternatives that don't depend on the streets like a cable car system which is independent of conditions down on the ground and can help relieve congestion of. the cable car project is still in the planning stage the 2 kilometer route would cross the rhine and connect to train stations and travel harps based on data from other cities the cars should be able to transport up to $8000.00 passengers an hour and building the line would probably only cost around 10 percent of what it would cost to build an equivalent subway line. i can cover short distances in a straight line and link up existing railway lines for that i can build the system
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relatively cheaply and very quickly of course. have to. just a few kilometers down the rhine in cologne a renewable energy provider has launched donkey and electric cars go bike rental service it's another way to replace cars for short trips in a car klasky owns a small grocery shop she have to transport things every day. and that's a finish cord it's pretty cool that we can take care of transport between our store and warehouse this way especially for a catering service. it fits perfectly with our aim of the environmentally neutral issue and kind of point by using a car go by we can do things in a c o 2 neutral way so it's when i published i think on. the banks run on green electricity they can carry up to 100 kilograms for a distance of 75 kilometers they're available on demand at 50 stations across the
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city by the donkey app klasky says it's a very useful service. we're shocked and it allows us to save costs and space we don't need to have a car with this system you can be much more spontaneous immobile i can park right here and load up for my store. dunky has 60 bicycles and is planning to grow its fleet. the project may be innovative but it isn't yet making a profit. the switch to sustainable mobility remains a major challenge for bon cologne and for other cities across germany. it's. good to go with this project. soulseek yes you know would keep talking about mobility all over now wants me to have
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religious technology a b.m.w. mr house filled my community my welcome it's good to have you here but we're talking mobility here so just tell us real quick how is it that sustainable mobility is a calm like the talk of the tao well you know i mean mobility is something that really impacts every one of us yet and it's a good 3rd topic to talk about because at the end of the day it's something many people want and there's too little of right space clean air. and you know it's not only about the environment but you know the environment is something that is very important to us and it's everyone's job kind of to you know go forward and save resources i don't like the fact that you mentioned the environment i mean my 2nd question is going to be about that why do you think that environment always pops and then when it comes from a vanity well you know it's about resources right and clean air is just one
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resource that it's absolutely important just this space and everything else we're talking about that we find solutions that we use this resources in a very efficient way just as much as we need you now talking about what we need what would you give what kind of incentives viggo people for that been contained in the old ways to the new ways well you touch a really important topic it's the people right so next to all of the technology that we have in the new solutions that you might be coming up it's about people and how they can change their way of looking at mobility and one of the things that you obviously need to do is educate them about how mobility can work in the future and also at the same time let them experience how a new mobility works and how it then can even improve their lives. well you know we've been talking a lot about mobility here in germany and in europe to go what about africa what's the situation over there and see well the thing is it's basically the big cities
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that actually need to look at this solution they need more integration and some of these things are beginning to bear fruit let's go have a look at that. for a long time this rangers had to make do with single gear bikes now they have the bikes the small electric motors give them an extra boost. which allows them to cover more ground in their quest to protect wildlife from porches and not maybe as someone bought a conservancy the bikes are actually easier to maneuver around in the park than trucks and ships. have been areas have other mobility issues gridlock close their odds from dawn to dusk in cities like nigeria's luckless. but there are ways to reduce the endless stream of toxic axelsson i preach to cause contribute far less to their pollution and to print you up the
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bullet on the nikkei but one second time hybrids run on a combination of petrol and battery power. when the driver presses the brick in stop and go traffic the motor acts as a generator to charge the electric battery. as a result hybrids consume 25 percent less fuel. traffic jams are also a major problem in kenya's capital nairobi one method of elevating the problem is digital matata road is a smart traffic locals can share information regarding road accidents and congestion useless cunt check that out to free. or google maps to see which areas to avoid the obvious finding through advertising so it's free of charge for uses.
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already been downloaded over 3000000 times traffic jams west fuels time and slow productivity so keeping their fall factors moving benefits the economy and the environment. but what about traffic solutions that ran on 100 percent renewable sources some very close ready on the road in shock of in a coastal city in ivory cost. solar power 3 with taxes used technology from china. the rooftop panel provides enough energy to cover the fact a kilometer is beyond doubt the taxes run on batteries that have been charged with solar energy. this eco friendly tax is also charged less than conventional carbs good for the people in shock and the climate. now it just looks like things are moving along quite nicely in africa no point
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intended here funny but of course the solutions that are needed in africa are very different from the ones here in the u.s. what are the major differences you think well for one i think it's important just to understand that there isn't a one size fits all solution and solutions that work in europe in one city may not work in another city may also not work in a different country so it's really important to understand the solutions that will work in a certain country and understand how to implement them talking about solutions that work in one place of what what would you say are the biggest challenges in the developing world this is not just africa and africa for instance what you said the major challenges to sustainable mobility i think one of the things that you should be aware of that step. you need to start from the basics so one of the things that you need to focus on this really fixing the basics making public transport for instance something that works for everyone and once that happens you can involve
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evolve into new mobility concepts and add car sharing ride chains all the new mobility concepts to that to a further strengthen mobility and drive mobility even further knocking you persuade people and countries that sustainable mobility can actually improve their lives well i think one of the things is in educating people is making them understand how playing with the environment is just part of the bigger picture i think one of the important things is for everyone to understand is that how things work together and how they contribute to new mobility and and using resources more efficiently than they have been before well you have talked about the sustainability of resources and all of that but how would companies like your company b.m.w. for instance help to shape sustainable mobility in such markets where they're more
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concerned about infrastructure you know b.m.w. is a really big company with lots of engineers and all of our engineers tend to be really obsessed with finding solutions and building technology around solving problems and that's something we can put into the context of mobility and try to find new solutions to bring mobility forward on the one side and on the other side if you look at the big company that has also focused very strongly on economics that's also one of the really big impacts that will be on mobility because it's basically exactly the same thing just think about it it's all about using resources very efficiently and getting the most out of little resources and that's the same from ability to. well i like the fact that you like your your face lights up when you talk about b.m.w. but thank you so much for coming and talking to us now but before you go i like to
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ask you have you heard of it you know i have. special kind of. it's a special kind of use in a democratic of congo yes very and a lot of people depend and then it might just be the right of the future let's check it out. they are a familiar sight in goma to produce scooters made india. durable woods and patient craftsmanship what it takes to make them. now and how from his father he charges $100.00 for a trip to. pretty hard work the most difficult part is with clearing everything down so that the parts fit together.
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almost all the parts come from the region. and his colleagues can spend up to 3 days making sure everything fits only then is that you could do ready to rock. transporting not only people but tackling loads of just about anything. in downtown goma a statue has been erected in one of these valid means of transportation. we didn't always have things like motorcycles but we had to choose could do to help us transport goods it was invented here and that's why the statue is here this too could do effects goma's image it symbolizes our city and that makes us happy.
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you have to wear. sébastien pascal has gone home to his family his sisters proud of the hardworking chukwuemeka. but she say's we have enough to eat and to send the kids to school. cause convinced that had working is the only way forward in crisis read in eastern congo and so he's on the road again hauling you would for another trip with. that's the way to go a vehicle that is easy to repay yourself now most innovations a little too complex with x. but who knows what may happen in the future here in bonn some buses already using a motos and they let market vehicle is growing exponentially but not only in germany experts say that in 204035 percent of the new global cost cells will be
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electric indeed in africa for instance there are plans to promote $23.00 and $4.00 wheelers in through the u.n. environment program in 10 african countries including ghana now in ghana right now and start up is already doing a test of a compact electric pickup van designs to meet the color needs of african countries we met some of the founders. the 1st prototype of the a car was presented at a ceremony and ghana 2 years ago. the king of the ashanti people received the german developers of the electrically powered truck and. then the pickup was put through its paces to see if it's robust enough to cope with the challenges of ghana's roads. there are now 4 prototypes of the a car it's expected to launch 1st in germany and other european countries before
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it's introduced in african countries including ghana kenya south africa and the maybe. he can. is made up mainly of simple sheet metal parts. it has just $600.00 components excluding screws and rivets. it's a vehicle reduced to the very bare essentials. that of course a basic part such as the battery the electric engine and so on need to be delivered with the elements made of steel and metal can be manufactured locally the point is that you don't need a lot of know how to assemble it and it will be easy to get the hang of the production process. that's being put to the test at the production facility of a 4 motors how can the individual steps be optimized so that mechanics around the world can easily assemble the vehicle.
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we're working on the body of the car we're concentrating on the assembly of the suspension shall see and the wheels. we're making a note of what you need to do well and how many people you need in the team and which steps require more than one person was. the centerpiece of the a car is the battery in the prototype it's exposed but a cover can be ordered if required. the idea was born 6 years ago. you can go through. the designers were still at university studying automotive and aerospace technology when they 1st came up with the idea of an electric car custom designed for african roads as an alternative to diesel and gasoline vehicles you can go through. the battery can be charged in 6 hours at a standard $230.00 volts socket. the biggest obstacle to
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introducing an eevee acoa in africa is the limited availability of electricity from the outset we factored in the energy supply experience has shown us that even if there's access to a power grid the. why is unstable for that reason we collaborate with primary suppliers of regenerative energy such as solar and hydro power. the plan is to mount solar modules on the roof. from the start we were looking at the african market where mobility is not a luxury that people and goods need to get from a to b. it's a basic need i worked in an orphanage in africa when i was a student neighbor had a pineapple plantation it harvest the fruit on the farm but he had no way of taking it to market and selling it so he had no income. and the. series production is set to launch in southern germany in early 2020 the 1st models to come off the production line will be introduced in europe. around a year later
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a car will be launched in africa here in ghana it will cost the equivalent of $10000.00 euros a lot cheaper than a used car from europe or the us. we've come to the end of this special edition of africa here in bali i hope that you did enjoy the show and you got some bits and bobs how to get from a to b. in an eco friendly way before right now it's goodbye from us yes it was a pleasure being with you hearing born out of global media. and to join us again next week when we will be back in africa it's ok but for now goodbye me this is we're going to explore the rest of ya.
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. we are watching of all the very knowledge in the water the forest of the poor in poor countries. bartered reading education they are demanding good quality education for their children the corporate world also realize that if they have to have good quality products and good quality consumers they need to look quality skilled workforce i'm very confident that in 2050 no child or no i go through the many illiterate that is the fundamental human rights that is the divine guard which the nature of the god has given to us and all of this legend the way that i too love those who are struggling over the right to freedom against nature be against dog.
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this is d w news live from machall insists that government will press on the german chancellor says she is not planning any changes to the country's governing coalition to face up to under the analysis surprise resignation as head of the safe democrats plunges the television content into crisis.


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